That Mark Field Feared a Terrorist Attack is Clearly a Lie – or He Is Dangerously Insane 455

The reason that Mark Field attacked the lady who had just passed by him was that she wore a sash clearly identifying her as a climate change protestor. She had entered with the other guests, already wearing her sash, and making no effort at concealment. Field knew exactly that she was a climate change protestor when he attacked her: it is why he attacked her. Had she just passed by him without that sash, he would not have attacked her.

There is zero history in the UK of personal violence or terrorist attack by climate change protestors and nobody could claim they had a reasonable fear that a climate change protestor was carrying a weapon – something which has simply never happened. I could equally rationally grab Mark Field by the throat any time I saw him, and claim he might have been carrying a concealed weapon because he is a Tory MP. His excuse is a complete and utter nonsense, a post hoc effort at justification.

He only had a genuine fear of her carrying a weapon if he is suffering from a serious psychological derangement, and one dangerous to the public.

Unlike Mark Field, I happen to have led a life involving real danger, and had guns pointed at my head in both Uzbekistan and Liberia, whilst in the service of the UK. But in my sixty years I have never once raised my hand in anger to a woman. Field’s unprovoked attack was cowardly and ungentlemanly in the extreme (and I really do not care if you find my attitude outdated or not).

It is worth observing that there was not a gentleman at this gathering of Britain’s bankers and upper classes. Nobody stood up to try to assist the peaceful woman who had been grabbed by the neck. Sickeningly, they applauded Field on his return. I find the extraordinary tirade of Tory defence on twitter this morning says a great deal about the kind of party it has become.

One point that appears to have been missed in media comment, is that it seems to me extremely likely that the woman had an invitation or ticket for the event. She was dressed in evening wear as the other guests, but was not attempting to infiltrate or gatecrash or she would not have worn the sash. The most probable reason for someone to follow the dress code but identify themselves with a protest sash is that they were a legitimate guest wishing to make a point.

It is essential to our society that Mark Field is immediately arrested and charged with assault. If Tories are allowed simply to assault people lest they make a speech that Tories disagree with, society has turned a corner to somewhere very dark indeed.

455 thoughts on “That Mark Field Feared a Terrorist Attack is Clearly a Lie – or He Is Dangerously Insane

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  • Macky

    Forget all the excusing nonsense, he admitted why he acted the way he did; he just didn’t like his dinner being disturbed !

    “He continued to grip me by the neck and the arm all the way to the door of the building. Then, when we got to the door, he shoved me outside on to the street, and said: ‘This is what happens when people like you disturb our dinner.’

    • Dungroanin

      Ha indeed Macky.
      He must have been starving… these boarding school types and these who associate with them were brought up with bad habits of wolfing their vittles down or risk getting it robbed by their fellow bully boys and girls.
      They never got enough and always wanted more!

      They are brainwashed into thinking they are more equal then the rest of the population.who aren’t good enough to be in their hallowed sanctums but in reality there is a built in monopoly of power and cruelty with a head boy/girl appointed by the owners, to be their Lord of the flies … the dressing up and masonic mumbo jumbo there to hide the ancient hunger that will never be appeased.

      This explains the Harry Potter >> Super Power exceptionalism >> GOT arc of full spectrum brainwashing entertainment perpetrated upon the population
      (who happily consume it like so many foi gras geese lining up to be force fed their corn daily.)

      Anyway enough about the voracious City of Laannden and their demanding ways – can we not talk endlessly about the unprovoked assault by a giant turd in evening dress upon a lady in red instead?

      I think when Potus was summoned by the ancient Luddite god botherers to HQ he was tasked to step in and do something to make their hard brexit happen, kill the EU and stop the Corbynites – by starting another war in the ME so that the UK goes rushing into all out conflict and suspends its barely normal parliamentry democracy completely and avoids a GE – terrorist attacks will be furnished and blamed on isis – err Iran!
      Donald was introduced to his partner in this criminal escapade, the chosen one, Jammy Runt a real head boy!

      But … lets stick to the poor starving wankers and their identity politics eh?

      A fine week of mid summer madness begins – hey look! theres that guy who’s head has been turned into an actual ass running around royally jesting as the conspiracy unfolds.

      Happy Monday to all.
      (yes you trollbots too)

      • Macky

        Hope I’m wrong, but I’m not sure that Boris will ever be allowed to become PM; Hunt is a much safer pair of hands for the Establishment, and more of a credible opponent to JC in a GE.

        • Dungroanin

          Right again Boris was just a stalking horse to get the chosen one crowned, because Hunt is incapable of being elected by their membership never mind winning a GE against the Corbynites.

          I have long believed that Hunt has been the lead man of the pathocracy in this government. His primary task being the fattening of the NHS for the abbatoir – kaiser permanante (wot a name!!) and the like. He would not move from his post until it was in the bag. Nobody else could be trusted to see it through.

          He never really bothered gurning on the front bench at pmq’s choosing to stand at the end so that he could jeep his beady eyes on making sure that the grunts were performing their tasks.

          But he has had to move and take on the lead role because he knows they screwed up on delivering the hard brexit they always wanted on 29 March at 11.00 PM.

          Mostly by failing to stop Labour achieving the meaningful votes taking place.
          The circumstances for that Labour success were caused by a failure to have a sufficient majority – which was caused by failing to thrash Labour at an election (that is still not due for anothet year!) and thus cause Corbyn to resign and allow one of their Blairite partners in crime to regain the Opposition – which would then carry on the two party single agenda to carry on.
          They flopped in that hit and run whiz, because Corbyn resonates the voters when he can be seen beyond the monstering he was/issubjected to. That is why they resist to the ultimate, the decision to go to the country

          Brexit has always been a project supported by the City and the pathocrats of the world as the taxman finally threatened to cometh via EU regulation.

          They expected to run down the clock and be ‘forced’ to have a ‘disorderly exit’ as legally stated in A50. That failed. Their 2 week extension failed. They were gamed by the EU to accept a further 6 months and now rely on that deadline forcing the EU to finally end A50 and hand them a hard brexit.

          And they still can’t dislodge Corbyn.

          So Hunt has to look at even more desperate measures – take over the FO role and coordinate with the world wide pathocrats to achieve their long term aims.

          Being paychopaths they don’t flinch from using war as a means to these ends. Even as their imperial pathocracy is being beaten back along the whole eurasian frontier/ Africa and South America.

          It is not just a little local difficulty the tories are dealing with.

  • nevermind

    off, but on topic.
    American courts have made an important decision which pitches all young people who want to live a more sustainable life and are trying to stem the tide of consumerism, pollution and wholesale degradation of ecosystems, that there is no right to demand a sustainable future. From.4min.14 it becomes obvious.

    Trump removed environmental protections because he wants to accelerate this negative loop so America makes money and is coming out on top of a pile of polluted rubbish in the end.
    Now is the time to organise and I could make more than one case arguing that an Independent Scotland is only possible if it is built on a sustainable base.

  • giyane

    Then other side of serial rat behaviour , Tory austerity and war crimes is mental breakdown, bankruptcy and loss of social and economic security.

    All equally horrible results of extreme selfishness, not a question of moral relativity.

  • Coldish

    Thanks, Craig, for the comparison between the Hillary and the Donald. I’m English, so don’t have a US vote, but if I had, 2016 would have been the first presidential election since 1972 (Nixon-McGovern) in which I would have voted for the candidate of either major party. I stayed up all night on the night of 8 to 9 November 2016 and it was with great relief that I finally went to sleep knowing that Clinton had lost and that the likelihood of another major war starting in the near future was greatly reduced.
    Trump has made a lot of mistakes, particularly in the weird appointments he has made to senior positions. He has made a lot of domestic enemies, which may partly explain why he has gone to such lengths to keep on the right side of the Israeli government, whose support he might want to help him stay in office.

  • Gus.

    No he is not insane ,that is his nature, different kind of being vet him a little and see.

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