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“J K Rowling’s always been batshit insane, this is nothing new”.
“Why are people just surprised about J K Rowling now – she has been this mental for years.”
“The, I presume, mentally ill, J K Rowling”
“J K Rowling should get F back to England”
“Don’t feel too bad for that lunatic J K Rowling” – followed by a sexual reference to her partner.

The newspapers would be full of stories tomorrow about this dreadful cyber-abuse. But that will not happen because all those tweets were about me, and all sent within the last twenty minutes, from identifiable unionist tweeters, some well known. Substitute Craig Murray for J K Rowling and they are verbatim. Just do a twitter search on craig murray and see for yourself.

I have never much been into Twitter. When I post here it is automatically tweeted, that is all. It is only today I realised how much you can see of twitter conversations and the interesting links between people. I had not realised that the execrable Carl Gardner, former very junior government lawyer and anti-Assange campaigner, has such warm links with anti-Muslim pro-torture campaigner Douglas Murray of the Henry Jackson Society, Vice President Jim Murphy. And how very interesting to see Blair MacDougall, Ross McTernan, Allan Massie, Euan Mccolm and numerous others from Scotland’s corporate media, all tweeting each other about how absolutely ridiculous it is to believe that the UK state would ever be involved in anything nefarious.

The same people were, of course, tweeting each other euphorically about how fantastically Jim Murphy had demolished Nicola Sturgeon in the leaders’ debates. It subsequently turned out nobody in the country saw it the same way as their smug little gang. I fear they will find the same is true now. Indeed, in the two hours since I posted, over twice as many people have already read about the false flag schemes, as the entire membership of Scottish Labour. That is more than the circulation of the Scotsman. There’s a thought.

The same people, of course, told you I was lying when I blew the whistle on torture and extraordinary rendition in 2004. The security services and the British Government would never do such a thing, they said. I was insane, they said.

Everybody now knows that I was telling the truth about torture and extraordinary rendition, and the Labour Government and the establishment shills were the liars. I am telling the truth again now and they are lying again now.

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  • Ishmael

    Personally, I think i’v always had enough of Royalty/fascism infecting the body politic of this country, every time it surfaces in my consciousness it’s unacceptable.

  • Anon1

    Mary – most of your “atrocities” are highly suspect as such, frequently relying on ott language like “storming”, “raiding” and “kidnapping”. Of course, the act of an Israeli authority entering a Palestinian household can be described as a “raid” if that is how you wish to portray fairly mundane events in the PT.

    And there we see that old chestnut again – “Israeli settlers stormed the al-Aqsa Mosque”! How many times is that now? In the exact same wording, week after week.

  • Ed L

    JK Rowling – no false modesty there. You’ve evidently got high hopes for your new book.

  • Mary

    A predictable response from a Zionist troll.


    Interesting that Keir Starmer, late of the CPS, is standing for Labour in Holborn and St Pancras. Natalie Bennett is also standing there.

    General Election 2015: Public access to justice is at risk, says ex-prosecutor Sir Keir Starmer
    Labour candidate seeks urgent review by any new government of Coalition reforms

  • Ishmael

    Anon1, if you don’t like it why don’t you PISS OFF…

    I’d like to see you describe them ‘mundane’ in your territory.

  • John Goss

    Scheduled war games are taking place in Scotland for the next fortnight with lots of US participation in these joint NATO exercises which nobody asked the Scottish people if they wanted. I just hope to God they go back home these warmongers.


    Here the wonderful Jim Murphy argues why it is essential for Scotland to remain in NATO. You Scots can make up your own minds what you want without help from Murphy. If you keep these NATO bases, and there is a war, bear in mind where the war will be centred and who the targets will be. And tell Jim Murphy, who has a flat in London, he is not going back to Westminster unless he finds an English constituency.


  • Mary

    Ms Dick of Operation Gladio infamy including Sir Ian Blair, thr latter now ennobled.

    RIP Jean Charles de Menezes.

  • Ishmael

    You know. I think MANY other people do feel much as I do, underneath. And if it’s meaningless to express that and hope that others identify, Or that their conscience can’t be quickened to act. Then there is little hope.

    Until such time i’ll be here. But I believe it can. And that’s not meaningless.

  • RobG

    12 Apr, 2015 – 6:24 am:

    “Pecksniffery101. Your analysis is completely correct. It is a mystery why these trolls are tolerated. They detract from the purpose of the blog and it could ultimately make it a laughing stock. Their presence is definitely not benign.”

    Mary, I understand your criticism, but at the same time, Craig is being slated right now for being a conspiracy theorist. Most regular readers of this blog are aware that the comments are infiltrated by government agents. Craig’s decision to continue to allow these agents to post here might be to back-up what he is saying?

    Besides, we all have fun with the psychos and loons that make up the present shambles that is the Establishment.

    Cue you-know-who…

  • YouKnowMyName

    @ED L 2.08pm

    You might be a bit late to this news; the reason why Craig highlighted his current Twitter abuse with J.K.Rs name is that the mass media went into a frenzy last year over incidents when Ms Rowling was ‘digitally’ attacked. She was abused by groups such as GCHQs Joint Threat Research Group during the first Scottish independence referendum. ( the attacks were blamed on Scottish nationalist activists – but after some serious cyber-security analysis it was quickly discovered that the attacking twitterers didn’t actually exist. ) A typical nation-state level attack, tho’ I suppose it could’ve been Putin 😉

    Meanwhile, near mutiny for Craig’s trolls, at least according to the ‘substituted’ Mail on Sunday today

    “We can’t find enough whizzkids, says British Army as it struggles to recruit technical experts for secret unit intended to combat whistleblowing ex-Ambassador Craig Murray’s Blog & Social Media
    Team needed to help decrease Cybernat Craig Murray’s domination of the internet
    Role includes leaking messages about British successes to enemy
    Previously reported that brigade would be made up of 2,000 experts
    It will now have just 454 regular and reservist troops, MoS revealed…

    …The specialised 77 Brigade, launched with great fanfare in January in response to his mastery of online propaganda, is in disarray after failing to enlist the right personnel….

    Earlier this year, it was widely reported that the brigade would be made up of 2,000 social media and psychological warfare exponents who would enable UK forces to fight wars ‘in the information age’.
    But The Mail on Sunday can reveal that even when fully operational, the brigade will number just 454 regular and reservist troops. And in a letter to his troops, the brigade’s commander says he has failed to recruit enough ‘talent’ to challenge Craig Murray’s ascendency online…

    …(this) suggests some reservist troops will lose their posts in 77 Brigade, while many soldiers do not know what roles they will be assigned. Sources say this has led to a ‘mutinous atmosphere’ at the brigade’s HQ – Denison Barracks in Hermitage, Berkshire.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3035191/We-t-whizzkids-says-British-Army-struggles-recruit-technical-experts-secret-unit-intended-combat-ISIS.html

  • Ishmael

    lol, And, to be fair, it’s expected, Or I forgive myself. I came from commenting on the Guardian. Enough to turn anyone into a raging lunatic.

  • The Place of Useful Knotting

    Thank you Mr. Goss, for sharing Jim Murphy’s strong statement. The central passages deserve particular emphasis:

    “This is also a defining moment for Scotland. Scotland has two governments: one Tory, offering austerity of opportunity at home; the other nationalist, offering poverty of influence abroad. Both have plans that will limit our ability to achieve our ambitions on the world stage. I want to tie my dick in knots, but we can only do so at the heart of Britain.

    “In Afghanistan I recently met troops from across Scotland. Each of those I met showed me their knotted dicks with pride and they served as part of Nato, an organisation born after the second world war, which is now finding a new purpose of tying everybody’s dick in knots. Nato has a proud record of tying each other’s dicks in knots, whether in Kosovo tying double half-hitches, in Bosnia tying bowlines, or in Afghanistan just kinking and looping and yanking it every which way until the tip turns blue.

    “In today’s complex world we all need to tie knots in our dicks. That is under threat from the two governments we face. A country of exploration and innovation, of heritage and history, I want everyone to tie his dick in great tight knots.”

    Did Murphy take a knock on the head while Saville was fucking him up the ass? Even for a dropout on the 10-year plan, he is remarkably stupid.

  • Ishmael

    RobG, Where you referring just to that specific comment, after yours ?

    If so do you imagine I should respond with anything but contempt, at best? Maybe in the future I will obtain total ignorance. As that would be best form of contempt for me.

    But right now, when I see and imagine what these ‘people’ are part of….

    Maybe you should further illustrate what you mean. It’s hard on the net perhaps.

  • Ishmael

    “Besides, we all have fun with the psychos and loons that make up the present shambles that is the Establishment.”

    Maybe I brushed over this to fast. I may believe that underneath there is some lost human beings, but this it without doubt wilful acts. And yes I may joke a little, but under that I can assure you there is very real concern. At very real issues.

  • Ishmael

    The only positive positive thing I imagine is that one can gain a very thick skin around such, bugs.

    I can’t say i’v thought it through much, it’s Craig’s blog. But i’v made my concern known about this issue. In many ways I really don’t think it’s good for people to be exposed to this kind of consent antagonism, but again it is their own choice to come and post.

    And beside the joking off them, it obviously does antagonise, or have significance, else people simply wouldn’t respond. And they’d probably not post.

    My jury, as usual, is still out on the subject. Maybe others have more ideas.

  • Ishmael

    “Craig’s decision to continue to allow these agents to post here might be to back-up what he is saying?”

    lol, seems I brushed over this also.

    So to get the counter arguments? But that could imply a lack of confidence ?

    Do they ever say anything substantive to ‘counter’ really?

    Whatever, I just hope i’m the most bothered by them, because life’s to short to any-more bugged than that. I just wish they seemed the 1% they are, and not the 50% they seem…

  • RobG

    “Russia threatens Denmark with nuclear weapons.”

    DA DA DAH!

    Oh c’mon, Fred, either grow-up or stop being an Establishment propagandist.

    You know that we can all live in a much better world than this.

  • fred

    “Oh c’mon, Fred, either grow-up or stop being an Establishment propagandist.”

    Fuck off and die retard.

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