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  • Komodo

    That page seems to agree with me, Mary. If it has another agenda, it is well hidden from the Web. I’m not saying it doesn’t. Try following the money.

  • Dick the Prick

    @Mike – i’d be more inclined to ignore the management speak and wonder of the core value of the NHS. What does National mean? Does it mean we expect the same service in Exeter as Glasgow? Why have they pissed £14 billion quid down the fucking drain so Fujitsu, IBM, Crapita, EDS et fucking cetera can fuck up right royally and produce nothing. Why do patients records need to be electronic and available to every Tom, Dick & Harry that some medic wanders upon? 2 questions – what’s up with you and are you alergic to owt? £14bn quid for that? Someone’s having a fucking laugh.

  • tony_opmoc

    In my experience of the treatment received from my friends and relations over the last 10 years or so, the NHS still works amazingly well in Most of The North West of England.

    In the South of England and London in particular…

    Well, when I had a serious accent resulting in very severe burns to my foot…

    I weighed up the chances…

    And decided, that on the experience of several people I know, that I was safer, not going into hospital.

    About 5 years earlier, when my Mum was staying with us, I called The Doctor.

    He said dial 999 and get an ambulance straight away.

    She was waiting on a trolley for about 4 hours, and finally saw a competent doctor.

    He examined her and admitted she had several serious problems…but he said to me…

    I am telling you the truth, she is too ill to be admitted.

    If I admit her, she will get an infection and she will die.

    She is too weak to be admitted to hospital.


  • mike cobley

    Dick – all that PFI/mega-IT wastage was an early symptom of the Blair cabal’s attitude towards public services. It was like a proof of concept, showing that big-budget public services like the NHS could and would, in the UK, be the kind of revenue stream diverter that Defense is in the States. Huge industries have grown up around the monster spigot of federal finance that is the defence budget and Blair et al wanted to prove to the British corporati that our state services could do the same. Hence such gargantuan wastage as those big-ticket flops you mentioned.

  • Dick the Prick

    I always thought Berlusconi was Godfather, if it’s that Crhristian dude with the dancing shoes then good luck to ’em. Me old dear’s been burgled again – phhhhhwweww.

  • tony_opmoc

    I learnt in my first job,when I was 19, that you can “prove” anything you like with “statistics”, such that when given the job, I had to ask my boss, who is this analysis for?

    Is it for our customers to prove what a brilliant job we are doing, or is it for our suppliers to prove what a lousy job they are doing?

    So statistics are always completely bent, by whether or not you want to get promoted or not…

    And generalisations and personal experience are either less or more valid than statistics..that is for you to do judge.

    I have spent more than half of my life in the South of Endland, and I love living here.

    I just am totally convinced that people in The North of England
    CARE for each other more than people in The South of England.

    Their Fundamental Values are Different

    I don’t know how that can be changed

    Our Lancashire Nurses Working In The South Are Trying To Educate You to Not Only Speak Properly

    But Really Love Your Fellow Humans

    We are all the same at the end of the day, and want the same things

    The money ain’t a fat lot of use to you on your death bed.

    Get with it

    Its about being nice to people

    And giving a bit of love

    It doesn’t hurt and it makes you feel good.


  • mary

    Circle Healthcare’s strategic advisor. Mark Simmonds Con Boston and Skegness.
    So many countries visited they are too numerous to mention.
    Overseas visits
    * 26-31 October 2003, fact-finding visit to Israel under the auspices of the Conservative Friends of Israel and the Government of Israel. (Registered 12 November 2003)
    Strategic adviser to Circle Healthcare (social enterprise), 42 Welbeck Street, London W1.
    Quarterly fee, £12,500; 10 hours per month. (Registered 12 January 2011)
    March 2011, £12,500 quarterly fee received. Hours: 10 hrs per month. (Registered 3 May 2011)
    June 2011, £12,500 quarterly fee received. Hours: 10 hrs per month. (Registered 3 October 2011)
    September 2011, £12,500 quarterly fee received. Hours: 10 hrs per month. (Registered 3 October 2011)
    Been around. Strange no ministerial job now.
    Shadow Minister, Health (6 Jul 2007 to 11 May 2010)
    Shadow Minister for International Development, International Development (16 Dec 2005 to 6 Jul 2007)
    Shadow Minister, International Development (20 May 2005 to 16 Dec 2005)
    Shadow Minister, Foreign Affairs (17 Mar 2005 to 20 May 2005)
    Shadow Minister, International Affairs (9 Sep 2004 to 17 Mar 2005)
    Shadow Minister, Education (6 Jul 2004 to 17 Mar 2005)
    Shadow Minister, Public Services, Health & Education (10 May 2004 to 6 Jul 2004)

  • mary

    The Circle Healthcare group’s flagship hospital in Bath was designed by Norman Foster, is run like a hotel and includes an award-winning restaurant for patients and visitors.
    But for the patients and staff at Hinchingbrooke hospital in Huntingdon, the decision yesterday to hand it over to the privately run Circle is unlikely to result in such a tangible transformation.
    Critics warn that profits may be given priority over patient care, as the company struggles with the same financial problems that beset the NHS management.

  • mary

    Minister for War Phillip Hammond
    “We have no plans to change those numbers. Anyone who is injured and who is receiving medical treatment will not be considered in any way for inclusion in a redundancy programme until after their treatment is complete.”
    ie As soon as you are discharged by the docs, you’re fired.
    The cost of treating those large numbers with severe injuries returned from Afghanistan is falling on the NHS plus the cost of creating the centre at the Birmingham hospital. I think that the massive propaganda for Help the Heroes was in part government driven. HforH have provided many of the facilities at Headley Court, the rehabilitation centre. divert the cost of rehabilitation to Headley Court.
    There are also ongoing costs for years ahead throughout the country for medical and psychiatric care.

  • mary

    NHS hospital now run from Jersey and the British Vigin Islands – welcome to the National Heist Service
    Nov 10 2011
    As the Guardian reports this morning:

    A private company, listed on the stock market, has been given the right to deliver a full range of hospital services for the first time in the history of the NHS, reigniting a debate about the use of business in the health sector.

    Circle Healthcare, a John Lewis-style partnership valued at around £120m, will manage the debt-laden Hinchingbrooke hospital in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, from February after the government signed off on a decade-long contract on Wednesday.

    But as the Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported in May:

    [Circle’s] accounts reveal a structure of fiendish complexity, with 49.9% of Circle’s shares held in the British Virgin Islands, and the remaining 50.1% in Jersey, although Circle says the Jersey arm “has recently been re-domiciled as a UK tax resident company”. The Jersey company’s accounts include six pages of related-party transactions.

    UK tax resident does not mean UK incorporated, by the way.

    As the Guardian also noted today:

    However, Circle is viewed by ministers as a model “mutual” with 49% of its ownership in staff hands. It operates a scheme to allow more shares to be gained through a performance-related rewards system.

    Well that may be a Tory view, but first of all this is not a mutual: it is 50.1% controlled by a private for profit company.

    Second that ‘mutual’ bit is in the unaccountable, zero tax, regulation lite, British Virgin Islands where candidly anything can (and does) happen. Hardly ‘John Lewis like’, I suggest.

    And third, I don’t want staff in any hospital managing for profit. That means they do three things:

    a) Cut corners where there is no cash incentive applied to doing things. Care does not have cash incentives attached, nor do many services for the elderly, for example. It’s why we end up with consultants prescribing food and water which is otherwise not delivered;

    b) Undertake too many procedures where there is a tariff payment – because this is how the hospital makes money – so look for an increase in operations in Huntingdon very soon;

    c) Turns away cases where there is uncertainty and what is medically called ‘multiple comorbidity’ – or in other words the person is really sick, no one knows what is going on and it’s not clear what needs to be done so no payment is likely to be generated but sure as heck the person needs looking after.

    That’s what will happen here.

    Welcome to the National Heist Service, sponsored by Andrew Lansley: taking health care from the many for the benefit of the few.

  • Fedup

    ordered to strike for only 15 minutes
    The government has suggested public sector workers planning to strike over pension changes stage a “token” walkout lasting just 15 minutes.
    Democracy! what a crock of shit?
    Serfs cannot so much as withdraw their labour, the only weapon in the armoury of these distinguishing them from salves.

  • tony_opmoc

    I did everything I could to motivate her to get ready, but she was totally mentally and physically exhausted…..

    So I said – well I am going – and gave her time to get ready…

    She said Are You Going Without Me?

    Now I am a Bloke I just Get on My T-Shirt and Go.

    So I spent the entire night answering the Questions.

    Where Is She?

    She had spent the week looking after her Mum and Dad and was completely exhausted….and just wanted to be left alone in her bed with her cats to recover and come back to the normal sparkling angel she is.

    Humans Can’t Do Angel All The Time.

    They Need a Break.


  • tony_opmoc

    I am currently reading a book by Martha Stout The Sociopath Next Door. It is Brilliant.

    I have never written a book, because I realise, that without having all the contacts, it would never be published…#

    But if I did, it might be Titled The Angel Next Door.

    I Do understand this psychology stuff

    They sent me on the First Few Courses…

    Behaviour Analaysis and Behaviour Modification…

    They Tried To Send Me on The Next Course

    Which was Basically an Attack Course…

    They Get To Your Innermost Feelings and Vulnerabilities and Destroy All Your Compassion for Your Fellow Human Beings…

    They Rebuild Your Personality in The “Company Image”

    I Gave That One a Miss and They Fired Me

    But I Came out The Other Side

    And Retained My Love For Beautiful Girls.


  • tony_opmoc

    All the philosophers were trying to explain it (believe it or not I also did Philosophy as well as Pure Physics and Maths at my short time University)

    The Pure Physics Stretched My Mind.The Maths Was Relatively Easy…

    But I wanted to do Computing and Meet a Heart of Gold Who Would Be My Wife and My Soul Mate Forever

    I didn’t plan it

    It just happenned

    But I just kind of realised that This Life was probably the Only Life I would Ever Experience…

    So I thought it important to try and spend it with really nice people and show The Arseholes Who We Are

    I Haven’t Failed yet


  • tony_opmoc

    Since birth, I was the last born.

    My Parents had tried to Program My Older Brothers and Sisters To Be Roman Catholic Priests and Nuns…

    And so I was sent to Upholland Priests Training College when I was 10 Years Old…And Left After One Day

    My Elder Brothers and Sisters who went to St. Bedes and and Notre Damn in Manchester had already told me what it was like

    And I grew up visiting them in the mental hospitals where they were trying to deal with their GUILT that they were going to HELL Forever and Ever.

    So I Didn’t Get The Full Treatment

    I went to a MIXED School.

    We had both boys and girls.

    Still Roman Catholic of Course

    And I Masturbated For The First Time Just Thinking About a Girl in My Class (Who I was Too Shy To Ask)

    And I was Committing a Mortal Sin…

    And So at The Age of 15, I went to My Final Confession at The Roman Catholic Church (Where I was an Altar Boy – No Even Hint of Sexual Abuse Happenned To Me)

    And I confessed

    I Said Forgive Me Father, Cos I Have Sinned…

    There is This Girl in My Class Who I Love To Bits

    (I Can Even Remember Her Full Name)

    And I Described In intimate Detail what we had done together…

    I am almost certain he was w…. in ..his pants

    I was just a 15 year old kid in love with a girl at school

    I hadn’t done nuffin

    Bur I wanted to

    I confessed as if I had

    And NEVER Went Back Again

    I just Told My Mum and Dad and My Older Brothers and Sisters That I Wasn’t Going To Church Again

    That Actually Took Tremendous Courage at The Age of 15

    The Girl I Eventually Met and Who Is My Wife, Made The Same Decision When She Was 15….

    Our Kids Have Not Been Baptised, But Seem To Have Inherited The Same Moral Values of Their Parents…

    I can’t Ask For More than That


  • anno

    Little Miss Mofat sat on a Toffat.
    The purpose of recessions is for rich bankers to purchase our assets. You’ve got no more chance of re-vitalising socialism, than pumping up squashed hedgehogs with bicycle pumps, I’m afraid.

  • tony_opmoc

    When you fall in love, it is forever if if it is worth anything, and when you realise after a year or so that it really is not going to work….

    It is actually incredibly hard to end it, because you are still in love with her…

    But being in love and living with someone are two completely different things…

    Its hard to explain this, but….

    You see, I had had no contact with her for over 20 years.


  • anno

    Revenge for my last comment being swallowed by the pending machine. Government is like a car, L.H. or R.H. drive, with the pro-Israel lobby driving and the wealthy on the passenger side.
    The P.M. sits in the middle with his back to the windscreen and the gearstick up his backside. It is possible for him to engage reverse gear, by pressing hard down on the gear stick and shifting his bottom to his far right and backwards. ‘But you might find it more comfortable just to stay where you are.’

  • tony_opmoc

    It was over 10 years ago, when we talked together for the first time on the telephone in over 20 years…

    We were just so Delighted To Hear That We were Both Still Alive, and WeTold Each Other About Our Lives and Our Children

    Of Course We Could Never Actually Meet

    Becuase It Would Completely Fuck Up The Lives We Had Made Apart…

    But On The Telephone 20 Years Melted away as if it was 5 minutes….

    We were both Delighted For Each Other and What We Had Achieved Apart…

    We Just wanted to know how each other was going on.

    Of Course We are Still In Love With Each Other.

    But We Can’t Meet Each Other…


  • mary

    Why does Tony Opmoc do this swamping? Six rambling comments of a personal nature overnight. Is it therapy or a wish to squelch comment?

  • Sunflower

    Mr. Craig Murrayn? 🙂 You are cited on David Icke via Uruknet uruknet.info/?p=m83056&hd=&size=1&l=e
    Anyway, they give the source in a proper fashion. And your circle of influence grows, I like that.
    All power to you.

  • Joe Templebottom

    I repeat. Why would any half-intelligent person deliberately wreck a highly paid job and pension for the sake of a little puerile whistleblowing?

  • Charles Crawfull

    I agree. Far too busy making money and running the country to worry if the means really justifies the ends.

  • anno

    I’m sorry to hear about your and Mark’s dogs. Had you considered that it might be the work of zionist agents to counter criticism.
    How low can you go, feeding a dog with a mobile or opening a bag of dry food?

  • Vronsky

    Fascinating essay by Hugh Roberts in LRB on the Western attack on Libya – do read it (it’s in the free section).

  • anno

    Henry M’Turk
    That is the deepest imaginable level of corruption and collusion between political parties. It also shows that Blair believes the whitewash that was used to cover up UK criminality, also applies to him personally. Washed in the blood of Christ and in the whitewash of government enquiries. Mr gleaming Clean.
    The last couple of pieces by Tony_ strike me as rather relevant, poignant, and sad reminders of the root cause of UK problems: – the Christian doctrine.

  • anno

    I quote myself:’That is the deepest imaginable level of corruption and collusion between political parties.’
    Then I realise that I am far more concerned about the collusion between so-called AlQaida and NATO and ‘Islamists’ who have been through Afghanistan CIA training, USUK rendition to Libya, and now are in the NTC. Another Libya is coming in Syria, and Iran is the smokescreen.
    Nobody pays much attention to a Muslim on this blog because they think we are part of the problem. The contributers here think that money makes the world go round and nothing else.
    I followed the link to Terror and Revenge in Libya by Franklin Lamb, who suggests that NATO special forces are involved in the revenge process against Gaddafi supporters, while I had come to the conclusion that their presence there was to stop the
    Islamists from taking control of the Western economic assets.
    Maybe they have to do both, as in Iraq where the US disabled the entire Ba’ath regime down to the last man, in order to take control of the assets they wanted to seize, leaving the country in chaos.
    If Libya is a mini Iraq, the Islamists in Syria are in dreamland when they ask the West to give them a no-fly zone.
    There’ll be plenty of flies on the corpses.
    Assad claims that his corner of the Middle East have experienced ‘help’ from the West and they will never ask for a repeat performance.
    The bottom line is that post-Bin Laden Islamists don’t care a fig about casualties and they would be perfectly happy for another Iraq in Syria. They don’t mind if special forces murder people for their own agenda, so long as they had their moment of revenge and can tell their grandchildren they were jihadis who rescued their country from dictators.
    There is no difference between the political class of the West and the political class of Islam.
    Their families are all in safety living in European cities and receiving socialist state benefits.
    Just because Gaddafi introduced some social reforms and persecuted Muslims, the Islamists think they can target
    them as apostates from Islam. Why don’t they kill themselves for living in the West and sending their children to non-Muslim schools?
    As always the water is so murky that nobody can see what’s really going on.
    The Islamists hate being criticised for hypocrisy even more that the Western politicians who have thicker skins.
    US politics have gone mental with Christian fundamentalism, and Arab politics have gone mental with Islamic fundamentalism.
    In the West hypocrisy is tolerated as inevitable, but in Islam hypocrisy = disbelief. So logically, there can be no alliance between the enemies of Islam and Muslims. The treaties made by the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him with the disbelievers were treaties of peace, not alliances of war.
    In fact if any Muslim does that, they have de facto renounced Islam.

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