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    My RSS feed aggregator (Sage in Firefox) shows an alert, indicating it can’t read the feed data. Thinking I just needed to re-register the link, I clicked on RSS feed icon at the bottom of the main page ( and got the error message: “Error establishing a database connection”.

    I think this a ‘real’ bug(ie not due to a Firefox plugin or my config settings) because I get the same result using a new install of Google Chrome.


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    Phil the ex frog

    I just tested and the rss worked fine for me using live bookmarks on iceweasel.

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    Hi Phil,

    Thanks for the quick response. I’ll try tweaking the Firefox settings or another aggregator to see if it’s my setup. I’m on win 8.1 BTW. Odd that it didn’t work with Google Chrome though.


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    Hmm, puzzling. First, the RSS feed called ‘Comments for Craig Murray’ seems to work just fine.

    I tried a couple of other Firefox extensions (Simple RSS reader and Bamboo) and they both report either an error or no feed found when trying to add Craig’s main blog.

    I did manage to briefly get things working OK during the process of installing the Simple RSS reader extension, but now it’s gone back to showing ‘XML parse error’ when I click on the feed using Sage.

    Other feeds – including new ones I’ve just added – seem to work fine.

    I’d be suspicious of my browser/settings/extensions if it wasn’t for two facts:
    – other feeds (including Craig’s comments feed) seem to work OK
    – neither the ‘subscribe’ icon, nor the feed URL work in Google Chrome.

    Run out of time to play around this morning, so must leave it there for now.

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    Could you try again now please.

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    Perfect! Thanks.

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