Good Riddance to Andy Hayman 6

You read it here first:

Just like Tony Blair and WMD, the same applies to Ian Blair and Andy Hayman:

– Never take the word of a proven lying bastard.

People who are prepared to engage in lies in one sphere are generally not trustworthy in any. So Hayman’s fighting of terrorism from exotic holiday resorts with young female police officers, paid for by you and me, and his improper contacts with the investigation into the murder of Jean Charles De Menezes, are no surprise at all.

Doubtless they’ll quickly find another uniformed propagandist to take his place.

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6 thoughts on “Good Riddance to Andy Hayman

  • Strategist

    Query maybe some of the well-informed contributors to this forum can answer?? – Is there anywhere on the web with a comprehensive listing of all the various terror alerts, terror arrests, lurid leaks to the media etc over the last few years, and then what subsequently happened ie charges brought or not, convictions secured or not? And when they happened relative to the wider political news agenda? eg arrests & lurid speculation a few days before a key vote on measures to reduce our civil liberties. And which of these are linked to Andy Hayman's team? Does a pattern emerge?

    For example, I remember police digging up lots of woodland near High Wycombe or somewhere amidst a huge media furore. What happened to those guys – any charges, any court verdict? Was that a Met/Hayman operation?

  • scott25

    Hayman coined the phrase 'integrity is non-negotiable' when he was head of the Police Anti Corruption dept".

    Why wasn't his home raided at 06.00am by a dozen officers and ransacked as they removed personal documents and his computer, searching for evidence, as they did with Ali Dizai and other officers?

    Why wasn't Hayman arrested, interviewed under caution, released on police bail and suspended whilst they investigated the evidence seized,as they did with Ali Dizai and other officers.

    Who let Hayman retire? WHO?? Under police regulation he is not allowed to retire for another two months. Whoever let him retire and keep his pension (and it has to be someone very high up) should be sacked. The public should not rest until Hayman is made to answer the accusations against him – nor should they rest until whoever let Hayman retire and keep his pension is also sacked.

  • Strategist

    Thanks very much for this, Numeral.

    I am delighted that this material is available on the web – congratulations to those who have made the effort to do this for the service to civil liberty they have performed.

  • Anonymous

    Ask Andy Hayman about his bullying and obtaining lunch money by menaces?

    Does that sort of attitude really go away?

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