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      I guess my comment was deemed unacceptable, this one:

      April 29, 2019 at 14:33

      People may like the opportunity to discuss these matters with Tony Blair.

      The Groaniad has kindly provided you with that opportunity:

      I would be grateful if you could let me know why.



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        Hello Peter,

        I used to moderate here, and I can’t see much wrong with your comment; I suppose someone might have considered it off-topic. But other things can happen to comments. If it was a reply to another comment that was deleted, it will have become collateral damage. If it disappeared immediately upon posting as opposed to appearing and then disappearing later, the spam filter probably ate it, in which case I’d suspect the link. Or it could have been deleted by mistake. Personally I’d try posting it again without the link, and if that comment appears I’d try adding the link as a reply to it, possibly omitting ?INPCMP= and everything to the right of it.

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          Hi Peter. Sorry for the delay in responding.

          The moderation note on your comment says:

          [ MOD: Kindly stay on-topic for the latest subject. You are welcome to repost this on an earlier subject. ]

          I’m not the moderator who intervened on this occasion, and may have worded the advice slightly differently, but I agree with its rationale. Your comment was not directly related to the thread topic: i.e. the unwarranted detention of Julian Assange. It was in effect an advertisement for a public talk by Tony Blair, concerning political populism rather than press freedom or abuse of legal process. It therefore constitutes a sharp tangent, and the segue “People may like the opportunity to discuss these matters with Tony Blair” is too tenuous and generic to link it directly with the ongoing discussion. It therefore fails the “Relevance” criterion as published in Craig’s moderation rules for commenters:

          Attempts to keep people on topic are hopeless, but do try.

          I appreciate the rule could be phrased better, but in this case it could be reasonably argued that you didn’t try hard enough to stay on topic. Craig recently requested that the rule be enforced more strictly in order to keep the latest threads on topic and avoid non-sequiturs or digressions into other news stories, perennial controversies, or regular preoccupations. We have been issuing inline reminders of the Relevance rule to all commenters who wander off topic on the latest thread, particularly when the comment starts with “In other news …” or “Meanwhile …”. Off-topic comments can still be posted on earlier threads, or on this discussion forum (which is provided for precisely that purpose).

          Your thoughts and responses on the latest topics are very welcome, provided they concern the thread topic or develop the ongoing discussions in a logical way. You can raise other matters on the appropriate pages.

          I hope that answers your question satisfactorily (even if you may not agree with the decision in this instance).

          Due regards.

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            But it is sometimes baffling that not all OT comments are deleted especially ones contiguous with mine which was deleted and the one previous to it by wilikettle was not, both on the topic of Iran.

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              I apologise, my intention was in no way to cause offense or be anti-semitic in the conventional sense or any other sense. There is so much information on the web when I come upon something I find interesting and related to the topic I post without doing due research. Love the blog and the comments, keep up the great work.

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                Thanks for this clarification, ciaran; we won’t put your ID in the bad books.

                Here’s some general advice for all commenters. If you encounter an explanation that invokes a conspiracy theory, whether anti-Zionist or not, it’s wise to do a quick sniff test for hate propaganda. If you see any attributions of blame to a religion, race, or cabal, please investigate further before deciding whether to post a link on the cm website. That would help to reduce the moderation workload.


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                  Recently (1-2 weeks)I tried to post a comment on Not forgetting the al-Hillis-continued, which I have done many times before. It simply disappeared on posting.
                  It had two links to photos I had uploaded to a 30 days file share site.

                  I would like to know what happened if possible.
                  This long lived post subject discusses a crime scene and its intricacies. Diagrams and timelines and pics are extremely helpful to discuss various theories. How best to do this?

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                    There is no indication in the logs that your comment was blocked or deleted. It’s possible that it was tagged as spam, which can happen if there are multiple URLs in the text, and then the spam list was cleared by a moderator without noticing and restoring the valid comment. Alternatively, there could have been a glitch in the communication with the blog database. You’re welcome to try posting it again.

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                    Kim Sanders-Fisher

                      Hi, I have been trying to post a comment under Elections Aftermath and I keep getting an error messageL It says: “Error your reply cannot be vreated at this time.” I have left it for a while and returned to post it again, but still no joy. Not sure what to do, please advise,

                      many thanks, Kim.

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                        Hi Kim. I’m sorry you’re having trouble posting on the forum.

                        Many of your messages are being trapped for moderation and need to be published manually, yet you don’t appear to be using reserved keywords. Perhaps the forum software is flagging your replies for review due to their length? They’re often thousands of words long, and many spam messages are identifiable by the same characteristic.

                        I don’t know why you’re encountering the error message. Unfortunately, the forum software is quite primitive and is full of bugs. Moderators have asked for upgrades, but as yet there are no changes on the horizon.

                        The “Elections Aftermath” thread has now become so lengthy that loading times are becoming impractical. Please consider starting a new thread (“Elections Aftermath 2”?) which refers back to the first one.

                        Best wishes,
                        Mod B.

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                        Kim Sanders-Fisher

                          Thanks for this Mod B, I was starting to wonder if our thread was becoming too lengthy for more additions. There was a useful notation some time ago, suggesting the imbedding of links, that hinted at the overall length of the thread and I have followed that advice ever since. The advice on imbedding links might be worth adding to the top of the discussion forum for all to see and take note of.

                          I feel passionate about continuing the Elections Aftermath thread and think it is worth taking your advice to start into Elections Aftermath 2. Unfortunately, the very nature of the input, as we gather persuasive evidence to proceed, requires links so we may need to create more space. After the seeming finality of Brexit day I feel that a sense of complacent resignation is setting in throughout the country. This is so dangerous when all the indicators point to establishing a dictatorship in the UK.

                          My Petition is languishing in obscurity and not being seen by those who might wish to sign it; one more reason I feel compelled to keep the Elections Aftermath thread active. The importance of a nationwide investigation is to expose the serious flaws inherent in the system that present an open invitation to vote rigging even if it was not a relevant factor in this election. I believe that it was and that it also corrupted previous votes including both the EU and Scottish Referendum.

                          Craig talks with passion about the need for IndiRef2 and I would never question the right of the Scots to determine their own future in a free and fair referendum vote. However, there is strong evidence that the last Scottish Referendum marked the beginning of manipulation of the outsourced postal votes to rig the result. If the IndiRef2 vote is rigged to favour the Tory agenda it would destine the people of Scotland to anther two decades of subservience to Westminster with global support behind the UK government to impose it.

                          The corruption in our electoral system has expanded its control of the Main Stream Media and increasing its stranglehold on the BBC to provide cover for rigged votes. The “Push Poles” are also under Tory control and we are rapidly losing our democracy. The situation could get a lot worse if Boris was to adopt the easily hackable electronic voting machines used to rig elections in the US. I wish Craig would recognize this very real danger to give this subject the scrutiny it deserves by writing a new post focused on the dire need to secure our electoral system before it is too late.

                          I want to use the picture on my petition as a link and post it in a new thread, but I do not know how to do this. A few people have posted pictures within our thread, but no idea how they accomplished that task. I will prepare to begin a new thread to continue Elections Aftermath; can you advise on the picture issue. Many thanks for your help, Kim.

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                          Kim Sanders-Fisher

                            Mod B your help with another question would be greatly appreciated. How can I link from a new thread to a specific post in the current Elections Aftermath thread to avoid reposting old material, but still channel new readers towards what has already been explored in a previous post?

                            One Previous post on Elections Aftermath included this valuable picture link to my petition, but I don’t know how to replicate it. I will try to insert it here as a test of the simple cut and paste routine. It is this Watchdog picture that I want to link directly to my petition.

                            Toussaint @Serec_Fourmyle
                            This could be the most important petition you’ve ever signed. Give it some thought. Share it. And please retweet. @PostalVoteProbe @hardy843 @nyeannebevan @mojos55

                   5:42 PM • Jan 27, 2020 39 71 people are talking about this

                            I tried to cut and paste direct from the comment on Elections Aftermath; it probable will not work like that.

                            This could be the most important petition you’ve ever signed. Give it some thought. Share it. And please retweet. @PostalVoteProbe @hardy843 @nyeannebevan @mojos55
                            5:42 PM · Jan 27, 2020
                            71 people are talking about this

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                              To link to a comment on any discussion thread, copy the URL from the comment number in grey text at the top of the comment (after the word “REPLY”).


                              Then insert it as a link over descriptive text: i.e. highlight the text, click the ‘link’ button, and paste in the URL. (It’s important to use text describing the comment, otherwise the thread title “Elections aftermath” will appear in blockquote formatting instead.)

                              J – sharing the petition on Twitter

                              Be mindful that linking to a different thread could prompt readers to continue the discussion on the earlier thread (which in this case is already too long), thereby splitting the ongoing conversation between the current one and the old one. So it might be necessary for moderators to lock the earlier thread to prevent it growing still further.

                              As for the “picture link”, you only need to paste in the link to the Twitter comment, and the forum software will automatically embed the Tweet, including the images. You don’t need to copy any text from the Tweet, nor insert it using the link button – just paste the URL directly into your text:



                              Kindly use this embedding facility sparingly, as overuse could slow down the loading of the page – in which case, we may have to disable it (spoiling the fun for everyone).

                              Unfortunately, you can’t include separate images in your comments or replies. However, if you paste the image source URL and ask the moderators nicely, we can manually amend the HTML so the picture is embedded in your reply:


                              But please don’t do ask too often: we don’t want images cluttering up the discussions.

                              Mod B.

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                              Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                Thank you so much for your help as I have now managed to post a short final comment on Elections Aftermath and launch a new thread with just minor errors. I inserted the link that you provided for my petition header, but do not yet see my iconic petition picture; perhaps I should be more patient…

                                I did imbed one totally new link, in the text re rge £1.7 Million Contract, but I forgot to eliminate the original link after embedding it in the text as I usually do. It is adding unecessary clutter to the post, just as I had pledged to try and mend my wicked ways! This double posted link: could be removed, but not by me at this stage.

                                I fear I must be the most needy person to post on this site and I hope you can forgive me for thi Many thanks for your valuable assistance.

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                                Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                  Duh! Although I anounced the title of the new thread on my final post on Rlections Aftermath, I forgot to embed the link un the title so that it goes to my new thread. This might be important, to divert traffic from the overloaded thread. Is it at all possible for you to correct this and also make my petition picture go live to please; thank you so much for your help.

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                                    OK, Kim, that should all be fixed now.

                                    The “Watchdog” petition picture has been embedded in the lead post of the new topic (and linked to the petition page); the double link has been removed; and the links have been included in your final reply on the “Elections aftermath” thread to direct people to the new one.

                                    Good luck!
                                    Mod B

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                                    Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                      Thanks so much for your help Mod B. I owe you a lot more than “one” for all this fiddling over one old fart that knows nothing of this modern tech. My first computer ran at 4MHtz and my first Laptop, a Zenith 181, ripped along at 12MHtz! Yep that makes me a bit vintage, so I really appreciate all your help, once again, many thanks.

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                                      Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                        Hi Mod, Ia m trying to post a comment that includes a link to a really important Democracy Now Braodcast from earlier this year, but it keeps being blocked by Wordfence. Unable to enter this Link:
                                        even after creating this tiny url to go there:

                                        I also added a link to the most critical segment “Part 4: Facebook is a Crime Scene”
                                        and created a second tiny url to go there:

                                        Any reason why this is rejected?

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                                        Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                          I have made over a dozen attempts to post information about a Democracy Now Broadcast, but it keeps getting blocked by Wordfence: 403 Forbidden: A potentially unsafe operation has been detected in your request to this site.

                                          The urls printed here in Moderation so that is not the glitch. I have completly rewritten the text and still it is blocked; I am starting to believe in WordPress sensorship!

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                                          Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                            The section with the Breakdown of the film segments used bullit points which I then removed, but it still seems to be the problem section. My last two attempts to post, minus the section, just vanished without going to Wordfence; perhaps they are in moderation.

                                            The entire presentation is broken into six interview sessions as outlined below:
                                            Facebook is a Crime Scene; “The Great Hack” Documentary Details Big Data Threat to Democracy. This one, Part 4, I linked to seperatly with the secind url as it contained the most important info.

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                                            Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                              Hi Moderator,
                                              I am having trouble posting again. I often get the warning sign, but on a second try it will go up, this time it didn’t. This time I have tried posting several times, but with no luck. I know my post is an even longer piece this time as I am trying to promote several of the Legal Funds that have been set up to fight John Ware’s attempts to shut down free speech. As a Whistleblower who lost my career, home and everything I owned, I feel very deeply agrieved by the fake Whistleblowers who have been rewarded by Keir Starmer.

                                              Do I try to post again? Will it post after a delay or do I need to start a new thread? Please advise, many thanks.

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                                              Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                                Hi Moderator,
                                                I engaged brain and did the obvious logical thing: choped the post in half. If you can please make sure that the previous attempts to post that are awaiting moderation are nixed, I would appreciate it. I just got carried away with my rant. Thanks for putting up with me…

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                                                Kim Sanders-Fisher

                                                  Hi Mod,
                                                  It seems the Discussion Forum has become infested with links to gambling sites. There are five or six new ‘topics’ for discussion, but they are all just to link people to online gambling. One has posted a link on our Forum that I am avoiding as it could be dodgy. If these all remain in place it will look like there are no genuine discussions on these forums just a bunch of gambling adicts! Can they be removed?

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                                                    Hi Kim,

                                                    The appearance of advertising topics in the forum is transient. The discussion forum receives dozens of entries every day, for gambling, marketing, pornography, and lifestyle advice, amongst others. Most are caught by the automatic spam filter service ‘akismet’, but occasionally the spammers tweak their details to evade the filters and some posts get through – temporarily. The moderators clear out the spam on a regular basis.

                                                    In this case, several gambling promotion messages were posted at 07:53, 07:57, 08:06 (2), 08:08, 08:011, 08:14, 08:15. Akismet failed to catch several of them and they duly appeared in the forum. You noticed them and posted your request to remove them at 08:26. The moderators routinely checked the forum around 08:30, deleted the spam, and then spotted your request – by which time the spam entries had already been cleared out.

                                                    Spamming happens dozens of times every day; unfortunately there’s no way to prevent it with the current blog configuration. Most sites avoid the phenomenon by requiring user registration, but Craig insists that he wants to keep commenting open. The moderators have to monitor the article comment threads, the forum topics, and the replies, in separate screens – all day every day. We can’t catch everything immediately, and in this case I think the response time was quite acceptable.

                                                    Clearing spam from the forum is a routine duty for moderators. Next time kindly wait a few hours to see whether the spam entries disappear, before prompting us to remove them.


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                                                      When Craig wrote BBC war porn he seemed to indicate that it was going to be an open forum but it is now closed. Moreover, on the list of topics it lists it as “‘still discussing’.

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