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Things have taken a much more sinister turn in Catalonia, without sufficient notice being paid internationally. The leader of the Catalan regional police force has been formally arraigned for sedition by the Spanish attorney general, for refusal to comply enthusiastically with the beating up of old women. That carries a minimum jail sentence of four years. It is the first step towards major imprisonment of Catalan leaders. It is also extremely significant that this first step is aimed at decapitating the only disciplined and armed force under some measure of Catalan government control. What does that tell you about Rajoy’s next move?

This extreme action against Major Trapero is precisely in line with last night’s ultra hardline address by a man with the comic opera name of Felipe Juan Pablo Alfonso de Todos los Santos de Borbón y Grecia. It is hard to take seriously anyone named after a whiskey, but we live in such a strange world that this unelected, far right and immensely corrupt, inbred buffoon could spout about democracy and accuse anyone who did not bow the knee to him of disloyalty and sedition. That precisely prefigures the legal action taken against Major Trapero. It can only be a precursor to a Spanish attempt to impose physical control on Catalonia and imprison its leaders. Having rejected both dialogue and mediation, I see no other direction Rajoy will take.

The Catalan government has said it will declare Independence within days. I am not, and have never been, a pacifist. A vital duty of any state is the defence of its citizens. Once Catalonia declares Independence it will be in a different position as a state than as a movement for Independence within Spain. The highly impressive and disciplined non-violence of the Independence movement will no longer be appropriate. But physically, I am not aware of any capacity to defend itself against the Spanish forces which there is every sign Rajoy will unleash immediately after any Declaration of Independence. Catalonia will also need to move instantly to dismantle any parts of the state fabric, and particularly the judiciary and prosecutorial service, which may remain loyal to Madrid,

The EU failed to draw a line in the sand when Rajoy’s Francoist paramilitary thugs beat up old ladies, en masse, before the eyes of the whole world. Rajoy will be certain to calculate that if he now invokes article 155, seizes Catalonia by force, and imprisons all the Catalan leadership for 30 years for rebellion, that the EU will continue to back him. Following the “royal” address yesterday and the extreme charges against Major Trapero today, the Francoist solution seems to me to be where we are heading, with nobody in any position of authority in Europe making the slightest effort to stop it.


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145 thoughts on “Catalonia: Rajoy Moves Towards Extreme Measures

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  • E F Nicholson

    I would agree what Craig Murray writes close to 95% of the time but his recent posts on Spain and Catalonia I find to be misleading and absent of context. Not only that this particular post he seems to be encouraging or justify some kind violent revolt against what’s going on, like WTF? He states
    “I am not, and have never been, a pacifist. A vital duty of any state is the defence of its citizens.”

    What about the Catalonian citizens being brutalised by the Catalonian police under current government for labour strikes and protests? Then who will defend half, or maybe more of the population that don’t want independence? Where are they in all of this? Then with such a right wing party, why or how would anything be different for any normal person? How is he not even looking or questioning that?
    A as resident of Spain, married to Spanish women whose whole family are on the left, many on the left here who have a problem with what’s going on, do so not because they don’t think Catalonia isn’t entitled to vote on independence, rather the way it’s being done and the people who are doing it. There are many pieces on the chessboard and Carles Puigdemont and his party PDeCAT are so corrupt and so right-wing whatever their motives you can be assured it’s not for the benefit of working people. Why this critical context is being left out on this blog postI have no idea. Maybe as their own nation they can control the judges and embezzle even more money? F**k knows but it isn’t good. Then as moronic and right-wing as Rajoy and PP are, if section of nation choose to breakaway , outside of any legitimate legal process, how are they meant to response? Nation states only have legitimacy if they are able to uphold their authority via the threat of violence or punishment. That’s any nation, right or wrongly that’s how they work. Don’t pay tax, disobey our laws, go to jail ect… When or if Catalonia becomes independent they will be doing exactly the same. The clip doing the rounds on social media in Spanish where reporter is asking the pro Catalonian women, if they ae saying they don’t see the Spanish constitution or law as legitimate, therefore they don’t need or require permission or consent for independence, then when they become a nation state and the people who didn’t want independence, can they do the same? I mean where do you go with this? 32% of the population voted, in election that had no oversight or any sense of accountability, people voting multiple times, other people being refused to vote ect.. it mean it’s a joke. Which makes you wonder how much is this just political theatre, while they horse trade, wheel and deal for other things. Then there is issues of the fact this close to half or maybe more don’t want independence , and those peoples voices have a right to be heard as well, as right now they message they are getting is if you don’t like it, move to “Spain”!!!!!! Sahme on htem for thinking they lived in Spain. An 11 year of was interviewed asking why he wanted independence and he claims it was because he was sick of all “their” money going to pay for the lazy Andalusians. That summarised a lot of what is being said. I’ll be honest, I’m really disappointed it most of what read from authors I would normally hold in right regard.

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