John Milligan – Another Dodgy Donor 7


The News of the World has the dirt on another dodgy Labour donor, John Milligan, who has made a very good return on his Labour donations from planning applications made possible by New Labour when they ran the Scottish Executive.

As readers of this blog know, Milligan got more rewards for his Labour donations, including the Chairmanship of the court of Dundee University, where I am Rector. Milligan, together with Sir Alan Langlands, tried to use the University blatantly to influence the election in the marginal Dundee West constituency. Had they succeeded, Labour not the SNP would now be in office in Holyrood.

This was, of course, not the first prestigious post that Milligan had got from New Labour. Here is an appointment of Milligan by that well known criminal and liar Wendy Alexander:

It is perhaps not the most obvious of the problems we face, but there is a very real danger to the whole philosophy and basis of higher education, from having it under the increasing control of philistine Nulab control freaks. Please have a look at my recent Rectorial Installation address:

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