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26 thoughts on “Craig Murray Radio 5 Interview on Skripal Attack

  • Republicofscotland

    Well done Craig, I thought you came across as very believable, and made the important point, that “of a type” isn’t exactly convincing evidence that Russia did it.

    I also thought the other chap who was interviewed came across as honest enough in his opinions.

  • Hmmm

    Interviewer was unequivocal in stating that he would ask the question. Can you hold him to that?

    • Canexpat

      I suspect Nolan can be confident after that statement that he will not be hosting any government spokesmen of note on his programme for the foreseeable future.

  • Njegos

    Excellent Craig. You are demolishing their pathetic narrative single-handedly one distortion at a time.

    Q: Why are we hearing nothing about the Skripals. Forget Novichuk, do the Skripals even exist?

  • Nick Proctor

    The timing or this farce would point to a US allied State intervention rather than a revenge killing by a Russian who had a nerve agent available to deploy. While denying partiality your interviewer then harassed the Livchenko interviewee in an attempt to blame the Russians. I cannot see any advantage to Russia, quite the opposite! Cui Bono??????? May, now so deeply unpopular, simply needs a jingoistic confrontation to rouse the British populace to her support1 The stream of recent anti Russian and anti Putin propaganda from the BBC actually predicts the occurrence of a Salisbury type event. It worked for Maggie, who actually had no need to sink the Belgrano as there was peace treaty on the table that she couldn’t refuse. She claims Rifkind didn’t bother to tell her???? and immediately changed the Rules of Engagement illegally without either informing or obtaining UN permission. Even the commander of the Conqueror initially queried the order because it was outside the Rules of Engagement that he possessed….”The Need to Know”…Clive Pontin.

    • Nick Proctor

      I would add to the above that the US, her coalition partners against BRICS and NATO also have a vested interest in such a “stunt” against Russia. Recently the Germans, Austrians and other EU states have increasingly and publicly “bitched” about the economic losses that they are suffering due to US imposed sanctions on Russia. In particular the EU firms with impending contracts for the Nordstream pipeline who have been threatened by Trump with sanctions as a consequence, have been loud in their condemnation. Trump of course wants to supply the UK and EU with expensive US fracked LBG, which costs any purchaser 83% more than Russian gas! Obviously time to rein them in The timing, location and nature of this attack alone surely sounds alarm bells!! There are so many side benefits for the anti BRICS members!

  • Ross

    Someone with some journalistic scruples (so obviously not Nolan) needs to get in front of a government minister and ask if we intend to expel any Chinese diplomats on the basis of their clear involvement in the gunpowder plot.

    This ‘of a type’ line needs not merely to be debunked, but utterly mocked and ridculed.

  • Steve

    Excellent interview Craig. I still find it incredible how BBC presenters all have the same defensive tone when they are called out for not asking tough questions on these issues. I also read the article from the other guest who was on and found it informative. Again the BBC presenter tried to twist his words to make it all sound like Putin is some big mafia boss who is responsible for everything.

  • Steve

    I do wonder if these nerve agents are derived from mixing pesticides if you think this incident will lead to wider implications for the agro-corps who manufacture commercial pesticides for GMO/NON-GMO agriculture. Are they totally different types or could this be part of the reason why western governments haven’t reported any possible development of these types of chemical weapons for the risk of forcing the likes of Monsanto or Bayer to strictly regulate or even ban them.

    • Michael McNulty

      I don’t know if it’s true what I heard about the development of nerve agents but it does ring true. I read German scientists maybe back in the ’20s were taking samples of organic poisons produced by animals and plants such as spider and snake bites, scorpion and jellyfish stings, mushroom and plant toxins and so forth. I don’t know about compounds from haemotoxins which affect the blood but naturally they sought neurotoxins with which to attack the nervous system. These toxins can be fatal in small amounts like spider bites and may contain several hundreds compounds. The scientists mix a few of the most potent compounds which affect things like the heart beat, or which paralyze the diaphragm to stop the breathing etc. Lots of nasty things happening to the body. Then after putting them together they synthesize them.

      It sounds about right to me.

  • MikeRimnalPast

    The final exchange in the interview is delightful, you can practically hear the penny dropping for Stephen Nolan as he reads the FCO statement.

  • nevermind

    Excellent Craig, you did put him on the spot with regards to BBC coverage as well not just the stock ‘of a type developed in Russia.’ Thank you.

  • mike gibson

    Well done Craig,I spend a lot of time shouting at Radio 5 live, might be something to do with its
    BICOM news feed. .

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