Alleged MI6 torturer back in Britain – but will he face justice? 3

From the Telegraph

An alleged MI6 station chief in Athens has been recalled to Britain “for his own safety” after being identified by a Greek newspaper.

It reported that he had taken part in the abduction and brutal interrogation of Pakistanis.

As the Government placed a gag order to stop British media from naming the alleged spy, who is officially accredited as a diplomat, a well-placed Greek security source said his recall was “not done as punishment or as retribution of any kind for the unfavourable turn of events”.

He added: “It is more of a standard precautionary measure because his intelligence role can no longer be effective in Greece.”

The Foreign Office declined to comment yesterday. It merely noted that Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, had previously dismissed as “utter nonsense” claims by the Pakistani workers to have been beaten by British and Greek counter-terrorism officers last July as they investigated links to the London bombings.

One claimed he had a gun put in his mouth as he was questioned about telephone calls to London and Pakistan.

Proto Thema, a Greek magazine, said the MI6 station chief had taken part in the interrogations with a second MI6 officer who was not named.

It also unmasked 15 Greek intelligence officials in revelations denounced by Athens as illegal “because they endanger national security”.

Greek authorities said they had had to recall two of their intelligence agents from Kosovo.

The alleged spy has previously been identified as an MI6 officer on the internet and in allegations made by Richard Tomlinson, a renegade MI6 officer.

Seven of the 28 detainees, who say they were held for several days then set free without charge, have lodged official complaints in Athens.

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3 thoughts on “Alleged MI6 torturer back in Britain – but will he face justice?

  • UC

    Torture should be used against captured combatants. Torture, rape, pillage, these are all things that are supposed to make war "hell", not the sanitized video game that it's become under UN law and Geneva Convention. When you take the hell out of war, you make it easier to wage war, easier to find excuses to go to war and to extend it.

    War should be the most horrific, terrifying thing known to mankind, SO THAT WE CAN AVOID IT. People who are up in arms against that which makes it horrific only make it easier to perpetrate war.

  • Blairwatch

    More on the Murray Documents.

    Scoop have picked up the story, as have the Register, who do an excellent job of cutting to the point of what Craig has done, why and how.

    Ex-envoy unleashes blog-based attack on UK's torture denials

    By John Lettice

    Published Friday 30th December 2005 13

  • iain

    Torture should only be used on those who recommend it. It has no place in a civilised culture and is a tool used by psychopaths and maniacs, and those for whom part of their brain, the part intended for empathy, is dead.

    How can any sane person recommend it, under any circumstances? Craig Murray is to be applauded for his work; I fully support him and his efforts.

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