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Neil Kinnock appeared on both Dispatches and Panorama this evening bemoaning the presence of socialists in the Labour Party. Neither programme succeeded in finding anything sinister happening, but they did succeed in playing a great deal of sinister music. This must have been a great boost to the sinister music writing industry, for which we should be grateful. I think they have definitively proved that some people are left wing, and would like to have left wing MPs.

But seeing Kinnock reminded me of another bit of TV I saw today, a heartbreaking advert for Save the Children featuring a dying little baby, unable to ask for help. The advert urged you to give just £2 a month to help save her.

If 11,000 people responded with £2 a month, that would not save the little baby, but it would exactly pay the £264,000 per year salary of Neil Kinnock’s daughter-in-law Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Chief Executive of Save the Children and wife of MP Stephen Kinnock. Indeed if 20,000 people gave £2 per month, that would probably cover Mrs Stephen Kinnock’s salary, her other employment costs and the money paid to Sky for the advert. When you toss in Stephen’s salary and expenses, the Stephen Kinnock household are bringing in just shy of a cool half a million pounds a year from public service and charity work.

The salary of Ms Thorning-Schmidt is approximately twice that of her predecessor, Justin Forsyth, who was on an already unconscionable £140,000. I exposed their massive salaries at the time the Save the Children awarded a “Global Legacy” award to Tony Blair. Indeed to meet the salaries and other employment costs of just the top executives at Save the Children would take 80,000 people paying £2 a month. They would be funding executives with an average salary of over £140,000. For those in work paying the £2 a month, the average UK salary is £26,000 a year, and many retired and unemployed people scrimp to find money to give to try to help the needy.

The use of charities as a massive cash cow for the political classes is a real concern. David Miliband is on over 300,000 for heading the International Rescue Committee. When I listed the Save the Children executives, they included Brendan Cox, on over £100,000. He was the husband of Jo Cox, the murdered Labour MP. Brendan Cox and Justin Forsyth were both advisers to Gordon Brown and both moved to Save the Children when they lost their jobs on Brown losing power, sliding in on 6 figure salaries. Jo Cox was an adviser to Glenys Kinnock and left that job to be an executive at Oxfam before she too worked as a highly paid Save the Children executive.

Brendan Cox left Save the Children due to allegations from several women that he sexually harassed female staff and volunteers. Justin Forsyth left at the same time amid allegations he had not effectively acted to have his friend Cox investigated. This has not stopped Forsyth from now popping up as Deputy Chief Executive of UNICEF. Misery for some is a goldmine for others.

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  • Paul Barbara

    @ Mark Golding September 22, 2016 at 15:58
    ‘While discussing ‘Save the Children charity may I tell you that according to an Iraq doctor living in Urum al-Kubra and working in Syria from Al- Mustakbal Hospital, an aid convoy consisted of around 30 lorries loaded with non-food items, clothes and paediatric nutrients, supported by UNICEF, was set on fire by terrorists and two aid workers who attempted to run were bludgeoned to death.’

    Not doubting it, but can you give a link? If true, it is obviously extremely important.

  • Paul Barbara

    President al-Assad’s interview given to Associated Press_ Video:

    ‘….Question 3: This week, the US has said the coalition attack on Syrian troops was an accident. Do you accept that explanation?

    President Assad: No, no. It’s not, because it wasn’t an accident by one airplane for once, let’s say. It was four airplanes that kept attacking the position of the Syrian troops for nearly one hour, or a little bit more than one hour. You don’t commit a mistake for more than one hour. This is first. Second, they weren’t attacking a building in a quartier; they were attacking a huge place constituted of many hills, and there was not terrorist adjacent to the Syrian troops there. At the same time, the ISIS troops or the ISIS militants attacked right away after the American strike. How could they know that the Americans are going to attack that position in order to gather their militants to attack right away and to capture it one hour after the strike? So it was definitely intentional, not unintentional as they claimed.

    Question 4: Did Syria or Russia launch the attack on the Red Crescent convoy this week, and should Moscow be held responsible, as the White House has said?

    President Assad: No, first of all, there have been tens, maybe, of convoys from different organizations around the world, coming to different areas in Syria for the last few years. It has never happened before, so why to happen now, either by the Russians or the Syrians? No, it’s a claim. And regarding the claim of the White House yesterday, accusing either the Syrians or the Russians. In that regard, I would say whatever the American officials said about the conflicts in Syria in general has no credibility. Whatever they say, it’s just lies and, let’s say, bubbles, has no foundation on the ground……’

  • bevin

    Anon 1 wrote:
    “The left is unelectable, demonstrably so. It’s no good using the Falklands as your perpetual excuse. If he makes it to the next GE, Corbyn’s only achievement will be to return one of the largest Tory majorities in history.”

    You live in a sad dream world constructed by third rate thinkers hawking their regurgitated apologias for criminality in the media owned by the oligarchy that exploits you.
    The deal they offer you is that you can borrow their tired witticisms and expired analyses and pretend you came up with them yourself. And that anyone would offer a pinch of excrement for the opinions of a man who has none of his own.
    One thing you do excel at, thus sustaining Jeremy’s thesis that there is talent aplenty to be developed in Britain, is packing cliches together like, shall we say sardines.
    As to your defence of the UK deterrent, there is none. It may be news to you but the entitre Trident delivery system is controlled by the USA. All the deterrent consists of is a very handy way of transferring the odd couple of hundred billion quid every few years to the US arms industry and their British subsidiaries.
    Personally I’d sooner see hospitals-not owned by usurers, decent care for the elderly, and an education system designed to serve the people’s needs and free to those ready to use it.
    And I’d run against a ‘Trident, wahhabi foreign policy and Uncle Sam’ candidate any day with a platform like that.
    Unelectable-you wish. Except of course you don’t: you are just passing on the latest wisdom from the stable of adolescents pretending to be Old Etonians at the New Statesman and The Guardian.

    • Habbabkuk

      “You live in a sad dream world constructed by third rate thinkers hawking their regurgitated apologias for criminality in the media owned by the oligarchy that exploits you.
      The deal they offer you is that you can borrow their tired witticisms and expired analyses..etc.etc. etc…”

      Gordon Brown’s clunking fist……
      ….Bevin’s clunking prose.

      Clunk! Clunk!

      Ye gods, does he talk like that in real life?

      • Anon1

        God he goes on, doesn’t he? It’s like he’s been left in solitary for the last 40 years with nothing but John Goss’s bookshelf for company.

        I read the first two paragraphs last night and managed to fall asleep. Bev ought to be prescribed for insomnia.

        • glenn

          I notice you two high-fiving and towel-flicking, but going nowhere near the points he raised.

          Ad hominems are better than nothing, when you’ve got nothing else to say, I take it.

    • Chris Rogers

      the Labour Rightist in their quest to stamp out democracy within the Labour Party – as one of the victims of the Great Purge myself I’ve spent nearly two months batting for Corbyn and the upholding of the Collins Report, that 83% of the Labour Party voted to enact only two years ago. Despite the Purge, a two year ban from joining Labour, which I’m appealing, I still managed to get a Vote via my Unite Union Affiliation – a bloody big miracle given 60K were not even issued a ballot – of course, and in a two-finger gesture to the Labour Rightist elite I voted Corbyn, as did three other family members. Alas this gesture does not make up for the fact that 240,000 members, supporters and affiliates were denied a vote. And they have the audacity to talk about fucking democracy – bugger them, they lose and hopefully the Rightists will go join the Lib Dems or Tories.

      • glenn

        The Blarite scum have already stated that more leadership contests will be in order, but only if Corbyn wins of course.

        I can believe it, but only because nothing is surprising about these red-Tory traitors any more.

      • Mick McNulty

        Another reason for the purge is said to ensure those who have had their membership removed cannot attend and vote on issues at the party’s conference. This could rig the vote on major issues, one in particular to shift decision-making away from the leader to a cabinet to be elected by Labour MPs. (So those MPs who didn’t like the idea of voting now like the idea of voting?) Another issue is the proposal to introduce re-selection for all Labour MPs for all General Elections, which the Blairites will not want to be passed because their treachery this past year means most if not all of them face de-selection.

    • LeeJ

      I find he contributes nothing and can often make this otherwise excellent blog tedious with his constant utterings.

      • Habbabkuk

        You see, Lee, it doesn’t matter if you – and indeed the whole tribe of Excellences – finds me tedious.

        I have few hopes of getting you to see the true light.

        The point is to highlight the falsities, omissions, selective thinking and hypocrisy of your positions on many of the issues of the day and, by so doing, provide the general (and I hope fair-and-open-minded) reader with a helpful counterpoint.

        PM – if I get too tedious, use Habbabreak – you know it makes sense! 🙂

    • Anon1

      “On the other hand for those of us suffering from insomnia…”

      Just read one of your blog posts.

    • fedup

      Bevin, the funny part is: those without even a pot to piss in* are rooting for the banksters and rubbishing the “left” or more precisely we the people seeking to redress the calamitous social injustices that have been perpetrated to the detriment of we the people’s interests.

      The fact that these zionist supporters of racism, division, hatred and genocide are freely allowed to spam this board is boring to the extent of sickening. This is an all too apparent fact, which seems to go unnoticed.

      * As evident from their constant stream of irrelevant disinformation plastered on this blog. Manifestly these ought not have any jobs/business/concern other than being present on this blog, and “keeping an eye” on the proceedings as in their declarations elsewhere on this blog.

    • glenn

      Give it a freaking rest. You (or rather, your beloved Express) was telling us Clinton was about to die only a week ago. Do you really believe _everything_ pornographer and thug “Dirty” Desmond wants you to believe? Have you considered being a Scientologist or something – your extraordinary level of credulity is deeply valued in some circles.

      • michael norton

        Well, let’s delve a little deeper shall we.
        She does seem to have some health troubles that make her weaken and display erratic head /eye movements.
        At 68 it is fanciful to suggest she can recover from pneumonia in a few days.
        I had pneumonia, was not hospitalized, aged 50 and it took six months to recover.
        I suggest she is too ill to be POTUS for very long.
        If you were her, wouldn’t you get a brain MRI

        I have had a brain MRI – not pleasant but better to know.

        • Alan

          “She does seem to have some health troubles that make her weaken and display erratic head /eye movements.”

          Going out in the sunlight does that to them.

      • Macky

        @Glenn, are you denying that Killary’s health is not an issue, or are you in one of your reflex premature rubbishing modes like the one that originally tried to laugh off her email scandal ?

        Do you have a soft spot for Killary, or is it just the way it appears ?

        • glenn

          Who would you prefer, Trump?

          In any case, the rumours from the right-wing echo chamber are all designed to make the seething masses believe Clinton is physically unfit for office. Anybody might have health problems, particularly given her schedule. What are you going for personally – Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, death, brain tumours, or some other of the innumerous deadly maladies she’s supposed to be dying from?

          • Macky

            @Glenn, thank for honestly confirming your soft spot for Killary, it explains your comments & behaviour.

          • MJ

            “Who would you prefer, Trump?”

            I would. He may be the worst presidential candidate in history (bar one) but at least he’s not a warmonger. A significant consideration I feel.

          • glenn

            I’m quite surprised at the ignorance concerning Trump in some quarters around here.

            Clearly, Clinton Derangement Syndrome has taken hold… the Devil himself would be the preferable candidate for those with advanced CDS.

          • Habbabkuk


            “Macky” probably thinks that the CIA has “injected” her with cancer or something.

            That’s what he (or one of his fellows) he said about El Presidente Hugo Chavez, isn’t it.

          • Macky

            Glenn; “Who would you prefer, Trump?”

            That’s really is a no-brainer ! Killary is actually soaked in the blood of war & aggression, Trumps is not. Yes he comes across a red-neck racist, but I rather him built a wall at the boarder with Mexico, rather than unleash the Neocon’s paid-for pro-war puppet for her to do to Syria or Iran, what she did to Libya, or what Bush did to Iraq.

        • Alan

          “are you denying that Killary’s health is not an issue”

          Not this week! Angelina is divorcing Brad is this week’s big news.

  • michael norton

    Ms. Neelie Kroes in the shit

    The European Commission said on Thursday it was looking into whether to take action against former EU commissioner Neelie Kroes for failing to declare a directorship of an offshore firm in the Bahamas.

    Kroes, who was the Commission’s anti-trust chief and then oversaw digital affairs under former president Jose Manuel Barroso for a decade until 2014, confirmed to newspapers which published leaked Bahamas documents that she should have declared her interest in the offshore company.

  • Macky

    Not sure how much you can put BREXIIT down to the “Right on the march”, I know of many on the Left who voted for Out; besides the mass appeal of Corbyn , and likelihood of Labour winning the next GE under him, means that at least our country is bucking the trend to the drift to the Right in the EU.

  • Republicofscotland

    This report, doesn’t seem to be going away, or even played down by the West, or Israel, infact, I don’t recall any Western media channel reporting it.

    Could it be, the Western media doesn’t want to wash, it’s militaries (Israel’s included) dirty laundry in public.

    “The US and its allies had established a Field Operations Room in the Aleppo region integrated by intelligence personnel. Until it was targeted by a Russian missile attack on September 20, this “semi-secret” facility was operated by US, British, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari intelligence personnel. ”

    “The Russian warships fired three Caliber missiles at the foreign officers’ coordination operations room in Dar Ezza region in the Western part of Aleppo near Sam’an mountain, killing 30 Israeli and western officers,”

    What on earth are Israeli officers, doing in a forward black-ops, station? In Syria. As if we don’t already know the answer to that question.

    As for the other coalition commanders, involved from various nations, could they have been the using that base as HQ, aiding and abetting the rebels and Daesh?

    If Russia had blown up and killed coalition commanders, erroneously or worse still intentionally, wouldn’t there have been a public out cry by the Western media?

    The lack of activity from the Western press, does lead one to believe that the base could been used for unscrupulous activities.

    • Habbabkuk


      “This report, doesn’t seem to be going away, or even played down by the West, or Israel, infact, I don’t recall any Western media channel reporting it.

      Could it be, the Western media doesn’t want to wash, it’s militaries (Israel’s included) dirty laundry in public.

      “The US and its allies had established a Field Operations Room in the Aleppo region integrated by intelligence personnel. Until it was targeted by a Russian missile attack on September 20, this “semi-secret” facility was operated by US, British, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari intelligence personnel. ”


      It is not being played down because it is simply ludicrous and just not worth reacting to. After all, it appears on the preposterously named “globalresearch” website.

      If the military spent all its time reacting to what’s written on loopy websites, why, it would have no time to do bad things to bad people! (copyright Prince Harry) 🙂

    • Clark

      The report seems to have originated from Russian news agency Sputnik. Iranian Fars News picked it up from Sputnik’s Arabic service:

      “The Russian Ministry of Defense has not commented on the issue”

      The Times of Israel reported the Sputnik report on Sept 22, stating that “the Israeli government did not immediately respond to requests for comment.”:

      • Clark

        An interesting comment from the article linked above:

        Petri Krohn


        I learnt something new today! Evidently Kalibr missiles are used to target NATO assets. The deconfliction rules agreed with the US mean that Russian airplanes cannot strike any target where they even suspect Americans are present. If they did, the U.S. would be forced to start shooting down Russian planes. The same applies to U.S. planes, they are not allowed to target Russians or Syrians, not even by mistake.

        The deconfliction rules do not prevent Russia from striking US assets with cruise missiles that are launched fro outside Syria. Shooting down Russian planes “in revenge” would be an escalation and forbidden. It would serve no purpose of self-defense, as the Russian planes are not threatening the Americans.

        One can naturally ask why do Americans not use cruise missiles to hit Russians and Syrians? They already did on August 31, 2013, but were stopped at the last moment by the Russian Navy. Today Russia has even firmer control over the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The Persian Gulf is also excluded as a launch site, as U.S. ships attacking Syria would be targeted by Iranian land-based anti-ship missiles.

        Proxy war.

  • Republicofscotland

    It looks like the UN, has removed the charges aimed at Russia/Syria, over the “airstrikes” on a UN convoy.

    The damage to the UN convoy has been graded as “unspecific attacks” I’m no expert, but I did say earlier on in this thread, that the UN vehicles were structurally still very much intact, but burnt out.

    The initial story that Russian/Syrian missilies had destroyed the UN convoy, was unlike my previous comment, carried far and wide by the Western press.

  • Hmmm

    Talking about NGO activities re. regime change…
    What do you make of that Ratcliffe woman in Iran?
    Reuters foundation I think it is.

    • Republicofscotland


      It’s difficult to gauge, especially when the charges against Nazanin Ratcliffe are unknown, was she spying? Or was she innocently visiting her family?

      However, no one should face imprisonment, without knowing the charges and then provided with a fair and open trial. Therefore my opinion is that the Iranian authorities should release her at once.

      • Alan

        The usual result is an exchange of “political prisoners” so maybe the question should be who have “we” got in detention that “they” want back.

        • Republicofscotland


          On the matter of Nazanin Ratcliffe, I feel she should be released immediately, to sentence someone to five years imprisonment without charge, is deplorable, and China-esque in my opinion.

          • Alan

            “On the matter of Nazanin Ratcliffe, I feel she should be released immediately, to sentence someone to five years imprisonment without charge, is deplorable, and China-esque in my opinion.”

            I would say more Myanmar-esque. Could this be the next Aung San Suu Kyi being set up? Same English husband, same detention without charge,,,,

  • Republicofscotland

    The heavy loss of Israeli intelligence officers, will only see Israel intensify it bombing of Syria, even though those activities are illegal in the eyes of the UN.

    “Israel has been attempting to drive the Syrian army out of Al-Quneitra. Israel’s objective is to join this part of the Golan Heights to the territory it controls, thereby creating a buffer zone like the one it once had in southern Lebanon. In order to achieve this objective, Israel regularly bombs Syrian military positions in the area, including Syrian Arab Army artillery positions, radar stations, etc.”

    “There is a UN Security Council Resolution (UNSC Resolution number 338) dated 22nd October 1973, which supposedly established a Syrian-Israeli ceasefire in this area. There is also a UN force – UNDOF – set up in 1974, which is supposed to supervise the ceasefire line. However, Israel has forced out most of UNDOF from the area, and in practice Israel simply ignores the terms of Resolution 338 and violates it at will.”

  • Republicofscotland

    For those of you, that are interested in what’s really going on in Syria, with regards to Western/Israeli intervention. Here the UN Peace Council representatives, who visited Syria, paying their own way in doing so. Have concluded that the West’s as they called it “invasion” of Syria is not about peace or democray but a propaganda smoke screen for regime change.

    I urge you all to watch the video, yes Habb, that means you too. ?

  • Republicofscotland

    Like the war on Iraq, and the soon to be revealed war on Assad and the Syrian people. The war on Libya and Gaddafi was a lie, a humungus bogus, war based on false intelligence.

    Well according to this it is, I’d have to agree with most of it.

    “The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee – based on interviews with all of the key British decision-makers, review of documents, and on-the-ground investigations in Africa – found that the Libyan war was based on lies, that it destroyed the country, and that it spread terrorism far and wide.”

    Sounds about right.

    Initially, the report finds that the threat to civilians from Libyan government forces was dramatically overstate

    You don’t say.

    “Amnesty International investigation in June 2011 could not corroborate allegations of mass human rights violations by Gaddafi regime troops. However, it uncovered evidence that rebels in Benghazi made false claims and manufactured evidence.”

    ” The investigation concluded thatmuch Western media coverage has from the outset presented a very one-sided view of the logic of events, portraying the protest movement as entirely peaceful and repeatedly suggesting that the regime’s security forces were unaccountably massacring unarmed demonstrators who presented no security challenge.”

    Hmm….. Sound a hell of a lot like what the Western press are pumping out about Syria, just now, wouldn’t you agree?

    • lysias

      Also sounds a lot like what the Western media were saying about Yugoslavia/Serbia at the time of the Kosovo War.

      • giyane

        The era of CIA Islamic jihad coincides with the abandonment of Islam by most Western Muslims. 90% of Muslim women in UK cities wear just tights, top and hijab, mix freely at work with men, and have adopted a cult of beauty preening. The collaboration between the CIA’s brainwashed and peak oil, peak charity, or peak immigration has not swelled the overall power of Islam. Why shouldn’t the Muslimahs think to themselves that if the men have sold their honour to the CIA for a miserable price, they have every right to sell their modesty to earn a living?.

        The reason that political Islam has sacrificed the name of Islam is that they genuinely don’t count the vast majority of Muslims as Muslim. Their definition of a Muslim is anyone who works for the CIA like them. Maybe the way to prove you work for the CIA if you’re a proper takfiri Muslimah, the female jihad, is to get those black tights on and show off your bum.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Ros
      ‘…Hmm….. Sound a hell of a lot like what the Western press are pumping out about Syria, just now, wouldn’t you agree?…’

      Yes, I most certainly would; and re Lysias’ reference to Yugoslavia.

      But why change the script, when the MSM belt it out as ‘Real McCoy’ pukka ‘truth’, and most of the sheeple lap it up?
      Why fix it if it ain’t broke?.

    • Habbabkuk

      Are you kidding, Becks?

      Assume a career spanning 40 years, that makes roughly £6.500 per annum.

      Do “most of us” pull in £6.500 pa?

      Jeez (or should I say Abe?).

      • glenn

        A career of 40 years? Hmm, that would be 16-56 without some serious amount of that educating stuff. It’s unlikely you’d be able to retire at 56 very comfortably, as a wage-earning type.

        How about 21-61, assuming a half decent education? Still a bit early these days, particularly with state pensions heading on for the 68-year mark. And that’s assuming you manage to hold onto useful work for the entire time, which is rare.

        Maybe Becky is saying that most regular folk don’t have consistent, dependable earnings (particularly not when they have to make their living in the private sector, Habbabkuk), and comfortable career projections cannot be assumed.

        How do you earn your living, by way of illustration?

    • Republicofscotland

      “And is Gulnara in Israel?”


      Sharp Ears.

      If she is in Israel, I’m sure the new Israeli spy satellite (Ofek-11) will know exactly where she is. The Israeli’s seem pretty chuffed that their new spy satellite is working properly after a serious glitches.

      It’s the sixth Israeli spy satellite to be launched.

    • Habbabkuk

      Sharp Ears

      “And is Gulnara in Israel?”

      Who knows? They are but unconfirmed rumours.

      Personally I’d put my money on the UK. Perhaps somewhere leafy in the Home Counties?

      • Paul Barbara

        Has anyone ever heard of the Conservative Party or Lib Dems suspending members who have committed no crimes (and likely as not, even if they have committed crimes)?
        Maybe we should buy some guillotines from France while we are still in the EU, as they may get more expensive later.

  • RobG

    The latest odds from the bookies on Corbyn retaining the leadership tomorrow…

    Jeremy Corbyn is a run-away odds-on favourite to win the contest.

    But why are Owen whats-his-name & Co apparently committing political suicide?

    Maybe they know something that we don’t.

    There’s no way that Washington will allow a real socialist to remain leader of the Labour Party, let alone allowing Corbyn to stand in a general election which he could easily win.

    • bevin

      It will be interesting to see what happens next. As someone-of the non trolling community- suggested above the next trick of this Blairite Tribute Band to Stalinism, will be to fix the Conference vote, further to hamstring the elected leader and prevent any clear statement of the, and it cannot be said often enough, extremely mild, though overdue, programme of reforms.
      The idea is to maintain the continuing din of white noise in order to drown out any ideas proceeding from the people upwards. And thus to maintain the monopoly of the current Blaiirite caste.
      Much of what is going on is ‘coat trailing’: the saboteurs’ narrative was built around the propensity of the ‘hard left’ to turn to violence: to break alleyway windows (Hold the Presses!!) and stare angrily at those accusing them of anti-semitism or listening to the Foo Effing Fighters.
      They have the great advantage that their object is to create chaos, to break up the Labour Party and replace it with something as corrupt and useless for popular purpose as the Democratic Party. If they can start a riot they will be very happy.

      On the other hand these carefully constructed webs, being spun by the spider Mandelson and his creatures, are like the Gordian Knot : those who want to will puzzle out how to pass a resolution when the chair has disqualified half the delegates, or select a candidate for Parliament, after all but two carefully chosen careerist nonentities have been deemed ineligible. The only way to deal with it is to slash it to pieces.
      I will be very surprised if there are not large numbers of well organised descendants of the Chartists and those who built the Trade Union movement surrounding the Conference Hall. We have seen the traitors sneering for months, now I expect to see the cowards begin to flinch, behind the wall of security guards, as they review the numbers and the unanimity of those that they have set out to rob of their franchises and insult because they are so slow to anger, so deliberate in their responses and so certain to prevail. It is time that the people of England spoke- we have listened to their enemies for long enough.

      • Habbabkuk

        ” the next trick of this Blairite Tribute Band to Stalinism, will be to fix the Conference vote”

        = if Conference does not vote as Bev thinks it should”


        “I will be very surprised if there are not large numbers of well organised descendants of the Chartists and those who built the Trade Union movement surrounding the Conference Hall.”

        = “a rent-a-mob of Trots, far-lefters and anarchists will be in attendance outside”.

        Translation courtesy of Habbabkuk Inc.

      • Rose

        Bevin at 18.48

        …………”the extremely mild and long overdue reforms” – yes this is what puzzles and troubles me. What Jeremy is proposing is presented as if it is some kind of rabid rabble-rousing rhetoric – when in fact it is nothing of the kind: it is what the majority of sensible, loving, compassionate people want – hence the thousands of us who are cheering him on to lead a Labour party with those principles.
        I thought those principles were what the Labour party were founded on – oh hang on, sorry I forgot – we had the Gang of Four and Nu-Lab didn’t we ….all down hill after that.

    • Habbabkuk


      The only contest that matters is the contest represented by the next general election.

      I shall not repeat my view on the inevitable outcome.

      Tschin tschin!

      • RobG

        Habba, to properly understand geopolitics in our modern age, one has to understand the real issues, which are…

        I only wish I were making this up.

        Corbyn will walk a general election. You know that as well as I do, which is why you occupy the job that you have.

        • YKMN

          Yes, my acquaintance Ed Balls will be twirling too over the w/e now that he’s had his eyebrows waxed, or summat?

          But back to the trivial news:- CIA analyst suggests that Russia & USA will soon be competing for energy deliveries to Europe & Asia. . . what a lighthearted article

          Mentions vast weird things such a trillion cubic feet of gas per year – heading somewhere, unless the other one gets there first? At least the market will deliver. . .

          US, Russia to compete for gas markets in Europe, Asia
          23 Sep 2016, 3.15 pm GMT

          Washington, 23 September (Argus) — The US and Russia will compete to provide natural gas to Europe and Asia in the low-price environment, a former CIA analyst said yesterday.

          Bud Coote, now a resident fellow at the Atlantic Council, and other gas analysts at an event held by the council in Washington said countries have not adopted policies that would increase gas use.

          “Governments need to focus on gas as a transition fuel,” he said. “Markets cannot do it all…

          Coote said US shale gas has depressed world market prices since 2009, but recent Henry Hub gains hurt the competitiveness of US LNG. The prompt month US futures contract is up 28pc this year.

          That increase, combined with $3/mmBtu in liquefaction costs, allows Russia’s Gazprom to maintain European market share with recent delivered prices around $4.85/mmBtu, Coote said.

          Gazprom is supposed to begin supplying China’s state-owned CNPC for 30 years beginning in 2018 and gradually ramp up volumes to 1.3 Tcf/yr (38bn m³/yr)…

          US LNG suppliers offer the most flexible terms for gas sales, [Jane] said, at a time when Chinese power demand is slowing and the country seeks to be an electricity exporter…

  • Golden Goose

    The introduction of public-private partnerships and PFI in the third sector has created loopholes for leeching money out of charitable services. Here’s how.

    Some public authorities have large pots of social action funding, which the charity bosses would love to get their hands on. Under PPPs, they can sell the charity’s services (environmental schemes, health promotion, community building, etc.) for an agreed fee to the authority. This happens more than you might think. To manage the projects, they form a private company-limited-by-shares (because regulations forbid a charity from being exposed to financial “risk”), with the CEO and associated cronies as the main investors. Operating costs can be kept low because it’s the charity doing the actual work. If they price the services with a good profit margin, and gift-aid to the charity as a tax dodge, they can generate a decent surplus to be pocketed as dividends. They can even award share options, to themselves as bonuses or to anyone who needs to be bought off. Result: they acquire an additional income stream with grows with the charity, over and above their actual salaries, while building a nest-egg from part-ownership of the CLS. All off the back of public-funds, charitable donations and the work of well-meaning volunteers who are striving to improve their communities. It’s ethically dubious, but sadly it ain’t illegal.

    • Sharp Ears

      Interesting. Another lot of tricks. Is it possible to give some examples.

      Also what is CLS?.


    • Ba'al Zevul

      Not just local public authorities: international aid budgets and corporations charidee-washing their toxic images….also what is defined as a legitimate charity objective is open to a lot of interpretation. Sick children and abused kittens are all very well if you’re relying on street chuggers with buckets for the cash, but the true professional will go for third world governance and ‘mentoring’ entrepreneurs….know who I mean?

  • RobG

    A reply to Old Mark’s post from yesterday evening:

    Which I will reply to here, otherwise it might get lost in the noise (particularly those who believe that there’s going to be a Brexit).

    The present UK government never, ever talks about social housing (and never builds any). Instead it’s all about ‘owning your own home’, a concept that is still totally alien to most people in Europe.

    The reason they want you to ‘buy your own home’ is because for most people it involves something called ‘a mortgage’ (the word ‘mortgage’ comes from old French and quite literally translates as ‘debt death’). You take out a loan to pay for your hovel, and you pay huge amounts of interest on it for just about all your adult life. It’s called usury, and it’s what the western world revolves around: money for nothing.

    • glenn

      I thought ‘mortgage’ meant “death grip” – thanks for the correction there, RobG.

      Interesting points, but my advice is to damn their impudence at charging interest – pay it off at the earliest opportunity, and then forget about both rent and mortgage payments for the rest of your life. The secret is in not over-stretching yourself in the first place. Get somewhere in a location well within your means, and make the most of it. My personal preference is a reasonable place within a 10-minute walk of the coast, but of course that means you have to put up with an annoying number of tourists.

    • Old Mark

      Rob G

      It’s good to see that you are no longer defending your asinine comment about RTB homeowners defaulting on their mortgages at a rate of around 50%; now that you’ve implictly retracted that claim we can have a reasonable discussion about the subject.

      You’ll note from the Grauniad link you gave that the chart showing the zig-zags in the level of RTB sales since the 1980 Housing Act gave council tenants this statutory right nationally, in particular the upswing in sales in the late 80s and again in the noughties. In both cases the uptick was related to a more general ‘boom’ in house prices- but the late 80s increase also reflected the granting of more generous discounts to flat dwelling tenants, and a reduction in the eligibility period to 2 years as a tenant (initially under the 1980 Act it was 5 years tenancy). In my opinion this is when the promotion of the RTB by Thatcher began to lose any semblance of economic logic, and instead became an ideological shibboleth.

      You may be surprised to learn that the Callaghan government in the late 70s had seen local RTB schemes as operated by several then Tory controlled councils (including the GLC) as success stories, and they gave serious consideration to introducing the RTB nationally- however moves in this direction were vetoed by the pig headed opposition of the then Environment Sec, Peter Shore. Had Callaghan appointed a different Environment Sec, it is possible that a national RTB scheme , with fairly modest discount scales, and a 5 year qualifying period, may have become a ‘bipartisan’ policy, and not a policy now seen as one of the hallmarks of the Thatcher era.

      To summarise, my view on Right to Buy is that-
      1.The original terms of the scheme in the 1980 Act were reasonable- they allowed tenants who so wished to change their tenure on mutually advantageous terms- the tenant acquired an asset at a discounted price whilst the council landlord was relieved of potentially expensive future liabilities in terms of maintenance and upkeep of an ageing housing stock.
      2 The revisions to the original scheme applied by the Tories since 1980 have been ideologically driven, and are harmful to both the wider housing market and in narrower terms, to the supply of social housing to households in need who cannot afford to buy. The current level of discount available to tenants since the latest adjustments made under Cameron is ridiculously high, and amounts to a short term bribe to tenants to over extend themselves financially in the long run, In short, they are indefensible.
      3 The latest wheeze- the proposed extension of the RTB to tenants of charitable housing associations,is also completely indefensible.

      Hope this clarifies things.

  • Dual National

    Anyone ever reading the bumf accompanying their passports, would notice the warnings contained therein about the jurisdiction of the home countries for dual nationals! Ie these dual nationals when in their country of second nationality, ought to understand that the British government will not have any jurisdiction there!

    However given the degrees of the political illiteracy on exhibit as it is expected from the Sun and DM educated souls frequenting the blogs in UK. These “HIGHLY EDUCATED” Sun/DM readers would not care one jot about the facts as they would be far more interested in jingoism and denouncement of the dirty rotten foreign dictatorships!!! (1)

    The available data clearly states that the dual nationals will not be enjoying any protection of the British government whilst in their other home country. This of course stands to reason that otherwise any dual national would expect their other nationality to compel the government involved to exert pressure on British government for these to scape any reprisals from the British government for their crimes and misdemeanor whilst these dual nationals are in UK.

    Therefore the female who is in Iran and subject to the jurisdiction of the Iranian government understandably is on her own! However fact that British news rags are busy pushing for her release without paying any attention to the charges she is facing. This indeed ought to be speaking volumes to any bystander. Why is this not the case?

    How come no one mentions the protocols concerning dual nationals and the jurisdictions involved?
    Why would the Iranians apprehend the female? Have they nothing better to do?

    Never mind the facts, let’s get on with the usual tirade against dirty rotten foreign dictatorships, it feels much better.

    (1) Dictatorship is defined as any government that we don’t like and denounce as such. Fact that a minority of less than a couple of hundred thousand members of a political party decide; based on opaque and secretive process on the choice of whom should represent their district/town/village who is then entered into general elections, and is voted for. This vote getting cast yet by a further minority of people representing the whole of the population ie the sixty million, that aids the said minority chosen bunch into the office and thus leading the “winner” to declare a “mandate”, and to get on with ruling with an iron fist (strong government) is of course the epitome of democracy and thus can afford the said bunch of dictators to denounce any other form of governance as dictatorship!

    • Anon1

      You sound very fed up.

      Could it not be that a country such as Iran does not share our enlightened and tolerant multicultural values and therefore could not conceive of the woman as anything other than Iranian?

      • fedup

        Aside from the ever ready self projections of the culprits with many IP and one PC/tablet/phone whom see the world from their own putrid lenses and project their sinister cynicism onto others. The baseless assertions start with;

        Iran does not share our enlightened and tolerant multicultural values

        Says the same entity who is on record with such enlightened terms; “ra..fugees”, along with an endless stream of racist drivel, is waxing lyrical about “enlightenment”! Clearly the representative of a very enlightened bunch as its’ contributions plastered around this blog.

        The fact that the said racist suffering from historical amnesia combined with rank historical illiteracy considers the birthplace of civilisation ie Iran/Persia as not “enlightened” aside, it’s forwarded contention is a tautology; “therefore could not conceive of the woman as anything other than Iranian“! A noble wining observation indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best to send a stamped and self-addressed envelope to get your prize by return ASAP.

        However in its putrid racist fashion taking a dig and denouncing the contributor, as ever fulfilling it’s mission of continuation of the barrage of oligarch/state owned media propaganda and mims.

        In short the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” principle applying this blog’s very own racist at largely is defending the rights of an “immigrant” because the said “immigrant” was engaged in nefarious activities within the enemy’s territories! Needless to point out that the 200 Nukes aimed at Iran is not sufficient and there is a need for even more measures, as we all know there is no end to the paranoia and there is nothing that can assuage mass psychosis of feeling persecuted.


        Dual National,

        Thanks for your forwarded points, and don’t hold your breath for any reasonable debate around here. As you have already noticed it is implied that you and I are one and the same. Around this neck of the woods the moment there is a danger of any sensible point raised; it is either ignored, swamped by total nonsense of the “luminaries” sent/dispatched to “keep and eye” on this blog, or at best deleted by the so called moderators.

    • John Goss

      Quite right. Channel 4 was much better tonight and interviewed Stephen O’Brien, a former Conservative MP, and currently Undersecretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator. He spoke common sense and when asked if Russia should be puniched for attacks and his main message was that the perpetrators of any air-strikes on Aleppo should be brought to task. But his main message was the need to get the truce back on the table.

      O’Brien is clearly a good diplomat and concerned for civilians, and not just in Aleppo. He never mentioned that John Kerry was the one preventing this but he did mention, to our shame (like me I suspect he loves our country) we, the UK and US are still supplying the Saudi regime with weapons that are making Yemen as much a nightmare as Syria.

      • Old Mark

        John Goss- I got the impression that O’Brien was interviewed as a sensible counterweight to an earlier interviewee- namely Mrs Kinnock, in her new (overpaid) role as CEO of Save the Children !

    • michael norton

      The White House Helmets
      Rescuing babies from rubble and hurtling towards mushroom clouds, this dizzying documentary tells the story of the heroic group who risk their lives every day to help their stricken brothers and sisters
      the Guardian

  • michael norton

    BREAKING – Jo Cox constituency vacant
    Soap star Tracy Brabin to stand in Jo Cox by-election

    The ex-Coronation Street, EastEnders and Emmerdale star was chosen as the party’s candidate ahead of fellow nominee Jane Thomas.

    Mrs Cox, who was MP for Batley and Spen, was shot and stabbed in Birstall, West Yorkshire, on 16 June.

  • michael norton

    The Family Kinnock SCAMS

    Glenys Kinnock, wife of Neil Kinnock, the European commissioner and former Labour leader, has also been monitored by Martin. He claims she has left the Parliament within an hour of signing on at least 26 times, making her by his reckoning Labour’s most prolific claimant. A spokesman for Kinnock said yesterday: ‘She does not want to give these allegations credibility by commenting on them. She’s broken no rules and got nothing to hide.

    What is really incredible about the Kinnocks, a married couple, who represent the epitome of Champagne Socialists, is that her husband, Neil Kinnock, was on the BBC Politics Program this morning, pontificating about why the British people should not be allowed a vote in the EU Constitution referendum. Of course, he doesn’t think the British people should have a vote because he and his wife may just lose out on future expense scams.

    • Mick McNulty

      Politicians can say they haven’t broken the rules because it’s themselves they write the rules for. If Al Capone and the Krays could have written their own rules they wouldn’t have broken any rules either. Not one.

  • Paul Barbara

    I know one shouldn’t ‘feed the Trolls’, but it does sometimes help to get the message out to decent folk:

    @ HabbabkukSeptember 23, 2016 at 16:08
    ‘Readers will note that despite all the bluster you have not denied that you once suggested that El Presidente Chavez died of a cancer injected by the CIA!’

    ‘The Strange Death of Hugo Chavez: An Interview with Eva Golinger

    ‘…MW– Who is Leamsy Salazar and how is he connected to the US Intelligence Agencies?
    Eva Golinger– Leamsy Salazar was one of Chavez’s closest aides for nearly seven years. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Venezuelan Navy and became known to Chavez after he waved the Venezuelan flag from the roof of the presidential guard’s barracks at the presidential palace during the 2002 coup, as the rescue of Chavez was underway. He became a symbol of the loyal armed forces that helped defeat the coup and Chavez rewarded him by bringing him on as one of his assistants. Salazar was both a bodyguard and an aide to Chavez, who would bring him coffee and meals, stand by his side, travel with him around the world and protect him during public events. I knew him and interacted with him many times. He was one of the familiar faces protecting Chavez for many years.  He was a key member of Chavez’s elite inner security circle, with private access to Chavez and privileged and highly confidential knowledge of Chavez’s comings and goings, daily routine, schedule and dealings.
    After Chavez passed away in March 2013, because of his extended service and loyalty, Leamsy was transferred to the security detail of Diosdado Cabello, who was then president of Venezuela’s National Assembly and considered one of the most powerful political and military figures in the country. Cabello was one of Chavez’s closest allies. It should be noted that Leamsy remained with Chavez throughout most of his illness up to his death and had privileged access to him that few had, even from his security team.
    Shockingly, in December 2014, news reports revealed that Leamsy had secretly been flown to the US from Spain, where he was allegedly on vacation with his family. The plane that flew him was said to be from the DEA. He was placed in witness protection and news reports have stated he is providing information to the US government about Venezuelan officials involved in a high level ring of drug trafficking. Opposition-owned media in Venezuela claim he gave details accusing Diosdado Cabello of being a drug-kingpin, but none of that information has been independently verified, nor have any court records or allegations been released, if they exist.
    Another explanation for his going into the witness protection program in the US could include his involvement in the assassination of Chavez, possibly done as part of a CIA black op, or maybe even done under the auspices of CIA but carried out by corrupt elements within the Venezuelan government. Before the Panama Papers were released, I had accidentally discovered and was investigating a dangerous corrupt, high level individual within the government, who Chavez had previously dismissed, but who returned after his death and was placed in an even more influential, powerful position.  This individual also appears to be collaborating with the US government. People like that, who let greed obscure their conscience, and who are involved in lucrative criminal activity, could have also played a role in his death.
    For example, the Panama Papers exposed another former Chavez aide, Army Captain Adrian Velasquez, who was in charge of security for Chavez’s son Hugo. Captain Velasquez’s wife, a former Navy Officer, Claudia Patricia Diaz Guillen, was Chavez’s nurse for several years and had private, unsupervised access to him. Furthermore, Claudia administered medicines, shots and other health and food-related materials to Chavez over a period of years. Just one month before his deadly illness was discovered in 2011, Chavez named Claudia as Treasurer of Venezuela, placing her in charge of the country’s money. It’s still unclear as to why she was named to this important position, considering she had previously been his nurse and had no similar experience. She was dismissed from the position right after Chavez passed away. Both Captain Velasquez and Claudia appeared in the Panama Papers as owning a shell company with millions of dollars. They also own property in an elite area in the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, where properties cost in the millions, and they have resided there since at least June 2015. The documents show that right after Chavez passed away and Nicolas Maduro was elected president in April 2013, Captain Velasquez opened an off-shore company on April 18, 2013 through the Panamanian firm Mossack Fonesca, called Bleckner Associates Limited.  A Swiss financial investment firm, V3 Capital Partners LLC, affirmed they manage the funds of Captain Velasquez, which number in the millions. It’s impossible for an Army Captain to have earned that amount of money through legitimate means. Neither him nor his wife, Claudia, have returned to Venezuela since 2015.
    Captain Velasquez was especially close with Leamsy Salazar….’
    ‘…according to declassified secret US documents, that the US Army was developing an injectable radiation weapon to use for political assassinations of select enemies as far back as 1948. The Church Commission hearings into the Kennedy Assassination also uncovered the existence of an assassination weapon developed by CIA to induce heart attacks and soft-tissue cancers. Chavez died of an aggressive soft-tissue cancer. By the time it was detected it was too late. There is other information out there documenting the development of a “cancer virus” that was going to be weaponized and allegedly used to kill Fidel Castro in the 1960s. I know most of that seems like science fiction, but do your research and see what really exists. I don’t believe everything I read either. As a lawyer and investigative journalist, I need hard evidence, and multiple, verifiable sources. Even if we just go on the official US Army document from 1948, it’s a fact that the US government was in the process of a developing a radiation weapon for political assassinations. More than 60 years later we can only imagine what technological capacities exist…..’

    I would add that Lee Harvey Oswald was involved with a secret US government program, along with his fiancee, in 1963 working on a project to create a super-virulent strain of cancer, which was to be administered to Fidel Castro (see ‘Me and Lee’, Judyth Vary Baker, and the linked (in subject) ‘Dr. Mary’s Monkey’ by Edward Haslam – incidentally, no one’s written a book yet ‘Mr. Netanyahu’s Monkey’ – any ideas, Habbs?).
    The virulent cancer was created, but was not administered (at that time) to Castro. So it is not at all surprising that huge numbers of people believe Hugo Chavez was infected, including me. As Hugo himself pointed out, 5 Left-Wing leaders of Latin American countries have ‘contracted’ cancer.

    It is absolutely ridiculous to believe that cancer cannot be intentionally transmitted, by injection or otherwise, including covert exposure to radiation.
    And as an indication of the lengths the US would go to to kill leaders it didn’t like, try this: ‘638 ways to kill Castro:

    Should put cat amongst the pigeons!

  • giyane

    The US absorbed the Nazi mentality scientists who experimented on humans. Killing people is the least of their nasty ideas. It was realised that the brain, like the body, is fuelled by oxygen, which is carried in the bloodstream. If the bloodstream can be loaded with radioactive chemicals like Lithium components, the busier the part of the brain is about something , the more the poison will be carried to the hotspot. No problem at all in finding ways to make the brain busy: when the state which should protect society starts to torture it the human experience/ memory based brain gets busy, and the poison destroys the recorded memory.

    Fortunately the brain is not alone. God gave us another organ, the heart, which physically pumps the oxygen, but which is the location of the soul which is endued with conscience, morality, taqwa/god-worship. They haven’t yet found a way to destroy human souls. The nearest they can get is to flood our senses with irrelevences like sex, porn, football, circuses, war booty, power, property, and branded vehicles.

    The biggest challenge to corporate capitalism, the theft of global resources, is from the sincere advice of our Creato, who created us, NOT to be sidetracked with these glittering things. That’s the message of the Torah, the Gospels and the Qur’an. Shirk, the Arabic word for creating partners with God, is when you adopt a modus vivendi different from that which is given in the Holy Scriptures mentioned.

    One of the mujahideen veterans explained to me that for Islam to succeed it needed power, and that power could only be obtained by jihad. What he did not mention is that the jihad of our times is the service of the CIA, This is a creed worthy of Macchiavelli, and it is shirk, which is why God calls the collaborators of our prophet’s time mushrikeen, people who adopt a different idea to that prescribed for us in the Qur’an.

    The mujahideen of Kosovo, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria are mushrikeen, enemies of Islam and enemies of the Muslims. When Muslims reject their political creed of ruthless lies/murder/politics as incorrect, they cannot produce any evidence from the Qur’an for their toxic ideas. So they concentrate on spying on Muslims in order to discover their human weaknesses, and spreading malice about them in the Muslim community.

    Thankfully we have in Russia’s Lavrov and Putin people who have hearts of lions, who instinctively recognise the disgusting nihilism of political Islams sucking on the teats of USUKIS global colonial capitalism. Who are prepared to mobilise the technology and financial power of China in order to crush the mushrikeen/mujahideen of Al Qaida led by the dissolute retrograde liar Zawahiri from Pakistan.

    It has been extraordinary in the last few days while I was staying in a hotel room with a TV, to see the overweight, under-brained Eton fag-fart Boris Johnson lecturing Russia on its courage not to let the mushrikeen / mujahideen win. We in the UK got rid of the Pope, a vicious nest of religious and secular depravity at the time. We in Islam will do the same to the USUKIS mafia which is Al Qaida and Daesh.

    I wonder what Boris and John McCain will look like perpetually disintegrating like barbecued sausages in eternal flame.

  • michael norton

    Competion for which gas pipeline to cross Syria
    Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect recent Wikileaks revelations of US State Department leaks that show plans to destabilize Syria and overthrow the Syrian government as early as 2006.
    The leaks reveal that these plans were given to the U.S.A. directly from the Israeli government and would be formalized through instigating civil strife and sectarianism through partnership with nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and even Egypt to break down the power structure in Syria to essentially weaken Iran and Hezbolla. The leaks also reveal Israeli plans to use this crisis to expand it’s occupation of the Golan Heights for additional oil exploration and military expansion.

  • Jayne Venables

    I have tweeted @save_children and @ChtyCommission
    “No loose change till I see Real Change.” If everyone tweets, or retweets my tweet, that’s a lot of tweets.

    The Blair award issue disturbed me deeply; these revelations prevent me from supporting this charity until it proves it has cleaned up.

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