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“J K Rowling’s always been batshit insane, this is nothing new”.
“Why are people just surprised about J K Rowling now – she has been this mental for years.”
“The, I presume, mentally ill, J K Rowling”
“J K Rowling should get F back to England”
“Don’t feel too bad for that lunatic J K Rowling” – followed by a sexual reference to her partner.

The newspapers would be full of stories tomorrow about this dreadful cyber-abuse. But that will not happen because all those tweets were about me, and all sent within the last twenty minutes, from identifiable unionist tweeters, some well known. Substitute Craig Murray for J K Rowling and they are verbatim. Just do a twitter search on craig murray and see for yourself.

I have never much been into Twitter. When I post here it is automatically tweeted, that is all. It is only today I realised how much you can see of twitter conversations and the interesting links between people. I had not realised that the execrable Carl Gardner, former very junior government lawyer and anti-Assange campaigner, has such warm links with anti-Muslim pro-torture campaigner Douglas Murray of the Henry Jackson Society, Vice President Jim Murphy. And how very interesting to see Blair MacDougall, Ross McTernan, Allan Massie, Euan Mccolm and numerous others from Scotland’s corporate media, all tweeting each other about how absolutely ridiculous it is to believe that the UK state would ever be involved in anything nefarious.

The same people were, of course, tweeting each other euphorically about how fantastically Jim Murphy had demolished Nicola Sturgeon in the leaders’ debates. It subsequently turned out nobody in the country saw it the same way as their smug little gang. I fear they will find the same is true now. Indeed, in the two hours since I posted, over twice as many people have already read about the false flag schemes, as the entire membership of Scottish Labour. That is more than the circulation of the Scotsman. There’s a thought.

The same people, of course, told you I was lying when I blew the whistle on torture and extraordinary rendition in 2004. The security services and the British Government would never do such a thing, they said. I was insane, they said.

Everybody now knows that I was telling the truth about torture and extraordinary rendition, and the Labour Government and the establishment shills were the liars. I am telling the truth again now and they are lying again now.

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  • Abe Rene

    I’m not in Twitter, so cannot search for such unpleasantness (not would I wish to). To my mind, anyone who resorts to abuse like that is not worth listening to.

    I believe that you are definitely “compos mentis”. However, I hope you won’t let the past get to you. No doubt with your enthusiasm for history you will have found consolation in things like Nelson Mandela’s autobiography. And there’s Buddha’s parting counsel that “all conditioned things are impermanent”, achoed by the late Baroness Thatcher saying that all political achievements are founded on sand.

    All the best with your human rights activism, a more valuable influence IMO than any political activism related to transient things (like Trident, or even national identities).

  • BrianFujisan

    Hateful Wee Creepy crawling things… pay them no heed.

    and i vwish Nato wouldger the Fk out of the Clyde…there must be 50 ships all over the Place… Wonder if its an exercise in a mega Visual Hypnosis, Cos we are on a Right ol Knife edge in Inverclyde Re GE – Vote Curran 🙂

    Re bbc outrageous bias… Check this out – OMG – 2;50 in. GRRRRRRRR.

    ” If you think how Scotland would have fared had she gone for independence last autumn with the decline and the collapse of the oil price they would have come cap in hand to Whitehall and the IMF, saying please rescue us from our own stupidity!”


  • BrianFujisan

    See, they have me So Angry…

    that is of course VOTE Cowan. ( Ronnie ) Bejeeezus.

  • John Spencer-Davis

    I thought about joining Twitter this week, and I decided I just couldn’t take the additional angst to Facebook, this blog, and numerous other places I hang around.

    I’m also driven mad by soundbites and I understand that Twitter consists of them. (I think.) So now I have another good reason to stay away from it as long as possible.

    I hope you let this vile abuse just bounce off. I know that’s hard, but remember that if you weren’t regarded as dangerous, then nobody would bother, would they? The higher the impact, the worse the disinformation.

    Kind regards,


  • Republicofscotland

    This exactly why Scotland needs independence,from the Westminster and Whitehall machine,independence would see a complete overhaul of the media in Scotland, information released or broadcast wouldn’t be to the benefit of the establishment.

    The press would also go through a shake up,and first to go would be the too wee too stupid to poor,stories that currently hold Scotland back through fear.

    Would the esablishment still feel the need to discredit Craig in an independent Scotland? Probably,as he knows to much about the inner workings of the Whitehall machine.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Abe Rene (20h37)

    That, if I may say so, was a noble comment.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)


    “Everybody now knows that I was telling the truth about torture and extraordinary rendition, and the Labour Government and the establishment shills were the liars. I am telling the truth again now and they are lying again now.”

    You are advancing your own personal experience (both what you saw en poste and what you experienced subsequently) as a precedent.

    However, I’m not sure it is a valid one, precisely because you did, on that occasion, have personal knowledge.

    Here you do not.

    The only argument you have to go on is that the secret services would/might be capable of dirty tricks. To which there is the counter-argument that some of the less democratically-inclined Scottish nationalists might/would equally be capable of such dirty tricks.


    Perhaps we should ask that great Greats scholar Lysias for his opinion; after all, his experience in the Navy, and then the Army in John Le Carré Berlin and then the CIA ans FBI (he hasn’t told us about that yet but no doubt soon will) would make his input especially valuable…?

  • RobG

    @Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)
    11 Apr, 2015 – 9:32 pm

    About as noble as trolls who attempt to cover-up child sex abuse and murder in the Establishment.

    I presume that someone like you doesn’t have to shave very often, but just imagine if you did have to look at yourself in the mirror each morning.

  • Habbabkuk (la vita è bella)

    Stop foolin’ around, Rob.

    Abe Rene’s a far finer man than you.

  • Ishmael

    O Gawd, never thought this blog was so popular. Duck out Ishmael, Duck out.

    (Habbabkuk, actually, I think, however unpleasant, I’v come to quite trust Craig. And you coming to sow doubt is like the wax seal on the letter.

    Confirmed by Habbabkuk, It’s cast Iron.)

    BTW, I just came here to fill in the quiet spots on the blog. I’m nobody. Nothing to see here….

    I barley even read. Save Tolkien.

  • RobG

    11 Apr, 2015 – 10:20 pm:

    “Habbabkuk, actually, I think, however unpleasant, I’v come to quite trust Craig. And you coming to sow doubt is like the wax seal on the letter.”

    Ishmael, that’s one of the best comments I’ve ever read on here.

  • Gary

    You are absolutely right that the security services manipulate Twitter. They are like ghosts. If you broach something controversial or sensitive you will note them following you.

  • Ishmael

    Shit Gary.

    So saying stuff like fascism being the beating heart of this country is not good then is it?


    Though, perhaps them following me rather than some other poor sod is acceptable.

  • Gary


    The fact you started your response with an obscenity tells me all I need to know of your intellect. Other than noting your shortcomings, you do not warrant the minimal of consideration.

  • Gary

    If there were not naive people like Ismael nobody would make any money. When I am at my price screen from Monday, I will thank you for the opportunities you furnish me with. Quite literally, the world could not function without your kind.

  • Mark Golding

    Least we forget:

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

    ― Marcus Tullius Cicero 3 January 106 BC – 7 December 43 BC [assassinated-on orders from Mark Antony]

    Betrayed to his killers by a close friend of the family.

    Marcus the younger avenged his father by defeating Antony in a naval battle; Antony later committed suicide. Marcus revoked all Antony’s honours as heavenly punishment.

    Marcus Cicero Minor became ambassador(proconsul) over Syria….perpetuus

  • Tony_0pmoc

    I know the SNP, kind of threw Craig Murray away..if it had been me, I would have welcomed him with open arms….

    But look at the most blatant, nasty and evil attacks by The Daily Telegraph and the British Establishment Political Class on the SNP and Their New Leader Nicola Sturgeon.

    They actually seem afraid of DEMOCRACY

    Personally, I didn’t think it worked any more and I am almost certainly not going to vote…cos I am not allowed to vote for anyone with any Intelligence and Courage.

    But if I was in Scotland now, I would vote.

    I would vote SNP.


  • Pecksniffery 101

    Interesting interaction at 9:32. Habbakuk routinely makes a fool of himself and spoils his simpering Lord Haw-Haw routine by showing appalling ignorance. Today he sucks up to Abe Rene for a ‘noble’ but spurious distinction between Trident or national identities and human rights. Neither commenter seems to have any inkling of the right to peace or the right to self-determination of peoples, the human rights that underpin Craig’s specific policy positions.

    Now evidently Abe Rene just wants Craig to shut up about his standard-issue statist policy fixations. Naturally, the City of London pedo regime wants to play with its little rubber ducky and not feel quite so servile to its US masters, and it wants to hold onto peoples that want no part of its forelock-tugging NATO abnegation. In boilerplate hasbara fashion, AR casts about for common ground and comes up with a vapid schoolboy invocation of human rights.

    Habbakuk characteristically takes the more contemptible road, passive-aggressively fellating the commenter who’s trying to shut Craig up. This is why habbakuk is so universally despised: not for being dim-witted, which is forgiveable, but for being an oleaginous weasel.

  • Ishmael

    Shit shit fukery fuck fuck.

    Just had an insight (perhaps obvious) of how fascism takes hold. In isolation. After a time in a small town, I went into Birmingham (I do get out, sometimes). And there was sellers of, or some people wherein Unite Against Fascism T-shirts. Big bold purple ones I recall.

    My first gut feeling was, shit, that’s bold isn’t it? don’t they know what country they are in? But than you think, actually, no. People in this country do not support fascism. What was I thinking.

    It’s not significant or controversial. (I stated with obscenity just in case)

    “If there were not naive people like Ishmael nobody would make any money.”

    Good I guess. But why the fuck do I never see any of it.

  • Ishmael

    One things for sure, they make little money from me, the capitalist consumer “fill in your hole” brigade.

  • Pecksniffery 201

    11:51! revealing attempt at a classist slur with the cockney dialect. Poke holes in their aristocratic pretensions and the would-be toffs go berserk. It’s all of a piece, sucking up to your inbred chomo betters or sucking up to Americans. They hate to have that pointed out.

  • Ishmael

    mm, I don’t know Anon1, Seems far too astute for me. So if anything id assume 101 is cool’y observant and close to the mark.

    Of course i’d never renege my own, way, to others ideas though.

  • Ishmael

    Why do people not much sick it out at protests. ? The Weather? Work?

    Maybe it all the shouting, where’s you out fast. I’d thought a relatively silent gathering, that last’s for a long time would be more effective. And it should have goal perhaps. Like we haven’t come to ‘protest’ but to demand, such and such.

    I’m just filling in the silent spots Craig. Don’t start on me. It’s not poetry. And i’m not going to write all my momentary responses down, then cram them into one post. How anal…

    Takes me long enough just to compose one like this. I’m wasted on writing. And despise it.

  • Ishmael

    God I hate this. Some else post ffs. I’m drowning you out, dictator etc.

    I think in many cases the act of dogged protest or gathering doesn’t need explanations. Can may revel or push further then expected. And considering the unmentionable, well a protest like that would be obvious in it’s aim through it’s necessary size.

    Where I live many protests may as well not have happened. So conventional, and speakers? If you need someone to tell you etc.

    Point is, how to make a significant impact. How do you make sure it reaches, everyone.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    We didn’t go out tonight..cos there was a bit of a fuck up..Look One Band can’t Play in To Places at The Same Time. But my wife discovered this problem…and phones and texted all the people involved..so that everyone knew..Someone had made a mistake..If it wasn’t for my wife …no musicians would have turned up tonight…and I am so proud of her..so I kind of wrote this on The Daily Telegraph’s website (I don’t tell them all the details)

    *SEPARISTS”…the New Terrorists are We…No we do not want to Kill You..unless you turn up on our land and try and control us…If You Don’t Fuck Off…and Then You Cunts Start Killing Us,,,Sure We Will Blow You Off Our Land and Send You Straight To Hell…We are Not Attacking You..Why are You Attacking Us..

    Just Fuck Off Go Home..and make your lives on your own land without trying to steal ours.

    Haven’t you got enough already..Why do you want our land and people too??


  • Tony_0pmoc

    Don’t you think I have a clue? Don’t you think I don’t know what is going on? It stunk on Day One..I was on a Flash Course – right next to London Euston Station..I had no news..I was just travelling across London..and I knew sure as hell something had happened ..something serious was going on…I walked in at home..and my wife showed me on the TV..and said..the babies Grandmother was in One of Twin Towers..when they were hit and she was talking to her daughter-in-law..The Twin Babies Mum..that my wife was Childminding…and then it went blank…Nothing..no way to communicate between New York and London..cos all forms of communication were completely saturated.

    We all assumed The Twin Baby’s Grandmother was Dead.

    And so I thought about this..and went back across London the next morning to continue my Education…

    Well Of Course I smelt a Rat on Day One….

    You Evil Cunts Do Not Do That To These Beautiful Twin Blonde Babies GrandMum.

    I was determined to find out the TRUTH

    It is not my Problem..if you can’t handle the fact that some Really Evil People Did It..and well…they come from our “Wastern” tribe..not some even more evil foreign tribe we don’t understand…

    We can’t possibly have done that..No way are we that evil ..that we would attack ourselves in such a horrendous way..It must have been those Muslims and all the rest…

    And I think all of you on this website with some rare exceptions are complete wimps for not telling everyone – and writing the truth as close as you can. I did…I told everyone…They looked at me as if I was insane..I was at work..just look at the evidence…

    So some people have more courage than others.

    Or do you want to live with a lie.

    No matter what the cost..My Girl is Still With Me Now.


  • Ishmael

    Gary. In fact, just to big myself up.

    If ‘everyone was like me’ roughly, they’d be no cars, One computer/phone etc would last 20 odd years. Society (as we know it) would crumble, beautifully. And when the government did something blatantly wrong (if ‘government’ lasted long) there would be no taxes, I don’t owe any but still haven’t brought myself to even filling in the forms.

    What else.

    Play a significant role in the community, know who their MP was. Write them ‘fuck you’ letters about going to bomb people. Something tells me you’d be screwed. Everyone would vote Green In may, again screwed..

    We’d have done an Iceland.

    Profits wouldn’t be going to German bus companies. Trains would be cheaper, public, we’d be using i’d guess ¼ of current power consumption. Probably more like 1/10th. There likely wouldn’t be an environmental/resource crises. Something tells me though, your idea of functioning is quite different than mine. In fact i’d relish the chance to put your claim to the test.

    Ps, aside from some clothes and bits, I rarely by anything new now. 1 30 odd year old amp, 2 cruddy old speakers. Life is beautiful…

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