Daily archives: July 6, 2011

Above the Law

A couple of points are worrying me. Why have the police not been into all of News International’s offices, particularly its HQ, and removed all the hard drives, rather than waiting for News International voluntarily to sort through their own emails and hand over what they choose? This seems to me absolutely remarkable. The Met even raided Damian Green’s House of Commons office, but they treat News International precisely as though it were a foreign embassy with diplomatic immunity.

The second point is, how can Lord Macdonald – whom I have respected in the past – be acting as their lawyer now, when he was the Director of Public Prosecutions responsible for inaction on this some years past?

This scandal is fascinating because it has the potential to expose so many layers of the cosy corruption of the British establishment.

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Rebekah Wade Brooks – Good For An Hour’s Harmful Fun

If anybody feels that News International’s chief executive Rebekah Brooks and those close to her should have their champagne lives a little bit interrupted and annoyed, facebook members can always go to her facebook page. You can scroll down her friends on the left hand side, and send them messages telling them exactly what you think of the company they keep. They include several Murdochs, and the odd MP, so you can get quite abusive. Don’t do threatening, please.

I do think an hour’s harmful diversion breaks up the working day to useful effect. Nobody will be nearly as upset as were the families of muder victims by what Ms Brooks’ organisation did in phone hacking their lost relatives.

The most astonishing fact to emerge so far is that it is now six months since News International emails were given over listing tens of thousands of pounds of corrupt payments they made to police. Yet nobody – bent policeman or Murdoch slime – is in handcuffs for this yet. Is there any possible innocent explanation for this?

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A 3,000 Year Old Story in the UK Legal Environment

Nadira continues her rehearsals for her big role at Edinburgh

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Foreign Office in Murdoch’s Pocket

Last week the Murdoch phone hacking empire hired the palatial rooms of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for their summer party. There Rebekah Brooks and Murdoch junior sumptuously entertained their bought politicians from all the major parties, who turned up in droves, tongues dragging on the bespoke axminster, from Cameron down.

There is something horrible about News International taking over the Foreign Office. Its state rooms are available for hire – but not for public hire. A couple of years ago when Charles Crawford and I were considering holding a public debate on foreign policy and the practice of diplomacy, I asked whether it would be possible to rent a state room in the FCO. I was told I was not an appropriate person to rent a room there. While evidently the lying criminal scumbag Rebekah Brooks is an appropriate person. Fascinating set of values our government has.

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