The Significance of Theresa May’s Disgraceful Quote 306

Theresa May’s disgraceful quoting with approval at Prime Minister’s Questions an anti-Corbyn twitter user has been grossly under-reported – and that under-reporting is itself part of what makes this of enormous signficance. But first just consider this sample of the account from which the UK’s Prime Minister quoted:








Collins right wing laddism crosses the line into the grossly offensive and unacceptable. It is a puerile display of sexist, racist and anti-disabled hatred.

May’s folly in quoting Collins is extremely important for two reasons.

Firstly, if either Nicola Sturgeon or Jeremy Corbyn had done this they would be under simply colossal pressure from the mainstream media. Tarring by association has been the backbone of the mainstream media campaigns against both Corbyn and the SNP, and pages after page and headline after headline have been concocted around the slightest association of Corbyn, Sturgeon or Salmond with people a great deal less vile than Collins, over just single intemperate social media entries.

Will anybody attempt to deny it is true that if Corbyn or Sturgeon quoted a twitter account as offensive as this one it would be massive front page headlines?

Secondly, it is important because May’s tactic at Prime Minister’s Questions is to ignore the question asked, but reply with a pre-arranged jibe about Jeremy Corbyn. That is precisely what happened here. The “joke” quoting Lewis Collins by name was written by one of May’s political advisers – paid by the taxpayer – and then read out by her. May claimed that “Lewis’s” comment had been selected from replies to a Corbyn social media tweet canvassing public opinion. It seems to me massively improbable that this is true. Tory advisers are not sifting through tens of thousands of public social media replies to Jeremy Corbyn, and then happening to hit on this Tory commenter.

The truth is rather that Collins’ gross Tory laddism appeals to Tory professionals, and that May’s adviser who wrote the question is almost certainly a follower or fan of Lewis Collins’ output. And that seems to me to tell us something very significant indeed about this Tory government.

May needs not only to apologise profoundly for having quoted Collins, she needs to identify who wrote this answer for her. And sack them.

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306 thoughts on “The Significance of Theresa May’s Disgraceful Quote

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    • Paul Barbara

      @ RobG September 9, 2016 at 21:39
      ‘America is by far the largest user of psychotropic drugs in the world…’

      Now, re drugs and the US of A……
      ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ by Michael Ruppert
      ‘Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies, and the CIA in Central America’ by Peter Dale Scott
      ‘Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion’ by Gary Webb
      ‘Compromised: Clinton, Bush, and the C.I.A’ by Terry Reed, John Cummings
      ‘Fatal Justice’ by Jerry Allen Potter & Fred Bost
      ‘Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security’ by Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips
      Also videos:
      ‘The Mena Connection Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra, And Drug Running’:
      and: ‘Mark Phillips & Cathy O’Brien – For Reasons Of National Security’:

      Yet they raid farms with SWAT teams for selling unpasteurised milk, and raid homes and farms for drugs with SWAT teams; shoot scores of Blacks and Coloureds, often for no reason but often in drug-suspected circs..the hypocrisy and utter evil of the whole US political, security, legal and MSM is almost impossible to take in. Then there’s the wars…
      And we aren’t too far behind, with our top knobs and their paedophilia, all nicely covered up, and their kidnapping of children from often loving families on trumped-up excuses (and the wars….)

  • YKMN

    Oliver Stone’s movie was made with European financing as “we(usa) are in a new McCarthy era”

    More snowdon:

    An actor comments:

    there is another kind of patriot which can only exist in a free country like the United States of America who holds the government accountable and who will ask questions. And this is what Edward Snowden has done in the most extreme of ways.”

    “Not everybody in the world does have that privilege and that’s what democracy is and that’s what our founders were protecting when they wrote the Bill of Rights. This is why they gave us the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press,”

    [One free article], seems CIA interfered in 2004 election, but nobody was interested

  • michael norton


    Paris, FRANCE Terror Plot Suspect Was Engaged To Priest Killer

    One of the women arrested over a foiled terror attack in Paris had been engaged to a man who slit a priest’s throat, it has emerged.

    Adel Kermiche, 19, murdered Father Jacques Hamel, who was in his 80s, during a morning mass in July.

    Kermiche and his accomplice Abdelmalik Petitjean were then shot by police as they left the church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, Normandy, using nuns as human shields.

    On Friday, Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said the detained woman, referred to as Sarah H, was also betrothed to another extremist who carried out a deadly attack in June.

  • michael norton

    What you people must remember
    This weekend, the server a facility adjacent to the Notre Dame Cathedral sounded the alarm after seeing a suspicious car parked nearby. This proved to be filled with gas cylinders (5 total). Francois Molins, the prosecutor of Paris said that young women wanted to set fire to the car to explode gas cylinders.

    In this case four, two brothers and their companions, had been arrested before Thursday night. The first couple was arrested on a motorway service area of ​​Orange Tuesday while since this Wednesday, September 7, a second pair is heard after being arrested near Montargis. and are still Thursday night in custody in connection with this investigation.

    Three women, including the daughter of the owner of the car, were arrested in Boussy-Saint-Antoine Thursday. One of them is seriously injured. The youngest of the three, Ines, was known to the Belgian services.

    Connections between these three women and men who prevailed in Magnanville and Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray were revealed.

    • michael norton

      So Robg
      are all these gas attacks in Belgium and France
      false flag events,
      or do you believe any of them are real?

      • nevermind

        go get your own blog and see whether somebody would like to follow your drum roll news collection avalanches, MN.

        Thanks for your link to Chelsea Manning, Brian, she must have one hell of a time behind bars with all these perverts trying out their psychological handling on her, trying to get her tio talk or even trying to turn her against those principles that made her release these damning emails and data.

        • Alan

          He promised he was going to leave yesterday, but I guess he couldn’t find anybody else to let him run an endless news stream on their blog. It’s not as if blogs cost anything to start.

          • michael norton

            Hi Alan, I hope you are well.
            I do not remember promising to leave.
            I may have been a bit hasty with my remarks about moderation.
            The page had flipped, & I had not noticed, so I offer them my very humble apologies.

      • Laguerre

        I can’t see your problem. No western government (France or Britain or US) can rationally expect to bombard people in the Middle East, and expect there to be no retaliation. If you think there’s a problem, address yourself to T. May or F. Hollande (or B. Obama).

      • Alan

        The manufacturers of gas cylinders spend a fortune designing them to contain gas safely. They are not designed to explode, therefore anybody trying to use them as explosives has to be pretty dumb. Also gas cylinders are pretty heavy to carry around. Why anybody would try to use them as bombs is beyond explanation.

        Now back in the days when we had real terrorists, they used to do things like pack a transit van with Semtex and explode it underneath the bridges at Staples Corner just before the rush hour, thus causing maximum disruption, but these modern terrorists seem absolutely clueless.

        Does that answer your question?

  • Alcyone

    Liam Fox is right in a way, but he has forgotten that it is a far more competitive world today. He is also not very inspiring.

    It is young entrepreneurs that the Government needs to support, stimulate and incubate into action. A wholly, radical approach is required if the British cake is going to grow bigger, rather than merely arguing about how to carve up the existing cake.

    The fundamental problem is British politicians have inadequate understanding of business.

    • bevin

      “. A wholly, radical approach is required if the British cake is going to grow bigger, rather than merely arguing about how to carve up the existing cake…”

      Never mind a new approach, you are going to need a new planet too. The “British cake” is quite big enough what is needed is a decent attitude towards others, imposing on us the duty of apportioning of the kind that would be minimally acceptable in any primitive community.
      And treatment of the addiction to consuming unnecessary products which is a form of social madness.
      One thing is certain: the “cake has been growing for centuries” and so, simultaneously, has the problem of poverty and social inequality.

  • Alcyone

    This is quite interesting, hence I re-post this from Norton here:

    “michael norton
    September 10, 2016 at 11:56
    This is quite interesting
    On 9 June 2011 false allegations of sexual assault were levelled against Bridgen, leading to his arrest in London by the Metropolitan Police and subsequent release on bail. A week later the allegations were retracted as untrue, and police said no further action would be taken.
    In comments to the Daily Mail, Bridgen claimed the incident, and the false allegations “ruined his life”. He was divorced shortly after the incident. In January 2015 it emerged his accuser, Annabelle Fuller, a woman rumoured to be the ex-lover of UKIP leader Nigel Farage,
    was interviewed under caution on suspicion of making false allegations against M.P. Bridgen.
    Annabelle Fuller was reported to the police by a third-party who had been sent messages by Fuller about the incident, which led to Fuller’s arrest.”

  • Republicofscotland

    “The Israeli Air Force attacked Syria in the early hours of Thursday morning following spillover from the fighting in Syria.”

    “Several mortars were fired into Israel on Wednesday afternoon, hitting the northern Golan Heights. No injuries or damage was reported.”

    Why would Israel launch bombing sorties into Syria, over mortar shells falling in the Golan Heights? Afterall the Golan Heights are part of Syrian territories.

    The Golan Heights are “internationally” recognised as Syrian, despite Israel illegally annexing the rich and fertile lands in 1981, years after they usurped its residents in the Six-Day war of 1967.

    The UN National Security Council condemned the annexation, and administration in Resolution 497. To this day the international community see Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights as null and void.,7340,L-4852032,00.html

  • Alcyone

    This is interesting stuff, re-posted here from the Vaz thread:

    “michael norton
    September 10, 2016 at 11:56
    This is quite interesting
    On 9 June 2011 false allegations of sexual assault were levelled against Bridgen, leading to his arrest in London by the Metropolitan Police and subsequent release on bail. A week later the allegations were retracted as untrue, and police said no further action would be taken.
    In comments to the Daily Mail, Bridgen claimed the incident, and the false allegations “ruined his life”. He was divorced shortly after the incident. In January 2015 it emerged his accuser, Annabelle Fuller, a woman rumoured to be the ex-lover of UKIP leader Nigel Farage,
    was interviewed under caution on suspicion of making false allegations against M.P. Bridgen.
    Annabelle Fuller was reported to the police by a third-party who had been sent messages by Fuller about the incident, which led to Fuller’s arrest.”

    • michael norton

      Tory MP Andrew Bridgen demanded a police investigation into his neighbouring MP Keith Vaz in a letter to the Met. He said:

      Dear Sir Bernard,

      I write to you following the recent allegations in the Sunday Mirror dated 4th September 2016 that Keith Vaz paid escorts for sex in his flat in Edgware. The report and associated video suggests a conspiracy to supply a controlled substance. I would also question whether Mr Vaz has breached ‘Misconduct in Public Office’ laws with what has been reported. I would urge you to consider examining the report and requesting a transcript from the Sunday Mirror of the incident to establish if there has been any breach of the law.

      I also believe that Mr Vaz is or has been under investigation recently by Leicestershire Police and would urge you to contact the Chief Constable Simon Cole to assess whether there is any link between any of the potential offences.

      Yours sincerely

      Andrew Bridgen MP

    • YKMN

      re: alcyone, ‘bizarre’ “Nazanin” you are right, this is a very important story

      As you can read on the fringes of massmedia, western dual-citizenship nationals in ‘sensitive’ countries are increasingly being arrested & thrown into evil dank dark dungeons.

      Iran recently ‘caught’ three (ir-gb, ir-can, ir-usa) this supportive story in Brietbart reveals that is is happening in a wider arc than simply Persia

      This above link shows that there around twelve hostages in just Venezuela.

      I read an obviously Cuban propaganda news article a few years ago, hard to find now, but it shows the state-of-mind that these autocratic countries labour under:-

      In this article , from their oblique point of view, they claim that the foreigners came with a charity, installed tens of thousands of communication devices, and gave direct and indirect assistance to help overthrow the Cuban regime.

      It is to be hoped, that much as Cuba has now welcomed Obama, 5 years after this CIA destabilisation allegation, that within 5 years the Iranian & no-doubt many other captives around the non-western world will be released, following discussions rather than colorful overtones. People like Nazanin, accidentally caught up in spook vs spook hysteria, should obviously be released immediately.

  • Republicofscotland

    It would appear the BDS movement is gaining international support, as fifty cities and town’s in Spain declare themselves, Israeli Apartheid Free Zones.

    Though plans to silence the movement in Spain, have faultered somewhat;

    “In the Spanish state, attempts to silence the BDS movement, particularly on an institutional level, have been led by ACOM, a pro-Israeli Madrid-based lobby group.”

    “ACOM has launched a number of legal appeals against local councils that have declared themselves Israeli Apartheid Free Zones.”

    “However, ACOM’s strategy of intimidation has not been successful. Targeted cities have defended the democratic outcome of the votes, and informed courts, such as the First Administrative Court of Gijon, refused to accept ACOM’s complaints.”

    The dis-United Kingdom’s judiciary, got in on the act as well.

    “Similar legal charges were lodged against three local councils in the UK by the so-called Jewish Human Rights Watch, a London based Israel lobby group. Also there, the UK High Court rejected the complaints and ruled in favour of the three local councils which had passed resolutions in support of targeted boycotts of Israel’s occupation.”

  • Paul Barbara

    The ‘Lewis Collins’ jerk (‘I hope the airstrike crushed Miss Sultana like a grape’ , and those who agree with the jerk, should perhaps check this out: ‘Radicalisation? London schoolgirl Kadiza Sultana joined ISIS via NATO agent Mohammed al-Rashed’:
    Like we Truthers have been saying from Day 1, ISIS/ISIL/IS etc. were set up by the West and their Middle Eastern War Criminal conspirators, and to this day forward the West’s, Gulf States, Turkish, Saudi and Israeli’s agendas (see ‘Yinon Plan’).

  • Habbabkuk

    Our friend ELIE (self-styled as “Republicofscotland”) wrote that:

    ” Israel flatly denies having WMDs”.

    What various Israel-hater have subsequently come up with – ie,former PM Olmert’s “gaffe” on German TV, Mr Vunanu / Dimona, and the Israel-South Africa Agreement – may be true in part or in whole, but does nothing to invalidate my response to ELIE’s post, which was that his assertion was wrong. Those are all diversionary points.

    Israel – by which we must understand the Government of Israel (not a newspaper reporter, not Mr Olmert, not the neighbourhood grocer, not an individual general, not even my Rebbe) – has always maintained and continues to maintain a policy of deliberate ambiguity, neither confirming that Israel has nuclear weapons nor denying it.

    Consequently, ELIE’s assertion that Israel “flatly denies” having nuclear weapons is silly and wrong.

    • Why be Ordinary

      The interesting question is why would Israel not admit to having them? As Dr Strangelove says, the whole point of a deterrent is that people know you have got it.

        • michael norton

          Which brings us seamlessly to Anthony Blair

          who convinced Parliament to vote for war
          on the grounds that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction
          but they did not,
          how many have died, since the inception of the Iraqi Wars, what state is that state now in?
          Yet Anthony Blair has become fabulously wealthy a multi millionare, with many, many, many homes,
          free to enjoy his ill gotten gains

          • Paul Barbara

            @ michael norton September 10, 2016 at 20:28
            ‘For what shall it profit a man {used very loosely in this context!}, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?’ (Mark 8:36).

        • Paul Barbara

          @ michael norton September 10, 2016 at 19:56
          Matrix Churchill made a ton of money, the Super-gun designer was assassinated by Mossad, and Saddam was executed.

      • lysias

        If Israel admitted having nuclear weapons, then a number of U.S. statutes would oblige the U.S. government to stop sending any aid to Israel. As a result, an agreement was made between the Israeli government and the Nixon administration that Israel would never admit having nuclear weapons. This agreement has been breached by such things as Olmert’s offhand comment admitting having them, but in the main Israel and the U.S. have continued to honor the agreement.

      • lysias

        Israel has made sure that everyone knows it has nuclear weapons, so Dr. Strangelove’s dictum is honored. They just never officially admit having them.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Why be Ordinary September 10, 2016 at 19:43
        Oh, people know it, all right, but it’s like the Mafia – they don’t need to spell out their threats, but the threats still get the same result.

        • lysias

          As long as the threats are delivered unofficially, they do not amount to an official admission by the government of Israel that it has nukes.

          For example, leading Israeli academic military strategist and adviser to the Israeli military Martin van Creveld has said this:

          We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets for our air force. Let me quote General Moshe Dayan: “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.” I consider it all hopeless at this point. We shall have to try to prevent things from coming to that, if at all possible. Our armed forces, however, are not the thirtieth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the capability to take the world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before Israel goes under.’

          • Paul Barbara

            @ lysias September 10, 2016 at 23:08
            Yes, the ‘Sampson Option’; there was a book by the same name.
            Bit like Hitler putting tanks of flammable fuel all along the rivers and canals of Berlin, to be emptied and lit; he blamed the Germans for the imminent defeat, and wanted to punish them with a ‘scorched earth’ policy.
            The tanks were put in place, but his orders to release the fuel and ignite it were disregarded.

            Of course, the ‘Zionist ”Christian” Fundamentalists also go along with the Sampson Option, expecting to be ‘raptured’ up into Heaven – but no 76 Virgins for them!

            And not unlike the ’76 Virgin’ Brigade, the ‘Raptured’ are likely to find their ‘Nirvana’ slightly south of where they thought it was, and appreciably hotter!

  • mike

    Earlier this year, the US and Turkey used a ceasefire in Syria to resupply the heart-eaters in Aleppo. I’m assuming Russia/Syria have introduced safeguards in this latest cessation of hostilities to prevent that happening again.

    They need some kind of breakthrough before Killary lets slip the dogs, assuming her medics can keep her functioning and engaged for another two months. Limit her appearances; a little dextroamphetamine. It should get her over the line. With Killary as enabler the shadow state can break out the cigars.

    • Paul Barbara

      A swig of strychnine, followed by a tourniquet round the throat, should cure all her ailments.
      Mind you, I’m no longer a certified Medical Practitioner, as my disbarment due to some inexplicable misunderstandings of some of my patients early demise (I blame ‘Conspiracy Theorists’) and so I cannot legally prescribe, though I can suggest…

    • lysias

      Yes, the Germans were sensible enough not to carry out those last senseless Goetterdaemmerung orders? Would the Israelis be that sensible? One does wonder.

      • Paul Barbara

        With nukes, you’s only need one ‘unsensible’ one to to set the ball rolling, and there have got to be a lot of them in the IDF.

  • michael norton

    Recently Liam Fox has said that business leaders are too lazy,
    to make the United Kingdom great by piddling about instead of concentrating on getting exports boom.

    Lazy SCOTTISH ministers made almost 100 journeys of half a mile or less in their taxpayer-funded limousines last year.
    The most frequent route was between St Andrew’s House and the Scottish Parliament, despite the fact it only takes around 10 minutes to walk between the two buildings.

    However, the shortest journey was made by former communities secretary Alex Neil, rode in a limousine from the Parliament to Dynamic Earth – and then back again.

    The neighbouring buildings are less than 300 yards apart on foot, although MSPs can use Holyrood’s rear entrance to reduce the distance even further.

    Rural economy secretary Fergus Ewing took a chauffeur-driven car from the Macdonald Holyrood Hotel to the Parliament, an easy stroll of just over 300 yards.
    And former environment minister Aileen McLeod was collected from the Holyrood Aparthotel and dropped 350 yards away at the Parliament.

    Other short limo rides included Alex Neil going from St Andrew’s House to a nearby Italian restaurant and culture secretary Fiona Hyslop going from the Parliament to the Scottish Storytelling Centre on the Royal Mile.

    In total, SNP ministers – including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon – made at least 97 journeys of half a mile or less in the 12 months to the end of the last parliamentary year.

    Ironically, the latest figures were published as finance secretary Derek Mackay lectured employers on pushing workers to become more active.

    • michael norton

      Has Clinton finally proved she is bat shit crazy?
      apparently voters are
      “baskets of deplorables”

      At least she says it how she feels it, showing utter contempt for the electorate is not such a good idea.

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