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90 thoughts on “On Being Happy

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  • tony_opmoc


    I have a confession to make.

    Julie and I got Married in Scotland.

    Not only that.

    We didn’t tell ANY of our Family and Friends.

    We just did it.

    As witnesses we had a journalist and his mate – who we dragged off the street outside.

    I know this was a complete bizzare thing to do.

    But my wife had to do the Full Monty at her Sisters Roman Catholic Wedding as Bridesmaid is it or Bridesister? complete with all The Priests and Stuff.

    We didn’t want all that shit

    And wanted to get Married in Morocco where we were completely amazed with such human kindness and generosity and total loveliness of the People We Met

    I wrote to the Moroccan Government and did my best for us to be legally married in Morocco and quoted some decent references

    But they replied

    It is impossible for you two to be legally married in Morocco

    So we thought

    Fuck It

    And Did it in

    Gretna Green

    Nearly 22 Years Ago

    We’d been together for over 5 years before – we thought – well we want to have kids – so might as well get married.

    I think I got her pregnant in Windermere on the night of the Wedding on the Way to Paros or shortly Later.

    Her Grandmother was very suspicious of the dates though couldn’t give a shit about the religion

    She was amazing and lovely.


  • david

    I had a feeling a surprise was coming, you being so quiet yesterday… Well Done, the both of ya!

  • Clark

    Congratulations Craig and Nadira. I hope you’ll both be very happy for a very long time.

  • sam

    Congratulations to you both! May you live long and prosper together – and, of course, the little one to come.

  • Apostoli

    Congratulations Craig and Nadira,

    A long life to you both filled with love, health, happiness and satisfaction.

    Apostoli, London

  • M.Wood

    Congratulations, this is the only good news I have seen on-line all day.

  • nobody

    Bravo and congratulations. May you both have long life, health, prosperity, and all those good things.

  • anticant

    Tony, I hope you mean “at Windermere” or “on Windermere”, as I should think underwater sex is pretty uncomfortable!

    A nice story, anyway.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations. May you be happy and healthy together for the rest of your life’s, enjoy.

  • John A

    Congratulations Craig! Have a carefree honeymoon and don’t worry about us – we’ll all still be here when you come back!

  • lambent1

    Congratulations Craig and Nadira, and many many happy years!

    A picture please?

  • dodoze

    Congratulations. There is no gift of greater value than that of happiness.

    (& I now have an excuse for last night’s bender – knew there had to be a reason).

  • glenn

    Many congratulations.

    Best advice I heard…. be merciful to

    each other.



    The concept of two people living together for twenty

    five years without having a cross word suggests a

    lack of spirit only to be admired in sheep.


  • Hugh Kerr

    belated congratulations Craig and Nadira you are always welcome for your honeymoon in Edinburgh! Hugh

  • shootallpoliticians

    I thought that in CIVILISED society marriage comes BEFORE conception? But then marriage also means you will be faithful to one another, and let’s face it, you aren’t very good at that. So, now N’s got a right to stay, she can fuck off with someone younger and better looking than you – which wouldn’t be hard.

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