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In the interests of public welfare, I post no photo of Wendy Alexander. If you thought Alisher Usmanov was ugly, you should see Wendy Alexander. Strangely, she is actually photogenic, in that her stunning, almost superhuman level of repulsiveness in the flesh does not really come through in photos, where she just looks plain ugly.

Anyway, the leader of the Nulab minority in the Scottish parliament has been caught not only with her own dodgy donations, but blatantly lying about them. A stream of documents leaked from her private records include a signed personal letter of thanks to a donor she claimed never to have heard of. Best of all is a document from her husband’s computer listing donors in one column and their false identities in the next.


The Nulab strategy at the moment is to use their control of the BBC in Scotland, the Scotsman, Daily Record and most of the other Scottish media to prevent anyone learning the facts of the case. The Sunday Herald has done a very good job to try to break through that.

The Procurator Fiscal in Scotland is not quite as well buttoned up by New Labour as the Met and, especially, the Crown Prosecution Service are in England. So Ugly Wendy may yet be the first senior NuLab figure to go to jail. I do hope so.

I am not in general prejudiced against ugly people. It does not inevitably follow that their ugliness is a metaphoric reflection of their inner disposition. But in Wendy’s case, it is. If you are very ugly, dear reader, please don’t be offended, I mean you no harm.

Anyway, I strongly urge MSPs to carry cheques with them and to wave them at Wendy every time she stands up to speak in Holyrood.

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5 thoughts on “Just Throw Cheques

  • Sensible

    I have just seen Wendy on C4's news.

    Yes, she does project a certain difficulty of the physiognomy which, sadly, becomes all the more apparent when her mouth moves.

  • Pinklady4

    The above post is deeply misogynistic and very offence to women. What Wendy Alexander looks like is totally and utterly irrelevant to the piece.

    As a student at the University of Dundee where you were elected our rector it is a disgrace to the Institution that you are writing such irelevance on your website. You were elected to be a figure head of the University, a University which is a world leader in promoting equalities and the advancement of women.

    Our rector ought to also have such values.

  • Craig


    No, I can't agree with you. I guess that if I confined my comments about ugliness solely, or largely, to women, that might be a sign of misogyny. But actually I think I have described rather more men as ugly on this blog than I have women. Type Aaronovitch in the search box in the left hand column and you will see what I mean.

    There are quite legitimate grounds for arguing it is wrong to call anyone ugly. In both the Alexander and Aaronovitch cases I am endeavouring to get over the idea that it is the outer expression of an inner vileness. But I really wouldn't take it (or yourself) too seriously.

    Are you really a student?

  • George Dutton

    "Just Throw Cheques"

    Not a good idea Craig. Knowing New Labour as I do they would pick them up forge your signature and clean you out. They will do ANY criminal act known to man they have proved that.

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