Those Who Die in Palestine: Those With Dead Souls Here 251

I cannot imagine the cold courage it must take to be a Palestinian, walking in protest, unarmed, towards the fence that contains the agony of their long drawn-out genocide, in the knowledge that the bullets will start splintering bones and ripping out brain matter around them, and every millisecond could be their own last.

I cannot imagine the cold viciousness it must take to work on the Guardian newspaper, where on the homepage the small headline of the latest six Palestinians to be shot dead, is way below the larger headline of the several hundredth article associating Jeremy Corbyn with anti-Semitism, on the basis of the quite deliberate conflation of anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel.

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251 thoughts on “Those Who Die in Palestine: Those With Dead Souls Here

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  • Ann Lewis

    Radio4 news exhibited the same imbalance with utterly disproportionate coverage of material trying to link the Labour Party with anti-semitism.This was picked up on Feedback. “No one was available to comment. May be there will be a spokesperson on this weeks Feedback?

  • Karin Brothers

    Yea Craig!! We welcome the rare voice of honesty and integrity and courage to describe the Palestinian reality.

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