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I think we are all truly shocked by the revelations about the Murdoch press hacking Milly Dowler’s telephone. Probably I was like most people, in that the hacking of celeb phones looking for scandal seemed to me criminal, but less of a worry than other aspects of the Murdoch press. The most interesting aspect of the story until now had been the collusion within Scotland Yard in covering up the criminal activities of the Murdoch empire. The part played by Andy Hayman looks particularly interesting in this respect, particularly given his role as chief retailer of lies to the Murdoch media about the War of Terror, notably but by no means only over the murder of Jean Charles De Menezes.

But both in terms of sheer sickening behaviour, and in terms of endangering an urgent search, the Milly Dowler business is worse. Ed Miliband is quoted by the Guardian as saying that Rebekah Brooks “should consider her conscience and consider her position”.

No. Anyone working for Murdoch sold their conscience long ago, and she should have no choice about her position, which should be behind bars, alongside Coulson and sundry Murdochs. News International must be stripped of all its media outlets, as being demonstrably unfit to own any media in this country.

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89 thoughts on “Phone Hacking

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  • dreoilin

    Avaaz on Twitter: “Wow, in 2 hrs 10,000 people have written to stop #BSkyB sale!”

  • Frazer

    Makes me feel all the better for smacking a journo in the teeth in a refugee camp in Sudan a few years ago. Bunch of f*****g scum.

  • anno

    English Hypocrisy

    I was first married in 1978 and within a few weeks I was confronted by a dilemma which led to a disaster, which was later to lead to my becoming a Muslim. My wife had decided to go out in the evenings on a regular basis to visit her male, distant cousin in the same village, ostensibly to watch television. When I asked her what was going on, I received one of the millions of lies that eventually led to me having a breakdown, losing my house, my children, my job and my freedom. ” If she wanted to go out and have sex with someone else, why was that a problem?” I didn’t take this comment seriously, and I should have, because *********, who I had married, has never changed or modified her belief that infidelity is not a problem, even though she is now a vicar in the Church of England and 55 years old.

    What I subsequently discovered is that English people from the institutions of family, church, medicine, law, politics, diplomacy, business, psychiatry, social work, and especially the sphere of the protection of children, are all of the opinion that morality is not their concern and that anybody who thinks it should be is bordering on mad. The reality is that English people regard their own personal sexual gratification as paramount over the interests of their children, society, God or Law. Like the media personality who excused herself for having had an affair because she was feeling insecure during her post-natal depression after the birth of her first child!!!!!!!!!

    In this context, if you find yourself at the mercy of a psychiatrist in hospital, and you try to explain that your problem is that you don’t like the fact that your wife has slept with another man, and in spite of the first rule of counselling that the patient’s agenda is paramount, your own idea about your problem is dismissed completely and you are subjected to a series of wild speculations in which it suggested that you have actually abused your children and you are incapable of bearing the strain of the guilt any longer, that you are secretly homosexual and secretly like the idea of your wife having sex with another man but you are unable to cope with your guilt at admitting your inner feelings, that you would cure your distress by actively exploring your own sexuality with other men or women, in the same manner as your wife, but please don’t forget about sexually transmitted diseases and wearing a condom.

    After that, your refusal to abandon your conviction that you have to adhere to the morality of your upbringing is seen as justifying the mass recording of false accusations about you by police, social workers, church doctors etc, because you have refused to conform to English society’s secret ‘adult’ norms. May Allah’s curse be upon them all. After my breakdown there followed a period of four years in which it felt as though my head was physically being put in the microwave. The continuous evolution of my ex-wife’s sexuality after she had got rid of me to a dirty bedsit in Birmingham, her exploration of ‘adult’ promiscuity in front of my children eventually led her to the point that she was close to being exposed to the world It turned out later that her excesses of promiscuity had encouraged one of her boyfriends to sexually exploit my eldest daughter.
    Long before my daughter found the courage to speak out, my ex. had realised that the situation was out of control and she moved her sexual ‘career’ to the remotest corner of South Wales.

    From here, she drove up to Herefordshire twice weekly, leaving the children under various people’s care or on their own. I later discovered that she had never attended a single parents evening for my son in the whole of his schooldays. She told so many lies to the police and family police about me being a violent , crazy Muslim, that I eventually confronted the policeman at St David police station as my first port of call on arriving in the village from Birmingham. I asked him why the police believed everything that she told them without considering my own point of view. He answered that if they were given a warning, however misleading, they had to take it seriously, in case it was genuine. Then, the phone rang. The system of surveillance that the police had set up for alerting her of my presence in St Davids, had informed her that I was now in the village, but she couldn’t bear the suspense of not knowing why I had not arrive to see my children. She had rung to repeat the usual slanders, in spite of having given me a clear and friendly invitation to come down.

  • andy

    ”I think we are all truly shocked by the revelations about the Murdoch press hacking Milly Dowler’s telephone.”

    I am not surprised. Or shocked.

    It is business.

  • Jon

    (off-topic) @anno, sounds like you’ve had a rough time. I’m sorry to hear that, and I hope things get better for you.

  • anno

    No, Jon it is the English who have had a rough time, because the Zionist media have stitched up our culture, until the cleanest thing about us is that we massacre innocent Libyans, Afghans and Iraqis for a pastime. As for Craig editing his contributors like The Guardian, our second biggest hypocrisy after sexual hypocrisy is our denial that the criminal international bankers have taken over the entire world.

    What is the point in squealing about mobile phone hacking, which is now a very normal practise and which the police think we ignorant about, when our entire system is being squeezed by criminal bankers. My safe’s been broken into and I can’t remember the combination. Liberal fantasy politics can’t cope with the fact that the horse has bolted. The only reason that the UK was ever respected is that there used to be people, outside the diplomatic, political, military and aristocratic classes who derived some decency from reading the gospels.
    Liberal democracy can’t face up to the reality of our nation’s total decline. What is this pathetic wibbling about IT spying?

  • Jon

    @anno: Well, I was trying to sympathise with your personal difficulties, rather than make any political point.
    In you I sense – and have sensed in the past – a great frustration about how inequitable the system has become, how corrupt our politics, how greedy our foreign policies. You are also rightly angry that the process of giving justice to the dispossessed, the poor and the cheated appears to be slow or non-existent. Well, I sympathise with that too – by and large that’s how we all feel – powerless. But between spending our time earning a crust for ourselves, and trying to live our lives in peace, a handful of us – including you – try to fix the consequences of other people’s greed in small incremental ways. Even though we ourselves have been disenfranchised, we march, or lobby, or write, or discuss, or organise. They’re good things, and they do count.

  • Osama bin Laden

    Jon, I’m sure that you would make excuses for my hatred as well.

  • Edward

    This sounds similar to the theft of the emails of some climate scientists.

  • Azra

    @Osama, Of course , you hate us because you hate our democracy, didn’t you know it, George Bush that great, wise man said it all… no need for Jon to bring any excuses for you my boy….

  • Suhayl Saadi

    Larry, we do all feel utmost sympathy for you and we wish you well from the very bottoms of our hearts.

    Anno, wow, what an experience, man. Good on you for keeping it together through all that horror. I think maybe I get it now, I mean where you’re coming from. Thank you for so generously sharing the account with us, it is humbling for us all. As Jon rightly suggests, you’re not alone.

  • Sam

    Another sickening aspect of this is watching New Labour swarm all over it. I just saw Alastair Campbell on Sky News saying “some press have no moral boundaries”. You weren’t saying that when you had your head up Murdoch’s sphincter, getting him to pedal war to the British public. 27 people killed in a bombing in Iraq today? Fuckwit.

  • dreoilin

    They were hacking Jessica Wells and Holly Chapman’s families too? It beggars belief. If the murder victim was my child, I’d feel quite justified in driving a cement mixer into the NOTW offices.

  • ingo

    I also feel for Larry, somewhat.
    Now to the issue at hand. This hacking seems to go back some ten years, at least, Cameron is getting jittery, he is implicated by trying to calm it down, he has had his queue from Murdoch who backed him. News International always backs winners, they want to be part of the power structure. So glad that advertisers are pulling out en masse, Mums net is livid with indignation and much much more is to come out.

    Could this scandal, lets call it what it is, be bringing down the Government? I think it5 is possible, all depends on the thickness of Clegg and Cable’s skin.

  • dreoilin

    Avaaz reporting a while ago: “Wow we’ve just hit 50,000 calling on Hunt+Cameron to stop #Murdoch #media takeover”
    They have a form letter to Cameron and Hunt here (and that’s what the figure is for):
    Well worth sticking your email address on and hitting ‘Send’. You can amend it any way you like.
    (It’s at 52,500 now)

  • mary

    Aren’t these poachers turned gamekeepers?
    Dep Ed Independent, that rag now under Levedev’s ownership. And trougher Watson must have been ‘in the thick of it’ as Parliamentary Secretary to the Cabinet Office until 2009.
    Remember all the meetups of Blair, Brown and co with the Murdoch clan during NuLabour years? Bliar even went out to Australia pre election to meet Murdoch and most of them went to a Murdoch wedding. Last night Newsnight showed a clip of Bliar greeting the flame heaired besuty with a kiss when we was visiting Wapping.

  • Azra


    Self before everyone else is the cancer of our time, believe me you are one of many who had to go through this kind of horrific experience. Self gratification, “what I want is above everything else”, whether it is bashing and old pensioner on the head so can take few quid of them, or leaving the kids of alone for a week because “ I need a holiday”, raping a 5 years old, sleeping around with all and sundry… these are all too common. Our role models are not Ghandi, and Mandela .. our role models are the rich, the powerful, whores and perverts.. but should we give up? Or as Jon says those of us who care, should do our best. Lobby, campaign, tweet… and they do have an effect. .. yesterday I was amongst thousands and thousands who tweeted all those big adveriisers and had a bit of satisfaction when few of them announced they are reviewing their options.. together we can hurt them where it hurts, their pocket….. and I for one can not give up, if I do, I might just as well put my head in the oven…

  • Azra

    another correction 🙂 twitted! getting too angry with the situation and just lose it…

  • Azra

    It gets better and better, on BBC : Families of 7/7 bombing victims may have had their phone hacked by News of the World..
    My Lord… what next..

  • anno

    The police have had the resources to track vehicles, mobiles, tom toms, etc for 30 years, but they have been extremely coy about letting us know about it. They now look ridiculous because they wanted to keep the lid on us knowing about it. You can hack into someone’s laptop, watch them picking their nose, change the url on the screen or burn their hard drive with some cheap software. The internet facilities of twitter, facebook, and indeed Craig Murray are all controlled if not funded by CIA FBI MI5/6 to monitor our opinions and troll opinions to us. That’s been obvious for a very long time. I just get angry when the Big Brother quadruple agent con-troll-er of this particular website tries to block opinions of which his paymasters wouldn’t approve.

    It’s simple, Craig, police and other dominoes of Banker Britain. The deal is, while you are collecting irrelevant information about us on your freedom of speech websites, we use you to express our views. You bend our ears, we bend yours. You pay for us to air our views. You don’t get to edit out what your paymasters don’t like because then it becomes obvious that technology is being used against us. Do what the police do, pretend to be shocked that anyone could be using a mobile phone as a permanent walking microphone. As a diplomat you are trained to lie, so do what you are paid to do.

  • Jon

    @anno: Sure, surveillance can be used for nefarious ends, but the point of the story is that it *ought* to be shocking that journalists have been behaving like this. Also, journalists are not the police – whilst police surveillance may tangle with murky parts of the law, if journalists hack* mobile phones, it is illegal, plain and simple.
    (* “Hack” in this context is a misunderstood term. In this story, journalists were dialling a voicemail number for a mobile provider, entering in the target’s telephone number as if they were the lawful owner of it, and then entering the default PIN code. The security issue here is that few people know this service exists, and even fewer know they should change their pin. However of course that’s for the mobile telcos to sort out – if they haven’t already.
    Oh yes, I believe you can determine which provider owns a number by looking at the first five digits or so – telcos tend to own them in contiguous blocks. So “hacking” in this context is (a) easy and (b) requires only simple knowledge available from the internet).
    I saw that Craig deleted one of your posts some days ago, but this has nothing to do with permitting only approved views. I didn’t see the message, myself – perhaps it was too off-topic?

  • craig Post author


    I too am sorry for the bad experience you outline above. But there are severe problems with your judgement, however caused. It is not helpful to accuse people = including me – of funding by MI6 without some justification. I am certainly not funded by MI6, or anyone; I suppose I am as influenced by societal pressures as people generally are, but that is quite a different thing.

  • anno

    Thanks for your kind response, Craig. Since you mention judgement, I can’t see the point in suspending value judgements to the point of everything is equally valid to everything else. That is the logic of your liberalism, and Canspeccy recently agreed with me that it is an extreme position, which gives permission for all manner of dreadful behaviour against those who actually believe in what they believe. The fact that you can characterise traditional religious christian values as having severe problems, demonstrates to me the dreadful fundamentalism of your liberal views.

    Any business operation in this country that is making money needs the goodwill and co-operation of one of four main clearing banks. If you expose them for blackmailing the free world into submission to their Zionist goals, forcing governments to comply with aggression against sovereign Muslim states and putting the expenditure on the national slate to be picked up by the ordinary taxpayer in the never, never, like the US, they will not allow you to do business and there is nothing you can do.
    Who cares about Rupert Murdoch’s monopoly? I don’t have to listen to his views. But when you see the kettling of innocent protesters for a whole day without access to any toilets, in the City of London, you see where real power lies in this country.
    What’s with you that your liberalism seeks to protect these megalomaniac criminals from Anno’s drivel? They are pretty well able to defend themselves. If you defend them, it’s fairly logical to imagine that you have some good reason to do so. Don’t give me anti-racism please, that is the Apartheid last and weakest line of argument. The Zionist bankers control the world. They are about to turn the screws on us through Greece and the weakest economies in the EU. Why should you protect them from being accused? Are you personally rich enough to withstand the second round of sever recession? You may be, but I, and millions of others refuse to lie down and be bullied by these gangsters.
    I can’t afford to lie down and die, while they squeeze us when there’s nothing else left to squeeze.

  • Clark

    Anno’s mention of satnavs reminded me of something. Many people bought satnavs for the facility they offer of using locations of speed traps (which must, by law, be published) in order to warn drivers. They were (and are) using satnavs in order to break the speed limit (and thus risk people’s lives) with greatly reduced risk of detection and hence prosecution.
    It then emerged that the satnav companies were using information returned from their customer’s satnav units to identify vehicles which exceeded the speed limit, and were selling that data to the police!
    One thing you can safely predict about arms manufacturers is that they will sell their wares to both / all sides if they possibly can. It’s the conflict itself that benefits them.

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