On Being Insignificant 49

After an eight hour delay, I have just been telephoned back by what sounded like the most junior member of the Newsnight team. He told me that in the “Editorial judgement” of the BBC, I was not a “Significant candidate”.

I will therefore not figure in BBC coverage other than the mandatory two second caption at the end. For Newsnight, Michael Crick will give the statutory mention this evening.

By denying me any media exposure the BBC are, of course, consciously attempting to make their prediction of our failure a self-fulfilling prophecy, and to silence one of the most known voices against the political establishment in the UK.

I do hope the people of Norwich North will prove the arrogant and super-rich executives of the BBC wrong.

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49 thoughts on “On Being Insignificant

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  • dreoilin

    “He told me that in the “Editorial judgement” of the BBC, I was not a “Significant candidate”.”

    My god. And they know full well that they have the power to significantly affect your campaign. Looks like they’ve been given their marching orders. It’s disgusting.

  • Stevie

    But your odds on winning the election (at 25/1) are significantly better than the Liberals (33/1) – that is out of order!

    I’m going to email the BBC and suggest everyone (especially those who can’t make it down to Norwich) does the same. This is how easy it is:

    1) Go to this link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/complaints/complaints_stage1.shtml

    2) Complain: I.e. I strongly protest at the lack of coverage given by BBC news programmes, in particular Newsnight, of the independent candidate in the Norwich North By Election, Mr Craig Murray. I would like to know why the BBC is not featuring him in its analysis of the campaign as a major candidate given his high profile and the fact that his odds of winning are much better than the Liberal Democrats.

    The whole process, if you cut and paste my complaint should take you no more than 2 minutes…DO IT NOW!!!

  • dreoilin

    Someone on the other thread suggested the slogan, “The Man the BBC ignored”. Not a bad idea.

  • MJ

    So there we are, straight from the horse’s mouth. Independent candidates rarely get much exposure on the BBC. Except for former-employee Martin Bell of course. I wonder why that was.

  • David

    Don’t forget this is the same BBC that broadcast news of the collapse of WTC7 several minutes BEFORE it fell. They maintain a veneer of authority, but when it really matters, they cannot be depended on to be truthful. They are not the public’s servant as they should be.

  • dreoilin

    If you ask me, he’s not just an independent candidate. He’s a dangerous one — to some people. Anyway, I wrote to the BeeB, even though I don’t pay your license fee!

  • tony_opmoc

    It is really cheap (possibly free) to project incredibly effective advertising using light.

    Think light shows.

    Whilst Programmable Lasers are (Not Allowed), Programmable LEDS do not need an entertainment licence

    And if someone just turns up with the kit

    All they need is a SLIDE to Project over The Lord Mayor’s Show

    Its AMAZING How Much Light LEDS can Project

    Solar Powered Of Course

    The Greens have got to be Upstaged.

    They are Your Only Competition.

    When we got our own place – we were sometimes working opposite Shifts

    And my wife had never had a cat in her life.

    So one day – when I was working lates – I phoned her up – when I knew she would have got home from working at a bank in the City.

    I said – what do you think of our latest acquisition?

    She said what do you mean?

    And the kitten said miaow.

    And she went all soft and silly.

    The kitten was called Chloe

    The kitten had lots of Babies

    Well 5 to be exact.

    We kept one of them

    And called her Pretty Face.

    This is an Election Broadcast For The Conservative Party

    Chloe and Pretty Face Together Lived With Us For Over 18 Years

    Chloe is Now 27 – which makes the Timing Extremely Close

    But Chloe Doesn’t Know What Craig Has Got Hidden Up His Sleeve


  • Stevie

    Tony – it’d be good if you could keep your points succinct when we are trying to mobilise action otherwise people may think you are trying to cause a distraction. EVERYONE email Newsnight and the BBC please! NOW!!!!

  • Polo


    BBC putting themselves above the punting public. Always knew there was an elitist streak there. Broadcasters get like that unless they have strong principles and character. And such people are few enough.

    I have commented on both the general Newsnight and Crick blogs, including asking why the authors don’t answer comments like any other well behaved blogger.

  • Roger Thomas Celtic Lion

    You must keep pressing with the BBC. I produced the climate change greater threat then terrorism risk assessment. A member of the committee the report went to was former Chief Scientific Advisor. He gave it global publicity, but never said I was the original author.

    The BBC then announced a weeks programming on ‘his’ work. Viewers were ask to phone in. I did and told them I was the author. Passed to the editor putting the programme together. He went to the Government website were my work was. He verified dates, content etc that I was the original author.

    He even admitted that I had a broader understanding of the issues and was a excellent communicator. But he said the Chief Scientist was a celebrity and a media personality. News was about ratings. So the BBC knowing mislead the public. They admitted I was the true author, but would pretend the Chief Scientist was for the public just for the ratings.

    A few months ago NN contacted me. I began to explain to the producer something. He started ranting “You’re wrong you’re wrong, let me tell you why”.

    I realised being he wasn’t listening, he had completely misinterpreted me. I said “I didn’t mean that”.

    He went off on a hissy fit. “Oh well if you don’t want me to explain why you are wrong, I don’t want to speak to you”

    Then slammed the phone down.

    For anyone who hasn’t dealt with the BBC Craig’s experience appears to be the norm. If you don’t fit in their narrow agenda of what they consider right. They have no interest. So the public do not get to hear the full spectrum of views on a subject.

    So Craig don’t get paranoid, or it is you in respect of this by election. What you have experienced appears to be normal BBC behaviour.

  • mary

    Shocking, shameful ZBC. I will e-mail them now.

    BTW MJ, Martin Bell’s nephew is Oliver Kamm, Times Newspapers, part of the Murdochcracy. Can you see how all is interwoven?

    RMS said on medialens tonight –

    Appalling BBC and ITV bias

    Posted by RMS on July 1, 2009, 7:03 pm

    I (am) astounded at the increasing level of right wing bias by out two major TV channels. Not just by the distortions and twisting of facts and news for which they are well known for, but the silence on issues that are uncomfortable for the government and countries like Israel.

    There has not been one single mention of the hijacking of the boat carrying aid to Gaza and the kidnapping of the passengers by Israeli forces.

    There has been very little comment regarding the coup in Honduras.

    Nothing has been reported about the trial of the deranged fascist bomb maker Neil Lewington at the Old Bailey. (Imagine of he had been a Muslim, the BBC would have been encamped outside for the whole trial with lurid stories and make believe)

    This week the daughters of Che Guevara and Raoul Castro have been addressing packed meetings across London. Not a mention, they are not Diva’s or overpaid celebrities you see.

    So it goes on, the left,like Craig Murray,are marginalised, boycotted, frozen out of all debates.

    The BBC and ITV have to be brought to account somehow.

  • eddie

    You could always start up your own newspaper/TV channel if you think the present ones are so bad. Assuming you can raise the funds or get enough support of course. Then again the track record of the Morning Star, Daily News, Independent etc isn’t too encouraging. Or you could get all your mates to pass the exams and get jobs at the BBC and change it from within, instead of slagging it off from your sofas. Aren’t the proles a disgrace? You just can’t get them interested in your political views or fringe candidates. If only they would think for themselves and stop reading the bloody Sun.

  • dreoilin

    eddie eddie eddie …

    So you think it’s ok for him to be ignored by the Beeb even if his odds are better than the Lib Dems?

  • Ebrahim Piperdy

    BBC needs to show the following:

    Labour = Corruption.

    Conservatives = More Corruption.

    Lib Dems = Less Corruption.

    Craig Murray = Clean up politics once and for all, deliver services to people in efficient ways and avoid waste on pointless policies which do nothing for not just British citizens but the whole world. Norwich North to be a unique constituency which represents and sets an example to the whole of the UK.

  • mary

    E-mail to [email protected]

    July 1st 2009 10.50pm

    Dear Mr Crick

    I have always valued your reports on Newsnight both for content and delivery. I am therefore dismayed that you omitted all mention of Craig Murray as an Independent candidate in the forthcoming Norwich North by-election in your report last night. Could you tell me why this is so and who gave instructions that his name should be omitted. I understand that he has received a call this evening from a junior member of your team telling him that he is considered to be Not Significant. How insulting to him and to the viewing public that the national broadcaster has sunk to this. I thought that it was part of your remit to inform.

    This action is both shameful and shocking. If there were more of his calibre, bravery and honesty in Parliament, the country would not be in its current mess. You must give him fair and equal coverage.

    Please rectify your omission and show some courage. Stand up against your bosses.

    Yrs etc.

  • dreoilin

    “List of candidates for Norwich last night … Unfortunately we left a few names off. Here they are for you now”


    Slide appears with list of names, for count of 2 seconds.


  • dreoilin

    “List of candidates for Norwich last night … Unfortunately we left a few names off. Here they are for you now”


    Slide appears with list of names, for count of 2 seconds. I just about barely caught Craig’s name.


  • Carlos Marcos

    Is it not the case that when the BBC gives free airtime to candidates, they’re providing a cost benefit in terms of candidate funding?

    So, insofar as they discriminate against other candidates there must be some discrepancy in the reported expenditure by individual candidates.

    Surely there must be something in the electoral legislation somewhere that covers this?

    I realise that the BBC have been doing this for yonks but perhaps no one’s pulled them on it before.

    It does seem like an abuse on their part. Worth looking at, maybe.

  • MJ

    I thought the most revealing thing was the discussion immediately before with the chap from PressTV, accusing him of less-than-impartial reporting.

  • Stevie

    as per my previous posting, PLEASE COMPLAIN TO THE BBC ABOUT THE LACK OF COVERAGE FOR CRAIG MURRAY in the By Election – it is simple to do

  • David Allen

    Done, here’s my version:

    I strongly protest at the lack of coverage given by BBC news programmes, in particular Newsnight, of the independent candidate in the Norwich North By Election, Craig Murray. I would like to know why the BBC is not featuring him in its analysis of the campaign as a “significant” candidate, given his high profile and the fact that his odds of winning are currently better than those for the Liberal Democrats.

    In truth, Craig Murray is the only candidate who actually stands any chance at all of beating the Tories. I am sure you know that. Are you not worried that the next scandal to hit the BBC will be your obvious incompetence – or deliberate bias – in reporting this byelection?

  • Eh..

    Oh boo-hoo, not on NN, part of the mainstream media that you seem to hate but wish to court and crave attention from. Any mention on the local news, TV or radio. Best idea is a radio ad on the local station during commuter drive-time.

    As for bookies odds? May aswell trust every Sun/Star readers text poll then.

    Fight the good fight Gunga Din but I think you have picked the wrong battle here and too early, reality will be a shaving of votes from all but the Tory lot.

    G’luck any-how.

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