Whittingdale Wades In 38

John Whittingdale MP is Chairman of the parliamentary select committee on media, culture and sport. He was interviewed on Sky News today, where he suggested that his committee should do nothing at all about the fact that Rebekah Wade Brooks misled parliament and lied to the committee, at least until police investigations and the judge-led inquiry are over. Murdoch’s main priority on this visit will doubtless be to work with Cameron to get the right safe judge appointed, while Clegg poses for the tabloids with the family of poor Millie Dowler.

Whittingdale, incidentally, is the man who allegedly warned MPs on the select committee that if they interrogated Rebekah, then their personal lives would be shredded. He hardly gave her a hard time in the committee, and for a committee chairman to whom she brazenly lied, he has been notably pusillanimous since; nor did he make any real effort to do anything about her astonishingly candid admission to his committee that the News of the World paid bribes to policemen.

Is it not therefore interesting that, at least as late as the end of last week (when Rebekah hid her facebook page), Whittingdale and Rebekah were friends on facebook, along with several Murdochs?

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