Thank You, Gordon 5


Is Gordon Brown a secret supporter of Scottish independence, or just crassly concentrated on getting votes in South Eastern England? Recently he has been at pains to promote the idea that he, not David Cameron, is the true heir to Maggie Thatcher. He has been assiduously putting Tories into key jobs. And now this wonderful picture.

Thank you very, very much Gordon. You are doing infinitely more to advance the cause of Scottish independence than 500 of me ever could.

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5 thoughts on “Thank You, Gordon

  • writeon

    I think it's a very symbolic meeting in a number of ways. UK politics is starting to resemble US politics. That is, the difference between the main political parties is fading fast. In the United States the two major parties are so close on most issues as make no differnce. It's effectively a de facto one party state, which has the superficial appearance of a 'domocracy'. It's been that way for decades. Now this 'democratic model' has spread to the UK. This is the future we face. The veneer of democracy is fading fast. The longer the socalled 'war on terror' continues, the more our 'liberal democracy' will disappear before our eyes. How can we have a 'democracy' when there is no choice, when the main parties are merging into one party, with two right wings? This is what the embracing of Thatcher signifies.

  • George Dutton

    "when the main parties are merging into one party, with two right wings?"


    It's worse then even you say. All three main parties are the same. The Lib Dems say one thing do another all the time they have so far got away with it. Take the new Trident they are against it? it's a waste of money and say everything else people want to hear that want rid of Trident. The Lib Dems want to keep the present Trident and spend all the money to keep it. Their position on Trident is insane.

    This is the true face of the Lib Dems…

    Taken from the Jonathan Wallace, Liberal Democrat Councillor in Gateshead, UK…

    "A suicidal decision"

    "Another Postal Workers Union strike begins today. More disruption. More unnecessary fallout for business and domestic customers. And almost certainly, more damage to the Royal Mail and the jobs the union itself is claiming it wants to protect."

    "The decision of the union to strike is suicide. The union leadership behaves as if their members work for a monolithic state monopoly where competition is not permitted and alternative providers of the service do not exist. Not that that should be an excuse for strikes and unrealistic claims anyway."

    "Wake up people! The Royal Mail has competitors which are taking away their best customers. For nearly two years now, the monopoly on the sorting and delivery of mail has been scrapped. And whilst no competitor has yet set up an alternative system of delivering mail through people's doors, it is the case that big customers have switched to rivals of Royal Mail to handle and sort their mail before it goes on to the Royal Mail for the final mile – the delivery from the depot to the door."

    "And that means Royal Mail's income is under threat. Competitors can provide a better and cheaper service as they are more automated and efficient. The Royal Mail however too often survives on antiquated equipment which requires higher levels of manpower. With the position of the Royal Mail already fragile, all that strike action will do is drive more customers to the rivals, causing further job losses in Royal Mail and undermining further the viability of the company and future employment opportunities for staff."

    "The liberalised mail delivery market is a good thing. It is right that there should be competition and choice in who sorts the mail, even if there is no competition yet on delivery through doors. The union needs to wake up to the real world rather than conducting a display of damaging 1970s style union macho postering that is riddled with antiquated political messages."…

  • ziz

    The colour of the dress was just a happy accident ?

    Always assumed they just met to compare notes about how to drive down the North Sea Energy reserves of the UK even faster – and consider how to fund public finances as the revenues dry up.

    Now it appears he simple admires the old Fascist witch and is simply doing his best to help the poor, old and lonely whose life savings are at such a risk as he allowed the BOE to drive national (and notional) expansion by a youthful electorate drunk on cheap credit…. and its attendant glittering prizes.

  • George Dutton

    "How Far Will the Crash Go and What Do we Do Now?"

    The cause of it all (helped by New Labour)…Thatcher…

    "The danger, which many commentators are pointing to, is that the Fed will ignite a hyperinflation, which may be what is happening and may actually be intentional because it devalues debt. It's what happens when debt is used to pay off debt and is in fact an invisible tax. Such inflation is difficult to discern, again because of the government's rigged statistics. The most important indicator to watch is the price of oil, which doesn't show up in "core inflation."…

    An attack on Iran might/would lead to a doubling or tripling of oil prices?

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