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My world view changed forever when, after 20 years in the Foreign Office, I saw colleagues I knew and liked go along with Britain’s complicity in the most terrible tortures, as detailed stunningly in the recent Parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee Report. They also went along with keeping the policy secret, deliberately disregarding all normal record taking procedures, to the extent that the Committee noted:

131. We note that we have not seen the minutes of these meetings either: this causes us great concern. Policy discussions on such an important issue should have been minuted. We support Mr Murray’s own conclusion that were it not for his actions these matters may never have come to light.

The people doing these things were not ordinarily bad people; they were just trying to keep their jobs, comforting themselves with the thought that they were only civil servants obeying orders. Many were also actuated by the nasty “patriotism” that grips in time of war, as we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Almost nobody in the FCO stood up against the torture or against the illegal war – Elizabeth Wilmshurst, Carne Ross and I were the only ones to leave over it.

I then had the still more mortifying experience of the Foreign Office seeking to punish my dissent by bringing a series of accusations of gross misconduct – some of them criminal – against me. The people bringing the accusations knew full well they were false. The people investigating them knew they were false from about day 2. But I was put through a hellish six months of trial by media before being acquitted on all the original counts (found guilty of revealing the charges, whose existence was an official secret!). The people who did this to me were people I knew.

I had served as First Secretary in the British Embassy in Poland, and bumped up startlingly against the history of the Holocaust in that time, including through involvement with organising the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. What had struck me most forcibly was the sheer scale of the Holocaust operation, the tens of thousands of people who had been complicit in administering it. I could never understand how that could happen – until I saw ordinary, decent people in the FCO facilitate extraordinary rendition and torture. Then I understood, for the first time, the banality of evil or, perhaps more precisely, the ubiquity of evil. Of course, I am not comparing the scale of what happened to the Holocaust – but evil can operate on different scales.

I believe I see it again today. I do not believe that the majority of journalists in the BBC, who pump out a continual stream of “Corbyn is an anti-semite” propaganda, believe in their hearts that Corbyn is a racist at all. They are just doing their job, which is to help the BBC avert the prospect of a radical government in the UK threatening the massive wealth share of the global elite. They would argue that they are just reporting what others say; but it is of course the selection of what they report and how they report it which reflect their agenda.

The truth, of which I am certain, is this. If there genuinely was the claimed existential threat to Jews in Britain, of the type which engulfed Europe’s Jews in the 1930’s, Jeremy Corbyn, Billy Bragg, Roger Waters and I may humbly add myself would be among the few who would die alongside them on the barricades, resisting. Yet these are today loudly called “anti-semites” for supporting the right to oppose the oppression of the Palestinians. The journalists currently promoting those accusations, if it came to the crunch, would be polishing state propaganda and the civil servants writing railway dockets. That is how it works. I have seen it. Close up.

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3,449 thoughts on “The Ubiquity of Evil

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  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Posters interested in how the 300 priests of the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania sexually abused children since WWII, and covered it up should consult the grand jury report on

    • Courtenay Barnett


      Actually – sexual misconduct in the Catholic Church goes back centuries.

      I attended a Catholic High School in Jamaica. Give the devil his due – the Jesuits do give a good education ( and I don’t mean – only – as in ‘sexual misconduct’.

      It was an all boys schools and I think that we pretty much had it figured out. Boys will be boys and men too need to get their ‘jollies’ off from time to time. Prohibit what comes naturally and if the libido can’t be expressed and vented, as we boys did with our girlfriends – then Father has to get it out some other way. It is called perversion, brought on by unnatural and unrealistic prohibitions imposed – so that the Priests are without natural sexual outlets nor family – and the Catholic Church gets all the richer as there are no families for the Fathers and Sisters to leave any worldly acquisitions to. It all goes to the Almighty Catholic Church.

      But – as I said – they did deliver a very good education and many of my mates have distinguished themselves in life.

      All in all – a very sorry situation for all the unfortunate victims.

      • Courtenay Barnett

        Hey Trowbridge,

        Your post prompted me to check online on my Alma Mata.

        Seems that the school is still doing well:-

        My only recollection of anyone inclining down the wrong way was a maths teacher who liked to give extra lessons and touch the nape of the boy’s neck while he explained maths problems. Guess some of them too got their ‘jollies’ in other far more mysterious ways.

        Why not just accept that we are hard wired for sex – and get on with it.

        Maybe I should write Pope Francis on this one – and explain why I think that both psychologically and physiologically abstention is a very bad and undesirable practice.

  • Republicofscotland

    The world’s oldest J**ish newspaper has really thrown down the gaunlet to anyone who supports Corbyn as leader of the Labour party.

    “From now on anyone who defends his leadership of the Labour Party is demonstrably defending a man who allies with terrorists — and then lies if it becomes an embarrassment. ”

    To fair to the JC, they give it to Boris Johnson as well, over his revolting comments on face veils.

  • Republicofscotland

    Looks like some of the rats could be getting set to flee the floundering HMS Brexitannia, which will ultimately be caught in the doldrums for years if not decades to come.

    “Farage – Gets his kids German passports.
    Christopher Chandler, pro-Brexit Legatum Institute founder – Buys a Maltese EU passport.”

    “Rees-Mogg – Launches 2 investment funds in Dublin.
    Redwood – Advises investors to pull money out of UK.
    Baker – Invests £70K in a firm that sells gold to avoid Brexit impact.
    Lawson – Applies for French residency.”

  • N_

    What shop does Salih Khater work at a manager at, if indeed he does? Not much has been revealed about where he works or what his source of income is.

    BBC reporting

    Israr Rafiq, who also lives locally, said he thought Mr Khater just panicked. He said there were ambulances behind him and he would have just been trying to get out of the way.

    Why drive around all night beforehand? The event is very unlikely to have been an accident. Whether either the car or its driver were under another party’s control is another matter. Certainly at least one vehicle appeared to be following Khater’s car. If he doesn’t know how to handle a car when there’s an emergency vehicle behind him, it’s a surprise he managed to get as far as Westminster Bridge, because at any time central London has a lot of emergency vehicles with their sirens on.

    There are some truly idiotic quotes in the BBC article.

    Another man, who did not want to be named, said he knew Mr Khater, whom he said had gone to London to get a visa. He asked: ‘Would there have been this reaction if it was an old white man?’

    YES, there would! Anybody who drives into cyclists and pedestrians like that outside the Palace of Westminster, injuring two people, is going to get a bad press, whatever their skin colour. If this quote is genuine, then boneheaded white racists clearly have no monopoly on stupidity.

    Chairman of the Central Mosque in Birmingham, Nassar Mahmood, said he was ‘surprised and shocked and saddened’ after hearing about what happened in Westminster. He told the media he ‘understands that the gentleman had papers with him to renew his visa and had no intention to do any harm’. But, he added, Mr Khater was not believed to have worshipped at the mosque, which is close to the Highgate flat.

    Mahmood sounds like a moron. Why be surprised, if he doesn’t even know Khater? Not only does he not know him, but presumably he doesn’t have a list of everyone in the area who might do something like this. So why on earth make the comment that Khater had “no intention to do any harm”? Better just to say that he was shocked to hear of the event, hopes the injured people will make a speedy recovery, doesn’t know anything about Khater, and is ready to help the police investigation into the event if asked.

    • MaryPaul

      I saw a video of the immediate aftermath of the incident online. Which showed armed police all rushing over to his car and getting him out. He just looked bewildered and offered no resistance. He was casually dressed and not behaving belligerently he seemed more like dazed. Interesting police say he is not cooperating. I await further updates with interest.

  • Sharp Ears

    Cheerio. What nonsense.

    ‘We’re leaving the UK because of anti-Semitism’
    A leading lawyer and businesswoman say they are quitting the UK as they no longer feel safe because of anti-Semitism.
    Jewish couple, Mark Lewis and Mandy Blumenthal, say they have received so much abuse that “enough is enough” and will move to Israel in December.
    Ms Blumenthal lays part of the blame at the door of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
    Mr Corbyn has said that anti-Semitism “is not tolerated in any form” in his party.

    Lewis was prominent in the Hacked Off/Leveson affair. Then he was a friend of the other prominent lawyer at the time, Charlotte Harris. She worked for Mishcon de Reya (Margaret Hodge’s solicitor in her anti Corbyn campaign). He seems to have found a new partner.

    Mark Lewis: My MS consultant told me not to do anything stressful – so I went after Murdoch’s phone-hackers
    22 November 2011

    Who is Mandy Blumenthal? I smell rotting fish here.

    This – Mandy Blumenthal (@Mandyblumenthal) | Twitter

    Proud To be Zionist/J.w/Israeli/British. … @Mandyblumenthal Really moved and saddened by your Telegraph article which I identify with completely. … Because he believes he’s fighting a powerful J.wish cabal that manipulates political opinion favour of Israel.

    Top Google link for her.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘…“I froze when I looked at his face carefully,” she told the Kurdish news agency Bas News. “It was Abu Humam, with the same scary beard and ugly face.”
    “I am Abu Humam and you were with me for a while in Mosul. And I know where you live, with whom you live, and what you are doing,” the former ISIS member allegedly told Ashwaq Ta’lo during the encounter.

    The girl reported Humam to German Police. However, German authorities claimed that they have no grounds to arrest him.
    Thus, Ashwaq Ta’lo decided to leave Germany, believing that she would be safer in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, where her father lives.’

    Something very wrong here. Could this be because the ISIS geezer is known to the German police as a ‘friend of the West’?

  • Sharp Ears

    The BBC are now diverting away to the ‘Manchester Bomber’ and are accusing a Manchester imam of encouraging a jihad. No mention of the possible foreknowledge of his plan or of his background.

    Manchester mosque sermon ‘called for armed jihad’, say scholars
    By Ed Thomas and Noel Titheradge
    BBC News
    1 hour ago

    Hear from the man who ‘called for armed jihad’ at Didsbury Mosque
    A sermon at the mosque where the Manchester bomber worshipped called for the support of armed jihadist fighters, according to two Muslim scholars.
    An imam at Didsbury Mosque in December 2016 was recorded praying for “victory” for “our brothers and sisters right now in Aleppo and Syria and Iraq”.
    Scholars Usama Hasan and Shaykh Rehan said it referred to “military jihad”.
    The imam, Mustafa Graf, says his sermon did not call for armed jihad and he has never preached radical Islam.
    The recording the BBC obtained is of Friday prayers at the mosque six months before Salman Abedi detonated a suicide bomb following an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in May 2017.
    Abedi and his family regularly attended the mosque and his father sometimes led the call to prayer.

    It’s taken 15 months to come up with this.

    • J

      The increasing focus on the Abedi’s role in David Camerons Libyan war? And perhaps Theresa May’s actions as home secretary, she allowed the Manchester bomber back into the country shortly before the bombing. If we’re talking about proximity to terrorists, I have difficulty imagining a more proximate position.

      Slander one’s oponent for one’s own crimes…

  • Squeeth

    Is Liarbour about to capitulate to the zionist antisemites or is the Graun trying to bounce Corbyn into doing his Capitulation Man routine?

    • Tony_0pmoc


      Dunno, but he’s brilliant.

      Meanwhile, I accidentally found myself watching a couple of minutes of The BBC News at about 18:10. It made me want to throw up. I felt as if I was in the equivalent of [email protected] Germany.

      How did such evil people infiltrate, almost all our media, and most of our political class and major institutions, and why does hardly anyone have the courage to challenge them, or even notice what they are doing?

      They have been brainwashing everyone to hate Muslims. I have a good friend, who is a highly moral man, who has bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker. Arguing with him, has absolutely no effect, except to make him think I have gone mad.

      Here is another one on the same subject from Joe Quinn – a Northern Ireland journalist who I have massive respect for…


      “Mediatized, Government-Approved, European Race Wars”


      “The average Islamophobe in Europe today is, rather, a person who has been paying very close attention to the words and deeds of Western politicians and media pundits over the past 17 years. And what he/she has been hearing from those authoritative sources is that Muslims are terrorists with a rather strong aversion to Western people and their ‘way of life’.

      Obviously that is not true, but it has, obviously, been the dominant narrative pounded into people’s heads for almost two decades.

      From *redacted* and Osama bin Laden to Saddam Hussein’s WMDs targeting London in 45 minutes, to ordinary Iraqis taking up arms and killing US and British soldiers, to the Madrid train bombings, to the London tube bombings, to Gaddafi “killing his own people”, to multiple brutal ISIS terror attacks on European soil and graphic beheadings (etc.) in the Middle East, to Assad “gassing his own people”, to the Western press informing the European people that among the influx of mostly Muslim refugees, there are likely ISIS terrorists; we have all been provided with enough evidence that could lead an otherwise reasonable person to conclude that Islam tends to produce (in at least some of its adherents) a hatred of all that we in the West hold dear. “

      • Brianfujisan

        Tony Thanks for that Link..A good read –

        ” Obviously that is not true, but it has, obviously, been the dominant narrative pounded into people’s heads for almost two decades.

        From 9/11 and Osama bin Laden to Saddam Hussein’s WMDs targeting London in 45 minutes, to ordinary Iraqis taking up arms and killing US and British soldiers, to the Madrid train bombings, to the London tube bombings, to Gaddafi “killing his own people”, to multiple brutal ISIS terror attacks on European soil and graphic beheadings (etc.) in the Middle East, to Assad “gassing his own people”, to the Western press informing the European people that among the influx of mostly Muslim refugees, there are likely ISIS terrorists; we have all been provided with enough evidence that could lead an otherwise reasonable person to conclude that Islam tends to produce (in at least some of its adherents) a hatred of all that we in the West hold dear. “

      • MaryPaul

        It is not my inclination to run any group down, but all the law suits against amen from the Pakistani community for sexually exploiting and abusing troubled girls outside their own community, must damage perception of them. It is not good saying ethnic British men exploit young women. The scale of these attacks by Pakistani men is too large for that and the reports of the cases show they deliberately targeted non Muslim women outside their own community whom they regarded as inferior in every way. Leaving aside our culpability for war in the Middle East, the terrible attacks on troubled girls is not showing elements of the UK Muslim community in a positive light.

        • Jo

          I have to say I share your concerns MaryPaul. It is very difficult not to see parallels between the various cases and to wonder what on earth is going on.

          The other thing, as you also mention, is that many of the young people involved are vulnerable. In one of the groups previously prosecuted some of the girls were in care.

          I remember, however, seeing a documentary about one investigation where some of the girls were interviewed. They were really young but freely admitted there had been consent on their part to what had gone on. There was a lot of money being doled out to them and some of the girls called these men their boyfriends! They were relaxed speaking about it. I couldn’t get my head around it all.

  • Sharp Ears

    Comical Ollie ( as the TLN refer to him) has written a book on depression and his family experience.

    No wonder he’s been depressed, having had to live with himself.

    ‘Weidenfeld & Nicolson is publishing an investigation into depression, which makes a case for embracing both art and science to better understand and treat the condition.

    In Mending the Mind: The Art and Science of Treating Clinical Depression, Oliver Kamm draws on his own experience of the illness as a jumping off point to investigate depression. He then uses the work of other writers who have similarly suffered to “illuminate the condition” and “explore the state of scientific remedies” devised in treating it.

    In 2014, Kamm experienced what has been refered to as “a period of deep and devastating depression”, which left him unable to leave the house without real difficulty. He was able to make “a slow but full recovery”, his publisher said, with treatment from a clinical psychologist and a course of antidepressant medication.

    Kamm, who is a leader writer and columnist for The Times, has now said he is “determined on describing what it’s like and how art and science have illuminated modern understanding of an enduring affliction” following his experience, his ultimate goal being “to enhance public understanding of mental disorder”.

    Mending the Mind will be published by W&N in hardback and e-book in January 2020.

    Following W&N’s publication of Kamm’s book Accidence Will Happen: The Non-Pedantic Guide to English in 2015, Jenny Lord, publishing director for Weidenfeld & Nicolson Non-fiction, acquired UK and Commonwealth rights in new book Mending the Mind from Will Francis at Janklow & Nesbit.

    Lord said: “Oliver writes with a rare clarity and precision on the subject of depression. Mending the Mind will be a serious investigation into a universally relevant subject – deeply research, nuanced and – crucially – recognising that both science and the humanities are vital in our understanding of depression. This is set to be an important publication and one we are proud to publish at W&N.”

    In recent times, there has been a noticeable boom in mental health publishing, as explored by Bluebird publisher Carole Tonkinson.’

    • laguerre

      It’s interesting to hear that a right-winger is driven to his opinions by depression. The same could be said of a lot of the right-wingers on this blog, except that they’re in the manic phase.

  • Dungroanin

    Lend me your ears prople, I am getting a tad bit worried.

    Are there topics or links we are not supposed to mention here?

    It is a genuine question and i do not wish to be banished from here.

    As the attack against JC are stepped up am I not able to equally respond?

    • Clark

      The moderation rules are here:

      There is (or at least was) a keyword filter which traps any comment containing a string I cannot post in full; “j_w”, and words containing that string. Such comments will be automatically queued for moderation. Other than that, just keep within the rules, which shouldn’t be too difficult.

      • Dungroanin

        Thank you for the links.

        I may have been caught by the string thing or just tripped over into posting links without comment.

        If you have the ability and inclination to do so I would appreciate a short email confirming why my posts deserved culling.

        One of the inevitibilities of foraging far and deep on this internetty universe is the discovery of new (old) sites and posts, which seem worth sharing or need criticising by the current denizens of our village. I hope that such honest inquiry doesn’t end up being shredded along with genuine trolling and spam.

        I hope I am wrong in worrying about gatekeepers and damage limitation.

        Keep up the great work it is appreciated.

        • Clark

          I resigned; it got too much for me. I no longer have a log-in, so I can’t see your e-mail address. My contact details are on my homepage, but I haven’t checked my Inbox since about May. But I saw your early afternoon comment; it had a link in it. Probably, don’t post any links to there.

          • Dungroanin

            Thx again, maybe you can tell me who to ask?

            I am going to post again now about a new Guardian article, with comment, quote and link. I hope it is not wrong.

          • Clark

            I didn’t follow the link. With a name like that it’s unlikely to be valid political criticism. There’s some nasty stuff on the Web.

          • Clark

            Well you can try the contact form; link at the top of the page.

            But you can criticise Israel just as you would any other state or government, and its internal and foreign policies, and the ways it might influence other governments including the UK’s.

          • Dungroanin

            The sites appear to be stating published facts. Nepotism is only proveable by naming names and how the dots join up. They have not been sued or arrested. They have not been banished on social media. The events and speakers are legitimate.

            I understand there is nastiness and real AS out there and never indulge it. I was hoping for correction if i was misled – it is the only way to learn.

            Being ignored and shussed without reason just raises concern.

            I will try the button at top. Thanks again Clark.

    • MJ

      Yes. Certain topics are likely to get your post removed by a modbot. 9*1 is one. Anything to do with j*d*i*m or its proponents is another. Unless of course Craig himself writes about these topics, in which case the modbots have to sit on their hands a while.

      • Clark

        MJ, please don’t call the moderators bots. Some of the rules call for straightforward decisions, but others require delicate and very human judgements. And it always felt horrible when I had to delete comments from commenters I liked and respected.

  • Deb O'Nair

    The insanity of the anticorbynism, which has infected the mainstream media, is now reaching ridiculous levels.

    The ammunition for this little bit of intellectual contortion from Robert Peston is a motion raised some 33 years ago. The amount of effort being put into researching the public record to find something on Corbyn which can be repackaged as evidence of antisemitism is mind-boggling.

    • Jo1

      I think Peston is so full of himself. He’s also very scruffy. On that Sunday morning prog of his he often looks like he hasn’t even washed!

    • Andyoldlabour

      @Deb O’Nair,
      I think that the comparison of the Palestinian government to Nazis is anti Semitic, as Palestinians are Semites as well. so Peston has well and truly shot himself in the foot and should be outed for his remarks.

  • N_

    The authorities are now accepting that Salih Khater was followed – or at least they are admitting it for the duration of the film clip that shows that he obviously was. (Evening Standard article.)

    They say the following vehicle was a white van driven by a “member of the public” who decided to “give pursuit”.

    I call bullshit. Listen, boys and girls: if you see a vehicle being driven in what looks like a terrorist attack on a building with lots of people outside it, and which has ALREADY scattered and very probably injured people, please do NOT “race after it” in your own vehicle. Doesn’t everybody know that? You will make things more difficult for the police, you may injure more people, and you may get shot. Don’t do it. This applies even more so when the building obviously has armed police in it, and surveilling the area outside it, around the clock.

    Why aren’t the authorities saying that?

    Do they want everyone who is driving a vehicle to “race behind” any car they believe is being used to carry out a terrorist attack?

    “Member of the public”, my bottom! It’s going to be very interesting if one or more people who were in that vehicle get identified.

    Also does someone know what the Sudanese rules are on citizenship? The line is currently that Khater got his British passport 2 weeks ago. The implication is that this was his first British passport, and that he was only granted British citizenship 2 weeks ago or not much longer ago that that. Then practically the first thing he does is tries to apply for a visa to visit the country he was a refugee from? Doesn’t Sudan allow joint citizenship? Was he stripped of Sudanese citizenship? Did he renounce it, or what?

    • MJ

      The article calls it a “mystery” van but if the photo was published at full resolution the number plate would be easy to read.

    • J

      Isn’t Sudan on General Clarke’s list of seven countries?

      If the man in the van was deliberately following Khater, who might have been particularly fearful for some reason, it’s fairly likely he’d end up having an accident while trying to evade the van. And if Van Man did something particularly threatening at a certain point, then he could even, to some degree, control where and when it happened. Just a thought.

      Anyway, if Khater was traveling back and forth ‘officially,’ it would be a replica of the circumstances surrounding the Manchester bombing.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ J August 17, 2018 at 01:05
        Remember that most modern cars can be remotely taken over and controlled.
        The story now is that the ‘following van’ tried to intercept the Fiwsta – amazing that that didn’t come out before, when it was said the white van had nothing to do with the event. So they had to come up with some explanation, because the van behaviour was getting alternative media coverage.
        The ‘ambulance’ with it’s sirens reminds me of the ‘Death on the Rock’ SAS assassination of the three IRA operatives, where a police car driver set off it’s sirens just before the shootings.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ J August 17, 2018 at 01:05
        And also fits the bill for 7/7; paid patsies believing they were assisting the police in some kind of anti-terrorist scenario.

      • N_

        The van changes lane to get behind Khater BEFORE it’s obvious (unless of course there were indications picked up by some other means than just looking from the van) that he was going to drive into where the cyclists were. Then once he has turned left across that area, the van CUTS UP a larger white vehicle to enter the slip lane. This suggests to me that the van had been following Khater for longer than is shown in the available video clip, and the authorities have admitted only what’s clear from the video. The term “white van man” is being used to support the line that the driver was a “member of the public”, which seems very unlikely. Also we don’t know how many people were in the van.

        His brother says that Khater is not “radicalised” but he has been “troubled” since the death of their father and brother last year. A coming to the attention of Daesh, MI5, some other organisation, or some combination, as possible fast-use terrorist attacker material is possible. Has he been receiving counselling or psychological or psychiatric treatment, perhaps medication? What is his job? If he’s not particularly religious, does he like a drink or what? Nothing of that kind has been reported yet.

        The visa story sounds like bullshit. Whose bullshit isn’t clear.

        At one time he worked as a licenced security guard. (Multiple-choice exams are taken after a three-day course.) Who for?

        He could be someone who is not particularly religious and who has been in a troubled state and who was recruited and sent into action all within the space of 1-2 days and who knew what he was doing (driving into people using a small car outside the Palace of Westminster) (cf. the guy who murdered so many people at Nice using a big lorry) (possibly believing that like that guy he was going to end up dead), or he could have believed he was doing some kind of petty-criminal work or other, driving around a lot in the middle of the night in central London, and then his car was taken over and steered by remote control (perhaps by operatives in the van) for the last few seconds. I don’t at the moment go for the idea that he was a lone wolf. The van following him seems to argue that he wasn’t.

        Why was he wearing a puffer jacket when he’d been driving around for so long?

  • Dungroanin

    A cultural centre wiped out with a hitech video presentation of its destruction. An accusation by the perpetrators. No evidence presented before or after the attack as usual.

    Yet again with the ubiquity of lack of reporting.

    “It is a devastating loss for the already isolated community,” the group said in the letter. “We are deeply shocked that this act of destruction has not been widely reported in the British press…”

    • FranzB

      Meanwhile, the BBC runs a piece on Radio 4 news saying that Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t know a senior member of the PFLP. It’s on the BBC web site – note the ‘unaware’ in quotes. The BBC has him standing next to the bogeyman, but it doesn’t look like that to me in the photograph. This is a rich seam though. There must be lots of bogeymen Corbyn doesn’t know. There must be a picture of a great train robber somewhere wearing an arsenal scarf.

      What’s next? Corbyn denies that Harold Shipman was his dominoes partner.

        • FranzB

          “Corbyn ‘denies’ links with great train robbers”.

          It turns out that if you google ‘Ronnie Biggs and Arsenal’ lots of pics of Biggs in an Arsenal shirt turn up. All that our intrepid Sun newshound needs to do is find some link to Corbyn via his acquaintances in the Met and the world is your lobster.

          Where’s Tom Watson when you need him to get that Levinson 2 inquiry back under way? Oh I forgot – he’s organising the next coup.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ N_ August 17, 2018 at 00:12
          It’s a fact that Football clubs are often used to launder money. As I am allergic to football, I am not au fait with the details.

    • N_

      And no quote from the Palestinian government or Hamas. The only voices quoted are those of British artistic figures and the Z__nist army.

  • N_

    What exactly was Margaret Hodge accused of?

    Imagine a billionaire-bracket person like her saying that having an allegation made about her that was going to be investigated made her feel like a J__ in 1930s Germany. She is shitting all over the memory of real J__s who got real horrendous treatment from real Nazis and mostly ended up dead. This woman has farted through silk all her life.

    Hey and Margaret, why did your nephew run away from the hotel in Praia de Luz in Portugal hours after the Madeleine McCann “disappearance”, without even checking out?

    And why did you knowingly protect organised child abusers in Islington, a crime that you later followed up by verbally attacking one of the victims?

    The term “f*cking Blairite scumbag and crook” comes to mind.

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