The Broader View Reveals the Ugliest of Prospects 431

Standing back a little and surveying the events of the last couple of weeks, gives a bleak view of the current state of western democracy.

We have seen what appears to be the most unconvincing of false flags in the Gulf. I pointed out why it was improbable Iran would attack these particular ships. Since then we have had American military sources pointing to video evidence of a packed small Iranian boat allegedly removing a limpet mine from the ship the Iranians helped to rescue, which was somehow supposed to prove it was the Iranians who planted the alleged device. We also have had the Japanese owner specifically contradict the American account and say that the ship was hit by flying objects.

The Iranians certainly have a strange method of bomb disposal if they carry it out using unarmoured personnel, with as many as possible crammed into a small boat in immediate contact with the “mine”. It is also hard to understand why the alleged “limpet mines” would be four feet above the waterline.

Limpet mines are placed below the waterline. There are numerous reasons for this. Firstly, holes above the waterline will not sink a ship. Secondly, the weight of the water helps contain the blast against the ship. Thirdly, it is obviously harder to detect both the diver placing the mine and the mine once placed if it is below the water. In fact it would be very difficult for a diver to place a limpet mine four feet above the waterline, even if they wanted to.

There seems to be a remarkable disconnect between the widespread popular disdain at yet another fake western power casus belli in the Middle East, and the near universal complicity of the UK political and media class in promoting this transparent lie. It is as though even pretending to have any respect for truth and fact has simply been discarded within the UK’s governmental system. Which ought to worry us a lot.

The second development ought to have been the biggest media story of the decade in the UK, if we had anything like a free and honest media. Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State, made plain the Trump administration’s intent to prevent the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. Pompeo told a meeting of Jewish leaders:

It could be that Mr. Corbyn manages to run the gantlet and get elected. It’s possible. You should know, we won’t wait for him to do those things to begin to push back.

This blatant interference by a foreign power in the UK’s democracy is an absolute scandal. Compare the lack of media outrage at Pompeo’s intervention with the ludicrous claims made about much less high profile Russian attempts at influence. This incident provides incontrovertible proof that the world does indeed operate in the way that I have been explaining here for a decade. It is not a “conspiracy theory” that democracy is manipulated by hidden powers, it is fact. Pompeo’s description of Corbyn’s route to election as “running the gauntlet” is particularly revealing. Even more so is the cursory coverage this story was given, and I have seen no evidence to date of any MSM “journalist” attempting any follow-up investigation on the methods the US are planning to employ – or more likely already employing – against Corbyn.

Everybody should be incandescent at this, no matter who they vote for.

Something else which revealed the truth of the way the political world now operates, and which again did not get nearly the media attention it deserves, was Matt Kennard’s stunning revelation of the way the Guardian has been taken over by the security services. I have been explaining for years that the Guardian has become the security services’ news outlet of choice, and it is very helpful to have documentation to prove it.

It is worth noting that the Guardian obeyed completely the DSMA committee ban on mentioning Pablo Miller in reporting the security service fantasy version of the Skripal story. As Kennard points out, it is also very interesting indeed that the Guardian published Luke Harding’s front page fabrication of Manafort/Assange meetings two weeks after MOD Director Dominic Wilson congratulated Guardian deputy editor Paul Johnson on “re-establishing links” with the security services. The Guardian is, like other British newspapers, as controlled by the military and security services just like in any other decent autocracy.

Incidentally, I cannot find Matt Kennard’s excellent work set out anywhere, except in that twitter stream. Surely there is an article on a website somewhere? I cannot find anything on Google, but as it is exactly the kind of information Google routinely suppresses, that does not mean it is not out there. Anyone seen it?

Finally, we have of course seen Sajid Javid sign the extradition warrant for Julian Assange to be sent to the United States for the “crime” of publishing truthful information about US government illegalities. Julian’s extradition hearing was, contrary to normal practice, held despite the fact he was too sick to attend in person. And it was presided over by Judge Arbuthnot, despite the fact that her husband is a former Tory defence minister who started a “security consultancy” in partnership with a former head of MI6, the war criminal John Scarlett who oversaw the fabrication of the dossier of lies about Iraqi WMD, in order to launch an illegal war of aggression that killed and maimed millions. The Assange team had asked her to recuse herself on that pretty obvious basis, but she had refused. At an earlier hearing she taunted Assange with the observation that he could get adequate exercise in the Embassy on a 1.5 meter Juliet balcony.

Just as the Guardian has never apologised for, nor withdrawn, the utter lie of the Assange/Manafort story, so the identity politics promoting, false “left” has never apologised for its pursuit of Assange over sexual allegations in Sweden, which were obvious on the slightest scrutiny to be only a fit-up designed to get him into custody. Those figures like David Allen Green, Joan Smith and David Aaronovitch, among scores of other pustulous hacks, who mocked and scorned those of us who always said that Assange faced not extradition to Sweden but to the United States for publishing, have been shown up as, at the very best, stupid naive and unwitting tools of the state, and more likely, insincere and vicious propagandists.

This brief review of current issues reveal that not only do western governments lie and fake, they have really given up on trying to pretend that they do not. The abuse of power is naked and the propaganda is revealed by the lightest effort to brush away the veneer of democracy.

I find it hard to believe that I live in times where Assange suffers as he does for telling the truth, where a dedicated anti-racist like Corbyn is subjected to daily false accusations of racism and to US and security service backed efforts to thwart his democratic prospects, where the most laughable false flag is paraded to move us towards war with Iran, and where there is no semblance of a genuinely independent media. But, starkly, that is where we are. This is not unrelated to the massive and fast growing inequality of wealth; the erosion of freedom is the necessary precondition that allows the ultra-wealthy to loot the rest of us. It remains my hope there will eventually come a public reaction against the political classes as strong as the situation demands.


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431 thoughts on “The Broader View Reveals the Ugliest of Prospects

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  • Sharp Ears

    I am amazed that my earlier post about CAAT’s success in stopping the supply of arms and weaponry to the Saudis for use on bombing the Yemeni people has been deleted.

    To my mind it is one of the most significant moves for peace in the region and will mean that mothers and their children, amongst others, will not be killed and hospitals and schools not destroyed.

    The UK supplies 20% of Saudi Arabia’s weaponry, second to the US.

    One of many links –

  • Sharp Ears

    The state broadcaster is pushing the Brexit line somewhat in their choice for the QT panel tonight.

    Margot James, Conservative MP and minister for digital and creative industries
    Laura Pidcock, Labour MP and shadow business minister
    Kwasi Kwarteng, Conservative MP and Brexit minister
    Ed Davey, LibDem MP and leadership candidate
    Tim Martin, founder of Wetherspoons and supporter of The Brexit Party

    • Goose

      I see Bernie Sanders has spoken out on Twitter. And even Biden has criticised the current situation, albeit in the context of defending Obama’s record in agreeing the JCPOA. Although the US never really implemented its terms properly.

      Still get people in the UK who idiotically equate criticising moves to confrontation with support for the Iranian regime. As if being anti-war automatically makes someone a believer in theocracy or dictatorships….Crazy stuff.

    • Jo1

      Yes SE, but they got a bit of a kicking from the good people of Tottenham!

      Near the end one young man said to Tim Martin, politely, “No, just be quiet, you don’t know what you’re talking about.” and everyone applauded.

  • Hatuey

    On the BBC Radio News tonight, Jon Sopel described Iran’s shooting down of a drone which, according to Iran, was spying on it over its sovereign territory as a “provocation”. The US is arguing that it was around 20 miles from the Iranian border when it was shot down. Trump is saying they have made a big mistake and are going to pay…

    Assume for a second that the US is telling the truth. Can anyone even imagine how the US would respond if Iran was flying spy drones 20 miles from its borders whilst at the same time issuing threats and constantly encircling with cohorts ready to launch a massive airstrike? All this whilst imposing sanctions on Iran (and imposing sanctions on anyone that trades with Iran), effectively choking the country of its life blood.

    People are talking about a possible war. Looking at US behaviour towards Iran as I have described it above, the war started long ago. It’s like watching the school bully beat some poor kid to a pulp. We only call it a fight if the poor kid attempts to hit back; and if he does, our media calls it a provocation and tells us he deserves the beating.

    What the US does in the world is every bit as bad as anything the Nazis done in Eastern Europe. And we are right there with them.

    • Andyoldlabour


      That exactly sums up how I and many others feel about this situation. The bully keeps taunting the smaller entity and the bully’s friends gather round like hyenas waiting for the one sided fight to begin.
      This is a totally disgusting situation, where other members of the security council should come together to stop the US.
      I really fear for my relatives living in Tehran, because it is patently obvious that evil people in the US are pushing for war.

      • Borncynical

        I see that Iran have asked the UN for the drone incident to be raised at the Security Council so they can provide the evidence for all to see that the drone was in their airspace. Presumably the UN’s reaction will be to decline this request in the same way they declined Sergei Lavrov’s perfectly reasonable request a couple of weeks ago to have a detailed discussion on ‘Douma’ in light of the suppressed OPCW engineering report. The UN is a complete joke for the majority of the international community. You can bet that if the US requested an emergency meeting on any issue it would be granted without hesitation.

        Andy…, For the sake of your family members and everyone else in Iran I hope things calm down soon.

        • Andyoldlabour


          Thanks, this past year has been one of the most worrying for me, particularly when my wife went over there in April. I know that things are far from perfect in Iran, but I have to say, that having spoken to many Iranian people, I would trust them long before I would trust any US or UK politician.
          When the US under G W Bush drew up the Hague Invasion Plan in 2003, the UN should have removed their HQ from New York. The International Court of Justice in the Hague is one of the UN’s “Principal Organs”.

  • Dungroanin

    So the currency markets have reacted to Al Johnsons supposed coronation by … falling even more! Happy summer hols everyone.

  • Pyewacket

    Just seen the clip of Rt Hon Mark Field MP roughing up a female protester on Newsnight. Not a pretty sight !

      • N_

        It’s doesn’t shock me. These are Tories and bankers. There’s none of this “we love the lower orders” stuff when the cameras are off.

    • J

      Nonsense. Intruders bursting in upon a private gathering is a serious breach of the peace. Fearing for his life Mark Field took the only appropriate action. He should be supported if not congratulated for dealing with these violent environmental extremists effectively. As a country we now need to have a mature, sensible and grown up discussion about when it’s appropriate to grab a woman by the throat. Sometimes it may even be neccessary to bounce her vigorously against a column of ‘Masonry’ if you know what I mean.

      [Sarcasm off]

      Just you watch. BBC defending this already.

      • N_

        …while Mark Field’s pals look on with stony “I hope that b*tch doesn’t bleed over our carpet” faces and the gathered bankers and politicians slow hand clap to show their appreciation of the ejection of the protester from what is so holy – their private enjoyment.

        What is the name of the group that has this annual dinner in Mansion House, the residence of the Mayor of the City of London? Can I book a “private dinner” on those premises too?

        Also what was the name of the group to which Mike Pompeo made the promise regarding use of US government resources to undermine Jeremy Corbyn in the interests of Israel? Was it CPMJO?

      • Anthony

        Laura Kuennsberg response to Labour MPs getting criticised on Twitter:
        “This is really nasty, depraved really.”

        Laura Kuennsberg response to a Tory MP assaulting a woman and grabbing her by the neck:
        “That’s life, Labour will try and leverage it. “

      • Tom Welsh

        Well, considering those are people who apparently take great pleasure in the methodical mass murder of foreign civilians by military means, it’s not in the least surprising that they would react as they did.

        What is surprising is that they allowed the news (and even footage) to leak out to the world at large.

  • N_

    Regarding Mike Pompeo, what has the US and Zionist involvement been in backing Boris Johnson? I updated my opinion of Boris Johnson when I learnt his stepmother is from the family that owns Marks and Spencer (the Sieffs) and that she arranged his stay in Israel as a youngster with support from a former Israeli ambassador to the UN and Britain.

  • michael norton

    The U.S.A. aviation agency has barred all civil aircraft from flying in Iranian airspace above the Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman, noting that “numerous” planes were in the area when a U.S.A. drone was shot down.

    Very wise

    It has been said that Donald Trump stopped the warhawks at the last moment from escalation the situation, last night.
    We do not want any more accidents with civilian aircraft, there have been too many, over the years, you should not be overflying war zones or even on their peripherals.

      • michael norton

        The Iranians have the debris from the American drone they shot down, it is reasonable it was recovered from Iranian territory.
        That might be why Trump was talked down?

    • Tom Welsh

      Yes, we wouldn’t want the Iranian military authorities to make a completely honest, justifiable mistake and shoot down a civilian airliner on its normal route at its scheduled time, in the belief that it’s an F-35 descending to start a bombing run. Now would we?

      Because of course the kind of mistake that clever, well-educated, sophisticated naval officers like the captain of USS Vincennes made would seem even more likely from the ill-educated peasant soldiers of a “shithole country”.

    • Vivian O'Blivion

      On this one issue, Trump may be the only sane person in the Executive. Bolton, Pompeo and Haspel are pushing for strikes against Iran, the Pentagon are more nuanced. Trump is trying to walk back from escalation, talking about rouge Iranian Generals making unilateral, wrong decisions regards the drone shoot down. At some instinctive level Trump appears to be able to project the true implications and costs of starting a hot war with Iran that Bolton et al cannot or will not see.
      One aspect that appears to have escaped most commentators, the drone was in stealth mode at high altitude, the Iranians were not supposed to be able to shoot it down! If conflict escalated to a full on shooting match, America would rely on these drones to track Iranian activity and clearly they can no longer rely on having this tactical advantage.

      • Jack

        I cannot agree, remember how Trump bombed Syria multiple times past years, see his crazy threats that he does, there are bigger hawks around him but he himself is no better when push comes to shove. Besides, Hawks like Bolton, Pompeo was appointed by him, no one else.

      • Tom Welsh

        “On this one issue, Trump may be the only sane person in the Executive”.

        Until you remember that he appointed all the others.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Video: 200 Israeli Nuclear Weapons Targeted against Iran’:
    ‘…As confirmed by the numerous IAEA inspections, Iran has no nuclear weapons and commits not to produce them, according to the agreement under strict international control.
    However – writes former US Secretary of State Colin Powell on March 3, 2015 in an email that has come to light –
    “the boys in Tehran know Israel has 200 nuclear weapons, all targeted on Tehran, and we have thousands”.
    The US European allies, which formally continue to support the agreement with Iran, are basically aligned with Israel. Germany supplied Israel with six Dolphin submarines, modified so as to launch nuclear cruise missiles, and approved the supply of three more….’
    Germany eases it’s conscience for WWII atrocities by enabling I^^rael to carry out it’s own Genocide.

  • Paul Barbara

    Likelihood is, if Iran was attacked, Muslim pirates in the Indian Ocean and around the Indonesian archipelago would likely stop trying to take tankers hostage, and instead turn them into blazing infernos with ATGM, RPG’s or other freely available hardware in solidarity with Iran. Much less risky than trying to board and hold a tanker. There is already talk of the US pulling out of Afghanistan – an attack on Iran would put them in easy reach of Iran’s missiles. Also, Afghanistan would become awash with sophisticated weaponry like modern Manpads and ATGM’s, the sort the Yanks poured into Afghanistan when the Mujaheddin were fighting the Soviets, but which have been very sparse since the Coalition of War Criminal Invaders took over.
    I suspect many Pakistanis will favour Iran, as fellow Muslims, and would expect huge anti-American riots, at the very least.

  • Paul Barbara

    Breaking News: ‘Attacking US Aircraft Accompanying Downed Drone, IRGC Claims’:
    ‘Earlier, the Iranian foreign ministry said Tehran had “indisputable” proof that the US shot down by an Iranian SAM had violated Iranian airspace. Washington has disputed the claim, saying the incident took place over international waters in the Strait of Hormuz.
    A US reconnaisance aircraft was flying not far from the drone which was shot down in the Strait of Hormuz by an Iranian missile and could have been destroyed as well, but Iran’s air defence troops refrained from doing so, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Aerospace Force commander Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh said.
    “At the moment when the US spy drone was shot down, another American reconnaisance aircraft was near it, which we did not shoot down,” Hajizadeh said, speaking to reporters on Friday, according to Fars….’
    Interesting development; pity Russia or China doesn’t appear to have satellite tracking showing drone and plane’s positions.
    But neatly show Iran’s cautionary approach.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Paul Barbara June 21, 2019 at 13:07
      Somehow the beginning of the headline got chopped off above; should have read: ‘Iran Refrained From Attacking US Aircraft Accompanying Downed Drone, IRGC Claims’.

      • Tom Welsh

        “Somehow the beginning of the headline got chopped off above…”
        Recently I have noticed a similar effect when copying text from articles to quote. It may be just passages that are hyperlinked that do that.

    • Andyoldlabour

      Paul Barbara

      This is an article from Kayhan, which clearly states that the US were given clear warnings about the drone, and the Iranians refrained from attacking the following spy plane.

      “In the early hours of Thursday, Iran had no other choice when an unmanned spy aircraft of the American intruders in the Persian Gulf stealthily entered Iranian coastal waters, but to down it with a precision missile, albeit after several warnings that were ignored by the highly advanced RQ-4A Global Hawk.”

      “Moreover, the Iranian defence personnel refrained from targeting a second US spy plane trailing the drone, since it had personnel on board, and the Islamic Republic didn’t want to endanger the life of the hapless American personnel being pushed to their unnecessary death by their roguish administration.”

    • GFL

      Was the U S drone flown into Iranian air space deliberately, when Iran’s air defence system lit up, it’s systems could be monitored by the spy plane just outside Iranian air space. A cyber attack the following day, maybe a coincidence.

  • Greg Park

    One ray of hope is that at least some UK judges are prepared to stand up against this morally bankrupt political class: The Court of Appeal yesterday ruled that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen are UNLAWFUL. All arms sales licences suspended!

    Sad that parliament itself was incapable of such action, something that is unlikely to change even if Jeremy Corbyn becomes prime minister. One of the biggest backbench rebellions he has faced was when 100 of his own MPs failed to support a Labour motion to withdraw British support for the Saudi campaign in Yemen.

    These are the Labour MPs the media represents as moderate centrists. The ones who are permanently morally outraged by alleged antisemitic tweets.

    • Sharp Ears

      Did you know that Thornberry is a Zionist and a member of LFoI? Shame on her and her forked tongue.

      John Pilger has sent congratulations to CAAT for their success on this.

      20/06/2019 7:12 pm, john pilger wrote:
      This is wonderful news. But as you say, the government will try everything to subvert it.
      Still, a great victory. Congratulations!
      John Pilger

      • Wikikettle

        Good news with CAAT and Trump not agreeing to kill at least 150 Iranians in revenge for drone. Now Donald, be good boy and sack
        Bolton, go back to the nuclear deal saying you were lied to by the B team.

        • michael norton

          I really do not think The Donald is a stupid as people like to make out, most of his stupid act is to play down to his electorate in Middle America.
          He was almost certainly primed by others for war, he has worked out, although a $130 million drone has been taken out by Iran, they were being provoked, as it was spying on them.
          No Americans have been hurt, but the assessment of reprisal, by America, was that hundreds of Iranians would be shredded, which would be massive over-kill.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ michael norton June 21, 2019 at 17:42
            Donald doesn’t know his ass from his elbow; like all presidents since JFK, he was put in place, and is a puppet.
            Are you really trying to agree with the twat’s tweets, that he cared about 150 possible casualties?
            How many died in Raqaa under his watch?
            Like LBJ, he is bought and paid for by ‘I wonder who’.

    • Tom Welsh

      “The Court of Appeal yesterday ruled that UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen are UNLAWFUL”.

      Yeah, after several years of intensive bombing of Yemen which went unmentioned.

      What has changed? Well, it seems to me that the tide is slowly turning, and the Yemenis are getting the upper hand. So the British establishment, ever alert to the main chance, naturally changes sides.

  • Wikikettle

    The B team, can easily conduct more red flags independent of US. This will force their war on Iran on trump. He has a fight on his hands. A war will sink his re election.

  • Wikikettle

    Amazing, on Fox News, ‘Tucker: US came within minutes of war with Iran’ on You tube. This guy Tucker Carlson manages to reach the Presidents brain.

    • Tom Welsh

      “This guy Tucker Carlson manages to reach the President’s brain”.

      I’m even more amazed that he managed to locate it.

  • Dungroanin

    Happy summer solstice to all who notice such markers and as usual that brings us Mid Summer Nights Madness and mirth…

    (I’m reposting thid edited post here as my original went on the next piece on the assault of the greenpeace protestor)

    1. Sacrificial US air-personnel and others, totalling 35 – NOT KILLED BY IRAN.
    (Did/Do they realise they were being sent to be the canon fodder bait? )

    Instead the highest tech Drone sent to record the moment of the beginning of war for posterity of the writers and owners of world history to dance to in perpetuity – did get swatted.


    2. The media and troll bots are in a tiz about what line they are supposed to take on the grand narrative. Witness the Newyork Times and the Groaniad on the belaying of the attack orders.

    And still not a single journalistic piece /blog (or even troll bots) on the SCO and it’s objectives under it’s new presidency – Russia!
    Which probably are being fully impemented in the ME theatre. That level of primacy over the US military tech cannot be attributed to just the Iranians.

    I got to stop laughing it’s getting hard to breath and the tears … so i’ll just put a link or two to some informative pieces (not claiming they are proven)

    Its not a tragedy yet but it is definitely a comedy.

    • remember kronstadt

      What’s with the Trump fetish on this site? We don’t live in the age of monarchies and few one owner businesses are left. Governments run like corporations that come with entrenched interests, group influences, competing ambitions, history, ambitions and jealousy. Like you, everybody around you thinks they could do a better job. Trump isn’t a politician which is obvious to anyone. For now he had cleverly given talk rein to the hawks but has constrained them from action. So far, so much better than Obama and Clinton. Carry on.

  • Sharp Ears

    Luke Harding is even more of a laughing stock. He wrote in yesterday’s Observer of Putin’s fake plan to assassinate Boris Johnson.

    Russians ‘spread fake plot to assassinate Boris Johnson’ on social media
    Suspected spy operation was designed to provoke tension in the west, says new study

    It commences ‘Suspected Russian spies floated a series of fake stories on social media including a claim that Remainers were planning to kill Boris Johnson and that the novichok used in the Salisbury attack came from the Real IRA, a new study shows.’ followed by 800 more words.

    Fake plot. Fake News more like.

  • Paul Barbara

    The plot thickens: ‘Magnier: Iran Rejected US Offer of Face-Saving Strikes’:
    ‘…According to well-informed sources, Iran rejected a proposal by US intelligence – made via a third party – that Trump be allowed to bomb one, two or three clear objectives, to be chosen by Iran, so that both countries could appear to come out as winners and Trump could save face. Iran categorically rejected the offer and sent its reply: even an attack against an empty sandy beach in Iran would trigger a missile launch against US objectives in the Gulf.
    Iran is not inclined to help Trump come down from the tree he has climbed and would rather keep him confused and cornered. Furthermore, Iran would love to see Trump fail to win a second term, and will do everything to help oust him from the White House at the end of his mandate in 2020….’
    Makes a lot more sense than Trump being worried about killing 150-odd Iranians…
    He certainly doesn’t seem bothered by the thousands of deaths in Yemen, and the potential genocide both there and in Iran.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Russian Military Has Info Downed US Drone Violated Iranian Airspace – Security Council Secretary’:
    How many times must the US (and it’s cronies) get caught out in outright lies (Iraqi WMD, Kuwaiti Incubator Babies, Gulf of Tonkin, Lusitania, Assad CW/OPCW White Helmets Chicanery, MH17, Qaddafi feeding troops Viagra, Saddam’s tanks on Saudi borders, Iran attacking Gulf of Oman shipping, May and Salisbury Skripals case) before the pathetic MSM calls them out?

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