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93 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back

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  • dreoilin

    “Should the Irish government not also pay compensation, given they harboured the IRA terrorists for decades, providing them with aid and comfort in no small measure?”–glenn

    That’s a load of tosh. Quote me some facts and sources and I’ll have a look at them. The old Charlie Haughey gun-running case was not the “Irish Government” and neither was secret help and/or secret safe houses from members or sympathizers of the IRA in the Republic. The “Irish Government” is a different kettle of fish. So give me some sources please. Quote me some facts.


    Here’s a quote from Jon Snow’s Snowmail which I received yesterday, in which he’s talking about the “liquid bomb plot” and the fact that it’s the last major case that has been ongoing in the system:

    “I am told there is concern inside government that the lack of these high-profile cases together with a fading confidence in control orders will lower the public’s interest in anti-terrorism and even in the associated war in Afghanistan.”

    Doesn’t that say volumes to folks here? I guess they’ll have to make another big “raid” somewhere in suburbia shortly, and haul off about 8 people into custody. Have to keep that fearmongering going.

  • ingo

    just as last weeks backlash news making out that it was not the rising wheat prices that cut Afghan poppy producvtion by 22% but the immense effort of coalition troops. LoL, this news is another propaganda message to us stressing how much we are at threa, still.

    Fear, whenever these cases come up is once again being used to mark this another anniverssarry of the ‘intended 9/11 plot’.

    Its coming up to the date, so best remind us all why we are spending the lives of our young men , not to mention the bilions of lost money and effort spent in perpetuating this humanitarian disaster, this negating of human rights allround.

    When will we get fed up with these posterers?

  • dreoilin

    I read this this morning and was disgusted:

    US troops ‘stormed through Afghan hospital’

    Monday, 7 September 2009

    “A Swedish charity accused American troops today of storming through a hospital in central Afghanistan, breaking down doors and tying up staff in a search for militants …

    “When they left two hours later, the unit ordered hospital staff to inform coalition forces if any wounded militants were admitted, *and the military would decide if they could be treated, Fange said*.

    “The staff refused, he said. “That would put our staff at risk and make the hospital a target.”

    “The charity said on its Web site that the troops actions were not only a violation of humanitarian principles but also went against an agreement between NATO forces and charities working in the area.” (Independent)

    This is called “winning hearts and minds”. After recently blowing up about 100 people in a US airstrike on two hijacked fuel tankers that had got stuck in mud — and where local civilians were trying to scoop up some discarded petroleum into buckets. These, some of the poorest people in the world, who have no fuel, no running water, no electricity. Well done the USA. And yes, we are aware that you have a policy of “taking every care” to avoid civilian deaths. And that you’re going to “investigate” yourselves.

    You’re going to “investigate” this hospital jaunt too, and we know that’s the last we’ll ever hear about it.

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