How Did You Get Here? 25

About 12% of those who arrive on this site, so so as a result of a search. The majority come via links from other sites, and about 25% come direct by entering this site on their navigation bar. My statcounter covers the last 5,000 visitors. Of those among that 5,000 who came via a search engine, this is what they were looking for:

273 43.47% craig murray
18 2.87% craigmurray
9 1.43% i hate london
4 0.64% spanking
4 0.64% craigmurrey
4 0.64% tony baldry mp
4 0.64% tavish scott decent
3 0.48% should david laws have resigned ?
3 0.48% alisher usmanov criminal
3 0.48% “craig murray”
3 0.48% middleton africa
3 0.48% ivory coast craig murray
3 0.48% the duchess historical accuracy
3 0.48% craig murray blog
3 0.48% craig murray on bahrain
3 0.48% Paul AFOKO
3 0.48% ALISHER USMANOV jewish
2 0.32% palestinian greek orthodox christians
2 0.32% khandiza mine
2 0.32% islam karimov crimes
2 0.32% karimova
2 0.32% Clintons and the King of Bahrain
2 0.32% usmanov
2 0.32% middleton
2 0.32% did tessa jowell know her husband was corrupt
2 0.32% Mr. David Craig
2 0.32% craig murray, osama bin laden
2 0.32% nadira
2 0.32% john milligan
2 0.32% bahrain 47 doctors and nurses
2 0.32% 2009
2 0.32% The edge of darkness + japan nuclear
2 0.32% craig murray fort william
2 0.32% FCO hague madagascar
2 0.32% ryan giggs
2 0.32% script +ian Tomlinson response ‘incredibly slow’ bbc
2 0.32% craig murray weblog
2 0.32% henry cooper grocer
2 0.32% labour postal voting
2 0.32% Uk AV referendum No campaign Nick Clegg leaflet
2 0.32% farmers seeds terchnically illegal
2 0.32% doune the rabbit hole 2010
2 0.32% “i hate london”
2 0.32% scottish independence speech
2 0.32% nathaniel rothschild
2 0.32% david weill
2 0.32% was carol caplin a mossad agent
1 0.16% bahrain not allowing saudi civilians to enter their country
1 0.16% george orwell quote in times of universal deceit
1 0.16% the vagrancy act 1824
1 0.16% гулнара каримова
1 0.16% Natalia Antaleva
1 0.16% Craig Murray British ambassador Uzbekistan boiled alive
1 0.16% scottish nationalists immigration
1 0.16% gaza youth breaks out
1 0.16% snp blog
1 0.16% The in war libya illegal war?
1 0.16% Osh Kyrgyzstan
1 0.16% daily mail archive lobby lud
1 0.16% murray blackburn
1 0.16% evidence mi6 complicit in torture
1 0.16% Ryan Giggs super in junction
1 0.16% man resemblin Mohamed Alfaed at the royal wedding
1 0.16% Jahongir Sidikov
1 0.16% “jerry gobshite sadowitz”
1 0.16% meteor over kent
1 0.16% “Suhayl Saadi” “neil barker”
1 0.16% manningham councillors 2002
1 0.16% israel attack on turkish flotilla-legal aspects
1 0.16% this is crazy. Israel is the superpower of the Middle East, but because we still think we’re the Jew
1 0.16% craig murray org uk
1 0.16% toby young arsehole
1 0.16% timothy kelly irish rich list 2011
1 0.16% ian tomlinson drunk?
1 0.16% “massacre of children” Flanders “world war 1”
1 0.16% bt internet total broadband 1 cancel contract
1 0.16% infidelity and bipolar disorder
1 0.16% margaret beckett
1 0.16% sir michael wright coroner
1 0.16% bt head office phone number 2011
1 0.16% awa pemsina song
1 0.16% May U.K. commentary on Libya no fly zone during May 2011
1 0.16% craig schmidt its a lovely war
1 0.16% jerome a paris
1 0.16% sam adams award
1 0.16% hossein turner
1 0.16% bahrain students UK
1 0.16% craig murray ambassador
1 0.16% david trimble bloody sunday
1 0.16% baharain crimes against humanity
1 0.16% incapable of voting tory
1 0.16% David Tennant Murder in Samarkand
1 0.16% ryan giggs super junction
1 0.16% the catholic orangeman togo
1 0.16% colin reynolds fco
1 0.16% craig mrray
1 0.16% does dale Steyn chuck it
1 0.16% How to Argue Against Torture chazelle response
1 0.16% 26 october 2006 bbc uncivilized minority in uk
1 0.16% laden again silverstein residence
1 0.16% royal garden party 2009
1 0.16% Ambassador to Yemen, John Craig
1 0.16% hassan fattah national craig editorial problem
1 0.16% craig murray sex offender
1 0.16% muzafar avazov pictures
1 0.16% snp corporation tax policy
1 0.16% craid murray
1 0.16% snp barnett formula
1 0.16% failed asylum seekers returning to uzbekistan
1 0.16% ian dale jew
1 0.16% david laws + expenses + blog
1 0.16% I despise london
1 0.16% “st andrews” history of art posh
1 0.16%
1 0.16% I hate London trains
1 0.16% רוטשילד
1 0.16% snp overall majority
1 0.16% sting Uzbekistan
1 0.16% losing afghanistan
1 0.16% “craig murray” + oxus
1 0.16% 2212432.html
1 0.16% what is a pint of heavy scotland
1 0.16% david warren oxford
1 0.16% hydrocarbon boundaries transferred to england from scotland
1 0.16% euro porn
1 0.16% zbiginiew brysinski
1 0.16% Craig a Murray contact
1 0.16% torture results
1 0.16% sad refrain from bahrain
1 0.16% osh kyrgyzstan blog
1 0.16% the Ian tomlinson case 25th march- 11th may 2011 blogs
1 0.16% tim groves 9-11 truth
1 0.16% soas reputation in the US
1 0.16% bt problems april 22nd 2011
1 0.16% practical scotland independence
1 0.16% catholic orangemen of togo
1 0.16% video ian tomlinson american
1 0.16% +discuss the ethics issues identified in silverstein’s report
1 0.16% do you have to be rich to get into st andrews
1 0.16% karimov daughter
1 0.16% sir michael wright
1 0.16% vince cable climate change
1 0.16% mi6 + pauline neville-jones
1 0.16% tony baldry
1 0.16% i hate london on sundays
1 0.16% overworked and the law
1 0.16% interpal facebook
1 0.16% michael foot
1 0.16% murder in samarkand
1 0.16% +”Chris Dooley” CIA
1 0.16% “clayton burns”
1 0.16% Craig Murray Nadira
1 0.16% MI6 strawman
1 0.16% der spiegel
1 0.16% are there no liberals with any guts? UK
1 0.16% gafur rakhimov
1 0.16% “craig murray” + oxus gold
1 0.16% bloggs+giggs
1 0.16% craig from shameless
1 0.16% What arguments could human geographers make against the presence of British troops in Afghanistan?
1 0.16% stupid white women
1 0.16% post a comment
1 0.16% st andrews uni rich list
1 0.16% fco cuts
1 0.16% Patrick Wintour
1 0.16% regional list how are candidates selected ams
1 0.16% why can’t panish cambodia flag vessel
1 0.16%
1 0.16% university privatisation
1 0.16% St Andrews uni for the rich??
1 0.16% met police dumbing down thick arrogant stupid
1 0.16% mi6 afghanistan
1 0.16% China continues its aggressive pursuit of Africa’s resources
1 0.16%
1 0.16%
1 0.16% Timothy Hampton
1 0.16% doune the rabbit hole festival
1 0.16% kincora richard craig
1 0.16% craig urray
1 0.16% cupar protest anti-semitism
1 0.16% craig murray twitter
1 0.16% kay burley george pascoe watson
1 0.16% who can have nuclear weapons
1 0.16% the spectator magazine Benazir Bhutto osama bin laden
1 0.16% muhammad solih abutov
1 0.16% camberley mosque
1 0.16% which 2 palestinian parties called a halt to hostilities at a meeting in cairo this wk and were prom
1 0.16% togo censorship
1 0.16% ian tomlinson police blog
1 0.16% alisher usmanov jew
1 0.16% Nadine Dorries Pictures
1 0.16% nuclear power is silly
1 0.16% haynau incident
1 0.16%
1 0.16% BBC Panorama – the price of blood transcript 2006
1 0.16% kafkaesque system
1 0.16% bipolar infidelity
1 0.16% Jack Straw is a twat
1 0.16% vince cable is what position in the US
1 0.16% strange events
1 0.16% detained fast track
1 0.16% in a CIF contract the documents should be rejected by the principal on their face value murray
1 0.16% afghanistan war in archive
1 0.16% Ayesha Hazarika
1 0.16% zakhem
1 0.16% us green light for saudi action in bahrain
1 0.16% st andrews university palestinian student
1 0.16% paul afoko ghana
1 0.16% documentaries from gaza
1 0.16% susan hyland fco
1 0.16% ian tomlinson police lie again
1 0.16% nasser while burns roams
1 0.16% craig interview
1 0.16% complaint about bt charging me whilst they are still trying to fix my phone as it is not working
1 0.16% hidden behind a thin veil
1 0.16% Henry Jackson Society Douglas Murray
1 0.16% ian tomlinson blog
1 0.16% duncan marine group’s managing director in sierra leone
1 0.16% Craig Murray, the British ambassador to Uzbekistan,
1 0.16% whistleblowersknowledge of planned events
1 0.16% Alisher Usmanov
1 0.16% port of ramsgate, girl with black hair
1 0.16% craig murray arab school oxford university jack straw wife
1 0.16% criminal investigation craig
1 0.16% craig murray law
1 0.16% Murder in Samarkand download
1 0.16% is st andrews university good
1 0.16% barcelona children tie
1 0.16% “they thought they were free” family guide
1 0.16% eustace mullins mp3 archives
1 0.16% craig murray whistleblower
1 0.16% Frank Goebbels Gardner
1 0.16% sex and bicycles
1 0.16% simon gass
1 0.16% vince cable scandal 2011
1 0.16% craig j murray dunfermline facebook
1 0.16% does the social class matters
1 0.16% uk wanted model blog
1 0.16% paul alexander bergne
1 0.16% what do both sources say about the origin of human evil, and about the best means of preventing or s
1 0.16% soas reputation
1 0.16%
1 0.16% “they thought they were free” summary
1 0.16% craig murra
1 0.16% uzbekistan tashkent gay
1 0.16% pint of heavy scotland
1 0.16% greek anti-semetism
1 0.16% bhutto said omar
1 0.16% When Was The President Of Ghana Elected?
1 0.16% rory stewart mi6
1 0.16% olga guerin uk
1 0.16% is alisher usmanov a jewish
1 0.16% murrary 2010 trolls
1 0.16% The Catholic Orangmen of Togo
1 0.16% do not adjust your set
1 0.16% AJ Hill court case 9th May 2011
1 0.16% Sir Michael Wood Israel
1 0.16% gulnara karimova
1 0.16% rakeesh saxena
1 0.16% labour party evil
1 0.16% middleton
1 0.16% Tessa Jowell expenses
1 0.16% port of ramsgate blog
1 0.16% Turnr contemporary is crap

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25 thoughts on “How Did You Get Here?

  • mary

    What a fascinating list. All human life is there. Some are quite funny, ie royal garden party 2009. Did they think you had an invite?

    PS I arrive via the navigation bar.

  • Scouse Billy

    So 32 (of the 5000) reached you by searching for “spanking”.

    Anything you wish to confess, Craig?

  • MerkinOnParis

    ‘Nadine Dorries Pictures’ plus ‘sex and bicycles!!’
    What a conflationary orgasm for some poor bastard (speaking hypothetically, of course).

  • Leo

    I came for the whistleblowing politics and stayed for the spanking. Then I came again.

  • Paul Johnston

    Surely you mean those who searched for you on google used these terms!
    What do the Bing users type 😉

  • Paul Johnston

    On a more serious point do we care how this information is gathered?
    I do know Google gather all the search terms entered into it. A while ago I had the dvds it came on to have a play building language models.
    So if you say searched for “jihadist” sites does google log who is looking for this sort of stuff and who do they give it to.
    Also most browsers have a privacy (porn) mode but assuming you look via a search engine where you go, who you are and what you were looking for also gets logged.
    Clarks idea in about opening up your wireless don’t sound too smart when someone can log onto it and download all sorts of stuff, just wait until you get your door kicked in and accused of having kiddie porn!

  • Clark

    Paul Johnston, that’s exactly my point. It’s not about UK users or others in countries with half-decent rule of law. It’s about what happens in places that become totalitarian. The more people that share connections, the more difficult each becomes to trace and monitor. As most of the world seems to be moving in an authoritarian direction, it might be wise to start sharing now.
    Yes, Google log all your searches with your identity (determined by IP address, OS type/browser agent, and Google’s cookies), and also all the websites you visit that include GoogleAnalytics etc. If you wish to circumvent this, sharing is again the answer. Look at the following site, which is NOT part of Google:

  • Clark

    The story on child pornography is interesting in itself. If you run Windows with less than perfect security, you may already be hosting such illegal material. This is what decided me to never use Windows again. Have you ever had one of those viruses that keeps your hard disk really busy? Maybe a virus is using YOUR machine as a server; see the fifth paragraph of the fifth section “The technology of today”:
    And who has perfect security anyway? I just used Avira to find and remove 17 viruses from the Windows XP installation of a very confident user who had been using McAfee. When Avira had finished, I used Mban. It had already found one that Avira had missed before I left for dinner. I’ll see if there are any more when I get back later.

  • Clark

    Oh and Google don’t “give” such data to anyone. They sell it. That’s how they can offer us a “free” search “service”. We are not their customers. We are their product.

  • sjb

    Paul Johnston writes: “[…] opening up your wireless don’t sound too smart when someone can log onto it and download all sorts of stuff, just wait until you get your door kicked in and accused of having kiddie porn!”

    That has happened in the US. Federal agents raided “a home that was linked to downloaded child pornography.The identity and location of the subscriber were provided by the ISP. The desktop computer, iPhones, and iPads of the homeowner and his wife were seized in the raid. Federal agents returned the equipment after determining that no one at the home had downloaded the illegal material. Agents eventually traced the downloads to a neighbor who had used multiple IP subscribers’ Wi-Fi connections.” (page 2, second para)

  • Clark

    Sjb is right, there have been a number of cases like that. So what should we do? Lock everything down so that all accesses can be traced to an identity? Or open things up and insist on correct treatment of the public? Should the police have powers to search any wireless enabled device that has been within range of an unencrypted connection?
    Ideally, the Internet should be available to everyone, everywhere, all the time. Should the state always know exactly who is accessing what? Should we all have microchips fitted into our skulls to identify us? Child porn is an absolute gift to the authoritarians. Funny how the authorities often catch the users, but the suppliers seem to stay in business for decades.

  • Clark

    Conversely, leaving your wireless network open does give you some legal protection. Bruce Schneier, security expert:
    “And yes, if someone did commit a crime using my network the police might visit, but what better defense is there than the fact that I have an open wireless network? If I enabled wireless security on my network and someone hacked it, I would have a far harder time proving my innocence.”

  • JimmyGiro

    Clark wrote: “Funny how the authorities often catch the users, but the suppliers seem to stay in business for decades.”
    Ayn Rand wrote: “Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against. We’re after power and we mean it. There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”

  • Paul Johnston

    Re Sjb 11th May:
    Yes not forgetting all the “file sharing” shakedowns!

    Do you think that the police are going to spend time asking people who live near you was it them downloading the “naughty stuff”?
    I know how to make myself very difficult to find, it’s quite simple.
    Boot from a cd using a machine with no hard disk, spoof the mac address and copy what you want onto a pen drive. Then unless they have the pen drive they have nothing, or better still have one of the encrypted Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy types password protected.
    Then piggyback on an open wireless connection.
    The machine will have no trace of the surfing, how can it?
    This reminds me of the old DNA chestnut. Prosecution gets up and says DNA matches to a probability of 1 in 1000000 it must be the defendant.
    The correct response is there will be about 60 people in the country who this will also match so actually with no other “evidence” there in a 59 in 60 chance this person in innocent (liberties with the sampling I admit but you get my drift)
    I find it interesting how this country fixates on child pornography as the major ill of the internet. Other countries fixate on “extremism” or even “gambling”.
    It’s just one big mirror reflecting ourselves.

    • craig Post author

      These statistics are compiled just using the webcounter on my site – they are not from google, they embrace all the different search engines. For people who come via a link, I can see the page they came from. For people leaving to another site, I can see where they go. And here is the interesting bit – I can also see the IPP address of the individual who did the search, or came from or to this or that link.

      I have in the past used this to identify an individual (in Florida) who was issuing racist hate and specific death threats, and as his IP address indicated he was doing so from work, I sent it all to his employer. But we should certainly be aware that we leave footprints in the web.

  • Paul Johnston

    Sorry Craig but the whole point is you cannot tie a person to an IP address unless they are stupid finito!
    Quite probably it was the person you identified but not for certain.
    However it is very easy to set someone up.

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