Blair, Straw Lose Support From UK’s Growing Muslim Population

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Bloomberg – Blair, Straw Lose Support From U.K.’s Growing Muslim Population: Craig Murray, an independent candidate, has based his campaign on the war in Iraq. He decided to run in December after Straw fired him as ambassador to Uzbekistan for publicly criticizing Britain’s use of intelligence that he said the government knew Uzbeki security forces had obtained by torture. Murray, 46, says the Muslims of Blackburn — where many men have beards, gowns and cotton prayer caps, and women are veiled to the eyes — can have their say in Middle East affairs by getting rid of Straw. ”If Straw loses, it will be felt all the way to the White House,” he says, standing outside the Tawheed ul Islam mosque in a three-piece, navy pinstriped suit. He’s using his 315,000 pounds ($600,000) in early severance pay to fund his campaign, including a green fire engine named the ”Green Goddess,” which rolls around town blaring out a song called ”Hit the Road, Jack Straw.”