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“J K Rowling’s always been batshit insane, this is nothing new”.
“Why are people just surprised about J K Rowling now – she has been this mental for years.”
“The, I presume, mentally ill, J K Rowling”
“J K Rowling should get F back to England”
“Don’t feel too bad for that lunatic J K Rowling” – followed by a sexual reference to her partner.

The newspapers would be full of stories tomorrow about this dreadful cyber-abuse. But that will not happen because all those tweets were about me, and all sent within the last twenty minutes, from identifiable unionist tweeters, some well known. Substitute Craig Murray for J K Rowling and they are verbatim. Just do a twitter search on craig murray and see for yourself.

I have never much been into Twitter. When I post here it is automatically tweeted, that is all. It is only today I realised how much you can see of twitter conversations and the interesting links between people. I had not realised that the execrable Carl Gardner, former very junior government lawyer and anti-Assange campaigner, has such warm links with anti-Muslim pro-torture campaigner Douglas Murray of the Henry Jackson Society, Vice President Jim Murphy. And how very interesting to see Blair MacDougall, Ross McTernan, Allan Massie, Euan Mccolm and numerous others from Scotland’s corporate media, all tweeting each other about how absolutely ridiculous it is to believe that the UK state would ever be involved in anything nefarious.

The same people were, of course, tweeting each other euphorically about how fantastically Jim Murphy had demolished Nicola Sturgeon in the leaders’ debates. It subsequently turned out nobody in the country saw it the same way as their smug little gang. I fear they will find the same is true now. Indeed, in the two hours since I posted, over twice as many people have already read about the false flag schemes, as the entire membership of Scottish Labour. That is more than the circulation of the Scotsman. There’s a thought.

The same people, of course, told you I was lying when I blew the whistle on torture and extraordinary rendition in 2004. The security services and the British Government would never do such a thing, they said. I was insane, they said.

Everybody now knows that I was telling the truth about torture and extraordinary rendition, and the Labour Government and the establishment shills were the liars. I am telling the truth again now and they are lying again now.

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  • Resident Dissident

    Goosestep Johnny ( where does the homeland extend to?

    Given that they also banned Fascist symbols and you profess not to support the Soviet Union I would have thought you welcomed the move. It appears that we now have to re-add stinking hypocrisy to your labels. Boy you must have cried when they pulled down old Felix’s statue opposite Detsky Mir.

    Now go away – I think I’ll juts give you another length of rope.

  • Resident Dissident

    BTW Mr Goss perhaps you should declare your interest and let us know how much Lenin memorabilia you have – we have just the one Komsomol badge that my wife earned.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    Abe Rene

    Are you in some ill-health too? I have been having a look and I thought you were just quoting Mary and wishing her well.

    I wish you well, if you are – but I am a bit confused.

    Kind regards,


  • John Goss

    John Spencer-Davis and Abe Rene

    My mistake. I see it is in quotes. Anyway I know we all wish Mary our best though she will not thank me for mentioning it again. 🙂 Sorry!

  • John Goss

    So “where does the homeland extend to?” If you mean the Donbas region I thought that would have been obvious even to you. To the agreed middle of no-man’s land from the Minsk Protocol, if they could get your lot to take their tanks and heavy artillery back.

    However, this time last year I told you that the western-backed fascists would never force residents from the Donbas. It is their land. You never thought a few farmers and miners, at great cost to human life (including that of babies) would push back your beloved fascists. When you bragged this morning of a decisive victory, something about giving me enough rope, you were hoist with your own petard, by glorifying Nemtsov without checking that there was seedier side to his character. The list goes on. I’d be here all night.

  • Duncan McFarlane

    Craig i don’t approve of their tweets, but by saying things like that all No voters are cowards, morons or insane – and then refusing to apologise for it or take it back in any way – you give up any moral high ground from which you could condemn anyone for calling you insane (or cowardly or a moron). I don’t think you’re any of those things, nor do i think all no voters are those things.

  • Evgueni

    I note that MH17 hasn’t been mentioned recently by useful idiots who suffer so at the hands of their own innumeracy. These simpletons wouldn’t know epidemiology to save their lives, but their faith is strong.

    Anyway here’s an interesting read:

    And some evidence that my TV License fee is not all wasted:
    Reggie Yates’ Extreme Russia. Those who have been reading Russian social media will not be surprised.

  • Smidirîn

    Of course the rump UK regime, the Duchy of Savile, will open fire at any Scottish heads that appear above the parapet like Craig’s. To decapitate dissenting movements is British tradition. But eventually times change. People change their minds. You can’t decapitate a nation. Then the former colonial masters are fucked.

    It happened in Ireland. It happened in India. It happened in Canton. It happened in Rhodesia. It happened in Kenya. It happened in America. It happened in Nigeria.

    Now it has happened in Scotland.

  • Evgueni

    I see John Goss is still peddling the obvious fake Nemtsov re-tweet meme. Fake is a way of life over there, have you forgotten, comrade? Listen to the voice of reason:

    1. Если бы этот ретвит действительно был, то о нём вспомнили бы сразу же в день убийства Немцова – его твиттер много кто читает, так что не прошло бы незамеченным. Однако тогда эту картинку не распространяли.
    2. Сейчас среди твитов Немцова этого ретвита нет – т.е. либо его удалили, либо не было никогда. Учитывая пункт 1, склонен предположить, что это фейк.
    Товарищи, будьте критичней к информации.

    “1. If this re-tweed really happened, it would have been remembered straight away on the day of Nemtsov’s murder – his twitter feed is read by many, so it would not have gone unnoticed. But this screenshot was not circulated then.
    2. Now this re-tweet is not amongst Nemtsov’s tweets, i.e. either it was deleted, or it never existed. Taking into account point 1, I am inclined to think that this is a fake. Comrades, let’s assess information critically.”

    Anyway, I hope comrade Goss’s pathology is cured, eventually. But if not, at least it is good entertainment 🙂

  • BrianFujisan

    P. s

    Mary you were a Mentor.. to me. And thank you… You Know we all Wish you the best… See you at Doun…. Or Else..:)

  • BrianFujisan

    13 Apr, 2015 – 9:04 am


    yea Ardneil… i’m not from the area…and we tend to Clump it in as Portencross..Thanks For that….. are you on Fbook…. There isa very recent Stunning image of your Childhood area

  • Mary

    An own goal for the UK’s Israel lobby.

    UK High Court backs shutdown of Israel conference
    04/14/2015 – 23:19

    ‘The UK High Court on Tuesday upheld the decision of the University of Southampton to cancel at the last minute an academic conference related to Israel, after speakers were deemed “controversial” by critics.

    Israel lobby organizations (including the Zionist Federation and the Board of Deputies of British Jews) had called for the conference to be canceled because critics of Israel like Ilan Pappe and Nur Masalha were due to present papers.

    But the critics (including Conservative former education minister Michael Gove and current communities minister Eric Pickles) ignored the fact that supporters of Israel were also due to speak at the conference. These included Alan Johnson of the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre and the ultra-right-wing Zionist historian Geoffrey Alderman.’


    I see the Univ asked for £10k costs and were awarded £2k. I was pleased to see that Mark McDonald and his colleague appeared pro bono and will take the case to appeal and to Europe.

    Judge Alice Robinson comes from Landmark Chambers and Cardiff Law School.


    Note the connection between Sussex Friends of Israel and the EDL. Also the mention of the secret document from the National Domestic Extremism Unit at the Met. Mention of the Special Branch too. There is a stench.

  • Mary

    Academics who stood up for freedom of expression at Southampton University.


    and a statement on the lost appeal.



    The Southampton Vice Chancellor Nutbeam is leaving and will be replaced by Sir Christopher Snowden, currently Vice Chancellor at Surrey. The vice chancellor salaries are phenomenal. eg Snowden is leaving Surrey on £392k.

    Nottingham Trent University vice chancellor tops pay table

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    “John Spencer-Davis and Abe Rene

    My mistake. I see it is in quotes. Anyway I know we all wish Mary our best though she will not thank me for mentioning it again. 🙂 Sorry!”

    The above from the man – Mr Goss – who accuses ME of not being able to read…. 🙂

  • YouKnowMyName

    more pro-russian propaganda (not really! – The Christian Science Monitor is fairly impartial)

    Kiev has passed new laws that outlaw communist symbols and honor Ukrainian nationalists connected to Nazis and ethnic cleansing during World War II. Experts say the timing could not be worse.
    By Fred Weir, APRIL 13, 2015

    Russian propagandists have argued all along that Ukraine’s Maidan revolution, which toppled an elected pro-Moscow president a year ago, was motivated by ultra-nationalist aspirations, not pro-democracy ones.

    Now, a cluster of sweeping new laws is helping to prove their point.

    Some here call the legislation, which bans communist symbols and elevate controversial anti-Soviet fighters to “national hero” status, long overdue. But it also risks deepening the rifts in Ukrainian society at a time when chances for reconciliation between the nationalistic west and the more Russified east are slipping away…

    …Ukraine’s Communist Party, which no longer holds seats in the Rada but still has 112 members of regional legislatures, would seem to be effectively banned by the law, given its ideology and use of communist symbols. Party representatives were not answering phones in Kiev Monday. But party leader Pyotr Simonenko, who was detained and interrogated for 11 hours by Ukrainian security services last week, told Russian media that “[these laws] only lead to a greater split in the society and continuation of war.”

    A second law, potentially more polarizing, grants recognition to a broad group of “fighters for Ukrainian independence” in the 20th century, including armed groups who fought against Soviet forces in World War II. However, historians say that many of the honored fighters, such as Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych, are tainted by their collaboration with the Nazis and participation in the ethnic cleansing of Jews and Poles during the war.

    About 200 members of the anti-Soviet Ukrainian Insurgent Army are still alive. The new law would provide pensions and benefits, as well as recognition of their role as “independence fighters.”

    And while those fighters may be perceived as heroes in western Ukraine, the majority in the country’s east – whose grandfathers served in the Soviet Red Army – have learned to view them as enemies…

    …Proponents of the laws argue that after a string of military defeats against Russian-backed rebels ended by a shaky ceasefire, an economic crisis that is starting to bite very deeply, and infighting within government ranks, Ukrainians need to glimpse a larger vision of what they’re fighting for.

    “People have been feeling disillusioned in the results of the revolution, some are starting to lose heart,” says Alexei Kolomiyets, president of the independent Center of European and Transatlantic Studies in Kiev. “These laws make a clean break with the Soviet past. We should have done this long ago.”

    But other experts argue that at the very least, the effort to legislate a solution to long-standing historical disputes at a time when Ukraine is wracked by civil war is ham-handed and extremely untimely.

    “These are extremely unrealistic laws. With all the problems we’re facing, our parliamentarians think they can fix everything like this?” says Mikhail Pogrebinsky, director of the independent Kiev Center of Political and Conflict Studies. “And how on earth can they be implemented? If you follow the logic, anything that glorifies the Soviet regime is punishable by law. So, must we forgo our favorite old movies?”

    “It’s as if our leaders want to keep the war going and deepen the divisions in the country,” says Ms. Vereschuk. “You can’t blame Putin for this. We’re doing it ourselves.”

  • Abe Rene

    @Mary “Kind of you Abe.” No trouble. Perhaps it is further encouragement that wiki says “For the most common form of thyroid cancer, papillary, the overall prognosis is excellent.” (Assuming that’s what you have).

  • John Goss

    Evgueni 15 Apr, 2015 – 1:02 am

    Yesterday Evgueni went up in my opinion because he was prepared not only to read other people’s comments but do some personal research. Today he’s come back down to earth as surely as did MH17 on July 17 2014. The article he links to is just as ill-informed if not worse than the stuff Fred had been pumping out last month. Evgueni calls it an interesting read which I suppose it is for those who want come away with a headful of propaganda. This bullshit is available in 4 languages and the site asks for donations (save your money). There are a few factual statements (you have to get something right in an article that long). For example in its section “Everyone shares the blame” it makes reference to “The Ukrainian government takes partial responsibility. It used the passengers of civilian aircrafts as human shields in air attacks on Russian tanks. Its fighter jets hid among planes packed with vacationers, placing hundreds of innocent lives at risk.” That is presumably there for when (if) the US presents its satellite images. Furthermore it uses the disinformation blog Bellingcat to reinforce its arguments.

    Evgueni has proved himself to be the useful idiot.

    The article’s premise is that Russia shot down the plane with a BUK missile because the separatists did not have the capability.

    It starts with reference to a discredited fake interview which was cobbled together the day before the crash took place (and taken apart a few days later).

    It makes no reference to Russian satellite images which show a fighter jet accompanying MH17 shortly before it was shot down.

    It makes no reference to a statement by an airport employee (who underwent a lie-detector test) that Ukrainian fighter pilot Vladislav Voloshin shot down MH17.

    It makes no reference to the BBC Russian reporter’s interview of witnesses who saw a fighter jet at the time of the shooting. (This was made unavailable because it did not fit our narrative).

    And so on. At military college you would probably have got no more than Gamma 7 for that one Evgueni. 🙂

  • Clark

    TTIP, TTP, and “Linux”:

    There seem to be quite a few “Linux users” visit this blog; this is a warning that merely using a Linux-based system is just a starting point. The freedoms embodied in Linux-based systems are under constant attack from the copyright industry.

    Many here are campaigning against the mostly secret treaty, the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), but it has a counterpart, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is being used to take legal control of OUR computers, which we buy and pay for, and place control into the hands of massive media corporations.

    Concerned readers can explore further from these links.


    “17 U.S.C §1201 states that “[n]o person shall circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work”. This facet of the law completely violates users’ rights to their own devices […] Even worse, international treaties like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) seek to export this terrible law (along with many others) to the whole rest of the world.”


    ” TPP […] is a multinational trade agreement being developed through a series of secret negotiations that are pushing a host of restrictions. From making the DMCA’s anti-circumvention provisions global, to spreading the threat of software patents around the world, to extending copyright indefinitely, these secret negotiations present a plethora of threats to user freedom.”

  • John Goss

    As to the Nemtsov retweet I reserve judgement Evgueni. If it is fake it can be easily proved with today’s technology. There is a device (I think it is called Flashback or something) which was used to trap Anna Ardin (an accuser of Assange) with her deleted tweets but I would not have a clue, and if it has been deleted by the authorities, they would surely have deleted the cache too.

    I was thinking of contacting Graham Phillips and asking him if he had heard about it but it’s not a subject I should want to make him aware of if he was not already aware. So its verity remains in abeyance. 🙂

  • John Goss

    By the way Evgueni you cannot cure pathology. It is a branch of medicine. You can cure pathological liars. Sending a text to correctiv.org might help, though I would not guarantee it. 🙂

  • Clark

    The significance of my previous comment is that DRM – officially called Digital Rights Management but better described as Digital Restrictions Management – is already built into the software of your computers. Enforcement would hand ultimate control of what may be censored on-line to massive media corporations.

    If you value the right to read freely, please take action.


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