Scottish Labour Shame Again 8

New Labour can always depend on the unswerving corrupt money-grabbing loyal support of its high-living Scottish numpty MPs. All of them voted against the Gurkhas. The ever excellent Subrosa Blonde is hosting a good video on Tom Harris, the trendy blogger who costs the taxpayer a fortune.

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8 thoughts on “Scottish Labour Shame Again

  • subrosa

    Excellent post merkin, thanks for the link. You didn’t copy your comment containing your stinging attack of Alex Salmond though, now that may have also been of interest. 🙂

    Thank you too Craig but the video was ‘borrowed’ from the maker and therefore I can take no credit. How I wish I had more technical ability at times!

  • MerkinOnParis

    Hiyah, SubRosa, glad to see you linked on your last article :

    As I explained, the ‘stinging attack’ was actually made by Iain (who?) Gray rather than me.

    Incidentally, Iain (who?) Gray and Jim (Steerpike) Murphy are copyright free for use by the dissident masses.

  • Abualshawareb


    have you seen this?

    Condi, didn’t torture anyone…. it’s ok to do business with any country regardless to their records.

    I wonder if Bin laden could have said anything different had he been asked the same questions.

  • MerkinOnParis

    Brilliant post by Abualshawareb

    How long before that gets removed by UpTheTube.

    PS a beer, eventually, for anyone who can translate the bile that Condi splattered at the first questioner as an aside.

  • Truth Teller

    Considering Mr Murphy’s view that the Scottish Government should behave like a Scottish family and tighten its belts etc.

    We think that it should be said that;

    “No sane sensible Scottish family could substantiate giving all of their salary to their neighbour only to beg for the scraps from their table for sustenance!”

    Scottish budget to be cut by £0.5 Billion.

    While Scotland’s North Sea Oil production is to be increased by 20% adding another £2.6 Billion onto revenues that London TAKE AWAY from Scotland, which was £13 Billion in 2007.

    This year the Scottish Budget of £33.3 Billion is calculated using the Barnet Formula which gives, back a proportion of “non oil & gas taxes” raised in Scotland.

    In a Independent Scotland the available money for a budget would be a minimum of £49.5 Billion, when Scottish Oil and Gas revenues are added.

    This figure is not including the massive revenues from Scottish renewable energy, the billions saved from ditching Trident and all the taxes raised in Scotland not just some of them.

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