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My last post did not signal a return to blogging but rather explained why I need a few days’ break. But I have to share with you my joy at the release of the Brazilian edition of Murder in Samarkand, translated from the US edition and entitled Diplomacia Suja.

This is the first foreign language edition and I am childishly excited to hold it in my hands. I was actually jumping up and down a few minutes ago. There seems something magical about seeing your work in a tongue which is mysterious to you. Many thanks to Companhia Das Letras and especially to the translator, Berilo Vargas, whom I am yet to meet.


Good progress is being made on a Turkish translation.

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  • Ben Oldfield

    I will go to court with Neil on this. Don’t doubt it.

    That doesn’t make me a Zionist troll. It means I won’t be libelled.

    Craig, take notice: unless all offending messages are removed, you are liable.

    And so is anyone who facilitates those messages.

  • glenn

    I wonder if I should send him a text tomorrow, to find out. Don’t want to bug the fellow, but concerned comrades would at least like to know that all is well!

  • somebody

    That’s weird – nothing from him and his previous post about Ramsgate has ben taken off this home page.

    Please someone who knows how to contact him find out if he and Nadira and Cameron are OK.

  • nextus

    I can report that all is well with the Murrays – they’re just busy, bizy, bizzy. The house in Ramsgate needs a lot of attention.

    Glad to see the nefarious Strawman is stepping down – though I would’ve preferred to see it happen much, much earlier (at gunpoint, if necessary). He was a parody from a political sitcom.

    Minister for Justice?? Just … ice.

    A very cold wind has left the Labour Party at long bloody last.

  • Richard Robinson

    “The Ramsgate post hasn’t actually disappeared”

    What makes that happen, is it just a fixed time since it went up ? It looks like it. So if he continues busy with getting the house sorted, we could come here one day and see an empty site ? That would be a bit bizarre. Keep hold of the link, eh ?

    Hello, dreoilin, good to see you back again. I don’t think the gibberish has decreased much though, I’m afraid. As you’ll have seen.

  • glenn

    Richard – I wondered about that too, surely it maintains at least the top link!

    CM had mentioned some business with intruders and alarms from his previous posts, and he doesn’t usually disappear for that long. And surely there are a few people around who don’t like him very much. That probably made a few of us concerned, but I’m glad I didn’t bug him – thanks nextus.

    Hats off Mark for your weighing in on the “9/11” thread. It’s still going on, if anyone wants to see fine example of right wing-nuttery, True Believers, Iraq war apologists and of course, fearless Official Story defenders, you can catch them here:


    Take care, comrades, see you at the end of August. With luck I’ve got something to read while away too, my wife is getting me a book for my birthday… the title involves something to do with a container belonging to someone or other with a biblical sounding name…

  • Larry from St. Louis

    “Hats off Mark for your weighing in on the “9/11″ thread. It’s still going on, if anyone wants to see fine example of right wing-nuttery, True Believers, Iraq war apologists and of course, fearless Official Story defenders, you can catch them here:”

    Glenn, once again I have to remind you that Craig Murray called you a “conspiraloon” for believing in that nonsense.

    And you keep going at it. On and on and on and on.

    He must really think you’re an idiot.

    And I have to remind you again that the 911 Truthers in the States are right-wing nuts. Your people started the Tea Party Movement. If Tim McVeigh were alive today, he’d be parroting the same bullshit that you parrot.

  • For the restless, not the true believers, this one's for you

    Craig need to get back soon to this as some wonk calling himself Alex is loading this blog’s archive with porn links…

  • somebody

    The links to ‘Ramsgate’ and ‘Main’ have now disappeared from the front page.

    Nextus – are you in contact with Craig? Does he know that the site is being attacked?

  • Anonymous

    “Richard – I wondered about that too, surely it maintains at least the top link!”

    Heh. The very next morning …

  • Clark

    Hello all,

    I don’t like the inactivity on this blog. I’d really appreciate e-mails from regular contributors here; use the link on my name. I promise not to pass on e-mail addresses unless you specifically ask me to, by e-mail and here at nearly the same time, and then not for a few days.


    I’ve texted Craig. I’ll post if I get a reply.

  • Clark

    I do advise everyone to maintain appropriate skepticism – unless a contributor has their own blog or something, something that only they can alter or update, you can’t tell that any comment here is actually from the person whose name it carries. For instance, I’m going to place confirmation of this post and my previous post on my web page. Without that independent confirmation, this message could have been from anyone.

  • Anonymous

    Clark @ 12:38 – that’s a really good technique. A bit heavyweight for casual use, but good solid confirmation when/if it’s ever needed (given also that in extreme cases people might need to check the address behind the link. Anybody can set up a website and write anything they want to on it …) Nice, thanks.

    Inactivity … I dunno. The post we’re commenting on starts with a remark about wanting a break, so we don’t have any fresh meat to chew on. (We haven’t really made much of the topics it offers, but this often happens. And, as usual, there have been a rich variety of diversions on offer.) Personally, I just haven’t got much to say, I’m all taken up just now in the world of perl Makefiles, SQL indexing, and other such fascinating delights.

  • Clark

    “” at 2010 1:57 PM,

    thanks, and yes, checking the link address is important. The URL of my link is


    I shall be monitoring my own web page to check that it hasn’t been altered except by myself. It’s OK as of now. I texted Craig and have received no reply so far, but yes, he did say he’d be busy, and setting up a new home is demanding.

    I propose a petition to Craig to introduce username / password registration required to comment at this site. I’m fed up with all the impersonation that has been happening.

  • Anonymous

    “I propose a petition to Craig to introduce username / password registration required to comment at this site. I’m fed up with all the impersonation that has been happening.”

    A caveat – I vaguely remember, way back several years ago (before it went offshore, I think) there was some kind of registration scheme here, which utterly baffled me; you had to sign up with something elsewhere, and it just plain didn’t work for me, I tried to comment and couldn’t. If that’s what his bloggy-software is going to do, I wouldn’t want it to come back.

    But hopefully things aren’t like that these days, it ought to be possible to expect a registration scheme to Just Work. Given that, I’d second such a request (while feeling faintly importunate about it, given that he’s got more important things to do). I agree that this impersonation stuff is a pest and that requiring a login would do a lot to improve things.

    I notice that your web-site technique becomes closer to absolute for anyone who’s registered their own domain. Like, anyone who has access to whois can verify that “qualmograph.org.uk” is registered to someone who calls himself “Richard Robinson”, and has been for several years. I ought to play with this and give a suitable link here, but it’s time to go out & buy some food.

  • Clark

    I’ve just been speaking to Suhayl Saadi on the ‘phone, and can confirm that he did indeed make the posts above at August 6, 2010 3:13 PM and August 7, 2010 9:01 AM. He has been in contact with Craig via e-mail; all seems to be well.

  • dreoilin

    Hi Richard! Good to ‘see’ you again.

    Clark, I agree about registration. Same caveat about Craig and time … I wonder would it mean moving the whole blog. But registering an email address and having to confirm it would greatly lessen impersonations, I would think.

    I’ve just heard that an online friend of many years standing is in intensive care having been viciously assaulted during the week – he’s unconscious with skull fractures. I’m in real shock. I’ll be back when I regain my equilibrium, DV.

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Very sorry to hear that, dreoilin, that’s dreadful. I do hope your friend recovers soon.

    Yes, Mark, I agree with you that the ‘Masonic’ video is not helpful to the continuing questions over David Kelly’s death. The Porton Down documentary is fascinating though – and terrifying.

  • Clark


    I’m very sorry to hear about your friend; I wish him a speedy recovery. My best wishes to you, too.


  • Suhayl Saadi

    Conspiraloony? I think not. The main reason to worry is, largely, one of personality. The Times runs a quote to the effect that Gereral Ashfaq Kayani (aka the man in the moon) is behind the decision to cancel the intelligence trip, and that he has been “angered” by Cameroon. As the man who Ahmed Rashid describes as “the most powerful man in Pakistan” in this week’s Spectator, Kayani has a key role to play in the deadly game that is being played over Afghanistan. He is said to working ceaselessly towards a Pakistan-friendly regime in Kabul, and that goal most likely involves making concessions to the Taliban. Anything which pushes him further away from the West, and closer to the West’s enemies, could make those concessions even greater.

    Or is it all brakespeak and cheap innuendo from the Zionists?

  • Suhayl Saadi

    After a worrying period I called Craig. I didn’t want to do it as I knew he was busy. I’m glad I did. I heard worrying things.

    How is this possible: bugs were discovered including a tiny, professional webcam in the master bedroom specifically aligned for blackmail and embarrassment. These devices are well known to some of us and cannot be bought at Walmart.

    Now his entire house will have to be swept.

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