That Mark Field Feared a Terrorist Attack is Clearly a Lie – or He Is Dangerously Insane 455

The reason that Mark Field attacked the lady who had just passed by him was that she wore a sash clearly identifying her as a climate change protestor. She had entered with the other guests, already wearing her sash, and making no effort at concealment. Field knew exactly that she was a climate change protestor when he attacked her: it is why he attacked her. Had she just passed by him without that sash, he would not have attacked her.

There is zero history in the UK of personal violence or terrorist attack by climate change protestors and nobody could claim they had a reasonable fear that a climate change protestor was carrying a weapon – something which has simply never happened. I could equally rationally grab Mark Field by the throat any time I saw him, and claim he might have been carrying a concealed weapon because he is a Tory MP. His excuse is a complete and utter nonsense, a post hoc effort at justification.

He only had a genuine fear of her carrying a weapon if he is suffering from a serious psychological derangement, and one dangerous to the public.

Unlike Mark Field, I happen to have led a life involving real danger, and had guns pointed at my head in both Uzbekistan and Liberia, whilst in the service of the UK. But in my sixty years I have never once raised my hand in anger to a woman. Field’s unprovoked attack was cowardly and ungentlemanly in the extreme (and I really do not care if you find my attitude outdated or not).

It is worth observing that there was not a gentleman at this gathering of Britain’s bankers and upper classes. Nobody stood up to try to assist the peaceful woman who had been grabbed by the neck. Sickeningly, they applauded Field on his return. I find the extraordinary tirade of Tory defence on twitter this morning says a great deal about the kind of party it has become.

One point that appears to have been missed in media comment, is that it seems to me extremely likely that the woman had an invitation or ticket for the event. She was dressed in evening wear as the other guests, but was not attempting to infiltrate or gatecrash or she would not have worn the sash. The most probable reason for someone to follow the dress code but identify themselves with a protest sash is that they were a legitimate guest wishing to make a point.

It is essential to our society that Mark Field is immediately arrested and charged with assault. If Tories are allowed simply to assault people lest they make a speech that Tories disagree with, society has turned a corner to somewhere very dark indeed.

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455 thoughts on “That Mark Field Feared a Terrorist Attack is Clearly a Lie – or He Is Dangerously Insane

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  • SA

    OT but related to sense of entitlement in Tory mps.
    Chris Davies, MP for Brecon has been kicked out as MP because of expenses fraud. He wants to fight the by-election thus created with the blessing of Jeremy Hunt.
    “Davies was told he had committed “two very serious offences” which were “absolutely intended to deceive” when he appeared before magistrates earlier this year.”

    • Borncynical

      I live in Wales and saw a local news report on this yesterday, including an interview with Mr Davies. I am not in his constituency. Apparently there was a petition signed by over 10,000 constituents (19% of the area’s electorate) calling for his removal and that led to the by-election which has to be called if a petition is signed by 10% or more of the electorate. Mr Davies was ‘apologetic’ for his actions listing robotically those he is sorry for: “my family, my friends, those who have supported me. I have let them down..etc”. It was all delivered with what can only be described as a smirk and didn’t come across with any sincerity. I had to finish off his statement for him with “…But most of all I feel sorry for myself for being caught out”.

  • Jan N

    Craig what a great analysis… concise and to the point.

    BTW I personally challenge Mr Field to a 30 second Texas Cage match in Arkansas ‘slippery red” mud. To take place in a Niagara Falls parking lot. Winner gets to shower before leaving the venue.

  • N_

    Has Carrie Symonds been seen outside of her Camberwell flat since the police attended?

    If the answer is no then in addition to talk of Boris Johnson seeking an injunction to prevent publication of the audio recording, that suggests his bid to be prime minister is in danger. She could appear and say “All couples in relationships sometmes have arguments. I’m fine, we’re fine, and that’s all I’ve got to say. Please now respect our privacy.”

    But that’s hard to pull off if you’ve got a split lip or you’re wearing an eye patch.

    • joel

      Sounds like Thursday was quite the night for pudgy Tories knocking young women about. Their danders were up. Wonder if it had something to do with the summer solstice?

      • Keith

        hey’ve past form for brutalising women and children that time of year, Ask anyone who was at the bean field.

    • Laguerre

      I love the way the media are all talking about the Camberwell flat being *his* home, when it is obvious that it is *her* flat, and he’s only staying with the girl-friend.

    • DonnyWho

      The incident at the Dinner, the protest and the Solidarity shown by those attending by “table thumping”, their support. The assault and man handling of the lady in red. Together they made me flashback to scenes in “The Handmaidens tale”.

      They shows the same contempt for women, human rights, common decency and humane conduct as their fictional counterparts.

      But like their fictional counterparts they then applauded violence against those who would question their god given privileges. And justify it as upholding the law and protection against “potential” terrorism.

    • SA

      But the police have called in and were reassured that all is well, which seems to preclude eye patches and split lips.

      • Jimmeh

        It does nothing of the sort. Coppers called to domestics always prefer to assume that it’s just an argument, that they’ll never be able to prove who was at fault (he said…she said), and unless there’s a complaint they’ll do nothing.

        This young woman is evidently attracted to powerful men, even if they’re 30 years older, fat,and ill-kempt. Beating her up is simply evidence of his power and charisma.

        She twice told him to get out of her flat; he twice refused; it’s on tape. The fact the police denied that anything had happened until the tape came into the hands of the MSM, along with the seriaal numbers of the three police vehicles that attended, emphasises my point. The cops do their best to ignore domestics.

        Especially if one of the parties might be the Prime Minister within a week or so. Would you want to be the constable who has to present the charges against the PM in a magistrates court? Facing a QC supported by a team of top barristers? Career-limiting move, right?

        • SA

          If the police are called to an incident especially by a third party their duty would be to make sure that all concerned are safe and that there is no obvious coercion. It would then be decided whether further investigations or charges are warranted but they would not ignore obvious signs of injury whether it is a domestic or not.

        • Mary Pau!

          Hang on what actual evidence is there of anyone bring beaten up? One account instead said the crash was a laptop being thrown. I am certainly not trying to defend Boris here but where is the evidence he has beaten up Carrie Symmonds?

    • Mary Pau!

      She is probably lying low due to the media feeding frenzy which will break out when she emerges. I know I would. Most likely also worrying about the impact on her job of her relationship with Boris if she cannot go about freely in public. But he must have something that attracts women. I cant see it myself but as an independent self supporting feisty sort of woman, I never did see the appeal of the older man.

  • Tanya Stone

    I hope that the instinct to refrain from striking or attacking someone weaker, who is unarmed, and not assaulting you, never becomes outdated. Field’s expression of rage as he attacked the protester was meant to intimidate her. Male rage against women is a tool to keep them silent and compliant. He attacked her among a mob of his buddies who supported, cheered, and applauded him. The entire episode is revolting. I hope she does press charges.

    • Jimmeh

      I hope she doesn’t. Her reputation will be dragged through the mud, and as a domestic dispute it’s his word against hers.

      She’s already won her victory.

      • pretzelattack

        you seem to be talking about a different case; fields and this lady weren’t in a “domestic dispute”.

      • Deschutes

        Jimmeh you are so lost that you don’t even know what we are talking about here, i.e. we are talking about the video of Field grabbing the woman by the throat and forcing her out of the event. Get a clue dude.

    • SA

      Interesting that, she has concerns for the planet similar to those expressed by Janet Barker and maybe that is what led to the argument?

  • Chris Airey

    Well said Craig, and totally agree, including the mention of a lack of gentlemen. All done up to the nines and not a decent human being among them. Good old saying that ‘you can’t put a shine on excreta’ comes to mind

  • Sharp Ears

    Field’s father was a Major in the British Army. He is the brother-in-law of Charlie Elphicke, MP Con Dover.

    ‘Field is married to Victoria (Vicki) Field. They live in Westminster and Mallorca with their son, Frederick and their daughter, Arabella.
    Field’s first marriage to Michèle ended in divorce in 2006, with his ex-wife citing his affair with Liz Truss. Truss is now Conservative MP for South West Norfolk since 2010 and a Cabinet member since 2014.’

    The Sex Offence Allegations Against City Connected MP

    ‘For close on six months many have been wondering why right-wing MP Charlie Elphicke was suspended from the Tory party whip. As regular readers of this site will know, we commented on Elphicke’s close connections to the City last year – and his wife Natalie Elphicke’s key role in the Housing & Finance Institute (HFI). The HFI was financed by the City of London and includes this feudal local authority’s councillors Mark Boleat and James Thomson on its board. The HFI is one proxy in the war on democracy being waged by the City of London and the broader finance industry.’
    ‘In November 2017, Elphicke was suspended from the Conservative Party after “serious allegations” made against him were referred to the police. Elphicke stated: “I am not aware of what the alleged claims are and deny any wrongdoing.” ‘

    ‘On 12 December 2018, Elphicke had the Conservative whip reinstated prior to a confidence vote in Theresa May.’
    He was reinstated by May when a vote for confidence was ‘coming up.


  • Hatuey

    The whole thing looks like a stunt. But whether fake or not, it’s intended to demonstrate Mark Field has was it takes to keep the rabble in line. He’s quite prepared to assault women and spit in the face of humanity with its petty concerns about climate and justice.

    These types brag about being slugs, I know them well, and they always dramatise and embellish in their recollections — “a bunch of oiks crashed our party and I slapped them around and ejected them.. I’m trained to deal with situations like that… wasn’t in the least bit afraid… were it not for so many people around I’d have given them a jolly good hiding…”

    The rich are gearing up for a confrontation with the masses. That’s the sub-plot. The prevailing view up on the greasy poll is that Brexit will go one of two ways, and either way leads to social unrest. They need to slap the peasants around a bit, show them who’s boss, humiliate them, just as Thatcher did.

  • Mrs

    He did not see it as a threat you can tell by his body language that he was fuming and I know if it had been a masked terrorist he would have been out of his chair and straight under the lavish table that all these people have at our expense anything for a free meal…sorry but he would not have tackled a man for sure….and to hold her like he did you could see the anger in his face that was not fear it was pure control

  • Dan

    I think he’s a hero. He didn’t let these people just walk all over him, he took charge and threw the bitch out.

      • nevermind

        Areen’t you making an assumption in calling Danny girl/boy a human being?, different Frank…;)
        more like a misogynist Tory bot,imho.

    • Loftwork

      That is the behaviour of an entitled bully, Dan, not a gentleman. Field is what we old guys call a “cad” – rude, ill-bred and arrogant. If you support those values you define yourself.

    • Kula

      With you. Private property. She has no rights. He grabbed her firmly and marched her out. He did not “slam her against a pillar, try to throttle her” or other Greenpeace gaslighting. And that’s common sense not an expression of support for the Tories. Spare them a smidgen of compassion – their era is over.

      • Anthony

        “their era is over”

        Not if the British media has anything to do with it. Unless Labour reverts to being a quasi-Tory anti-union, warmongering party the media will still uniformly paint the Tories in the best possible light and Corbyn in the worst. That will continue and intensify if Corbyn wins. One of the few things in British politics of which we can be absolutely certain going forward.

        • Kula

          How does the British media gloss over a party which has destroyed democracy? Best known for lying parliamentarians fiddling expenses? The others are no better. These hacks don’t have the writing skills having cut their teeth on the BBC and the Giardian.

  • Andrew Wright

    disgusting by all concerned including the other guests who applaud violence towards women

  • Chris Barclay

    Janet Baker, the woman assaulted, seems fine. Sadly she does not want to press charges. I suspect we have not seen the last of this video. The Tories need Mark Field to disappear and PR that tells them not to be filmed wearing black tie or whatever it is called.

    As for Boris Johnson, being smeared couldn’t happen to a nicer man. However, if he is being smeared, we should still ask why and in whose interest. The two candidates to be put to Tory members had just been decided. It looks like tactical voting ensured that BJ would face Continuity May, a man who would beat even Sajid Javid in a race to extradite Julian Assange to the US, a man who made his money courtesy of the patronage of the British Council, a man who was placed to allow his relative Virginia Bottomley and others to plunder the NHS and a man who has acted as Don Rupert’s contact with David Cameron. If anyone doubts whether the British Establishment would use sex, they should remember that one excuse for Robin Cook’s departure from the Foreign Office was his second wife’s behaviour and lack of punctuality at official events. Of course the reason for Cook’s departure was that he wanted the UK to have a foreign policy independent of the US. She was also the only identified person present at the time of Cook’s unexpected death shortly after he suggested that the US controlled Al-Qaeda. It is believed that the intelligence services have female agents working in all government departments, so that if a Minister is looking for extra-marital sex he has it with a servant of the British state.

    • michael norton

      are you suggesting that the present girlfriend of Boris was a set-up for SIS?

    • David

      It is believed that the intelligence services have female agents working in all government departments
      I’ve certainly read in the past that greater than 50% of all British spooks are ladies, much more effective than brash James Bond, yet mostly overlooked.

      Entirely unconnectedly , whatever happened to Henry Bolton, ex-leader of UKIP?
      “Bolton, a former soldier and Thames Valley police officer, later worked for organisations such as the UN and Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe in Kosovo”

    • Jo1

      Yes, the activist said yesterday she wouldn’t be pressing charges. I wondered why but then I also wondered if charges will be brought against her and others for invading an official event illegally. That’s a possibility too.

      On Johnson’s latest adventure, I’ve just listened to a female Telegraph journalist declaring that the press coverage is a breach of his privacy and Symonds’ and, worse, it will make no difference to Conservative members who are determined Boris will be avenged for losing out, because of Gove, in 2016. So, there you are. (Yesterday on Politics Live, another female Telegraph journalist defended Field.) Oh, and the BBC wheeled out a female security “expert” to say Field had done a grand job and thank goodness he reacted, what a guy!

      The other thing I’m curious about is security at the Mansion House as, clearly, they were all half asleep. In the current climate it’s astonishing that 40 people got in there!

      I’m also pretty taken aback still about the neighbour recording the exchanges between Johnson and Symonds’ in her flat. I definitely think that’s weird. The neighbour may have been concerned, called police…etc, but they also recorded events in another house and passed that to the Guardian, along with a note of the police incident number and reg numbers of police vehicles in attendance. Yep, that’s seriously weird!

      • John A

        Perhaps, rows between Boris and Symonds were a regular occurence. The neighbour may well have asked them to dial it down without success and decided to record the latest row as evidence in making a complaint.
        Just spitballing, but a possibility.

      • Jimmeh

        ” invading an official event illegally”

        Oh really? What law did you have in mind? Can you cite any case where such a charge has been brought?

        And how do you know she wasn’t invited? The Mansion House surely has doormen who check credentials of those entering. Are you supposing she presented fake credentials? I’ve not seen any suggestions to that effect.

        • Jo1


          Calm down! No need to have a go at me. I’ve condemned what Field did but there are valid questions about security.

          How did 40 of them get in there, many wearing bright red dresses and sashes? One report yesterday said they got in through a fire door. Don’t know if that’s been confirmed yet.

          Yes, these activists are peaceful protesters. Others are not. This was a gathering of prominent people, whether we like them or not, and the idea that 40 made it to the main room without being stopped is pretty astonishing. That’s a fact.

          I repeat, I condemn what Field did. That doesn’t blind me to the other implications that arise as a result. So please direct your rage elsewhere.

          • pretzelattack

            it’s astonishing that you focus on this, as if the protestors were somehow a threat. they weren’t. it’s astonishing that you think they were. and it has nothing at all to do with why fields attacked her–he attacked her because he is a violent bully who would have thrown his fellow diners out of the way in diving under the table had he actually thought there was a threat.

          • Jo1


            It’s a shame you misrepresent what I’ve actually said. I haven’t chosen to treat the GP people as a threat. I didn’t suggest anywhere that they were.

            I have also condemned Field’s behaviour. I actually felt sick when I first saw it. It was disgusting and completely wrong.

            What I’ve said is that I’m genuinely taken aback that so many protesters….no matter who they were….managed to access the building and the room where the main event was happening. That really does raise questions about the security arrangements.

      • Disinterested Bystander

        So if your neighbours were having a raucous barney at x o’clock at night would you just ignore them and hope to get some sleep eventually or would you actually do something about it?

        Of course if Johnson and Symonds hadn’t made so much racket that the neighbour could clearly record their voices none of this would have come out in the media.

    • Peter

      “As for Boris Johnson, being smeared couldn’t happen to a nicer man. However, if he is being smeared, we should still ask why and in whose interest.”

      We’ve had the coke stories to see off Gove and make way for Hunt, and now this ???.

      Ladbrokes are still offering 4:1 on Hunt.

    • Tony

      By not pressing charges, she makes future incidents like this more likely to happen. Not a wise decision at all.

  • Jill Nicoll

    You are so right Craig. This man has a serious problem, but yes, he should be arrested and charged for criminal assault, but we both know that will not happen, the judiciary in England are as bad as the politicians , which is why nothing is done about anything, especially the disgusting paedophiles in the commons.

    • Disinterested Bystander

      Thank you for that link, Runner77. Jonathan Cook has made several excellent points in that article and has given a different perspective on the Mark Field affair which I must admit hadn’t crossed my mind.

  • begob

    The video shows a revival of the ancient right of chastisement. It will be in the manifesto for the next Tory campaign.

  • Colin Horsman

    What complete rubbish!,the guy saw someone heading to the stage,a commotion going on at the entrance,what was he to think?,he stopped her and removed her from the immediate vicinity, well done I’d say,only one to take responsibility.These fools need to grow up and take responsibility for their actions,if she hadn’t tried to get to the stage,she wouldn’t have been removed,she and her like we’re not invited,they gatecrashed a private function,if security were doing their job the lot of them wouldn’t have got in.They should be arrested and charged not the minister,he should be congratulated and he doesn’t owe anyone an apology.

    • Jimmeh

      “They should be arrested and charged”

      Quite so. The security staff should be investigated for dereliction of duty.

    • pete

      Re “what complete rubbish”
      In order to make your comment complete you neglected to add Mark Field should be awarded the George Cross: “The second highest award of the United Kingdom honours system. It is awarded “for acts of the greatest heroism or for most conspicuous courage in circumstance of extreme danger” (
      His action managed to prevent City of London cronies and their hangers on from hearing anything critical of their way of life, what a hero.

  • Fwl

    Both Mark Fields and the protestor appear to be far more restrained than those banging on about this incident trying to milk it, which fair play to the protestor she is not. There was a loud alarm sound. The Chancellor was speaking. She was a trespasser. He apprehended her and marched her out whilst others sat in passive confusion. He might have thought he went too far because perhaps his adrenaline was up and he was worried about how he felt and the fact that others did nothing, but in my book he did not over step the mark. If that is criminal assault rather than the use of reasonable force to eject a trespasser than there is going to be considerable confusion in pubs, nightclubs, shops, banks and hotels for some time to come.

    • Jimmeh

      “She was a trespasser. He apprehended her and marched her out”

      That is called an “illegal eviction”. Field is a Minister of the Crown, and a lawmaker. It is a criminal offence to evict a trespasser without a court order; even then you should have an officer of the court in attendance. In the case of Criminal Trespass (and no evidence is forthcoming that this was a Criminal Trespass), then enforcement is strictly a matter for the police.

      Field clearly violated the criminal law. You may think he was justified in doing that; my view is that if our lawmakers break the criminal law with impunity, then so should the rest of us. Drag them out of their Palace, and string them all up from lampposts.

      The expenses scandal was clear evidence that all but a tiny minority of them are outright fraudsters. Cash for Questions proved that these people don’t represent us. Barely anything has been done to rectify these abuses; a Commissioner for Standards was appointed, and given no powers. She’s a fig-leaf. Instead, parliamentary standards are administered by the Speaker, who is elected by – yes, by MPs. And he insists that his only job is to protect the privileges of the members of the House of Commons.

      We (the people) have no legal recourse to fix these problems. For many decades, I was strongly opposed to violent revolution. Over the course of the last two years, I have come around to the view that there is no alternative.

      • Fwl

        You are confusing trespassing and squatting. Trespassers are removed from premises without court orders everyday. You try staying in a pub after closing time and demanding a court order.

        • Jimmeh

          Squatting is a fork of trespass. In fact “squatting” is a slang term, with no meaning in law.

    • Jo1

      I suggest you read up on modern protocol and regulations governing security staff working in the sort of establishments you mention. The days of five “bouncers” taking one guy out the back and kicking him to a pulp are long gone.

      • Fwl

        They can still remove “troublemakers “ from premises eg at Labour Party conference.

    • Garth Carthy

      I agree. I also find the behaviour of all those at the banquet disgusting: They stuff themselves while inflicting austerity measures on the rest of the population – not to mention the far worse crime of supplying arms to Saudi, etc.

      I don’t think this is just a class thing. It’s a human nature thing, unfortunately: Any small but all-powerful elite controlling our lives can come from the proletariat if the roles of oppressor and oppressed are reversed. It’s whoever is in the ascendency of power at the time.
      Orwell’s “Animal Farm” is a perfect illustration of this.

  • Christopher Bruce

    It will be interesting to see if the police are loyal to the law and the public, or complicit with and dominated by the tory party.

  • charles de richelieu

    Invite or not, and i believe they did not have invites, they were allowed entry and should not have expected violent attacks, odd how none of the others were assaulted.

  • Barry

    I totally disagree this MP should be congratulated for stopping an unwelcome intrusion. Pity he did not put his name forward for PM. Protests are getting out of hand these are like the ones who threatened to disrupt Heathrow by flying drones. Over the runways.

    • nevermind

      Barry, you are not informed, protests will soon swamp your two privileged braincells. What a pathetic response, don’t come anywhere near me or you would get arrested with all the civility I could muster, minds like you are endangered and violent, you can’t fathom that our lifestyles are wrecking the planet, hence you are all flaying violently in Angst to loose power.

      who knows all Tory’s might now protect themselves running around tooled up like star trooper’s, just the suspicion of it is enough to get arrested by me.

      Calm down and be dignified boare, hopefully you will soon be gone.

    • Garth Carthy

      Well, Barry I think you need to read a bit of History. The Suffragettes didn’t get to vote through namby-pambying protesting.
      The Trade Unions didn’t get working people to have a say by kow-towing to the ruling elite.
      I don’t think the protests are getting out of hand at all: I think they are quite tame – but complacent people like you will allow the likely escalation of protests into violence.
      Without Trade Unions, workers would never have achieved justice and human rights. Since Thatcher emasculated Trade Unions, workers have lost their ability to fight for a fair wage and conditions.
      Surely, we should be all protesting about the state of the planet and the stark future facing us with anthropological climate change.
      The world has never felt so unstable in my lifetime…The US and UK seem hell bent on creating more wars and International Law is broken on an almost daily basis. What hope is there while the “world’s policemen” in the West are totally bent.

    • Crispa

      Jonathan Cook’s excellent article (linked above by Runner77) explains very clearly why the Mansion House banquet for the rich and powerful who hold the future of the planet in their pockets, but who are largely motivated by the need to consolidate their power and riches, and which they put above that of the need to look after the environment, is a legitimate focus for a Greenpeace protest. As one thinks about it, direct action is a much more open and transparent strategy to put pressure on governments and the ruling classes to change their policies than the mainstream alternative of throwing money into lobbying activities, which is deceptive and corrupting. Unfortunately as Cook also points out the mainstream media lose sight of the wider issues by conducting any debate in binary terms such as Barry is doing above with the focus on the rightness or wrongness of the individual actors involved. There was an egregious example late last night on Steven Nolan’s BBC 5 Live programme, where they had one person attacking Field and another using the “he thought it was a terrorist” argument to defend his behaviour to the hilt. That approach gets you nowhere in understanding the deeper issues involved.

  • David

    @DG, there wre vicious rumors on some websites that NSA called off the attacks when their EW sensor suite detected that the Iranian CEW sensor suite had illuminated all US & allied targets, not just the 35 – seater that was headlined, stealth isn’t what it used to be?
    (that would imply that there actually was a war, a hot digital one with emitter/threat/classifier monpulse bleeping and was over in a few seconds when the AI/ML Computer said NOGO”

    Beeb TV news suggested (probably accurately) that the Whitehouse has 50% of the prez’s team who live for war, and 50% who are resisting a new war, a split team, a split nation, controversial dissociative identity disorder comes to mind – as an institution!

    and there was some news reporting of the SCO, I found a mention at that beacon of Liberty, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Kyrgyz Service RFE/RL’s Kyrgyz Service is one of the most trusted sources of news and information in Kyrgyzstan, see.

  • Tony M

    If that innocuous comment of mine is being censored here, then I can only begin to imagine what else is being censored here.

  • remember kronstadt

    Well Sadiq, other things you are responsible for. This sort of thing didn’t happen before you took office did it?

    • N_

      Many of us realise what is being done to Britain. Boris Johnson could disappear and it would probably still be done, but I share Max Hastings’s view (assuming he still holds it) that Johnson’s entry into Number 10 would be sufficient reason to emigrate. And emigrate fast.

      Change as much sterling as you can into euros and you’ll be able to buy sterling back at half price or less – perhaps in wheelbarrows, for lighting fires with – within a few months.

      Time to remove the Tories and the far right (UKIP, Brexit, Green) – obliterate them along with the power of the City of London – but that won’t happen.

      Hastings is funny, how he says he’d emigrate to somewhere like Buenos Aires in Argentina. The obvious place to emigrate to is little more than 20 miles from Britain: the European mainland.

  • JOML

    If Carrie Symonds wanted Boris Johnson out off her flat, she should have called Mark Field – he have Boris by the neck and out in no time, unless it’s only women he man handles? ?

  • Goose

    Off topic but on the subject of protest:

    Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s plight is truly awful, but how come her husband is allowed to block the entrance of the Iranian embassy with his ‘hunger strike’; intimidating embassy staff who have no input on what happens back home?

    Would anti-war protestors be allowed to block the entrance of the American embassy or pro-Assange protestors? I think we know the answer. We’re becoming a nation where laws don’t apply equally and Richard Ratcliffe needs to avoid being used as a political pawn, as anti-Iranian propaganda rises in the MSM. I noticed the odious Tom Watson keeps appearing in support.

    • Goose

      Guardian headline: Foreign Office minister to visit Iran to call for ‘urgent de-escalation’

      Shouldn’t he be headed to Washington?

      • Andyoldlabour


        Well as Iran’s navy has parked its carrier groups off New York, Los Angeles and Mar-a-Lago, the US has every right to feel intimidated, not to mention the inhumane sanctions placed on the US by Iran, which is a form of economic warfare.

        • Goose

          Can you imagine the conversation in Tehran:

          FCO minister: Why did you abide by the JCPOA forcing the US to pull out?

          Iranians : *confused* Eh?

          FCO minister : Why did you shoot down a US drone that was flying over your territory looking at future targets for a planned strike?

          Iranians: Are you for real?

          FCO minister: Why did you self-sabotage a tanker provoking the US?

          Iranians : As if? You cannot be serious.

          The UK is like some evil bully’s sidekick, asking the victim why his face got in the way of the bully’s fist.

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