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I leave Edinburgh this afternoon for London, to stand trial at the High Court for libel. To answer a question frequently asked, the reason I have accepted English jurisdiction is that the event was a Sky News broadcast, an English broadcaster. If it had been over my blog I would not have accepted jurisdiction as I do not accept the English claim to universal jurisdiction over internet content.

I do hope that this trial will help bring into further disrepute the immoral and draconian English libel laws. If I lose, the total costs and damages I would have to pay will potentially amount to some £350,000 – a ridiculously disproportionate result for the alleged civil offence. It would ruin me and blight the lives of my young family. Whether this can possibly be an appropriate reaction to something I said in response in a live debate, you might judge for yourselves by reading the court documents .

Thanks to the astonishing generosity of the readers of this blog, at least I am in a position to defend myself robustly. Over 5,000 readers of this blog have, with incredible generosity, contributed a total of £100,323 towards my defence to date. The libel laws are so oppressive because the sums of money involved are so astonishing. The entire massive English libel industry – courts, judges, barristers, solicitors – is taken together a major financial interest in itself, well represented in parliament. It is in all their collective financial interest that this system of oppression rolls on, which of course requires a good chance of people being found guilty to encourage more plaintiffs into the industry. I often feel this analysis from unconscious institutional self-interest is often neglected in favour of the equally valid and important argument that the libel laws are an essential tool of the wealthy and powerful to discourage free speech by the poor. Robert Maxwell, Alisher Usmanov and Jimmy Savile are three examples of people who kept their true nature hidden by constantly and aggressively threatening people with the disastrous consequences of an English libel suit.

Finally the trial starts on Tuesday 7 November at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand, High Court Queen’s Bench. It will last probably two and up to three days. It is open to the public. I would very much welcome anyone with the capacity to report any of what happens on social media. I am not aware of any restrictions on this, but will try to publish them here if I learn of any.

This is probably my last blogpost until after the trial, as I must concentrate now. By the time I come back online the Tories will have appointed their next Disgraced Former Defence Secretary in Waiting.

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  • Republicofscotland

    Madrid to keep Article 155 on stand-by in Catalonia after the 21st of December election.

    Direct rule from Madrid appears to be on the cards, if the vote doesn’t favour the fascist regime.

    Meanwhile, and I had to read this twice to believe it. The fascist Spanish Guardia Civil all 10,000 of them, who are deployed in Catalonia are to receive decorations of the Order of the Knights for their recent role in Catalonia.

    You know the role, the beating, tear gassing and shooting of pensioners mothers with children and peaceful voters exercising their democratic rights to do so.

    The actual decoration is the Royal Order of Knights of San Cristobal. The rewarding of violent fascist behaviour, leaves me gobsmacked.


    • giyane

      Can anybody be gobsmacked after the suggestion by the Tories to give charitable aid to the IDF? The Tories are unremittingly and unredeemably bad and mad.

      • Republicofscotland

        Well British politican’s (Balfour et al, Balfour’s nickname used by his political opponents was Bloody Balfour) paved the way for the creation of the state of Israel, no one should be surprised by the support they now retain at Westminster.

        Theresa May celebrated the centenary of the Balfour Declaration, with a slap up meal with Netanyahu and several prominent Israeli’s very recently.

        However not one Palestinian offical was invited to the banquet, yet the declaration affected millions of Palestinian’s and has done so ever since, a crystal clear sign of prejudice.

    • reel guid


      How nice to hear the Guardia Civil are to receive the decoration of the Royal Ordure of Shites of San Cristobal.

      So thoroughly deserved.

  • Doug Scorgie

    November 7, 2017 at 13:29

    Do we know when courts break for lunch?

    Times are libel to change

      • freddy

        Jeremy Corbyn aide David Prescott suspended from job
        A key aide to Jeremy Corbyn, and the son of former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, has been suspended from his job.
        David Prescott is being investigated by the Labour leader’s office after he was suspended a few days ago, the BBC understands.
        It comes amid widespread allegations of misconduct at Westminster.
        No formal complaint has been made to the Labour Party, which declined to give a reason for the suspension.

  • Doug Scorgie

    From the Ministry of Truth:
    “The UK has reported its highest levels of happiness since 2011, according to data released by the Office for National Statistics.

    “The well-being figures are the first to be based on a full year of data since the European Union referendum, during which the country has experienced high levels of political turmoil…”

    “Britain has also been hit by multiple terrorist attacks…”

    “However, people have remained upbeat in spite of this, scoring (out of 10) 7.5 for happiness, 7.7 for life satisfaction, and 7.9 reported that they feel what they do in life is “worthwhile”. There was also no significant change in reported levels of anxiety, which scored 2.9 out of 10.”

    “Interestingly, the improvements in happiness, life satisfaction, and worthwhileness were driven by England, with no changes in reported personal well-being in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland”


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