Not Content with Constant Anti-Scottish Output, the BBC is Extending its Reach to Anti-Scottish Censorship. 177

The BBC’s success in taking down Wings Over Scotland’s YouTube channel – and Youtube’s complacent compliance with the BBC instruction – has a very dodgy foundation in law. Excerpts of copyright material may be published for purposes of “criticism, review or quotation” provided the source is acknowledged. As Wings would only use BBC material for review and criticism – they are hardly repeating it as great news reporting – the BBC’s copyright infringement claim is at best very dubious.

More to the point, this despicable infringement on freedom of speech is appalling behaviour for a state broadcaster. Removal of criticism is the BBC’s only purpose here. The BBC is not protecting a state asset – the old news clips in question have zero commercial value; Wings was not republishing episodes of Dr Who.

Not content with constant anti-Scottish output, the BBC is extending its reach to anti-Scottish censorship.

If you have not yet seen it, I do urge you to watch this eye-opening, indeed breathtaking, documentary on the BBC’s fake news output in the Scottish referendum campaign. The strange colour toning in the BBC excerpts were in fact an additional defence against a copyright claim. Watch it now in case the BBC and YouTube take this one down too.

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177 thoughts on “Not Content with Constant Anti-Scottish Output, the BBC is Extending its Reach to Anti-Scottish Censorship.

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  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Can anything be more idiotic that Veep Pence wanting to create the Space Corps when the US already has one, the US Air Force? He apparently doesn’t know that the government has already spent a half trillion dollars on it.

    Twenty-five years ago Reagan kicked off SDI, the Space Defense Iniitiattive, better known as Star Wars.

    The Trumpists think that they can waste any money they want.

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Posters don’t realize that Trump wanting to create a Space Force has much to do with the Scottish referendum defeat which the US Navy submarines achieved by threatening it with a volcanic winter, though it didn’t get credit for since only loons like me thought only NRO fiber lasers which the Air Force controls could create such weather modification.

    Of course, such lasers can to be put in US special attack subs, like the USS Jimmy Carter, and resulting by the Air Force in the whole hoop-la of what the logo for the proposed new force should be.

    Think it will be what the first logo for the NRO was, a menacing veiled dragoon behind a screen, while two sets of lasers circumvented the globe, and under it was embroidered “We Own The Night’ which was immediately scrubbed after I raised an alarm about it.

    The new service logo will show the Navy and Air Force getting along since they will then be under one command controlling all times and locations for strikes.

  • Skye Mull

    BBC bias is everywhere. Though much is about your own viewpoint. Right bias, left bias.
    In the NW of England I’ve noticed tremendous bias against Liverpool by a Manchester based BBC (&ITV). It’s too easy to maintain such bias by skilful selection of interviewees who conform to the required perceptions.

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