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A couple of points are worrying me. Why have the police not been into all of News International’s offices, particularly its HQ, and removed all the hard drives, rather than waiting for News International voluntarily to sort through their own emails and hand over what they choose? This seems to me absolutely remarkable. The Met even raided Damian Green’s House of Commons office, but they treat News International precisely as though it were a foreign embassy with diplomatic immunity.

The second point is, how can Lord Macdonald – whom I have respected in the past – be acting as their lawyer now, when he was the Director of Public Prosecutions responsible for inaction on this some years past?

This scandal is fascinating because it has the potential to expose so many layers of the cosy corruption of the British establishment.

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39 thoughts on “Above the Law

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  • mark_golding

    Agent Cameron has said.. “any probe cannot actually begin until the police investigation into hacking is complete.”
    Hah!! There you have it folks – kick the whole thing into the long grass while the police pontificate, exhort, chide and slap wrists. Rest assured there will be no independent public inquiry by a highly responsible judge with the correct terms of reference covering the key issues ie the relationship between the police and the media and more.

  • Methuselah Now


    Another thing:

    If this was a man, repeated attention would have been brought to the CEO also being a wife-beater, let alone where the partner was a celebrity, but in any of the coverage, has anyone heardceven once, such references to volatile violence?

    Kind regards,


    How hard are NewsCorp trying to spin this for sympathy for the perpetrators, rather than the actual victims, and where none of the details from this morning have changed. The same people were and are in charge/ownership of the rest of the NI stable. This fits perfectly with Murdoch’s MO, Inc. screwing the other hacks for the rest of the contagious company and brooks herself.

  • Mark

    The Dauphin at News Int has just announced the closure of the NoTW-


    Here’s the most mealy mouthed bit of the statement-

    “Wrongdoers turned a good newsroom bad and this was not fully understood or adequately pursued.

    “As a result, the News of the World and News International wrongly maintained that these issues were confined to one reporter. We now have voluntarily given evidence to the police that I believe will prove that this was untrue and those who acted wrongly will have to face the consequences’

    trans- ‘it was just a few bad apples- who we’ll now feed to the lions, as WE are above the law!’

  • Azra

    So they expect to calm everyone by closing that bloody newspaper and put few more people on the dole… that is it, Mr Murdoch well done.. the only thing is one solution to the problem, you and your filthy organization leave this country.. As H Grant said it, since Maggie every one of the PM has been in his pocket..

  • Methuselah Now


    Does anyone know if rupert murdoch could be either sued or prosecuted directly, just as war crimes and corporate manslaughter and bribery are capable of being?

    Kind regards,


  • Doug Allanson

    Mark – thanks for your tip about the Dennis Potter interview. I am probably the only person in Britain who has never seen a single Potter play, or this interview, but this interview is gold dust. There is a long passage, arguably the centrepiece in this hour long interview with a dying man, about Murdoch and his influence on the corruption of the British media.

    Aside from that there are many things to value in this interview.

    Yes, Murdoch may resurrect the NoW.

    But in the meantime – Hurrah!

  • mary

    @Doug This was me here yesterday –

    mary 6th July 2011
    The beloved writer and dramatist Dennis Potter loathed Murdoch for what he had destroyed. He called his cancer ‘Rupert’. He predicted that there would be this monster controlling our media and hence the minds of the people.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnVrK38xI-A A segment of a long interview
    I thought of Dennis this year when the blossom was out and so beautiful and splendid.
    Vince reads Dennis Potter: “Seeing the Blossom”
    happened to see the original interview live as I was a great admirer of Dennis Potter’s work and knew that he sadly had a terminal condition. His words left a lasting impression on me and I have always remembered his presscience on Murdoch;s malign influence.

  • Johnstone

    Why have the police not been into all of News International’s offices, particularly its HQ, and removed all the hard drives, rather than waiting for News International voluntarily to sort through their own emails and hand over what they choose?

    Good Question!
    It’s my guess that the skeletons in the cupboards of NI, that have been clawing to escape over the past week, are being unceremoniously shoved back in by the witch of Wapping, as I write! While lots and lots of well known people are desperately hoping she’s got her broom stick well oiled and working at full throttle !

    AND there are some pretty grotesque skeletons; like the axe murder of poor Daniel Morgan in a pub car park in Sydenham in 1987.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Daniel Morgan was a private investigator brutally murdered in Sydenham, south east London, in March 1987. He was said to have been close to exposing important police corruption. His death was the subject of several failed police inquiries and in 2011 was at the centre of allegations concerning the suspect conduct of News of the World journalists. Morgan’s unsolved murder has been described as a reminder of the old London police culture of corruption and unaccountability.

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