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Ted Cruz has not really registered much with the public in the UK. But anybody feeling comforted by his apparently making ground against Donald Trump is in for a shock. Cruz is on the right wing fringes even in the United States – so much so that John McCain called him a “wacko”. He is an avid climate change denier, wishes to increase US military interventions abroad, wants to criminalise abortion and supports control of the internet – he described net neutrality as “Obamacare for the internet”.

It is therefore interesting that the Chairman of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign is one Chad Sweet, who is also a Director of the Quilliam Foundation USA, established by its British counterpart.

The Quilliam Foundation is a group led by people who claim to be former Islamic jihadists who have now reformed. It is the go-to organisation for the BBC and Murdoch’s Sky News whenever Islamic matters, and particularly terrorism, are aired on the media. It is presented, quite falsely, as a neutral and technocratic organisation.

It is in fact deeply sinister. While it has provided a lifestyle of champagne and well-cut silk suits for its “ex-jihadist” directors, it has pandered to right wing Islamophobia in every statement it has ever made. It received millions of pounds of UK government funding, not very well accounted for, and employs “ex” members of MI6. I have it from a very good security source that funding comes from the CIA, and there is certainly an open stream of funding from far right American bodies.

Quilliam were involved by the government as “experts” in drawing up the government’s Prevent strategy, which directly seeks to curtail expression of “radical” opinion in British universities and seeks to place a spy in every classroom. It has led, among scores of such incidents, to the arrest and detention of a Muslim student of security studies for reading a book on terrorism in Nottinghamshire University Library, and the police being sent to an eight year old Muslim child’s home because the teacher heard him use the word terrorism. Only last week the National Union of Teachers took a definitive stand against the Prevent strategy.

There is no doubt the air of anti-Muslim paranoia Prevent inculcates will increase resentment and alienation among young Muslims, which is the opposite of what is sensible. But the corporate media can always call up the “experts” of the Quilliam Foundation when they want the government line to be supported.

The link between Quilliam and Cruz does not surprise me in the least, but is completely contrary to the official image of Quilliam as presented by the media.

Their support for Prevent is of a piece with their contempt for freedom of speech. After I first criticised Quilliam, I received a telephone call from one of their staff attempting to get my personal financial details, including account numbers, by pretending to be making a donation. They also tried to get this blog closed down by attempting legal action against its hosts.

The nexus of far right interests, and their reach, is ever fascinating. I guess we all pray for Bernie Sanders.

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  • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

    The solution to accidentally not being read, Mr Goss, is to double the frequency of your posts, as Lysias has been doing recently..

      • lysias (DON'T FEED THE TROLLS)

        The irony of his complaining about the frequency of someone else’s posts!

    • Donald Duck

      Come on Habbabkuk, surely you are not avoiding questions? Surely you were aware that Dr Earnesto Che Guevara was an Argentinian? Surely you know he was so enraged by the injustices handed out to southern America, by the USSA, that he joined the Cuban revolution, thus giving up his chosen career as a physician?

      And surely you must have connected his speech, entitled “Message to the Tri-Continental” to the present panic of our government in giving us “Austerity”?

      Oh, but maybe, like the dumbass you are, you don’t even have a clue what Dr Guevara ever said?

      What were you saying about knuts?

  • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

    Ten points to the contestant in the tinfoil hat for getting in a mention of the Jooos!

  • Mark Golding

    Chad Sweet is the co-founder of the security-focused Chertoff Group, a group he started with former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff after serving as his chief of staff.

    Chertoff is the cnut that lines his coffers by exploiting fear. Fear in the form of plots like the ‘Nigerian underpants bomber’ who singed his own gonads and fear in the form of the ‘liquid bomb plot’ that involved the evil Islamic mother and the liquid explosive in her baby bottles that caused Dr John Reid to have ‘sleepless nights’ and Aussy PM John Howard to talk bollocks about humanity.

    The ruse worked however and Chertoff & co made a mint from full-body scanning systems without disclosing that Rapiscan Systems was a client of his firm.

    The annoying bit is the connection between Chertoff and Israeli intelligence that even spooks our own security services according to an SIS communication engineer with one ear to the ground. The ‘Old Boy network’ should be running at its smoothest: a word in an ear, a nod, a drink with one of the chaps at the club .. indeed- not quivering in the corridors of MI6 because Mossad calls the shots – FFS Man up – your British!

    • Anon1

      …plots like the ‘Nigerian underpants bomber’ who singed his own gonads…

      The Darwin Award for Muslim fanaticism this year has a strong early contender in the form of the suicide bomber on board Daallo Airlines Flight 159 who blew a hole in the side of the aircraft, only to be sucked out and deposited on the town below while the rest of the passengers and crew landed safely. Lolz.

      • lysias (DON'T FEED THE TROLLS)

        Talking about the Darwin Award is as heartless as Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’s sentence, “Three generations of imbeciles are enough” at the end of a Supreme Court opinion approving the sterilization of a poor woman that the eugenicists were going after.

        Whenever I hear any talk about the Darwin Award, I am reminded of a posting I saw made by a Zionist on Daily Kos saying that Rachel Corrie deserved the Darwin Award.

        • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

          typical mindless and irrelevant diversion from the Israel-hater.

    • fedup

      Chertoff cronies/employees passed the “terrorist” through the Schiphol security without a passport, that is correct despite the “terrorist” not having a passport! An American blogger wrote about his first person witness account of the “terrorist” being brought into the departure area by two suits (civvies types) whom flashed their badges, after which the desk waved through the “terrorist” to board the airliner and do his voodoo. That resulted in the introduction of the xray full body scan machines, or the alternative of a through manhandling by a pervert enjoying their job as the security officer and touching and molesting the passengers, on their way to board their flights.

      How many passengers have been irradiated through the profiteering of one Chertoff?

      Rummie (Don) made sure FDA passed the nerve gas precursor to be used as artificial sweetener, and making a bundle in the process. Gift that keeps on giving!

  • Mark Golding

    I have upset whoever and a crypto heavyweight (GCHQ?) screwed my TLS protocol at the hand-shake negotiation preventing a connection to I have to admit it was clever albeit exposing another take-down methodology. Thanks…

    • fedup

      Did they inject a key or did they erase the key Mark?
      How did you trap it?

      • Mark Golding

        Hi feduo – Wireshark told me the ‘ServerHello’ message was changed to prevent the key exchange I think by altering the padding. I tried 4 different browsers to confirm a server-side problem.

    • Ben Monad

      Trowbridge also on Elba as per his complaints just before vanishing. Have they nothing better to do?

  • fedup

    FAO Ba’al

    Do you recollect Tonykins the arch liar and bag carrier for one JP Morgan, was shuttling between Riyadh and Cairo, that you brought to everyone’s attention?

    Nile Sat has stopped carrying the al Menar station, as of eight o’clock fifth of April, helping the war of al saud pederasts on all Muslims other than the crazy salafists and their recalcitrant syncretic version of Islam. This of course is in the way of eliminating a counter weight against the al saud pederasts propaganda machinery.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Yes, Saudi and the Gulf states have been making a very strong play to get Egypt on side as it is central to reaching Arabs outside the desert kingdom. I don’t think the Saudis have a lot of time for Tony , though, even as a useful idiot, and I am not convinced he actually went to Riyadh in the end. (El-Balad, which reported his movements, is owned by a Mubarak-era plutocrat close to the current government, and is not trustworthy.) OTOH the Saudis have just signed a $21.5 billion energy deal with Egypt. Which would be a more powerful incentive to play ball than anything Tony can get his hands on.

      The Dear World Leader’s been uncharacteristically silent lately, though a couple of commercial sites have concocted intriguing Blair headlines to lure the unsuspecting into buying fake designer condoms or whatever, and the Mail has recycled a three-week-old Mirror story to include Blair (snapped with a fashion model). Someone is undoubtedly taking the piss.

      With the release of the Mossack Fonseca files, perhaps now is the time to revisit two companies, Windrush Ltd and Firerush Ltd, formed simultaneously in Gibraltar in September 2010, which resonate tantalisingly with Windrush Ventures Ltd, LP and LLP and Firerush Ventures ditto, which are known to be part of the Blair fiefdom. (Note, anything called Windrush (without the Ventures) in the UK can safely be ignored, and the recently formed UK Firerush Ltd does mobile fast food. Gibraltar’s where the interest is.)

  • fwl (which way is the wind blowing)

    The Saker argues Putin clean because no smoking gun and CIA guilty because no smoking gun.

    Back in the cold war, but there appears to have been several rounds of musical chairs since the wall came down.

  • gyges01 (@gyges01)

    Interesting you picked up on the misuse of the word radical when the are trying to convey the word sectarian. The Tolpuddle martyrs were radicals which illustrates the modern misuse of the word.

  • Edward

    If the Quilliam Foundation is funded by the CIA, this will likely be against the law which prohibits the U.S. government from deploying propaganda inside the U.S.

      • John Spencer-Davis

        Wince. I know what you mean, of course, but it’s an awful modern misuse of the phrase (cf gyges01 above). It’s a law more honoured in the observance than in the breach.

        • bevin

          You are being too cryptic for me I’m afraid. But then, so was gyges01.
          I must have missed something.

          • John Spencer-Davis

            A “custom…More honour’d in the breach than the observance” (Hamlet, 1602) originally meant a rotten custom that it was better not to observe, as you can see makes sense if you reflect on the words. Curiously, it has come to mean the exact opposite, a good custom (or law) that is nonetheless rarely observed.

            I think I’ll join Fwl in the seventeenth century.

        • bevin

          Absolutely, which is why I questioned Edward’s idea that this was noteworthy. On the bright side (questionably) the CIA has probably pumped more money into journalism than any newspaper proprietor has in half a century.

          • Edward

            The law is not enforced, at least not always, but it should at least be acknowledged when it is violated.

  • fedup

    Just a little point on the climate change issue;

    1- Climate is a changing entity and it is never the same, given the vast numbers of the parameters involved, some of which (parameters) are known and some are unknown or as yet unexplored/undiscovered. However to find the notion of 0.0000075 percent of data (window of record keeping) that has been gathered, given the approximate life of the planet/lump of rock we reside on. And to be so assertive and certain about what is causing the “warming” or “cooling” or the changes thereof. This is simply a manifest audacity of ignorance, in the guise of “scientific enlightenment”.

    Fact that the changes are then attributed to the human activities is a further puzzle given the numbers of the wars that are being waged*, which by any means have a huge “carbon foot print”**. Alas wars are exempt from the debate concerning the climate change debate, and also absent are the devastation that is wreaked on the lands that these wars are being fought.

    Further adding to the confusion, the projection of guilt has brought about the same old guilty feelings of the yesteryears that concerned the sins of onanism and the solitary vice! Hence every traveller to holiday destinations in the back of their minds have the guilt of; “I am making the globe warmer”. That in turn helps to create an atmosphere of price gouging that has been so favoured by the pioneer and advisor*** on the privatisation of the once nationalised utility industry such as gas and electricity. All in the best possible taste and for the benefit of the mankind of course!

    In fact this climate change, as yea olde global warming has become to be known because as we all know the warming means a cooler earth!!! If you can make sense of it all? However any curmudgeon that dares to speak out; “hang on”! We the recently evolved hairless apes, used to believe the Earth was flat, and anyone who denied such a “fact” was given the order of the roast on a blazing fire or at the worst was excommunicated to be roasted in the after life too. We the same bunch then believed that sun was revolving around the Earth and any denier was just speaking pants!

    Not content with such illustrious record of certainties, the climate change lobby does indeed promote alternative energy, that is tantamount to pants. As the luminaries involved shun the nuclear energy and anyone who even hints at it****, is a denier and is excommunicated. As poor James Lovelock once the toast of the green movement and the father of Gaia theory found himself kicked out of the various honorary positions and ostracised and sent to Coventry, with no one seeking his learned views.

    So nuclear out, thermal out and we are left with sunshine and the wind power not forgetting fairy fart fusion science, that needs at least trillions of pounds spent on and the money has to come from the levied climate taxes! Which brings us to the strange coincidence of battling climate change is largely dependent on a peremptory price hikes in the anticipation of the price rises that will come once the globe has warmed up!

    So to recap based on a 13,333,333 multiplier to bring up the percentage of the data we have to even one percent we are sure that climate is changed because of human activities and the said humans ought to either die off and make good their carbon foot prints, or they will be price gouged so that they die off and save the planet. Anyone who disagrees is a moron a poopy pants, a deviant and a denier.

    Well goodie persons this individual here is convinced and is ready to swear on a stack of bibles that he believes in climate change/global warming, and also believes that Tony Blair never knowingly lied and took us to war in Iraq, and zionistan is the only democracy on the planet, and whatever else that the oligarch owned media and Rothschild can dream up next! After all that is the only way to survive in this fucking latter day Salem!

    Good night my sweet readers and may you have no sleep my bitter venomous detractors.

    *Currently nine wars alone are taking place in the arc of instability in the south Asia and mideast.
    ** The allocation of resources to manufacture the ordnance, then transport it to the various theatres of war, that in turn is fired by further manufactured constructs, that are heavy equipment and need propulsive force of some sorts, that naturally guzzles up oodles of fuel, plus the huge resources allocated to the fighters fighting these wars, in addition to the explosions and the destruction and fires that ensue. However as we all know wars are exempt from climate levy and the carbon trading can buy respite for the manufacturers of the death constructs.

    *** Rothschild of course

    **** Nuclear energy could mean any tom dick harry ending up with nuclear weapons once the know how is prevalent. And how can the US empire attack these any time the poor potus gets an erection failure or some corporation has ran out of money and is in need of emergency cash injections to lay their hands on the assets of the enemies of the moment?

    • bevin

      It is unsurprising that capitalists will seize upon any opportunity to enhance their power and wealth. Of course the issue of climate change is seized upon as a chance to introduce policies which will suit the purposes of the ruling class.
      This does not mean that capitalism is not causing enormous environmental changes and disruption, which are putting the planet in danger. What it means is that it is exceedingly dangerous to allow the capitalists to continue their rule. That is the important question: that in future the grave and important decisions in this world must be taken on the basis of informed popular rule.
      There is case to be made that climate change is a danger that is best controlled by taking industry and agriculture under social rule. It is not the only challenge- modern agriculture and nuclear power are of equal importance and require dramatic changes., which also call for socialist answers.
      As to your point regarding wars, it is not true that the impact of wars on the environment is a neglected topic. It is something everyone with a brain is aware of, and it is always a major argument against military adventures and preparations for them.

    • glenn_uk

      Fedup – all this rests on a couple of assumptions.

      One – we have only been recording the temperatures etc. for a tiny portion of the planet’s existence. Not true. We have only recorded a tiny proportion ourselves, but there is evidence aplenty (such as in ice cores) to give a highly accurate historical record of atmospheric content, temperatures and all the other data relied on to arrive at the conclusions of climate scientists. It is not simply surmising and total guesswork.

      Two – Scientists change their minds. Absolutely they do, so that the theory includes all evidence available. What else should they do, in your opinion? It is the exact opposite of religion, where the conclusion is solid, and all evidence to the contrary shouted down and ignored.

      Why don’t you take your questions to a climate scientist and ask them how do they know about historical records, instead of making the fallacious assumption that they don’t and it’s not possible to do so?

      You could try at the Nature Bats Last website:

      You can have a worthwhile conversation and ask anything you like of them. You might find it most illuminating – far more than these hysterical sites which just denounce mountains of evidence as lies/ a hoax/ the illuminati / Hollywood Lib’rals/ Al Gore and so forth.

  • Hieroglyph

    Worst candidates, my personal list:

    1. Clinton.
    2. Cruz.
    3. Trump.
    4. Sanders.

    In that order. 1st and 2nd was tight, but Clinton’s decades-long involvement with pretty every corruption scandal you can think off wins the day. Also, may well be only President ever to be indicted within their first year. Tough call though, as Cruz appears both stupid and malicious, and continues to fight hard to reach the coveted number one spot.

    Trump remain dangerous, because he has a comedic value. Underneath the comedy is a shark of course, but it’s better disguised than Cruz. However, he doesn’t appear to be a Spanish Inquisition style Christian fruitbag, so he gets third.

    Sanders is last by a long way. He can still get elected, and can beat Trump, but alas the Clinton machine will likely smite him. I suspect he’d be hamstrung from Day 1., and I wouldn’t expect too much, but even ‘not too much’ is a millions times more than I expect from any of the rest.

    • glenn_uk

      Why do you include Sanders in a “worst list”? I’ve followed his work for many years, and he’s pretty solid as far as I can tell. What do you know of, which makes him a poor candidate?

      • Hieroglyph

        Oh, nothing wrong with Sanders. It’s just a list of the current candidates, so he’s on it, I perhaps expressed myself badly. I agree, he seems pretty solid.

    • Ben Monad

      Sure would be nice to have a choice other than ‘least odious’ or ‘lesser weevil’. But i pledge to eat GMO corn flakes if Bern occupies the WH and shows the courage of office, unlike his pusillanimous predecessor.

  • fwl

    Has anyone read Ben Johnson’s Volpone with its Magnifico old sly fox, Volpone, and his parasitic fly companion Mosca. A mosca a kind of fly that lives and feeds on others. The name Mossack Fonseca hints of Mosca but is there also a latter day Volpone?

    • fwl

      No? Too early for literary references. The thing about Volpone is that he plays dead to see what vultures he might attract, so that ……….

      • fwl

        So who is playing dead and who are the vultures?

        The vultures, who are really the prey and not the hunter, are us – everyone.

        So wo is playing dead?

        • fwl

          The illuminating feature of the blog’s ability to reply is that it assists one to appreciate that posting is talking to oneself and so reaching that conclusion I am taking a holiday and returning to the early seventeenth century.

  • YouKnowMyName

    Het lijkt erop dat de meerderheid wil niet een grotere omvang van de Europese Unie, de BBC heeft zojuist gemeld dat “niet-bindend” uitslag van het referendum, verwachte ik geen commentaar. . .

    • lysias

      The Washington Post has an article on that Dutch referendum this morning, and I also heard about it on NPR radio. So the news is not being ignored by all the mainstream media.

      The WaPo article suggested that Poroshenko’s appearance in the Panama Papers might have played a role in the referendum result.

      • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

        For once, I agree with something forwarded by our Transatlantic friend.

        I believe, however, that the Dutch referendum was a consultative and not a binding one.

        • Itsy

          Consultative, yes, But, “It’s clear that ‘No’ have won by an overwhelming margin, the question is only if turnout is sufficient,” Rutte stated. “If the turnout is above 30 percent with such a large margin of victory for the ‘No’ camp then my sense is that ratification can’t simply go ahead.”

      • lysias (DON'T FEED THE TROLLS)

        Here’s the WaPo article: Dutch voters reject trade deal out of anger against E.U.:

        The “yes” campaign was not helped by revelations this week in the Panama Papers — leaked documents from a Panamanian law firm and follow-up reporting from a worldwide consortium of journalists into tax havens and shell companies. The report detailed the extent of offshore accounts held by Ukrainian President Petro ­Poroshenko.

        For many critics of the deal, the papers have justified the findings of Transparency International, which has repeatedly assigned Ukraine a high corruption rating.

        • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

          I think that most reasonable people would agree that the current high levels of corruption in the former Soviets republics are a legacy of the institutional corruption that characterised the former Soviet Union as a whole.

        • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

          Institutional corruption that was kept under wraps during the time of the Soviet Union, of course.

  • Arby

    Obviously, Bernie is preferable to the other monsters. But I’m not a fan of Bernie and neither is God, for which reason I can’t pray for him.

    And I agree with the term anti-Muslim, which I am not. But I am Islamophobic. ‘Fear’ is not something you can argue with. It isn’t something you can judge. You either possess it or you don’t. I possess a fear of ‘all’ organized religion. But I’m rational. That fear doesn’t make me reactionary, violent or lawless. And I’m a big believer in human rights – for all.

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