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I cannot imagine the cold courage it must take to be a Palestinian, walking in protest, unarmed, towards the fence that contains the agony of their long drawn-out genocide, in the knowledge that the bullets will start splintering bones and ripping out brain matter around them, and every millisecond could be their own last.

I cannot imagine the cold viciousness it must take to work on the Guardian newspaper, where on the homepage the small headline of the latest six Palestinians to be shot dead, is way below the larger headline of the several hundredth article associating Jeremy Corbyn with anti-Semitism, on the basis of the quite deliberate conflation of anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel.

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  • RD

    Well said. Apart from a handful of authors, the Guardian is just so symptomatic of the excrement-brained bloody-mindedness of Little Britain’s extremist, anti-democratic and anti-peace leadership. The fact that some of those Tories and their journalst-hacks still have jobs is baffling. How far gone are we in the space of just a decade or two in accepting this new norm – where decent persons are branded extemists by the scumbag extremists themselves!

    I haven’t seen a good piece of journalism re: Britain’s foreign policy for as long as I can think.

  • Kevin Mullins

    Thank you for your bravery in speaking truth to power in recent weeks.
    You and others like you have been vindicated
    God Bless you

  • Tony

    It looks like history is repeating itself.

    Maureen Lipman can no longer support Labour because of Jeremy Corbyn.

    A few years ago, she could no longer support Labour because of Ed Miliband!

    This seems to be something of a tradition. Needless to say, the Sky News did not put this point to her when she appeared yesterday and delivered a monologue that lasted several minutes.

  • Teresa Grover

    I am very concerned about the lack of compassion for a tiny country, which was divided up by the Western world & without any thought, they gave a huge piece of Palestine & gave the land to the Jewish people post the war. They needed somewhere to live & feel safe, no one disagreed. But answer me this, would the UK, Germany, France the US, like it if part of their land was divided up & given to someone else????
    What is absolutely monstrous is that this Israel, now wants all the land, & remove all Arabs!!! It is so obvious, yet some nations have turned their backs & closed their ears & eyes…. WHY has this extermination of Palestinians been allowed to continue?

  • Rhys Jaggar

    I suspect Mr Murray that a lot of younger journalists are simply completely uneducated on where truth lies, having drunk in Western propaganda since the day they stopped wearing nappies. We do have a strong culture of deference to seniority and it is quite easy to get sucked in.

    I escaped it in the first year of my PhD when a practicing vet told me the ‘scientific salesman’s pitch’ that bracken-associated bovine cancers in Scotland were ‘an economic problem’ was simply not true. It was hard not to feel frustration and anger that academics had descended to playing to ignorance when pitching for funding, but it did mean I was forever skeptical of seniority thereafter. If scientists could distort the facts to control the narrative, I reckoned everybody else could too….

    Maybe young journalists are not so lucky? They certainly will not be sent to Palestine to report directly, much less North Korea. But that did not stop James Forsyth being a Foreign Policy guru concerning Kim Jung Un at the Spectator when I doubt he has ever been posted abroad in his life. I doubt the editor took too much notice of me calling him a Playstation Four Journalist….

    As for the older ones, the old story of rationalisation comes into play. Mortgages, children to feed, no other skills to find an alternative career. The bedrock behind every propaganda heist. A population that places family survival higher than ethics and more abstract morals.

    As fr the Palestinians, I suspect they act the way they do because they know that to submit will mean the final curtain. They have no illusions that a victorious Israel will see them as equals. Ther believe their cause is just, they long ago crossed the boundaries where illusions remain and they probably have a great intuitive understanding of which human freedoms still remain within their situation. Certainly knowing that choosing how they die is one of them, just like Steve Biko and his fellow South Afrcans understood in the Seventies. They know that others in history have overcome greater powers, so hope will remain with them. I am sure that some have hatred in their hearts, but enough still have hope, faith and love; a sense of duty; and a sense of purpose.

    But those are just surmises, not a claim to understand…..

  • SA

    Choice beetwen horrific end and horror without end…
    Think that brave kids take horrific end, others will taking horror without end.

  • Ann Lewis

    Radio4 news exhibited the same imbalance with utterly disproportionate coverage of material trying to link the Labour Party with anti-semitism.This was picked up on Feedback. “No one was available to comment. May be there will be a spokesperson on this weeks Feedback?

  • Karin Brothers

    Yea Craig!! We welcome the rare voice of honesty and integrity and courage to describe the Palestinian reality.

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