New Evidence Jack Straw Guilty On Torture – A Smoking Gun 49

Finally I have indisputable documentary evidence that the British government had a positive policy of using intelligence from torture in the War on Terror, and that the policy was personally directed by Jack Straw.

Here are the minutes of the meeting at which I was told this:

Download file

All references to the CIA and MI6 have been literally cut out, but the meaning is till perfectly unmistakeable particularly given the heading of the minute.

And here is the absolute smoking gun of Jack Straw’s involvement::

Download file

Straw has been lying about this for five years. He dismissed my evidence on this to the Parliamenary Joint Committee on Human Rights as “Entirely untrue”.

Straw ruined my career over my opposition to torture intelligence, after I had been appointed Ambassador by his predecessor, Robin Cook, who was rather more well disposed towards human rights. It is wonderful that it is Robin Cook’s Freedom of Information Act which I have used to finally prove beyond any doubt that slippery Straw was up to his neck in approving intelligence from torture.

Minutes available as a JPEG here:

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49 thoughts on “New Evidence Jack Straw Guilty On Torture – A Smoking Gun

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  • Andy

    I’ve read on your blog and others about the Sufi Muslim Council – which Straw had a hand in setting up – and its strange links to the pro-Karimov Neocons in the US. You will be pleased to know that its finally being killed off. This is reported by Martin Bright in the Jewish Chronicle – which is ironic because Bright was an enthusiastic backer of the SMC!

    “The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) confirmed that Azhar Ali, one of Hazel Blears’s advisers and an influential voice for dialogue with moderate “Sufi” Muslims, was leaving the department at the end of November.”

    “The department denied that funding has been withdrawn from the Sufi Muslim Council, which represents moderate mosques across the country. However, its present grant runs out in March 2010 and the organisation has been told that it is unlikely to be renewed.”

  • Ramirez

    Mr Straw man is part of the zionazification process of Europe now that ameriKa has become little more than a tax cattle appendage of the apartheid rump entity in occupied Palestine. Onward with our North Atlantic Terror Org wars for the good of ZOG and their despicable take on “democracy” not to mention “human rights”.

    To add insult to Neolabour’s Iraqi genocide will we soon have the repulsive Blair construct as (p)resident of the United Snakes of Europe? Now that takes balls, Bibi!

  • Carlyle Moulton


    In the heading of the minute is the text “TO PUS”. What does “PUS” stand for?

  • Craig


    The PUS is the head of the Civil Service in any government department in this case, the FCO. The second minute is from Jack Straw’s assistant private secretary and expressly sets out Jack Straw’s views.

  • Carlyle Moulton

    Thanks Craig.

    However I have another question.

    What is the meaning of FCO?

    Maybe you should include a glossary of civil service acronyms in a side bar to your site. The same questions are going to recur when you post government memos.

  • Polo

    Those pdfs should be a clincher. BTW I had no trouble opening them (Firefox 3.5.5)

    Nice to see a manual typewriter still in use in the FCO in 2003. Makes for a sense of continuity.

  • tony_opmoc

    As a result of reading Robin Cook on this blog yesterday, I typed into Google “Robin Cook Murder”. At the time of his death, I accepted the version of events as reported. People of his age do have heart attacks whilst walking. In fact earlier this year I came across someone in the Lake District out walking with his wife who suffered the same fate. There seemed nothing suspicious in either case…I later confirmed that the man had died from the Mountain Rescue report.

    But my Google search immediately came up with the following..

    What particularly interested me was the comments of “Mystery Walker”. Why were these comments made 2 years after the original post?

    In seeking to identify the truth, it is important to analyse what people say and why they might be saying it.

    Someone else analysed the comments of “Mystery Walker” and said this

    ” ps the post above by mystery walker adds substantially to my personal suspicion. I see all the trappings of damage control and the probability that the actual person present would find and then participate in such a discussion seems remote at best to me – especially given the supposed reasons for desiring anonymity! I smell fish getting near.

    Posted by: starting to fear my government | 2008.09.10 at 11:12 ”

    Other comments in this blog are also very interesting.


  • Craig


    Bluntly, as you are apparently in this time zome I find it hard to believe you read blogs like this and don’t know what the FCO is.

  • Carlyle Moulton


    I am from Sydney, that former penal colony in the South. My time zone is GMT + 10 in Winter and GMT+11 as now in Summer. I am a night owl and am seriously considering becoming a vampire.

  • Carlyle Moulton

    My definition of the word “psychopath”:-

    A psychopath is an individual who acts in the manner of a nation.

    In the seventies Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson wrote a trilogy of books called the Illuminatus trilogy.

    The authors were editors of Playboy magazine who had received many letters from people claiming that the US government was spying on them. Their aim in writing the books was to depict the US Government as both totally criminal and completely incompetent, they did not believe that their depiction was the reality, and then the Watergate scandal broke. One of the characters in Illuminatus is a lawyer who is trying to have the US government declared criminally insane on the basis that an individual who did the things that the US Government did would be criminally insane. Shea and Wilson did not believe that their fictional depiction was true to reality, and then the Watergate scandal broke. In retrospect the Illimanatus view of the US Government turned out to be pretty close to the truth. The behaviour of the US Government since September 12 2001 has reinforced this view in the observant.

    Only the naive or ignorant would assert that the UK Government and its agents is any less willing to break the law.

    It is not a certainty that Robin Cook and Dr Kelly were murdered by agents of the UK government but it is a significant probability. That agents of the UK Government occasionally whack inconvenient dissidents is a certainty, though it does not do it as often as that of Vladimir Putin. When they do so it is in part a warning to others so the cover ups are deliberately partial.

  • Carlyle Moulton

    It is naive to expect collective entities such as peoples and nations to obey the laws that individuals acting in their own capacity are expected to obey. When individuals in the security services commit the occasional hit they are not acting as individuals but as agents of the state. As such they are entitled to agent of the state immunity.

    When people commit hate crimes on members of disliked minorities Negroes or gays for example, they likewise are acting as agents of a collective entity, their superior race or the collection of righteous people to which they belong.

  • technicolour

    Mr Moulton, you forgot the evil cackle. Otherwise, your comment was one of the most sinister I have read for a long time: well done!

  • jak

    Jack Straw is a Whore

    No one loves him any more!

    Everyone everywhere knew what he got up to.

    Just as everyone everywhere knew there were no wmd’s except for the ones the UK and America are using in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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