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“J K Rowling’s always been batshit insane, this is nothing new”.
“Why are people just surprised about J K Rowling now – she has been this mental for years.”
“The, I presume, mentally ill, J K Rowling”
“J K Rowling should get F back to England”
“Don’t feel too bad for that lunatic J K Rowling” – followed by a sexual reference to her partner.

The newspapers would be full of stories tomorrow about this dreadful cyber-abuse. But that will not happen because all those tweets were about me, and all sent within the last twenty minutes, from identifiable unionist tweeters, some well known. Substitute Craig Murray for J K Rowling and they are verbatim. Just do a twitter search on craig murray and see for yourself.

I have never much been into Twitter. When I post here it is automatically tweeted, that is all. It is only today I realised how much you can see of twitter conversations and the interesting links between people. I had not realised that the execrable Carl Gardner, former very junior government lawyer and anti-Assange campaigner, has such warm links with anti-Muslim pro-torture campaigner Douglas Murray of the Henry Jackson Society, Vice President Jim Murphy. And how very interesting to see Blair MacDougall, Ross McTernan, Allan Massie, Euan Mccolm and numerous others from Scotland’s corporate media, all tweeting each other about how absolutely ridiculous it is to believe that the UK state would ever be involved in anything nefarious.

The same people were, of course, tweeting each other euphorically about how fantastically Jim Murphy had demolished Nicola Sturgeon in the leaders’ debates. It subsequently turned out nobody in the country saw it the same way as their smug little gang. I fear they will find the same is true now. Indeed, in the two hours since I posted, over twice as many people have already read about the false flag schemes, as the entire membership of Scottish Labour. That is more than the circulation of the Scotsman. There’s a thought.

The same people, of course, told you I was lying when I blew the whistle on torture and extraordinary rendition in 2004. The security services and the British Government would never do such a thing, they said. I was insane, they said.

Everybody now knows that I was telling the truth about torture and extraordinary rendition, and the Labour Government and the establishment shills were the liars. I am telling the truth again now and they are lying again now.

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  • Republicofscotland

    The Gatwick ‘gold rush’ U-turn: Firm backtracks on claim that the Home Counties is sitting on more oil than Kuwait


    UK Oil & Gas Investments described discovery as ‘world class’ last week
    They claimed the site in Sussex could yield up to 100 billion barrels of oil
    Company’s share price increased by 200 per cent following ‘breakthrough’
    But it has today admitted there may not be as much oil there as suggested
    They based their estimates on the 55-square-miles they have licence for
    It makes up for less than two per cent of the entire Weald Basin.

  • RobG

    Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)
    13 Apr, 2015 – 2:38 pm

    “Or even better, use Habbabreak!”

    Breathtaking stuff: the trolls even admit that they are trolls!

    Many here still seem to believe that they live in a free society.

    You don’t live in a free society. You live in a police state, where everything is tightly controlled, including the media.

  • lysias

    And did you notice how he later boasted about how he and his pals had driven many commenters away from this site and caused others to post less?

    If that isn’t trollish behavior, what is?

  • fred

    “And did you notice how he later boasted about how he and his pals had driven many commenters away from this site and caused others to post less?

    If that isn’t trollish behavior, what is?”

    Why causing others to post more of course.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Surely, Lysias, as someone who underwent (allegedly)the intellectually rigourous Greats course at Oxford (college still undisclosed), you should be in favour of people like myself who oblige other posters to pay more attention to what and how they post and whose well-deserved strictures have led to some of the nuttier posters on here hanging up their boots?

    PS – did you ever run into Bowra?

  • Mary

    Jane Corbin of Death in the Med infamy is currently demonizing Muslims on BBC2 – Kill the Christians.

    I don’t suppose we will hear of the fracturing of a nation state, Iraq, and its people by the coalition or of the provenance of IS.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Mary (18h16)

    “‘Whispering’ Nick Robinson sees Clegg back in Downing Street. LOL.”

    Nick Robinson is ‘whispering’ at the moment because he’s recovering from an operation.

    An operation to remove a bronchial carcinoid tumour.

    Otherwise known as cancer.

  • tony0pmoc

    Can I annoy you Now???

    No Fuck Off Tony

    Fuck Off and Annoy ALL Those Cunts on The Telegraph You Seem To Be So Familiar With

    But I usually agree with you guys on Craig Murray’s website…Your Intellectual Standards are Actually Quite High..considering some of you were on University Challenge,,,or at least wanted to be…

    And you expect me to read the replies you write to what I post..when I have fucking layed (sorry is it laid..I have layed a few bricks today..oh and before..) it’s all down for you in Black & White… About for Nearly 10 years Now.. 9/11 and The Ukraine and The rest..and Still You “Liberals” Slag Me Off…and Ban Me, when I don’t Ban Myself…sometimes I think some of you are neocons..or at least working for them to discredit Craig Murray when he is weak….I mean the guy has been through hell..

    Tony Don’t Write That..they can’t take it..not just the Truth..but that you are a human being too…

    Which Bit Did I get Wrong…

    What Did I Lie About…

    Show Me The Lies —Or Fuck Off.

    I like Craig Murray..He’s Got Balls.


  • RobG

    15 Apr, 2015 – 8:22 pm

    I fear that things have gone much further than that now.

    You’ll find that the Guardian are now banning everyone BTL who doesn’t agree with the state of Britain at the moment, or who doesn’t agree with the Guardian’s now corporate line.

    I’m afraid that we are now in very dangerous territory, and a ‘national goverment’ (ie, a coalition between Lab and the Cons) might actually happen, as I believe Craig has pointed out in some of his previous posts.

    If a national government does result from this election, you can kiss goodbye to any shred of democracy still left in Britain.

    Our only hope will remain north of the border.

    It was one of the last things I said before I was banned this afternoon on Guardian comments.

  • John Goss

    Tony, “Your Intellectual Standards are Actually Quite High..considering some of you were on University Challenge”

    I know that you know that Craig was on University Challenge but I never was. However I had a friend who was. He was captain of The University of Birmingham team when I was there. They came second.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Would it not be more appropriate – as well as more sensible – if the transatlantic posters gave us his insights into the forthcoming US Presidential election rather than posting bits and bobs relating to the UK general election?

  • Mary

    I am well aware of Nick Robinson’s illness, it having been widely publicised. Normally one should take time off after an operation to recuperate fully. Perhaps he fears losing his place to one of the underlings. Stress is very bad for him with his diagnosis. I wish him well.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    The Gatwick ‘gold rush’ U-turn: Firm backtracks on claim that the Home Counties is sitting on more oil than Kuwait…. etc…

    See this week’s Private Eye for intriguing details of the exploration co’s links to a notorious pump ‘n’ dump operator. BTW, what’s getting pumped isn’t oil, but share prices.

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