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Ted Cruz has not really registered much with the public in the UK. But anybody feeling comforted by his apparently making ground against Donald Trump is in for a shock. Cruz is on the right wing fringes even in the United States – so much so that John McCain called him a “wacko”. He is an avid climate change denier, wishes to increase US military interventions abroad, wants to criminalise abortion and supports control of the internet – he described net neutrality as “Obamacare for the internet”.

It is therefore interesting that the Chairman of Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign is one Chad Sweet, who is also a Director of the Quilliam Foundation USA, established by its British counterpart.

The Quilliam Foundation is a group led by people who claim to be former Islamic jihadists who have now reformed. It is the go-to organisation for the BBC and Murdoch’s Sky News whenever Islamic matters, and particularly terrorism, are aired on the media. It is presented, quite falsely, as a neutral and technocratic organisation.

It is in fact deeply sinister. While it has provided a lifestyle of champagne and well-cut silk suits for its “ex-jihadist” directors, it has pandered to right wing Islamophobia in every statement it has ever made. It received millions of pounds of UK government funding, not very well accounted for, and employs “ex” members of MI6. I have it from a very good security source that funding comes from the CIA, and there is certainly an open stream of funding from far right American bodies.

Quilliam were involved by the government as “experts” in drawing up the government’s Prevent strategy, which directly seeks to curtail expression of “radical” opinion in British universities and seeks to place a spy in every classroom. It has led, among scores of such incidents, to the arrest and detention of a Muslim student of security studies for reading a book on terrorism in Nottinghamshire University Library, and the police being sent to an eight year old Muslim child’s home because the teacher heard him use the word terrorism. Only last week the National Union of Teachers took a definitive stand against the Prevent strategy.

There is no doubt the air of anti-Muslim paranoia Prevent inculcates will increase resentment and alienation among young Muslims, which is the opposite of what is sensible. But the corporate media can always call up the “experts” of the Quilliam Foundation when they want the government line to be supported.

The link between Quilliam and Cruz does not surprise me in the least, but is completely contrary to the official image of Quilliam as presented by the media.

Their support for Prevent is of a piece with their contempt for freedom of speech. After I first criticised Quilliam, I received a telephone call from one of their staff attempting to get my personal financial details, including account numbers, by pretending to be making a donation. They also tried to get this blog closed down by attempting legal action against its hosts.

The nexus of far right interests, and their reach, is ever fascinating. I guess we all pray for Bernie Sanders.

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  • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

    Interesting post.

    I hope that this blog’s American contributors – especially those geographically near the seats of power (eg Washington) will be giving us the benefit of their insight(s) on this American theme.

  • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

    ” I guess we all pray for Bernie Sanders.”

    As I have said before : do not go a-whorin’ after false Gods.

    • bevin

      Extraordinarily profound comment that “Do not go whorin’ after false Gods.”
      Are you claiming to have invented this cliche?

    • Winston wolf (Flush out grammar errors)

      ‘do not go a-whorin’ after false Gods.’

      It’s interesting how both you and Craig make the same error. “God”, with a capital Gee, is the usual “name” for the Bible god, i.e. a proper noun.

      “false gods” has no capitals except when starting a sentence which would involve the use of a capital “F”.

  • Anon1

    He is an avid climate change denier…

    I seem to remember you were (perhaps still are?) partial to a spot of man-made climate change ‘denial’ yourself, Craig? No one is denying that the climate changes.

    I think sometimes you write what you think your following wants to hear, being sure to touch on all the lefty shibboleths.

    • Pinky

      ‘No one is denying that the climate changes.’

      Actually, Ted Cruz is, but apart from that, with the earth being a dynamic planet, climate change is not only ongoing, but inevitably so.

  • bevin

    Cruz is an extraordinarily nasty piece of work.
    And he represents the very worst elements in the Republican party.
    But, happily, he was born in Canada of a father who was a Cuban citizen, albeit one in full flight from governmental decency and social justice. There is no way on earth that he qualifies as a “native born” citizen of the US and becomes eligible for the Presidency.

    • Martinned

      There is no way on earth that he qualifies as a “native born” citizen of the US

      Be that as it may, he does qualify as a “natural born citizen”, which is what the US constitution requires.

      • bevin

        You are right. Please tell me, now, what you imagine that the Constitutional Convention meant by the words “natural born?”
        Were they guarding against the products of Caesarian Sections? Or clones? Or ‘test tube’ babies?

        They clearly meant ‘born within the boundaries of the USA ‘. And Cruz was not. Nor was his father.

    • An inconvenient truth

      First it gets warm and the North Pole melts. That stops the Gulf Stream from flowing. That then causes another ice age. Then we will def need a lot of fossil fuel. That’s the Koch bros endgame.

      Cruz’s eligibility could be contested at Supreme Court but per congressionally- passed law defining that ambiguous constitutional clause he is considered eligible. The constitutionality of that law has never been tested, however. And so there’s the rub: 4:4 Supreme Court tie lets Cruz sail in. Professor at Quinnipiac School of Law wrote article on this

  • DrNobby

    “…He is an avid climate change denier…”

    Craig, you make the same mistake as all those other “hide the real science” brigade (or climate alarmists). No-one can deny climate change. Cruz (and i’m no fan of his politics), and many others, deny that CO2 causes CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming). This is not denying Climate Change.
    If you continue to refer to people like this as Climate Change deniers you are simply parroting the MSM’s increasingly biased and politicised mantra of “Human Bad, Nature Good”.
    Equally, Climate Change cannot be believed in. Science is not a faith based topic, as Religion is, and requires a much much better understanding than we are currently prepared to admit. The understanding comes from experimentation and investigation. Not from theoretical cogitation, although currently, sadly, this passes as science.

    You should know better.

    • Tom Welsh

      “No-one can deny climate change”.

      That turns out not to be the case. It may perhaps be true that no one can deny climate change without being mocked and abused, but many highly intelligent and very well qualified people do “deny” it. That’s because it is a question of science, in which numbers and authority count for nothing – just being right. Before 1543 a tiny number of people believed that the Earth goes round the Sun, rather than vice versa – but they were right and millions of others (including the Pope, and all the world’s leading scholars) were plain wrong.

      Try this article, which gives a brief account of how Freeman Dyson, one of the world’s most distinguished mathematical physicists not only “denies climate change”, he asserts that ‘[i]ncreasing CO2 in the atmosphere does more good than harm… and humanity doesn’t face an existential crisis. Climate change, he tells us, “is not a scientific mystery but a human mystery. How does it happen that a whole generation of scientific experts is blind to obvious facts?”‘

      • DrNobby

        OK, if you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about you can deny climate change. Agreed.

        No intelligent, knowledgeable person denies climate change. The MSM might call them such, but they do not.

        Before 1945 many erudite, intelligent and well-known professional people thought Eugenics was the way forward. Hmmm…sometimes people are just wrong, but are unable to actually admit it. In this case no-one said a dickie bird about it because it was, in the end, abhorrent.

        Freeman Dyson has cleaned more knowledge from under his little finger nail than you, and most other people, are ever likely to amass and understand in your whole lifetime. He says what he says because, me old fruit bat, he is, essentially, correct. And, although you wont believe it, the science supports his assertions.

        I know, blasphemy blasphemy, they’ve all got it….wait, that doesn’t work does it…oh.

        I should say that I am a practicing scientist and have worked and published in the field of air quality for almost 30 years. I remember when we worried about the coming ice age. Funny how things change, eh.

        • Tom Welsh

          “I remember when we worried about the coming ice age. Funny how things change, eh”.

          Yes, very funny. Especially since that final remark undermines your entire comment. You seem to admit that you used to worry about global cooling, yet now you insist that no one must deny global warming. Even though you yourself were obviously completely wrong about global cooling. You’ve been wrong before, it seems, but you are absolutely certain you are not wrong now.

          • DrNobby

            Tom, me old fruit, be a good chap and just be quiet. I can’t be arsed with witless idiots who think science is some religious belief system and take their cue from the argument from authority anymore.

            You can believe what ever you want, really. Better?

          • lysias (DON'T FEED THE TROLLS)

            And anybody who is impressed by arguments from authority should be impressed by Freeman Dyson’s authority.

          • CanSpeccy

            This item from Science Magazine confirms that Cruz is not a climate change denier. Specifically, Science reports:

            Cruz believes that carbon dioxide (CO2) “is good for plant life,” that the planet “is greener right now” than in the past, and that “for significant periods in history, prior to the industrial revolution, there has been markedly more CO2 in our atmosphere that could not have come from the burning of fossil fuels.” He also believes that “for the past 18 years … there has been no significant warming whatsoever” and that the current computer models used to understand global climate trends “are profoundly wrong … and inconsistent with the evidence and the data.”

            On all points Cruz is correct, which is not to say that that rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is nothing to worry about, or that there is no human impact on climate mediated both by carbon dioxide, other atmospheric pollutants, and land surface changes (e.g., deforestation, urbanization)

            On the contrary, the consequences seem dire. For example, massive and already measurable enhancement of plant growth in response to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration means more food, and hence more people. Africa’s population is already headed for 2.5 billion by 2050. As the Sahel and perhaps the Sahara goes green, look for five billion Africans by 2100. Another consequence of rising carbon dioxide concentration is a potentially catastrophic impact on human cognition.

    • Mark Golding

      I myself believe Craig is literally acknowledging the loudest dissenting voices that entangle global warming with climate change and not the science. There is clear evidence that over the past seventeen years, the global temperature has risen. This to me shows warming of the climate system is unequivocal and the scale of this increase over time is key in climate modelling.

      An assortment of organizations, often tied to the oil industry, spent about $560 million between 2003 and 2010 to fund groups that deny climate change per se, many with links to sympathetic media and politicians [source: Drexel University].

  • bevin

    Let’s put it this way: Cruz does not believe in Science if any sort. He holds that the earth is a little over six thousand years old that the book of Genesis explains the origins of mankind and that if rich donors have investments in fossil fuels it is his job to deny that global warming caused by industrial pollutants ought to be controlled.
    He is a nut case, which precise kind of nut, whether pecan or walnut, hazel or chestnut I will leave it to Dr Nobby and Anon1 to work out. Perhaps our Kebab warmer will come up with a borrowed chestnut or two.

    The interesting thing is that Hillary Clinton is crashing and burning. If she loses in Sanders’ home state New York it will all be over for her and the oligarchy which has run the Democratic party since 1986.
    To put the Wisconsin result in perspective one has to understand that Clinton’s delegates have been elected either in states run by machines in the Deep South- on low turnouts and involving the traditional exchange of favours (and money) for a local Church’s congregation or a boatload of postal ballots.
    Or, as was the case in Arizona, Massachussets and Nevada after elections in which irregularities were brazen and legion. What happened in Arizona is, even in the USA, a national scandal.
    To put it briefly: Clinton’s campaign has been an expensive disaster, a complete failure. There is no enthusiasm for her, ‘victory’ after ‘victory’ ha created no momentum for her and the electorate is waking up to the fact that her ‘record’ from support of mass incarceration and prison privatisation to Libya, Syria, Honduras and Haiti has been horrendous.
    If she were to run against Cruz it would be the dream contest between America’s least liked man and least trusted woman. But that won’t happen. Sanders should win in New York and, after that it will be plain sailing, through Caifornia, to the Convention ( I hope he has a bullet proof vest).
    Superdelegates who stand out against the elected sort will be rare.
    Look forward to the most exciting contest since 1896 when William Jennings Bryan (check Vachel Lindsay’s poem) set the country alight.
    But lost.

    “In a nation of one hundred fine, mob-hearted, lynching, relenting, repenting millions,
    There are plenty of sweeping, swinging, stinging, gorgeous things to shout about,
    And knock your old blue devils out.

    I brag and chant of Bryan, Bryan, Bryan, Bryan,
    Candidate for president who sketched a silver Zion,
    The one American Poet who could sing outdoors,
    He brought in tides of wonder, of unprecedented splendor,
    Wild roses from the plains, that made hearts tender,
    All the funny circus silks
    Of politics unfurled,
    Bartlett pears of romance that were honey at the cores,
    And torchlights down the street, to the end of the world.

    There were truths eternal in the gap and tittle-tattle.
    There were real heads broken in the fustian and the rattle.
    There were real lines drawn:
    Not the silver and the gold,
    But Nebraska’s cry went eastward against the dour and old,
    The mean and cold. ….

  • Buck Moody

    Others have already said this but I think your use of the term ‘climate change denier’ is sad and unfortunate. Genuine scientists experiment and question – they don’t accept assertions based on faith and/or propaganda alone. The papers leaked from the University of East Anglia showed beyond reasonable doubt that prime movers and shakers within the climate change industry (and it’s become a billion-dollar industry with the ‘Carbon’-trading asset bubble – forgive me if I don’t have confidence in scientists who are unable to tell a solid solitary element from a gaseous compound) have committed conscious and willful fraud. I wonder what the folks at Anthony Watts’s blog would feel about your wholesale dismissal of their concerns? Do you approve of Loretta Lynch’s new inquisition I wonder?

    • fred

      No they didn’t. 99.99% of the emails from the University of East Anglia confirmed their findings. One or two were badly worded and could be twisted by climate change deniers who’s opinions are faith based and have no regard for scientific method.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        He Believes, Fred. Please do not question his Faith. Agree, and in any case, the data (Believers don’t need data) emerging since is beginning to make the UEA output at that time look a little bit optimistic.

      • DrNobby


        99.99% of statistics are made up on the spot.

        I just made that up.

  • Good Juju

    Perfect illustration of the way your colonial administration works. CIA is the covenanted civil service, Quilliam are some of their Western-Oriented Gentlemen. But for the dirty work CIA uses assets of foreign intelligence agencies as cutouts. With subsequent less artificial leaks, these will come swarming out of the woodwork. Here’s an example from Romania’s colonial administration, where the natives are restless.

  • fedup

    Ted Cruz is the kind of scum that is ready to start the third world war, soon as he can get his fingers on the button, anyone taking a closer look at Ted they can see the puppeteers hand right up there conducting Ted.

    On the subject of prevent here is a rare article that has gone widely noticed:

    Prevent gives people permission to hate Muslims – it has no place in schools

    …. the allocation of Prevent funding, which was based on the number of Muslims in a local authority. This explicit targeting demonstrates that Islamophobia is central in shaping how the government (and wider society) define and construct extremism and terrorism as solely Islamic problems.

    This is combined with the fact that the arc of instability spanning the south Asia and Mid east is further coming under attack by a constant stream of racist apartheid policies of the unhinged zionists, the latest of which is the segregation of Arab women from the Jewish women in maternity wards, as suggested by Betzalel Smotrich, a 36-year-old member of parliament from the Jewish Home party. Before anyone jumping to point out; ah but…… they should note that a poll taken last month in zionistan shows that fifty percent of the Jewish population want to strip the Arabs in zionistan from their nationality and kick out the said Arabs out of zionistan!

    • Nadia

      That’s because 60% of the Palestinians appreciate approve of the stabbing intifada and their officials rejoice over their depravity.

  • Martinned

    That’s the big question regarding Republican candidates for president this year: Assuming “does not play well with others” is exactly the quality you want in a Republican president, which one of them plays with others the worst? And is that enough to offset any difference in their ability to get elected in the first place?

    My guess:
    – Plays well with others is a toss-up.
    – Cruz is more likely to get elected in the general election.

    Conclusion: fingers crossed for a Trump win in the primaries.

  • Ba'al Zevul

    I see we have a climate change sceptic. Exxon or Koch, is it?

    Some further reading on Quilliam here. In which it associated itself with the EDL (and then denied it). Which probably qualifies as far-left in the Cruz set:

    It hasn’t had UK taxpayer money since 2011, thankfully. But I’m sure Tony (NOOOOOO!) Blair has proved helpful.

    Jonathan Russell is Quilliam’s Political Liaison Officer and joined the organisation in 2012. He holds a BA in Arabic, German and Persian from the University of Exeter and an MSc in the History of International Relations at the London School of Economics. At Quilliam, he campaigns for cross-party commitment to human rights in counter-terrorism legislation and policy and runs a project to promote clarity, consistency and cohesion in counter-extremism policy across the EU.

    Quilliam is reportedly affiliated to the AIPAC-spawned WINEP, and to the Henry Jackson Society:

    Oh, and Michael Gove, whose budget funded QF for a while, and, unintuitively Timothy Garton-Ash, Guardian thinkpiecer and historian for hire.

    Fascinating. Thanks for bringing it up, Craig.

    • Tom Welsh

      “I see we have a climate change sceptic. Exxon or Koch, is it?”

      I see we have a well-poisoner. How about some facts and figures instead of unfounded personal abuse?

    • Buck Moody

      Seriously? Linking to Tony Blair? He must have been very concerned about all of those carbon dioxide emissions created by his wars of aggression. I wonder how much CO2 the sorties over Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yugoslavia and Yemen have unleashed to create havoc upon the climate?

  • Fun with Crackpots

    Buck Moody, you’ve never read IPCC Chapter 8. You wouldn’t know a GCM from a bar of soap. You couldn’t solve a first-order linear diffy Q, much less grasp the numerical methods and statistics involved. Why should we give a shit what you think?

    • Buck Moody

      Dear Mr. Fun with Crackpots: appeals to authority and ad hominem attacks are all you alarmists seem to have. That, and outlawing dissent. Rajendra Pachauri said upon his resignation from the IPCC: “this is my religion, this is my dharma”. This man headed the IPCC! A supposedly scientific body. I must have missed the meeting where scepticism and the demand for replicable experiments stopped being part of the scientific method. I don’t care if you give a shit what I think. I think you are full of shit.

      • Ba'al Zevul

        Pachauri’s a railway engineer, ffs. And if we agree on nothing else, we can agree he should never have been appointed to the IPCC. Now, where’s *your* replicable experiments?

        • Buck Moody

          A railway engineer, a sex-pest, and a steel magnate who did very well out of relocating his steel plant to his native India by taking advantage of Carbon Credits. You do know that Michael Mann lost his libel case in BC?


          I’m not a climate ‘scientist’ trying to convince everyone of impending doom if they don’t live as I say and stuff money in my pocket. The burden of proof isn’t on me. It’s on those pushing this theory. Computer models that fail their short-term predictions and are subsequently fed with their own output data don’t meet the criteria of an acceptable assessment methodology.

    • Fun with Crackpots

      If you can’t point out specific IPCC model assumptions or relationships that should be changed, then fuck off, because your solipsistic mental masturbation has no bearing on the premise of climate change, which is a set of model runs and nothing more.

      And you can’t, can you?

      When someone says the sky is blue and you say but ice cream doesn’t have bones, educated people will ignore you. Get used to it.

      • Buck Moody

        You seem to have a lot of confidence in ‘a set of model runs and nothing more’. So much so that you’re defensive to the point of being abusive. I can only approach this subject from a political angle, if that’s ‘solipsistic mental masturbation’ to you, then I recommend you study some history as well as very recent ‘climate science’.

        Your last paragraph is word salad.

      • Fun with Crackpots

        Your ‘political’ ad hominems can’t make up for being innumerate and wilfully ignorant. You’re still talking out your ass. Nicomachus was a pederastic slave-owner so that proves 2 + 2 = 5. Your arguments show that the most important factor in global warming is the Dunning-Kruger effect. So once again, slowly: If you can’t explain why the IPCC GCM is wrong, fuck off. Come back when you know what we’re talking about.

        • Buck Moody

          Who is this ‘we’ FwC’? I don’t see any discussion about the details of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change being posted in this thread at all. Neither proof nor reason. Just assertion, aggression and insults.

        • Buck Moody

          I only found Craig’s use of the term ‘denier’ unfortunate as I otherwise respect his blog.

  • Ben Monad

    Pray for democracy because the two-party system has sold it for seven pieces of silver. Even if by some miracle Sanders moves into the WH, the marketers in Congress will ham-string the little Co;onel and the only control over social change he will exercise is staffing the kitchen and approving the menus.

    • lysias (DON'T FEED THE TROLLS)

      As Obama has shown with respect to Syria, a president has the power to keep the U.S. from getting involved in wars.

      • Ben Monad

        You assume he was timid in Syria for noble reasons. He is risk-averse primarily.

        • Ben Monad

          Not to mention he is Chief Executive for Anomic warfare..remote murder….assasination, blecchh!

        • lysias (DON'T FEED THE TROLLS)

          Whatever Obama’s reason was, his inaction shows that the president has that power.

    • Ba'al Zevul

      Any mileage in the idea that Cruz is only marginally less disliked by the GOP than Trump, and that another candidate will emerge at the convention? Sure it’s not democracy as we know it, but it might avoid a nuclear holocaust…

      • Ben Monad

        Congressional republicans and their paramours hate Cruz. They find him a despicable, rude and disloyal prevaricator, komo. Why is that a problem now?

        • Ben Monad

          Oh, and I think the Conventioneers have no choice but to draft a dark horse. I am definitely watching the coverage and expect to be choking on popcorn-hull guffaws.

      • Ben Monad

        Komo; Does May 5th UK elections pre-empt any entertainment value for US political conventions?

  • fedup

    But just to clarify the degrees of hysteria and manic mindset that is currently promoted, here is another incident;

    Bomb scare and evacuations in German town

    Resulting in evacuation of 90 people and road closures, whilst Darth Vader lookalike bomb disposal team rush to the scene to dispose of the ticking and buzzing device that had been reported. The intrepid bomb disposal dude then emerges with a penis ring vibrator that had been discarded in the men’s toilets bins.

    The bizarre saga ends with the stand down of the security personnel but the “offender” who had discarded the penis ring, and whose identity has not been released is to be investigated to ascertain why he disposed of the penis ring, in the said bin?

    Moral of the story if there is no bomb then the next best thing is to catch the culprit who throw away his sex toy and prosecute the swine for going armed and equipped to cause mayhem!!

    Sadly no longer “you cannot make this shit up” is applicable given the frequency of the application of the full security detail adorned with masks and light sub machine guns to boot, to attend to any odd incident.

    • Habbabkuk (cast out your inner devils)

      What your post clarified is that people are – thankfully – vigilant about the possibility of terrorist attack and that the services charged with protecting the public against such acts are able to react swiftly and efficiently.

      And now, having explained that to you : pith off, Cnut-ter!

  • RobG

    It’s somewhat ironic that the neo-cons bang-on about religious nutters like ISIS (which are a creation of the neo-cons), while at the same time Capitol Hill and the Pentagon is infested with equally crazy religious nutters, and these nutters have their finger on the nuclear button.

    • lysias (DON'T FEED THE TROLLS)

      And religious fanatics increasingly have power in Israel, which is said to have hundreds of nukes.

      • Habbabkuk (cast out your inner devils)

        In the light of history, no reasonable person could deny that the State of Israel needs to have the means to defend itself against the hostile states on its borders and indeed further afield.

        • Pinky

          Define “reasonable”! How about those people who were blown up in the King David Hotel? Do you seriously think they would agree?

          • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

            Don’t be silly, Punky.

            Do you have any grounds for thinking that those people would dispute Israel’s right to have the means to defend itself?

          • Harold

            How about those who see the way Habbabkuk takes it upon himself to use a bullying demeanor against those without the knowledge to answer him back, whilst refusing to answer any reasonable questions he is asked?

          • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

            A majority of people on the UK probably thinks that the UK govt gives too much development aid to poor third countries as well.

  • glenn_uk

    Cruz’s father – a swivel-eyed religious fanatic – actually thinks his son is the second coming of Christ, here to lead the world to Armageddon paradise on Earth, and invited some crazed pastor on stage to announce this at some rallies.

    There is not a more dangerous lunatic currently running for office than Cruz, which is saying something – he’s up against some stiff competition. He is far more ideologically wedded to the extreme right than Trump, far more authoritarian, and Cruz actually is the more serious threat by a long way. Trump is a blow-hard and holds fascistic tendencies, but is not entirely sold out and remains open on a number of issues (including health-care). Cruz is of the “let them starve!” school of corporate Christian fascism.

    • John Spencer-Davis

      “actually thinks his son is the second coming of Christ”

      That sounds an odd thing even for a Dominionist to believe, Glenn – do you have a source for it? Thanks.

  • sam


    Have you not been called “wacko” yourself? Do you think it is anything more than a smear as is the term “climate denier”? And is not the term “denier” an attempt to link a person with Holocaust denial?

    I do not know anything about Cruz and I doubt if you do either beyond what you have blogged here.

    I doubt if you know anything about climate science. Below is a link to a blog post by Andrew Montford, not a man with whom I have much agreement. The usefulness (to me) of this post is that it makes clear that it is politicians that drive approaches to climate change.

    “All climate models are wrong”. For further information see here: and here:

    Don’t understand it? Does Cruz? Do you know? i don’t

    • glenn_uk

      So you’re saying you don’t know nuffin’ about nuffin’, Sam, is that your point?

  • Martin

    As much as I enjoy your writings Craig, I have to call you a wacko too. You believe in climate change.
    It is nothing but a tax scam.

    • Anon1

      Craig wrote some time ago that he had serious doubts himself. But when you’re writing to satisfy your lefty followers you have to get in ‘climate change denier’ along with nasty, racist, far-right, islamophobe etc.

  • Njegos

    If you want comedy, vote for Trump.

    If you want a semi-theocracy and 100% nuclear-backed devotion to Israel , vote for Cruz.

    If you want more war, more corruption, more incompetence then vote for Hillary.

    If you want to strike a blow against Wall St., privilege, climate change denial, and rotten campaign finance, then vote for Sanders.

    • Habbabkuk (cast out your inner devils)

      So if those four were standing for the Presidency in Argentina, can we assume that Hillary would be the natural choice?

      • Donald Duck

        No! We can’t assume anything because, and I know you love these clichés, one week is a long time in politics.

        • Habbabkuk (flush out fakes)

          Thank you for replying on behalf of Njegos, Donald. Unless you are Njegos, of course.

          • Donald Duck

            Surely you are not getting paranoid Habbabkuk?

            The Argentinians have been on the receiving end of the USSA’s warm embrace for far too long to vote for Hilary.



            From its beginning, the mission of the SOA has been to train soldiers to protect the interests of multinational corporations and maintain the economic status quo for the few rich and powerful in the US and their cohorts in Latin America. Labor leaders and union organizers have always been among the primary targets of SOA violence.

  • John Goss

    “Their support for Prevent is of a piece with their contempt for freedom of speech. After I first criticised Quilliam, I received a telephone call from one of their staff attempting to get my personal financial details, including account numbers, by pretending to be making a donation. They also tried to get this blog closed down by attempting legal action against its hosts.”

    Yes, this is a very nasty organisation with a lot of muscle and funding from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well as the UK taxpayer. It also receives funding from Kuwait, and as Ba’al has pointed out shares information with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation. Independent it is not. It’s mission is to target Islam as was witnessed recently on BBC’s Sunday morning faith programme The Big Questions in which the vast bulk of space was given to a Quilliams director, Adam Deen, whose anti-Islamic views were all too evident.

    Like the Tony Blair foundation it is not easy to find where all the funding comes from but it has denied receiving UK taxpayers’ money (a blatant lie).

    While on the subject of funding it is interesting to note that Zero-Hedge has revealed that funding for the Panama Mossack Fonsenca disclosure has been sourced to George Soros agents. Where else? These creatures need to be removed from power.

  • fwl (which way is the wind blowing)

    These are all interesting, but this was the one I had read and have been looking for. Read this. Its not a conspiracy web site story. The story is by The Economist this year. Bloomberg has been investigating as well. Read and think.

    To quote selectively:

    “DEVIN NUNES raised eyebrows in 2013 when, as chairman of a congressional working group on tax, he urged reforms that would make America “the largest tax haven in human history….

    America seems not to feel bound by the global rules being crafted as a result of its own war on tax-dodging. It is also failing to tackle the anonymous shell companies often used to hide money. The Tax Justice Network, a lobby group, calls the United States one of the world’s top three “secrecy jurisdictions”, behind Switzerland and Hong Kong…..

    The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), passed in 2010, is the main shackle that America puts on other countries….

    FATCA has spawned the Common Reporting Standard (CRS), a transparency initiative overseen by the OECD club of 34 countries that is emerging as a standard for the exchange of data for tax purposes. So far 96 countries, including Switzerland, once favoured by rich taxophobes, have signed up and will soon start swapping information…..

    America sees no need to join the CRS……

    No one knows how much undeclared money is stashed offshore. Estimates range from a couple of trillion dollars to $30 trillion. What is clear is that America’s share is growing. Already the largest location for managing foreign wealth, it has picked up business as regulators have increased information-exchange and scrutiny of banks and trust companies in Europe and the Caribbean. Money is said to be flowing in from the Bahamas and Bermuda, as well as from Switzerland…..

    America is much safer for legally earned wealth that is evading taxes than for lucre that was filthy from the start. It has shown little appetite for helping enforce foreign tax laws and, unlike some other countries, does not count the banking of undeclared money as money-laundering. “Foreigners looking to evade tax in America are usually safe because of its secrecy,” says Jason Sharman of Griffith University in Australia. “But for those with dirtier money there is a small though real risk the US will investigate and apply the full force of the law, which is a scary prospect.”

  • fwl (which way is the wind blowing)

    Sorry I’ve not posted on the actual topic, but I’m not up on that as interesting as it sounds.

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