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In the UK, the Tories have edged into the lead in the latest Guardian/ICM opinion poll. While New Labour’s support for benefit cuts, government spending plans and the entire neo-con agenda means it makes no difference who is in power at Westminster, residual voter tribal loyalty to these moribund and corrupt parties remains the basic fact of “mainstream” politics, even after the voters have twigged the politicians are almost all self-serving crooks.

That is important for Scotland, as the perception of continued Tory rule at Westminster will increase the independence vote. By the Autumn it is going to be very clear the Tories are in power until 2020. But will that perception enter the public consciousness before September 18 2014? Charles Clarke, ever anxious to stab his colleagues in the back – a defining Labour trait – is doing his best to make it clear.

61 thoughts on “Five More Years of Tory Rule

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  • kurtan

    Perhaps Hague’s sudden departure has more to do with the current rent boy scandal than a simple cabinet re-shuffle.
    Perhaps a Willie has been in pants that don’t belong to him.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    خاله ووسو -The leadership will probably have changed. Then they’ll be as free as formerly to whisper unfulfillable promises in the punters’ ears. BTW, Google Translate sure struggles with your nick. Does it translate at all?

    Parky. Agree, ultimately. Putting Gove on the back benches for longer than absolutely necessary will cause a palace revolution: this doesn’t look like anything other than PR. Let the little woman have a go – she’s quite bright, and she’s learning to drive…

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Perhaps a Willie has been in pants that don’t belong to him.

    You mean Hague might be in some disgusting way of any interest at all? IMO, no. He may be weirdly unpleasant, but I don’t think he’s unpleasantly weird.

  • Mary

    PS DRIP 3rd Reading tonight goes to the Lords tomorrow and back into law on Thursday. Wham bam! How do they do that?

    Charlie Brooker on the ‘Garudian’ writes:

    What is Drip and how, precisely, will it help the government ruin your life?
    The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers bill is the most tedious outrage ever, right down to the dreary acronym. But oh, the horrors it will bring …

  • RichieRich

    >Obviously, a Hollywood parliament can be infested with
    >embezzling paedophiles

    NOT “paedophiles” – they’re child sex abusers, child molesters, child rapists, and child murderers. You don’t have to be a paedophile to rape/sexually assault, or murder, a child.

    There’s a 17-year-old boy in the U.S. being charged with “paedophile” offences, and of being in possession of child pornography, because he and a 15-year-old girl exchanged a few explicit photos of themselves.

    This is where the indiscriminate use of that word leads. It’s the adults pursuing this case through the courts who are the child abusers.

  • Mary

    In Persian the nameخاله ووسو is Aunt Vvsv
    In Arabicخاله ووسو is Uncle and Sue according to Google Translate

  • craig Post author


    You don’t know George, do you? I have known him for over 30 years. Independence would be very bad for his career.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Independence would be very bad for his (GG’s) career.

    Hmm. You mean, other considerations than the general good affect his political opinion? I am sure that is not the impression he would wish to convey.

    Sorry, but it had to be said.

  • خاله ووسو


    BTW Erdogan knows that in order to avoid being spiked on his own petard i.e. being invaded by Israel’s ISIS on his Syrian border, he will very soon have to concede regional independence to Turkish Kurdistan, as Assad has already conceded Syrian Kurdistan. The Syrian war might be unpopular with Turkish voters, but invasion by ISIS would be worse. Turks are tired by decades of war and daily pitched battles in Kurdish areas of Eastern Turkey.

    The leaders of Iraqi Kurdistan, and now the former Kurdish Islamic groups, are now working with the superpower Zionist poodle ISIS Caliphate to re-draw the borders of Kurdistan.

    Erdogan’s popularity has come from his restoration of traditional Islamic values. This model of Islam has recently had a big boost in share price round the world from the murderous actions of ISIS and others in Syria and Iraq, not to mention Afghanistan and Pakistan. So Turkey may win the theological battle between the competing parties for the Caliphate of Islam.

  • Johnstone

    Further to the Guardian article posted by Ba’al

    Capitalizing everything.. including nature. Government Judas ecologists are working hand in hand with corporations corrupting a concept that was conceived and introduced in Yellowstone National Park in the 1960s. The following is written in quasi-scioeconomic gobbledygook to disguise the underlying capitalist principles upon which the valuation of ecosystem services will be based.
    This movement is being lauded as the solution to all the planets environmental ills while at the same time driving economic recovery and growth. Corporations do indeed rule the World!

  • خاله ووسو

    John Goss

    As I see it, Moazzam Begg is unique in the Muslim community for standing against the UK establishment. His so-called Muslim followers and supporters are in the Prevent/Divide and Rule government handbag in the same way that ISIS is controlled by UKUSIS.

    The Co-operative Bank has been deliberately demolished by dark forces in order to destroy its independence. It still is head and shoulders above the other banks in terms of integrity and customer service.

    Barclays uses Qatar money to offer valuable interest-free loans to recession-hammered customers. The catch is in the time-limit and the one-off %fee.

    As my dear late father used to tell me when I asked him for assistance: ” If you will stand against the entire system, why is it my responsibility to help you out?”

  • خاله ووسو


    Indefatigably inquisitive as usual. Translation from Kurdish: Uncle Wind-up. A comic character in Kurdistan who always gives advice that benefits himself first.

  • RichieRich

    I have a cunning plan to cope with life IF the Tories get re-elected – I’m going to put myself in a coma, BUT only after I’ve mastered the art of lucid dreaming.

    For those unfamiliar with lucid dreaming, I recommend “The Dream Machine” by Dr Keith Hearne (you can also download it free from his site).

    In short, you wake up in a dream, and you know it’s a dream, and you can do anything you want. But it’s far better than a dream; it’s like a substitute reality.


    “On Sept. 9th 1904, I [Frederik van Eeden] dreamt that I stood at a table before a window. On the table were different objects. I was perfectly well aware that I was dreaming and I considered what sorts of experiments I could make. I began by trying to break glass, by beating it with a stone. I put a small tablet of glass on two stones and struck it with another stone. Yet it would not break. Then I took a fine claret glass from the table and struck it with my fist, with all my might, at the same time, reflecting how dangerous it would be to do this in waking life; yet the glass remained whole. But lo! when I looked at it again after some time, it was broken. It broke all right, but a little too late, like an actor who misses his cue. This gave me a very curious impression of being in a fake world, cleverly imitated, but with small failures. I took broken glass and threw it out of the window, in order to observe whether I could hear the tinkling. I heard the noise all right and I even saw two dogs run away from it quite naturally. I thought what a good imitation this comedy world was. Then I saw a decanter with claret and tasted it, and noted with perfect clearness of mind: ‘Well, we can also have voluntary impressions of taste in this dream world; this had quite the taste of wine.'”

    Instead of sleeping rough and going hungry in the real world, I’ll be wining and dining at the best restaurants in my dream world. 🙂

  • RichieRich

    Oops, I meant “if the Tories steal power again by NOT getting elected”.

  • Mary

    خاله ووسو Sorry. Curiosity has not killed this cat yet!

    Google Translate never suggested Kurdish.

    I know another Uncle Wind Up, not too far from here, Sofia’s Dad.

  • Mick

    Steal power again? The Tories may be bad in some regards but to claim they stole power is just ridiculous. They polled the highest number of votes and won the most seats…

    That aside, lucid dreaming sounds fascinating. Although I find that knocking back a few large glasses of whisky before bed has the same effect.

  • Ba'al Zevul (With Gaza)

    Thanks, Uncle Windup. My curiosity (and Mary’s?) is satisfied. Didn’t think to try Kurdish. “Uncle” works in Arabic – it was the windup that defeated me…

  • Mary

    Agent Cameron 0 Jean-Claude Juncker 1

    Juncker was elected today with a lot of heckling from the UKIPpers with Farage.

    Cameron has proposed as UK commissioner Baron Hill of Oareford. Never heard of him. Bell Pottinger/Quiller/Tory HQ type.

    How much do EU commissioners get paid?

  • Mary

    A. It was easy. Set out like this. circa £200k pa I make it for a commissioner. Plus, Plus, I bet.

    Commissioner’s basic monthlysalaries are fixed at 112.5% of the top civil service grade. This works out at €19,909.89. The President is paid at 138% (€24,422.80), Vice-Presidents at 125% (€22,122.10) and the High Representative at 130% €23,006.98.

  • doug scorgie

    15 Jul, 2014 – 10:13 am

    “I will vote for any party that undertakes to restore the damage that is being done to the NHS, and means it.”

    Sadly there is no such party Mary that has any hope of forming a government.

    Traditionally that would have been the role of the Labour party but since Kinnock (now the Right Honourable Baron Kinnock, of Bedwellty) the party has moved to the right and taken up the neo-liberal economic model just as the LibDems have.

    On that point there is no distinction between the “big three”.

    Living in a Tory safe seat my vote is wasted anyway.

    Apart from that, any left-wing party that showed signs of increased popularity would be undermined by the state; one example being Harold Wilson’s government.

  • Richard

    This has been ‘Tory’ rule, has it? Perhaps – if you differentiate between ‘Tory’ and ‘Conservative’. Criminal rule probably. Rule by homicidal kleptocrats, non-differentiable from the preceding lot, but not conservative. What did they conserve?

    The previous government did away with the rule against having to put yourself in jeopardy before the courts more than once for the same offence. So now, presumably, they can put you up before the beak until the court delivers the right answer – a bit like referenda. Habeas corpus and jury trial were under threat, Britain was complicit in torture and presumption of innocence has all but disappeared. Well, that wasn’t so much of a surprise. The ex-trots and militant students who replaced the small-c conservative socialists of my youth never liked any of that stuff anyway. But now we are supposed to be governed by a coalition part of which is ‘Conservative’ and the other part ‘Liberal’. If they were true to their names, why haven’t they restored the law against double jeopardy?

  • doug scorgie

    15 Jul, 2014 – 2:35 pm

    Lucid dreams.
    I experience such dreams occasionally and they are very strange. You know you are dreaming but you are in control of what happens in the dream. You can get up to all sorts of things.

  • Fedup

    There’s a 17-year-old boy in the U.S. being charged with “paedophile” offences, and of being in possession of child pornography, because he and a 15-year-old girl exchanged a few explicit photos of themselves.

    The plans to medically induce an erection for him to take a photograph to compare to the offensive material to ascertain his guilt have been dropped because police themselves are making child prono!

    This is the results of the crooked perverts at the top making up laws that take a life of their own.

  • Tom

    A Tory majority is very unlikely, in my view, barring some major unforeseen event – too much UKIP support, too much baggage from five years of government and too much ambivalence towards Cameron himself. There simply aren’t enough Tory loyalists left to vote for them and many ‘floating voters’ will ironically vote UKIP.
    It’ll most likely be a hung parliament of some kind, although Labour may scrape in.
    As for the polls – there seems to be a campaign underway to suggest the Tories have a chance and UKIP support is evaporating. I just don’t believe them.

  • Michael Perry

    I am going to win the next general election, so forget about the Tories. Rupert Murdoch is lending his support to my campaign advocating free beer and chicken for every Sun reader. Gotcha!

  • Mary

    In a cynical electioneering move, the cruel and nasty policies of the nasty coalition exposed as useless and failing by the coalition’s own Mr Nasty.

    ‘Lib Dems are proposing changes to the housing benefit cut for people judged to have bedrooms they do not need.

    The changes, called the “bedroom tax” by critics but described by ministers as the removal of a “spare room subsidy”, were introduced last year in England, Scotland and Wales.

    Lib Dem Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said it was “time to take stock and change our approach”.

    Labour accused the Lib Dems, who had supported the change, of “hypocrisy”.

    And a senior Conservative source told BBC political correspondent Chris Mason it was a “cynical PR stunt”.’

    Lib Dems propose housing benefit changes

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