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433 thoughts on “Why Does the State Hate Alex Salmond?

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    • Squeeth

      Since Salmond is yesterday’s politician, I suggest that the criminal case (if there is one) is a catalyst intended to smear other politicians.

  • donald duck

    Or maybe he’s Guilty as charged……wouldn’t exactly be the first man in a position of power to abuse that position.

    Next you’ll be calling his accusers whores / slags etc etc.

    To many men on here displaying what might be misogynistic views of the world. Id bet my life if you changed Alex to Nigel you’d all be shouting for him to be hung from the nearest lamp post.

    Even if he’s found guilty with overwhelming evidence I doubt anyone here has the ability to accept that outcome.

    Very very sad. #METOO

    • Dungroanin

      If he had made a criminal act – why didn’t the top civil servant and her henchwoman not advise the victims to make a immediate complaint to the police, indeed why did they wait so long, themselves? And why did NS – a lawyer not demand it as soon as she was made aware?
      Why go through the rigmarole of arranging new regulations – which spectacularly failed? Over which no one has resigned yet?

      This has the hallmarks of that very scottish verdict – not proven – as a continued cloud over Salmond and indeed the SNP, with the collusion of NS and prob surprising others, to degrade the supporters of that party and the call for indyref2.

    • Rhys Jaggar

      It is not misogynistic to say that women lie about sexual things as a career tool. I know this, I have seen it happen twice. It drove one of my bosses deep into depression, he told me about it when deeply drunk at a office Christmas party, you could tell it had torn him in two. He was a decent guy, cut up after he and his first wife split as both were very smbitious and their careers were going geographically dispersed. Mercifully he married again after I had moved on.

      It is extremely naive to say any of the following things are not true:
      1. Some men abuse work positions to impose sexually on women.
      2. Some ambitious women use sex as a tool to leverage power.
      3. The men most at risk are professionally successful butvsexually nave.
      4. The women most at risk lack sexual self-confidence.

    • Squeeth

      Actually he’s innocent unless proved guilty. You would be well advised to keep your trap shut.

    • Tony O"neill

      If he is guilty then he deserves everything he gets no one’s above the law, unless you are Prince Philip. Who now thinks he will get a fare trial?, monster him through the media and he doesn’t stand a chance job done.

      • Portjim

        He was never going to get a fair trial anywhere in the UK – he has been a hate-figure in the press for years! I doubt there is anyone in the land who could claim to be completely unbiased!

  • Sharp Ears

    Now Roger Stone is in the frame. The courts are indeed busy on both sides of the Atlantic.

    Roger Stone arrest – live: White House unable to deny Trump gave order to contact WikiLeaks over hacked Clinton emails
    Trump campaign officials were in contact with Stone over Wikileaks and hacked Clinton campaign emails, according to indictment
    4 minutes ago

    Bush father and son seem to have avoided using his services.

  • Hatuey

    “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant…”

    I don’t care what they say. If he made mistakes and we all do, I forgive him unreservedly.
    All that matters is the cause; independence. As individuals we have the honour and privilege of taking part but none of us are more important than the goal itself.
    In the run up to the 2014 independence referendum, we planted a million seeds. They’ll soon grow.
    The SNP needs to find a way to advance or it must hand on the baton to others with fresh ideas. If it stands in the way, it’ll be judged accordingly, just as Scottish Labour were.
    Half the country is with us and that’s with the dirtiest of tricks and lies deployed against us every day.
    It isn’t over until we win.

  • Sharp Ears

    This passed me by. Anybody?

    Drug dealer Alex King who faked novichok poisoning in Salisbury jailed for 11 years
    Friday 25 January 2019 15:55, UK

    Alex King, 42, has been sentenced while on the run
    A dealer who claimed he was poisoned with novichok in Salisbury has been jailed for 11 years for his role in supplying £60,000 of drugs.
    More follows…

    More from Sky

  • Republicofscotland

    So the nonagenarian billionaire who possess a gold piano, probably one of several in her 700 odd roomed palace, has come out and said we should all be nice to each other with regards to Brexit.

    The diminutive Corgi loving billionaire, who purred with delight on finding out that no won the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, feels from her ivory tower that we on the ground amidst the real world should try not to be divisive with Brexit, and each other in mind.

    Of course this cosseted billionaire, of whom the effects of Brexit will never be felt directly, thanks to mainly a Sovereign Grant that would choke a hippo, and sovereign claims, and investments around the world that could wipe out hunger in one go, such is the amount of wealth they’d generate, wants us mere commoners to accept quietly and peacefully whatever her inept parliament conjures up on Brexit.

  • Republicofscotland

    The mentality of the British imprial isolationist, I’m warning you Fritz.

    “Mark Francois on BBC accused Airbus’s Tom Enders of “Teutonic arrogance”, adding: “My father, Reginald Francois, was a D-Day veteran. He never submitted to bullying by any German. Neither will his son. So if Mr Enders is watching, that’s what he can do with his letter”

    • Contrary

      I don’t see anything fishy, it is just the pre-trial process. The defence needs time to prepare the case I assume, and what if they have strong evidence (say their client was abroad on documented business at the time), the prosecution may decide to drop a particular charge.

      I have have to give the BBC website its due here, a very clearly written article.

  • Hugh Loughlan

    Firstly, I will say that I am a firm advocate of independence for Scotland. I am also an admirer of the political skills of both AS and NS. I also believe that any state is capable of dirty tricks. I have the impression that AS and NS are both considerate and caring human beings. These are opinions. To date nothing has taken place to challenge those opinions. However, there is now a legal process in play. The rights of all involved should be respected. When the legal process comes to an end there will no doubt be much comment; justifiably so. Till then anything that is said is supposition. It is also potentially damaging to all those involved in this case. If independence is your aim I would suggest making a positive case for that. If you wish to preserve the status quo then please do likewise. Embrace your involvement in the creation of our futures. We don’t get a great span of years on this planet to do that.

    • Dave

      He could counter-sue and say they attempted to rape him! Or simply make a complaint of sexual harassment or “discriminatory comments” for civil servants to investigate. Would they do so, or are some complaints more deserving than others?

  • Sharp Ears

    The Scotsman tells us in no uncertain words that we MUST obey the law.

    ‘People on social media don’t seem to realise they are subject to the Contempt of Court Act, as demonstrated after former First Minister Alex Salmond was arrested and charged, writes John McLellan. The warning from police on Thursday morning was crystal clear: “Proceedings are now live under the contempt of court act.”

    They were of course referring to the expected blizzard of coverage to follow the announcement that ex-First Minister Alex Salmond had been arrested and would be appearing in court later in the day.’

    Most of the comments are not in the least respectful of the nanny at the Scotsman.

  • Roger Ewen

    Pray tell me, after Alex being previously found guilty, through a corrupt civil service process, what’s the chance of a fair trial….. oops…. no trial is going to be fair when it’s so close to the next referendum.
    We haven’t forgotten the vow, we haven’t forgotten better together, or English vote only for English problems regardless of the overlaps into Scottish affaires, under non deligated powers.
    I wonder if this is another attempt to destroy the unity of the SNP and the Scottish grass roots campaign?
    Oooh, yes… and not let us forget the 3500 troops ready and waiting to be put on the streets of Scotland!
    Just as the Royal Anglican Regiment, after the 1978/79 referendum, in The air in a Hercules C130 aircraft when the Scottish nation voted and won in the first referendum. The Royal Anglican regiment was to wipe out any Scottish resistance to this first corrupted vote. Supported by Labour and Tory collusion.
    Thank God, but it took 23 years for the UN Scotland report into this calamity, forcing Westminster to concede to UN and the European Unions demand to the reinstatement of Scottish Parliament!
    One newly reported oil find after the last referendum of a large oil field off the north west of Scotland being, 164 miles x 90 miles x 32 miles wide, at the narrowest point, in a dog leg, was known to me in 1981. There were no British persons allowed or supplied to the British government for the survey, by western geophysics, either Rhodesians or South Africans only were used to survey.
    Nor has it ever been mentioned of the submarines used to find the limits and size of the field as this field was so huge. And it could be much bigger!
    Oooh….. much more to come! I’m speaking of other oil fields on the west coast!
    We should be prepared for the butchery to come, they won’t release these oil fields into the Scottish Governments hands…. just look at the coups attempted in Venezuela…… do you think for one second, it’s not going to be the same here!
    Oooh…. and in the North Sea, on six rigs, that I know of, they have installed new specially designed and purpose valves which allows them to produce six times more oil in the same sized pipes. So production And revenues, increase as well….. but you want be told of that either!
    So it’s either wake up and smell the coffee, and fight for independence, or allow them again to decimate the population of Scotland and our sons, and sending them to Africa, shortly, or the Middle East to die in illegal wars and there bodies fertilise foreign fields.
    Another useless but pertinent detail, in the highlands of Scotland in 1890 there were over one million people living in the highlands…… today….. in 2019 with all incomers….. there are 360,000….., unless your an idiot…. work it out for yourself! More people died per head of population in the north east and highlands of Scotland than any other nation involved in WW1 or ww2.
    But you want be told of that either!

    • Dave

      It was a different time and arguably Scotland was a vital part of the NATO defence against the, real or imagined, threat from Soviet Union. Is this why NS is playing along with the, imagined, Russian threat, to show an ‘independent’ Scotland would be in safe pair of hands and globalist team player? Hence why AS appearing on RT is viewed by some in SNP with dismay.

    • ADKC

      I think the key point that Roger is making is:

      “wake up and smell the coffee, and fight for independence”

  • Sharp Ears

    Former leader Alex Salmond’s arrest threatens to tear Scottish National Party apart
    26th January 2019

    ‘Relations between Salmond and his successor and former protégée Nicola Sturgeon are thoroughly poisonous—meaning that the latest legal turn of events could tear the SNP apart.

    Salmond resigned as SNP leader immediately following the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence, which those seeking independence lost decisively by 55 to 45 percent. He was replaced by Sturgeon, whose initial approach differed little from Salmond. Despite losing the independence poll, the SNP ballooned in membership topping out at as much as 125,000.

    Sturgeon continued Salmond’s technique of imposing austerity with regional tweaks, while placing blame for them on funding decisions imposed by Westminster. Salmond, for his part, won a Westminster electoral seat in 2015. Debate within the SNP and its periphery hinged on whether it was wise to begin a low-level campaign for a second independence referendum after the failure of their 2014 campaign or to keep the demand as a general principle while focusing on calls for greater autonomy.

    This debate became bitter and heated with the Brexit vote of 2016.’

  • Jo1

    Was just reading Kevin McKenna’s article in the Herald today. Comments thread included numerous taunts that all references to Alex Salmond have been removed from the SNP website.

      • Jo1

        I’m not sure if changes have been made as I don’t know what was there before but I had a look last night at the History section on the site. It talks about the 2007 victory and the SNP’s first term in government. Incredibly it skips the 2011 election when the SNP won an outright majority at Holyrood and goes straight to the 2014 Referendum. Given the enormity of that achievement in 2011 it’s difficult to understand why it’s not there. Salmond isn’t mentioned anywhere.

        • Dave

          The Globalists used to promote partisan “anti-racism” to advance their cause of divide and rule, but as that has worn thin, its been replaced with wider ranging partisan identity politics including a feminism that uses misogyny in place of racism.

          The fact is promoting identity politics, other than being Scottish (or whatever nation) is not the mark of a genuine nationalist or even patriot. Some denounce nationalism as being divisive between nations, but the irony is the so-called nationalists in the SNP e.g. NS, are more divisive with their gender politics, as any traditional nationalist.

          • Dave

            Yes its a device by the Globalists in the West (and everywhere they can) to undermine institutions and language to secure the rule of the 1%. Brexit is a revolt against the 1%, but the SNP under NS act as their agent, but AS appearing on RT has fallen foul of the 1%, although he may yet turn the tables!

  • OnlyHalfALooney

    While the mind springs to Assange and others, we should not forget what happened to the French Socialist head of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. He was obviously the victim of a vicious plot in New York. Even the NY DA was forced to conclude that the allegations made by the hotel maid were “untruthful”.

    Whatever his private life, Strauss-Kahn was cleared in an internal IMF investigation, the case in New York was dropped and the “Lille Carlton” case against him in France became almost farcical and simply collapsed. Nevertheless, DSK’s career is finished and his reputation is in tatters. And this was the likely next Socialist presidential candidate in France, but someone whose views were perceived as a threat by the conservative French establishment as well as the US.

    What better example of political assassination through lurid allegations of sexual “perversity”?

    • OnlyHalfALooney

      The sad thing is that those in power know that any such allegations will be egged on by many left-wing ideological “feminists” of which many are, in fact, misandrists.

    • kathy

      The good news is he is to continue his show on RT and they have issued a statement that to stop him would be prejudicial to his court case as it might be construed as if they thought he was guilty. They further state that in their view a person is innocent until proven guilty. Well done RT. Such a refreshing change from the BBC.

    • kathy

      Sorry sharp ears but I think you have read it wrong. The article says about 60% of the students polled so far were against removing the rock before he has even been tried.

  • Chris Barclay

    I would look at the issue of nuclear disarmament by an independent Scotland. Is Sturgeon as strongly opposed to nuclear weapons as Salmond? Is she possibly wavering on allowing NATO to continue to use a base in Scotland? In my opinion, the possibility of the UK becoming a non-nuclear state is the Establishment’s greatest concern arising from Scottish independence.

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