That Mark Field Feared a Terrorist Attack is Clearly a Lie – or He Is Dangerously Insane 455

The reason that Mark Field attacked the lady who had just passed by him was that she wore a sash clearly identifying her as a climate change protestor. She had entered with the other guests, already wearing her sash, and making no effort at concealment. Field knew exactly that she was a climate change protestor when he attacked her: it is why he attacked her. Had she just passed by him without that sash, he would not have attacked her.

There is zero history in the UK of personal violence or terrorist attack by climate change protestors and nobody could claim they had a reasonable fear that a climate change protestor was carrying a weapon – something which has simply never happened. I could equally rationally grab Mark Field by the throat any time I saw him, and claim he might have been carrying a concealed weapon because he is a Tory MP. His excuse is a complete and utter nonsense, a post hoc effort at justification.

He only had a genuine fear of her carrying a weapon if he is suffering from a serious psychological derangement, and one dangerous to the public.

Unlike Mark Field, I happen to have led a life involving real danger, and had guns pointed at my head in both Uzbekistan and Liberia, whilst in the service of the UK. But in my sixty years I have never once raised my hand in anger to a woman. Field’s unprovoked attack was cowardly and ungentlemanly in the extreme (and I really do not care if you find my attitude outdated or not).

It is worth observing that there was not a gentleman at this gathering of Britain’s bankers and upper classes. Nobody stood up to try to assist the peaceful woman who had been grabbed by the neck. Sickeningly, they applauded Field on his return. I find the extraordinary tirade of Tory defence on twitter this morning says a great deal about the kind of party it has become.

One point that appears to have been missed in media comment, is that it seems to me extremely likely that the woman had an invitation or ticket for the event. She was dressed in evening wear as the other guests, but was not attempting to infiltrate or gatecrash or she would not have worn the sash. The most probable reason for someone to follow the dress code but identify themselves with a protest sash is that they were a legitimate guest wishing to make a point.

It is essential to our society that Mark Field is immediately arrested and charged with assault. If Tories are allowed simply to assault people lest they make a speech that Tories disagree with, society has turned a corner to somewhere very dark indeed.

455 thoughts on “That Mark Field Feared a Terrorist Attack is Clearly a Lie – or He Is Dangerously Insane

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  • Sharp Ears

    The Tory audience at the hustings ( stupid word ) in Birmingham just now did not like Iain Dale’s first questioning of Johnson about the fracas. A private matter. Of course.

    They seemed to love Jezza Hunt. The question of his connection when DCMS Secretary with Murdoch in 2012 (giving him Sky BSB) was swiftly glossed over. He said he ‘cleared his name’.

    There were no questions either about Hunt purchasing six buy to let flats in a Southampton Marina development via a company using his wife’s name. Hunt breached several codes and saved + £90,000 in stamp duty. He bought them off a Tory donor. Not stupid. These types are always sorry.

    • Athanasius

      I don’t like Boris Johnson, but basically, he had a Barney with his girlfriend. There are plenty of reasons to vote against him, not the least of which being that he’s a halfwit. This isn’t one of them. Does it never occur to lefties that the “by any means necessary” mentality is what turns people off them?

      • Ian

        It tells you a lot about the character of a man who wants to be the next PM. Nothing to do with the feeble swipe at ‘lefties ‘.

  • eric kane

    I agree totally there was no place to hide a weapon in the dress she was wearing And most terrorists do not enter events disguised as guests but as waiters and staff. neither he or the guests were in any danger. This was just another symptom of the tory disease where they think they can do anything they want without punishment and that anyone not a part of their faction is fair game this behaviour is more commonly associated with street gangs and hooligans many of whom are serving time in prison for their criminal acts

    • N_

      Tories whinge like m*****f*****s. Any time they experience adversity or opposition that they can’t crush, they whinge whinge whinge. Many of them say stupid ridiculous things like it’s always the middle classes who get squeezed the most. They are so thick it is almost unbelievable. Mark Field was the aggressor, he was probably tanked up – if not on powder, then probably on ethanol and certainly on the adrenaline flowing in his filthy bourgeois veins from being so happy with himself for being at such a gathering – and he enjoyed defending the company’s evening by using violence against an obviously unarmed woman who wanted to disrupt it for a few seconds, causing her humiliation and pain. No he didn’t think she had a knife hidden in her clothing, or a radio control switch for an anti-personnel mine that might have blown those Tory arses to kingdom come, giving them a taste of Iraq or Syria. The SAS guys didn’t think the same about those IRA opponents they shot dead in Gibraltar either. Field probably believes he’s an expert neckgrabber. Tories have no shame. It’s always somebody else’s fault, the fault of those who don’t know how the world should be. His supporters are blaming lefties, Guardian readers, the BBC, and invoking the rights of private property and “trespass” and so on. It’s as if they themselves are requesting the punch in the throat that they so richly deserve.

      I encountered a Tory dimwit online a few hours ago who when the topic of conversation moved to Boris Johnson could only say

      1. His enemies are out to get him

      (Oh poor ickle him! – he’s in a contest where he can’t just kill the other side right away, ban criticisms of himself, and punch the air in triumph without having had to meet any opposition. That’s the position that almost EVERY person is in who engages in a contest – but usually most of those who want one side to win don’t whinge about it. That’s except if they’re Tories.)

      2, “I would suggest it is Johnson”.

      The latter seems to be a thicko Tory way of saying “I want Johnson to win” and “I think he will win”, with an indication that the utterer can’t distinguish between what they want and how things are, which is a form of psychosis. Most who use the conditional mood for snobbish effect have never been asked “You say that WOULD happen, but what’s the condition clause?” That’s until I come along. Even if you didn’t know much about grammar, you’d be able to work out the meaning of that question if you weren’t intellectually paralysed for life by snobbery. Such usage is one of the most widespread markers of caste contempt in Britain. Don’t bother looking for any discussion of it in academic literature or on the internet.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ N_ June 22, 2019 at 19:33
        ‘..The SAS guys didn’t think the same about those IRA opponents they shot dead in Gibraltar either…’
        I attended the inquest in Gibraltar, and that point came out very clearly.
        I got harassed by Special Branch for my presence.

  • Deschutes

    Almost all posts under the embedded Guardian youtube video in this article are in support of Mark Field’s ugly assault of this woman. I tried to make a post in defense of the woman under the video and–surprise!–Guardian’s moderators quickly disappeared my comment: this is how they try to influence public opinion, i.e. by censoring posts critical of Mark Field’s assault; but allowing posts cheering on his attacking this woman to be shown. Like Mr Murray pointed out, the Guardian’s editor Paul Johnson works closely with the UK’s D-Notice censorship committee. I hate the Guardian media, truly horrible people. Worse than WaPo, and that is scraping the bottom of the septic tank.

  • doug scorgie

    Mary Pau!
    June 22, 2019 at 18:03
    “As a point of interest, what would anyone else have done in the same situation?”

    Well Mary, most normal people would not have physically attacked that lady and the men seated nearby, if they were real men, would have restrained Mr Field from assaulting her.

    • michael norton

      The neighbour who called police after hearing an altercation between Boris Johnson and his girlfriend Carrie Symonds has gone public.
      Tom Penn issued a statement after coming under fire from some Tory figures for releasing the recording. Mr Penn, 29, said he heard the argument and only called police after knocking three times on Ms Symonds door and not getting a response. The neighbour said he had since faced “bizarre and fictitious allegations” since the scandal broke. In a statement released tonight Mr Penn said: “In the early hours of Friday morning, I answered a phone call from a takeaway food delivery driver. At the same time, I heard what sounded like shouting coming from the street.

      One wonders if he has connections with the Guardian.

      • N_

        That line about the delivery driver (identified in other sources as working for Deliveroo) sounds “interesting”. It has the smack of a dollop of “innocence” that the account is hung on, an “explainer” as to why he was on the landing at that time of night, but also an element which may not be so “innocent” at all. Special agencies can infiltrate or run companies like that, can work with their security, or can have their facilities for their own use when they want. We should have no doubt that Deliveroo will work with MI5 because if they didn’t then MI5 wouldn’t know as much as they’d feel comfortable with about who else the company might be working with. Questions such as was the landing swept for wires arise. I continue to believe that a large part of the senior echelon of MI6 does not want Boris Johnson as prime minister, and perhaps we are finding out the kind of thing that can happen when other powerful forces try to walk over them.

        • Cuchullain

          I quite like the idea that the senior echelons of MI6 do not want Boris Johnson to become PM and might stir themselves to prevent it, though it is odd that they were not similarly bestirred to stop him being Foreign Secretary, but sadly that far fetched conspiracy theory falters on the suggestion that they might not be authoritarian dinosaurs and does not remove the alternative risk of Hunt becoming PM. In either case it would be interesting to imagine MI6 wanted to protect this country from US interests manipulating the election process but again I am not that hopeful.

    • RandomComment

      Indeed “real men” would have swooped in to protect this helpless female.

      • pretzelattack

        anybody that wasn’t a gutless coward would have intervened to help this assault victim, yes. the much larger drunk clearly had the advantage in this “confrontation” he sought, no doubt he would have cowered on the floor if he thought she actually had a weapon as he claimed. he looks like just the kind of british poodle the u.s. likes though, kicking down and kissing up.

  • remember kronstadt

    where are the snows of yesteryear when one nation tutters ruled the discourse. if things weren’t bad enough that vulgar little man, new furniture naturally, is pushing on the lawn and someone needs to do something. end of days, end of days. and those candidates, still here.

  • JOML

    Apologies if someone has already commented on this, but the Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has pointed out that both Johnson and Hunt voted in support of May’s existing withdrawal agreement. What will have changed once one of them has backstabbed their way into the PM position? The EU must be struggling to keep things on an even keel, dealing with these muppets… No, you can’t have the sweeties if you don’t pay for them!

    • Goose

      The difference?

      Johnson claims he’ll leave on or by 31st Oct on no deal and assemble a Praetorian Guard cabinet : hard pipe hittin’ Brexiters, who’ll ensure he can do exactly that.

      As for Hunt, he wants to get in the Brexit vehicle that’s stuck in the ditch precisely where May left it. His backers include Amber Rudd and others associated with deep opposition to a no deal Brexit.

      • michael norton

        Jeremy Hunt is being back by his intimate Amber Rudd, the father of Amber Rudd used to be a writer for the Guardian,
        just saying.

        • Goose

          I don’t know what Hunt will do precisely. But going by everything he’s said about no-deal in the past i.e., he thinks it completely disastrous, well, I’m more than a little dubious about his sudden conversion to the idea. Anyone backed by the people he’s backed by eg. Rudd et al, is highly unlikely to no-deal.
          Although, quite how he’ll get the EU’s now disbanded negotiating team to open up a negotiation they say is done ,finalised? I think it far more likely he intends to do some deal with Labour over the SM or CU (or both) but is simply is keeping that plan to himself. There could be huge fight in that party.

          Hence, why it’s probably better for Labour to sit on the fence until a victor emerges from that fight.

        • Geoffrey

          Brother is pretty awful too. So an all round rotten family it seems michael !

    • N_

      Yes they did both vote in favour of it but it lost. There then came the deal with Labour, which wasn’t promoted as a deal but which nonetheless still was a deal and could have won – but Theresa May got removed from office in a coup d’etat before she could bring it to Parliament for a vote.

      In the 1970s Aldo Moro didn’t manage to bring his “historic compromise” to the Italian national assembly for a vote either.

      • Jimmeh

        “coup d’etat”

        That’s when a military group takes over the government by force. Theresa May actually removed herself; she volunteered to leave if she didn’t get her way.

        • N_

          Have you not heard of a bloodless coup?

          I wouldn’t believe the interpretations pushed in the papers if I were you. She had come to an understanding with Labour. She had agreed that Britain would in effect stay in both the customs union and the single market, and a government bill to that effect may well have passed. Jeremy Corbyn used Tory opposition to her leadership as the reason why he wouldn’t “sign the deal” openly. In other words, since they were going to oust her anyway, there was no point. Had they not ousted her, it would have gone through.

          “Removed herself” – LOL!

          It’s as if you don’t see the Tory far right grouped around figures such as Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson as an actor.

      • Goose

        There was never a deal in the offing with Labour, as May didn’t have the backing of her MPs to agree even a permanent customs union – the minimal outcome Labour would accept. The best May could commit to is a temporary customs arrangement until the end of the transition(or implementation) period, but that was already written into the WA.

        Basically May never moved on her three ‘red lines’, those which she first set out in that Lancaster house speech way back in January 2017: No to the single market; no to membership of the or any customs union and no jurisdiction in the UK for the European Court of Justice (the EU’s court).

      • Spencer Eagle

        Airey Neave never managed to become head of MI5 either, a role that is alleged in some quarters Thatcher had lined up for him and one that Neave saw as an opportunity to clean up the security services.

        • Goose

          Watched a TV interview recently with the very good Chris Mullin – Politician and author of the novel A Very British Coup (1982). He said he thought domestic intelligence service MI5 were now behaving properly, that the rogue elements of the type in his ’80s era novel were gone, and further that oversight (ISC, IPCO) was functioning properly. Although he did say he still had some concerns about MI6.

  • Tom

    I’m surprised anyone believes the official stories behind either the Field incident or the Johnson altercation. The “lapse of security” in the Field case was rather convenient, wasn’t it, and the discussion afterwards totally out of proportion to what actually happened (what are they hiding?). Meanwhile the timing of the alleged Johnson row couldn’t have been better for his opponents, coming as it did almost as soon as MPs had narrowed the field to two but before the members’ hustings. In both cases I really can’t look beyond involvement by the authorities.

    • pretzelattack

      oh, you mean there was a conspiracy to make him look like a fat, aging bully with a booze problem? damn, how could he have escaped this foul plot? if only he could have refrained from attacking her, but hindsight is 20/20, right?

  • BrianFujisan

    The first few seconds tell you Bully Field was drunk…That he had to steady himself using the Pillar.

      • BrianFujisan

        No: It’s not what Gavin was saying.. I’m saying Field was Drunk.. Dangerous Assault. .. Deliberate Clamping into the neck millimeters away from pressure points..and the Look in his eyes.. Bad Bad Stuff

        • Andyoldlabour


          That is exactly what I saw Brian. The guy was clearly enraged. The woman was passing by him when he assaulted her. He pushed her against the pillar with his left hand around the front of her throat, then spun her around with the same left hand around the back of her neck, clearly causing a lot of discomfort to the woman.

        • Twirlip

          I’ve watched the video another couple of times (groan…), and I still see no sign of Field being unsteady on his pins, or having to lean on the pillar for support.

          Although he may have been drunk, I can see no evidence of it. I don’t think he has even that much of an excuse, which would be little enough.

          (By the way, I referred unambiguously to only “one of the things” Gavin Sealey wrote, so I don’t know why you thought I was attributing all of his other opinions to you as well.)

  • Bill Thomson

    Field was over the top but do not confuse a Greenpeace activist with a climate change protester.
    When I was young and unfamiliar with the ways of the world, long before virtue signaling was a popularly known expression, I grew my hair long, bought the posters and paid my dues to save the dolphins and the whales. I stopped once it dawned on me that Greenpeace appeared only ever target non US interests. Their focus appeared to be economic under the cover of environmentalism.

    As for the lady in question, why sympathise? She got what she wanted beyond her wildest dreams. A viral video clip and front page headlines.

    • zoot

      complete nonsense. greenpeace has targeted and initiated lawsuits against all the major us polluters: exxon, koch, halliburton, pentagon et al. furthermore unlike some environmental groups they do not accept a dime from any corporations seeking to greenwash their reputations. if you’re looking for an organization to castigate for never targeting us interests then look no further than the britush conservative party.

    • michael norton

      Bill, the Field woman protester, looked very smug indeed, she has no intention of asking for further “action” because she has set the train in motion, for other to run with it.
      Look at what is happening in Germany with the open cast coal protesters, this will suit Donald Trump
      who wishes to damage the economy of Germany.

      • pretzelattack

        what’s happening in germany that is relevant? and why wouldn’t prosecuting fields, as he richly deserves, continue to pay political dividends? the prosecutors will “run with it” as you put it.

        • pretzelattack

          if it were, i fail to see why this incident would have anything to do with it.

    • pretzelattack

      i don’t know what she wanted, but i know i want fields prosecuted. what do you want?

  • Clark

    The attack by Mark Field must be treated as a serious warning of what will soon follow. The Right’s thirty year disinformation campaign has at last been recognised for what it is – denial, to maximise personal gain, even by destroying the ecosystems upon which all life depends. Such behaviour is beyond irrational; it is obsessively myopic, blind to evidence, reason and consequences.

    Deception having failed, a member of the Right proceeds impulsively to direct suppression by pre-emptive violence. Far from condemning this, his colleagues promote excuses, ie. rationalisations.

    As awareness spreads of our predicament, such escalation from the Right must be anticipated. The Right must be denied control of the power of the state, for they cannot help themselves; they are compelled by their irrationality to use any means available to enforce their ecocidal, genocidal and ultimately suicidal agenda.

    • Clark

      It was not really accurate of me to direct my accusation at “the Right”. There must be many on the Right with an adequate sense of proportion; those who advocate market competition and systems of investment, but view them in the appropriate perspective of their dependence upon natural systems that the human economy cannot hope to replicate.

      It would be encouraging to find such people among the Blairite ‘centrists’ of the Labour party, but the ease with which that faction rationalise their support for neoconservative conquest for hydrocarbons implies that they too lack sufficient self-awareness.

      • J

        With the caveat that Labour also has it’s share of wholly owned corporate place men, you were probably more accuarte in your first comment. For the simple reason that ‘moderate’ Tories, should they exist, rarely dissent in any meaningful way. If you know of any recent or memorable examples please let me know.

        • Goose

          Around six months after Corbyn became leader,in Mar 2016 a list leaked out, it was created by a senior aide, it put the PLP’s MPs into categories : “core group” – those closest and most loyal to the leader, while 56 were in the “core plus” group – the leader’s outer circle. A total of 72 MPs were labeled “neutral but not hostile”, 49 were in slightly hostile in “core group negative” while 36 are outwardly “hostile”, the most negative rating.

          It’s funny looking back now, because the “hostiles” list included Sadiq Khan, former interim shadow chancellor Chris Leslie, John Woodcock, Ian Austin, Michael Dugher, Tristram Hunt. With the exception of Khan….

  • vin_ot

    A portion of society will always be indignant at any suggestion powerful bullies be called to account. They have surfaced again in the past 48 hours, absolutely fuming angry.

  • David Table

    I agree, Mark Field is dangerously insane. The sooner Johnson beats his handler (Hunt) the better.

  • Willie

    Mark Field was just giving the woman the roughing up she deserved, or he thought she deserved.

    He was the only person who reacted and in the way he did, he showed himself to be the odious piece of shit that he is.

    But he may have bitten more than he can chew. He may find that wherever he goes he may now be s target for ‘ ‘ have a go at me ” from individuals just s bit stronger and a bit braver than him.

    Life is like that. No one likes a bully, and especially s pompous high Tory like him.

    The proverbial ‘ sore face ‘ may be just around the corner for our Mark.

  • SA

    As Jonathan Cook put it these incidents serve both as diversions and a pretence that the MSM are really presenting an equal debate on both sides. Both the Frank Field and the Boris Johnson episodes serve the purpose of focusing on single issues whilst ignoring the bigger picture. Her we are with Boris Johnson almost being crowned as PM and the whole focus of the country and the MSM is on such episodes of theatre. The real discussion should be how inept Boris is and what a total catastrophe for the country it would be if he led for 1 single day. His links with right wing movements should be exposed, not whether he had an altercation with his girlfriend.The indications are all there in his history as mayor, his frivolity and his devil may care undiplomatic way of handling any issue of importance. He is the archetypal narcissist who uses people for his purposes and who does not care at all what other people think. Similarly the MarkField story appears to be serving the purpose of adding to demonization of climate change activism.
    On the wider picture, the hustings un Birmingham showed how running scared the Tories are that a GE will almost certainly lead to a Corbyn being prime minister. To use this to frighten their own people to vote for one or the other demonstrates how desperate they are. They both do not care for the whole country, merely for the perception that the biggest threat to their party is not fulfilling Brexit. In this context it seems that the only electorate that now matter to this minority Tory government is the 30% of the population who are Tory voters who voted leave, somewhat the same proportion who voted for the Brexit party in the European elections. The rest of the population do not seem to matter to them.
    Hunt’s main point in selling himself is that he is an entrepreneur, for which read an exploiter of people. And he is of course proud of his history as someone who united all NHS workers and telling him that he is unpopular and destroying the NHS. He has left the Health department with waiting lists worsening and target waiting no longer being counted.

    • Xavi

      Cook is a valuable voice but he is dreaming if he thinks the media might otherwise have been focusing on the City of London Corporation and its role in Tory austerity. I am surprised the media even highlighted these two incidents of Tory thuggery, especially when one involved a figure poised to become the next PM.

    • Borncynical


      “Hunt’s main point in selling himself is that he is an entrepreneur”.

      Indeed, not something to be proud of as far as most entrepreneurs are concerned. I caught the beginning of the Birmingham hustings and was absolutely astounded at one of Hunt’s opening gambits. I wasn’t paying sufficient attention to note his precise words but it was along the lines of “I am a successful entrepreneur. Hands up anyone here who runs their own business. … Ah, quite a few…. the Tories’ kind of people.” I thought I must have been imagining it but that was what he said. And that is really supposed to win him the popularity of the masses?

      One of Thatcher’s popularity schemes was to throw taxpayers’ hard-earned money at ‘entrepreneurs’ and give them tax breaks to encourage the growth of employment figures to make the Tories look good, whilst lining the pockets of said entrepreneurs and gaining their votes and hopefully those of the employees. That was fine until the funding dried up and it was discovered that those entrepreneurs were frauds who, as the saying goes, couldn’t organise a p*ss up in a brewery but were themselves, by then, nice and wealthy at the expense of the non-entrepreneurs in society. Jeremy Hunt no doubts hopes that this will all have been erased from memories with the passage of time. But some of us haven’t forgotten and have a sense of deja vu.

    • Coldish

      SA: I know you meant Mark Field, not Frank Field. Rare kudos to Mrs May for taking Mark off the payroll. Frank is no coward, and he doesn’t go in for gratuitous thuggery.

  • Wikikettle

    The country and airways are mesmerised to distraction about Field and BJ. I tried to flag up on another of Craig’s posts on the Gulf but was told off by the moderator. While we are concerned about the likes of Field and BJ vis a v women….I wonder what the women of Iran are dreading at the moment. Patrick Cockburn has a article in the Independent about his thoughts on a war (attack) on Iran as being very likely. There are reports that the US has conducted a cyber attack on Iran and keeping it quite ???

    • RandomComment

      We’ve already had Trump pull back on air strikes in Iran. The cynic in me says that this would be bigger news, after the last post, but it doesn’t fit a narrative. Feel free to argue otherwise.

    • MJ

      For what it’s worth my interpretation is that Iran brought down a modern Global Hawk drone that had stealth capabilities. The US tried to take down Iran’s radar and missile facilities with a cyber attack but found it couldn’t. It therefore abandoned the mission knowing that its rubbish F-35 stealth jets were toast if it didn’t.

  • michael norton

    Let us guess that it was the girlfriend of Boris who was acting unreasonably and mostly not Boris, he may have spilled a little red but hardly a crime. The story is that Boris was wired for sound, any indiscretion was going to be spotlighted,
    but was it just the Guardian, or are there actors behind the Guardian.

  • SayLess

    What is the UK coming to? In light of the Jo Cox murder, does this mean that all MPs should now fear for their lives should any citizen or protester get oo near? If we condone Mark Field’s actions here as self-defence on the gounds that the protester could have killed someone, then where does that leave us? It is indeed possible that any protester might plausibly kill an MP. So, is the next logical step that Mr Fields (or any MP) would be perfectly entitled to kill such a protester in a pre-emptive strike?
    This line of thinking is a one way road into the mindset of a dictatorship, where the members of government are protected from the citizens. There was a time when what made democracies so powerful and unique was that even the very president himself would meet and mingle with the citizens, talk with them, answer their questions, shake their hands. The politicians knew that they could be killed, but put themselves out there anyway. This current mindset in the UK and US of treating the citizens as a potential threat only serves to widen the gap between the powerful and the serfs, and will have a terrible erosive effect on domocracy.

    • SA

      We don’t even have an elected president and we are subjects not citizens in this country.

        • SA

          OK the law was updated to take account of the modern world but, and a very big but if as follows:
          1. New citizens are awarded citizenship after swearing allegiance to the Queen and her successors.
          2. Top Civil servants and high government office holders and privy councillors have to swear allegiance to the queen.
          3. The law of high treason still applies. I wonder how that could be applied to Scottish secessionists?
          4. There is no proper constitution.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘..That Mark Field Feared a Terrorist Attack is Clearly a Lie..’
    No need for a second option. But you have to give him some slack – he is a politician, after all. That (with very few exceptions) is their MO.

  • Macky

    Forget all the excusing nonsense, he admitted why he acted the way he did; he just didn’t like his dinner being disturbed !

    “He continued to grip me by the neck and the arm all the way to the door of the building. Then, when we got to the door, he shoved me outside on to the street, and said: ‘This is what happens when people like you disturb our dinner.’

    • Dungroanin

      Ha indeed Macky.
      He must have been starving… these boarding school types and these who associate with them were brought up with bad habits of wolfing their vittles down or risk getting it robbed by their fellow bully boys and girls.
      They never got enough and always wanted more!

      They are brainwashed into thinking they are more equal then the rest of the population.who aren’t good enough to be in their hallowed sanctums but in reality there is a built in monopoly of power and cruelty with a head boy/girl appointed by the owners, to be their Lord of the flies … the dressing up and masonic mumbo jumbo there to hide the ancient hunger that will never be appeased.

      This explains the Harry Potter >> Super Power exceptionalism >> GOT arc of full spectrum brainwashing entertainment perpetrated upon the population
      (who happily consume it like so many foi gras geese lining up to be force fed their corn daily.)

      Anyway enough about the voracious City of Laannden and their demanding ways – can we not talk endlessly about the unprovoked assault by a giant turd in evening dress upon a lady in red instead?

      I think when Potus was summoned by the ancient Luddite god botherers to HQ he was tasked to step in and do something to make their hard brexit happen, kill the EU and stop the Corbynites – by starting another war in the ME so that the UK goes rushing into all out conflict and suspends its barely normal parliamentry democracy completely and avoids a GE – terrorist attacks will be furnished and blamed on isis – err Iran!
      Donald was introduced to his partner in this criminal escapade, the chosen one, Jammy Runt a real head boy!

      But … lets stick to the poor starving wankers and their identity politics eh?

      A fine week of mid summer madness begins – hey look! theres that guy who’s head has been turned into an actual ass running around royally jesting as the conspiracy unfolds.

      Happy Monday to all.
      (yes you trollbots too)

      • Macky

        Hope I’m wrong, but I’m not sure that Boris will ever be allowed to become PM; Hunt is a much safer pair of hands for the Establishment, and more of a credible opponent to JC in a GE.

        • Dungroanin

          Right again Boris was just a stalking horse to get the chosen one crowned, because Hunt is incapable of being elected by their membership never mind winning a GE against the Corbynites.

          I have long believed that Hunt has been the lead man of the pathocracy in this government. His primary task being the fattening of the NHS for the abbatoir – kaiser permanante (wot a name!!) and the like. He would not move from his post until it was in the bag. Nobody else could be trusted to see it through.

          He never really bothered gurning on the front bench at pmq’s choosing to stand at the end so that he could jeep his beady eyes on making sure that the grunts were performing their tasks.

          But he has had to move and take on the lead role because he knows they screwed up on delivering the hard brexit they always wanted on 29 March at 11.00 PM.

          Mostly by failing to stop Labour achieving the meaningful votes taking place.
          The circumstances for that Labour success were caused by a failure to have a sufficient majority – which was caused by failing to thrash Labour at an election (that is still not due for anothet year!) and thus cause Corbyn to resign and allow one of their Blairite partners in crime to regain the Opposition – which would then carry on the two party single agenda to carry on.
          They flopped in that hit and run whiz, because Corbyn resonates the voters when he can be seen beyond the monstering he was/issubjected to. That is why they resist to the ultimate, the decision to go to the country

          Brexit has always been a project supported by the City and the pathocrats of the world as the taxman finally threatened to cometh via EU regulation.

          They expected to run down the clock and be ‘forced’ to have a ‘disorderly exit’ as legally stated in A50. That failed. Their 2 week extension failed. They were gamed by the EU to accept a further 6 months and now rely on that deadline forcing the EU to finally end A50 and hand them a hard brexit.

          And they still can’t dislodge Corbyn.

          So Hunt has to look at even more desperate measures – take over the FO role and coordinate with the world wide pathocrats to achieve their long term aims.

          Being paychopaths they don’t flinch from using war as a means to these ends. Even as their imperial pathocracy is being beaten back along the whole eurasian frontier/ Africa and South America.

          It is not just a little local difficulty the tories are dealing with.

  • nevermind

    off, but on topic.
    American courts have made an important decision which pitches all young people who want to live a more sustainable life and are trying to stem the tide of consumerism, pollution and wholesale degradation of ecosystems, that there is no right to demand a sustainable future. From.4min.14 it becomes obvious.

    Trump removed environmental protections because he wants to accelerate this negative loop so America makes money and is coming out on top of a pile of polluted rubbish in the end.
    Now is the time to organise and I could make more than one case arguing that an Independent Scotland is only possible if it is built on a sustainable base.

  • giyane

    Then other side of serial rat behaviour , Tory austerity and war crimes is mental breakdown, bankruptcy and loss of social and economic security.

    All equally horrible results of extreme selfishness, not a question of moral relativity.

  • Coldish

    Thanks, Craig, for the comparison between the Hillary and the Donald. I’m English, so don’t have a US vote, but if I had, 2016 would have been the first presidential election since 1972 (Nixon-McGovern) in which I would have voted for the candidate of either major party. I stayed up all night on the night of 8 to 9 November 2016 and it was with great relief that I finally went to sleep knowing that Clinton had lost and that the likelihood of another major war starting in the near future was greatly reduced.
    Trump has made a lot of mistakes, particularly in the weird appointments he has made to senior positions. He has made a lot of domestic enemies, which may partly explain why he has gone to such lengths to keep on the right side of the Israeli government, whose support he might want to help him stay in office.

  • Gus.

    No he is not insane ,that is his nature, different kind of being vet him a little and see.

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