David Tennant Plays Craig Murray 39

I am a great fan of BBC Radio 4 in general, so I am really pleased that this is quite a coup for them.

World Premiere of Murder in Samarkand by Sir David Hare

Based on the memoir by Craig Murray.

Saturday 20 February 2010 at 2.30pm BBC Radio 4 “The Saturday Play”.


David Tennant as Craig Murray

Jemima Rooper as Nadira

There is a large and truly impressive cast of some of the finest stage actors in Britain. Nadira herself plays Dilobar as well as two or three other small parts. I will link to a full cast list as soon as the BBC publish it.

I watched David Tennant’s Hamlet over Christmas and was very impressed, so I am delighted to have him as my alter ego. I have to confess to being a Dr Who fan ever since William Hartnell. I actually knitted myself a Tom Baker scarf!

Of course, David Tennant is not really good looking enough to play me, but it’ll be OK on radio.

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39 thoughts on “David Tennant Plays Craig Murray

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  • crab

    “I actually knitted myself a Tom Baker scarf! ”

    I for one did not see any of this coming.

  • david

    Off-topic, but something peculiar has suddenly happened to the layout of this website. Some pages are not filling the screen width (e.g. this one), while others are up to twice the width of the screen (e.g. “David Kelly’s Murder”). I’m finding this is the same across different computers and also different browsers. Before, the page width has always been just right. What gives? Is anyone else seeing this?

  • david

    Ugh… on the David Kelly page it is caused by a long unbroken string of ‘+’s in the comment at 1:32 AM.

  • ingo

    That is excellent news and well before a general election.

    As for David tennants looks, my missis fancies him for reasons I have yet to figure, must be the acting and as you said he does make for a good, hungry looking Hamlet, haven’t asked her who she fancies more, mind you she has not met David Tennant.

    Thanks to radio, our fancies will grow in our brains, I very much appreciate that fact, couldn’t stand a movie being made about it, unless its done by Ken Loach, Danny Boyle or Werner Herzog.

    Would love to intone Richard Conroy, mind you, he did not say much in you book and died in secrecy, he alone could inspire a whole movie about the drugs trade.

    Shall make some publicity for the event and have some friends round for plov, they will want to read the book afterwards.

    I think it would be a good idea to have a strategic pile of books for the aftermath, ready to be dispatched. looking forward to it, must have been hard to cramm the book into a single play.

    far from being snippy, my missis only fanices david tennant (:-)

  • Richard Robinson (Lancaster)

    Re the formatting of the Kelly post –

    “Its caused by people including long urls in their comments.”

    But your article at the top of the page ends with a very long url, which formats fine in the main page

    “Ugh… on the David Kelly page it is caused by a long unbroken string of ‘+’s in the comment at 1:32 AM.”

    I think this is right – save the whole comments page to a local file, open it in an editor, remove that one line, reload into browser. Problem gone.

    Which shows us all another way in which conversation here can be made more difficult, should anybody wish to be disruptive.

  • me

    I love Jemima Rooper! (and Mr. Darcy 🙂 I still wish there was more to go of Lost in Austen.

  • Jon

    @ingo – if you can find out what Billie Piper’s nickname for David T is, from that you’ll work out maybe why all the ladies like him. Still, not all rumours are true :o)

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