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    michael norton

      Recently the Prime Minister of Slovakia was shot, several times, after walking about in public, after a political meeting.
      It is being said a Lone Wolf did this act of attempted murder.

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        Well, it turns out the would-be assassin is a 71-yr-old poet by the name of ‘Juraj Cintula’ – a pacifist (?) who founded the ‘Movement Against Violence’.

        — In 2016, while Cintula was promoting a political party he’d founded called the Movement Against Violence, he wrote online: “Violence is often a reaction of people, as a form of expression of ordinary discontent at the state of things. Let’s be dissatisfied, but not violent!”
        While in a self-posted video at around the same time, he said: “The world is full of violence and weapons. People seem to be going crazy.”

        Strange behaviour for a pacifist, no?

        GB News is also implying ‘it woz Russia wot did it’ (boo Russia!):

        — Juraj Cintula, the 71-year-old charged with the attempted murder of Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico yesterday, has links to a pro-Russian paramilitary group in Slovakia, it has been reported.

        Yet tellingly they’re more reluctant to draw attention to his neo-Nazi hatred of immigrants:

        — Cintula was a supporter of the neo-Nazi Kotleba – People’s Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) party (even though the government accused him of being a Progressive Slovakia supporter), and he was well-known for his writing and for his anti-immigrant activism.

        Blaming a pro-Russian neo-Nazi pacifist kind of complicates the political messaging, doesn’t it?

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          LOL first they blame Russia for “installing” Fico, then they blame Russia when the same guy is shot!?

          An EU country’s leader has been shot, and of course it has to be about Putin

          Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico’s “pro-Russia” stance seems to be more important than the fact that he was attacked and the reason behind it

          Even though:

          Fico shooter protested suspension of Ukraine military aid – Slovak interior minister
          Matuss Sutaj Estok called the suspect a “lone wolf” discontent with Bratislava’s policies

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          michael norton

            That’s interesting, they are saying five shots were fired, one bullet lodged in a tree, so a lump has been cut out of that tree and taken away for forensics.


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              NEW LEFT REVIEW
              with the always crisp Lily Lynch:

              16 May 2024


              depicting a recent highpoint of British press culture:

              “(…)The BBC meanwhile recalled Fico’s leading role in the ‘unruly and ugly’ demonstrations against the previous centre-right government, ‘rousing the angry crowds with megaphone in hand’. It claimed that he had ‘taken a sledgehammer to Slovakia’s institutions’, citing his closure of the Special Prosecutor’s Office and restructuring of the national broadcaster. Following a similar script, the Guardian likened Fico to Trump, and provided a rundown of his most ‘extreme positions’: ‘attacks on western allies, pledges to stop military support for Kyiv, criticism of sanctions on Russia and threats to veto any future NATO invitation for Ukraine.’ It noted that he had ‘worked hard to exploit the division between older, more conservative provincial voters and those in the capital, Bratislava, with its more progressive culture, and wealthier and often more educated population.’ This approach, we were told by outlets from the Telegraph to the Financial Times to Politico, had given rise to ‘polarization’ and ‘toxic politics’ which had culminated in the shooting.(…)”

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              michael norton

                It looks like about one fifth of what was Slovakia is now part of Western Ukraine,
                with ethnic Slovaks, living under Ukraine.

                “Rachov was in the most easterly part of Czechoslovakia in the inter-war period. Today, it is part of western Ukraine and is located close to the Romanian border.

                Until the end of World War I, Rachov belonged to the Austro-Hungarian empire. During the period between the two World Wars it was part of Czechoslovakia. In the course of World War II it was occupied by Hungary. At the end of the war it became part of the Ukrainian republic of U.S.S.R.”

                Food for thought.
                I have heard it said that ethnic minorities and unequally conscripted to fight for the Zelensky Regime.
                In two days time the presidential term of Zelensky comes to an end.

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                  Good piece on Fico in the light of increasing EU troubles economically, politically,socially

                  “Assassination Attempt on Slovak PM Highlights Dangers of Constant EU Demonization of Project Ukraine Opponents and Hypocrisy of ‘Misinformation’ Crackdown
                  Posted on May 20, 2024 by Conor Gallagher”

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                  michael norton

                    Slovak coalition backs Fico’s policies as lawmakers return after shooting.


                    Fico is apparently no longer in immediate danger after being hit by four bullets last week, in the first major assassination attempt on a European political leader for more than 20 years.

                    I would have said it is too soon to say he will be O.K. longterm.

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                      According to TASS news agency, the Georgian PM received a phone call by one unnamed EU commissioner with threats reminding him of Fico:

                      As we spoke, the EU commissioner listed a whole range of measures that Western partners could take if the veto of the transparency law is overridden, and while listing these measures, he said, ‘You have seen what happened to Fico, and you should be very careful,'” Kobakhidze was quoted as saying in a statement from the Georgian cabinet.

                      So far I have no other source.
                      But this behaviour is of course common, even if it´s not being reported in our media.


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                      michael norton

                        Up coming E.U. voting will be targeted by Russian interference and misinformation.

                        TFI Global: The Cost of Assassination Attempt on Robert Fico (23 May 2024) – YouTube, 5m 1s

                        Ursula is claiming that voting for conservative candidates who are against continuing the war with Russia in Ukraine, is undermining the liberal consensus of the European Union.
                        What about democracy?
                        Why should Ursula tell voters what to think or how to vote?

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                        michael norton

                          Fico’s “Judas” Government, should have backed Ukraine.

                          “Juraj Cintula”, the man who allegedly shot Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico last week, didn’t mean to kill his victim — just to “damage his health” so he would be unable to continue as the country’s leader and pursue policies with which the shooter disagreed.


                          “As Fico approached a crowd of onlookers, Cintula fired five bullets at his lower abdomen, striking him four times.”

                          I can only assume that this poet is completely unhinged.

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                          michael norton

                            Prime minister FICO has been helicoptered to his flat in Bratislava for home recovery, he seems to be doing alright.

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                              Kit Klarenberg has a new piece at The Grayzone where he writes about the possibility of westeern forces being implicated in the attempted assassination Robert Fico’s failed assassination raises specter of Western plotting.

                              “Apparently, Cintula’s (Facebook) profile was wiped before his identity had been reported in local media. Slovak authorities must now rely on the FBI to secure and provide the deleted information. Whether whatever is turned over will be unexpurgated is an open question.”

                              There is lots more in the piece.

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                              michael norton

                                Fico in his own words, as he recovers

                                quite powerful

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