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  • Alex

    Who precisely are the dark actors behind this traducing of Salmond and what are their concerns at this time? What did they fear he was going to do/expose/mess with? He is a significant and very capable politician, what exactly are they afraid of?
    Keep up the good work Craig, you are more valued than you know

    • Prosdocimus de Beldemandis

      He’s wholly insignificant. That’s why he cadges broadcasting jobs with whoever will have him.

      • Tony O"neill

        So insignificant the the English establishment and their Scottish lickspittles up here, are doing all they can to destroy him and his reputation.

        • Prosdocimus de Beldemandis

          I guess slackmouthed SNP supporters are not encouraged to enquire too closely into this obnoxious strutting little man’s reputation. But the rest of us have his number, all the same.

          • James Connolly

            Your name just doesn’t add up. We are many, you are few, and thats why we shall prevail.

          • Northern Sole

            And that was aimed at prosthetis don balmedicus. Or whatever the creature is hiding under.

      • J Galt

        No he only works for reputable broadcasters not tenth rate propaganda outfits like SKY and the BBC!

        • Andyoldlabour

          @John Galt,

          I have thought exactly the same for quite a while. The British establishment hate anyone who appears on, let alone works regularly with RT.
          The BBC seems to be an ever more strident supporter of US foreign policy and intervention – Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Venezuela etc.

        • Sharp Ears

          Yes. Correct. Wasn’t he Bluntschli before.

          I thought that there was a rule on here about sock puppeting.

      • Lorna Campbell

        On the contrary, troll. He delivers a swift stiletto to the British State ribcage every week. He allows people to speak and they say what people like you do not want to hear. This matter should be sub judice now, so toddle off.

      • Antiwar7

        He opposes their lucrative, powerful war atrocities, and he gets broadcasting jobs.

        Hmmmm. Why would they be attacking him?

    • kathy

      Maybe it is just that they fear Scottish independence and the loss of Scotland’s rich natural resources without which they will be bankrupt and then there are also their beloved nuclear weapons which they would have to remove.

      • Alex

        Thanks Kathy, but why him, now? It’s clear he is in the cross hairs. Has he indicated he intended to return to front line politics? He’d have wiped the floor with May et al during Brexit shambles. Is that the fear? If not what?

        • Jo1

          Yes, Alex. He indicated after he lost his seat that he wouldn’t rule out a return to politics.

        • kathy

          Yes he did and that is when he was warned not to due to the impending criminal investigation. Since then, he himself has stated that it is all to prevent him from returning to politics.

          • John O'Dowd

            It is very simple really: for those of you outside Scotland, it may well not be obvious (since barely reported and indeed suppressed in the BritNat media, particularly the State Broadcaster) – there is slow-burning seething resentment in Scotland at out treatment since IndyRef1 – and how Brexit is being used to undermine the Scottish Parliament.

            Scotland will leave the UK.

            IndyRef 2 is coming, and whether elected or not, Salmon is one of the most potent exponents of Independence. He is utterly feared by the Westminster pygmies, and will play a crucial role in the process of independence .

            He is being deliberately neutralised ahead of the nest independence surge. Whether or not convicted, his appearance in court, the BritNats think, is gold-dust for them (one merely had to see Sarah Smith’s salivating report of that upcoming event at lunchtime to see the truth of that).

            My expectation is that they have miscalculated. We know our history here (Parnell, Assange etc).

        • Patmur

          I think a new successful independence referendum now immediately after the UK leaves the EU would be far more damaging than the previous one before the EU referendum. That is possibly the reason. It would in many respects have the effect of a No-Deal Brexit. And how could it not hasten the end of the UK as a state, affecting both Northern Ireland and Wales.

    • Sharp Ears

      We knew that this morning. Now he has appeared in court but there is no information on the charge(s). Is it a kangaroo court?

      He is being hounded and persecuted.

      • IrishU

        Unbelievable. Before any of you lot even know the charges, let alone heard any of the evidence, you have deemed Salmond innocent.

        Funny how those you see as politcal fellow travellers are always innocent, regardless of evidence or legal process, whereas your political foes are all condemned regardless of evidence or legal process.

        I would call you hypocrites but I feel that is too soft.

          • Republicofscotland

            Don’t be silly its Salmond in the eyes of the British state he’s guilty first innocent second.

            If you read the Daily Mail or Express, he’s guilty, guilty, guilty.

        • Lorna Campbell

          Another fool who would trample on the Presumption of Innocence. It is Salmond today, whatever he has done or not done. It could be you tomorrow.

        • Deb O'Nair

          If you are found guilty of charges you receive a sentence, if you are found not guilty you do not receive financial compensation nor a big apology, which is why assuming innocence is the default position until guilt is proven. Forgetting that basic legal precedent means that just being charged with a crime is in itself worthy of punishment, or even a punishment in itself when reputations are destroyed.

  • I Wright

    ” In recent years, possession of hydrocarbon reserves is very obviously a major factor in western regime change actions.”

  • Willie

    Salmond’s arrest exposes the extent to which the dark state will go to stymie independence.

    In 2014 he ran the establishment a close run thing. A few percent more and independence would have been mandated.

    And now with the chaos that is Brexit and a surging vote for independence the man who did so much is arrested. It is straight out of Brigadier General Sir Frank Kitson’s toolkit on how to undermine nationalist movements in colonies seeking independence.

    First they said Salmond’s SNP was a home for radical Islamist. Then they said Salmond was an agent of the Russians and should be tried for treason. Then they said that he had been involved in sexual harassment some five years ago.

    And then after he sought court action which confirmed that the process of complaint against him was flawed, prejudiced and biased, he is arrested on charges yet unknown, but which are anecdotally reported in the zTelegrsph to be contempt of court. And all of this just hours after the SG announce that they once again are going to seek and independence mandate from the people.

    No one should be under any illusion what this means. It is the subjugation of democracy by whatever means is necessary. It is the policy of forced regime change and illustrates that there is nothing that the establishment will do.

    The sex scandal smear is a tried and tested tool. It was used against The Irish nationalist Charles Stuart Parnell over a century ago. But it has failed this time, and so now, like Catalonia, or Franco, or Stalin, they move to the next stage.

    But they will not win. For all their force they did not win in India, Kenya, Cyprus or Ireland. And they will not win here. These actions will only harden resolve and win more converts.

  • Robert Louis

    Why does the state hate Alex Salmond?

    1. He can muster incredible public support, whenever, wherever.

    2. He supports Scottish independence.

    3. He is incredibly smart, with a political acumen to match the very best.

    4. He can’t be bought, and stands by what he believes in.

    Mainly number 2.

    • John Macadam

      no 4 equally big. that’s the main trouble with the snp [and greens] – they can’t be bought

      • Col

        Why is he doing Russian TV with an audience of three men and a dog when he has enough pension to keep a classroom full of nurses away from the food bank?

        • Muscleguy

          Because none of the terrestrial, satellite or cable channels would take his proposal for a program. I suggest you go look at the episodes on YT and look at the views stats before you try the three men and a dog jibe again which makes you look silly and ill informed.

          Note the YT views are after all those watching live. I never seem able to catch them live so I rely on YT.

    • Stuart

      You seem to be overstating the good qualities of Alex Salmond more than a touch.

      I do thank Craig for his continued reporting & analysis of this case however.

    • Sharp Ears

      and he is very likeable and can be related to by the common man. Unlike the majority of the crowd holding power in Westminster.

      • Shatnersrug

        It’s pretty obvious isn’t it? They don’t want him interfering on Brexit, get the police to rough him up a bit, ‘encourage’ some allegations that will undoubtedly collapse as they often do. It’ll keep him tied up for 18 months and then the charges are dropped or thrown out, meanwhile Brexit has been and gone.

        For me it makes it clear that Nicola is a protector of the union in disguise. This will prevent Alex from rising up and leading a popular movement to second ref, that can be the only reason to laiden him with this.

        Of course he might be an old perv. But I’m sure there are more much worse than him that ARENT attracting all this attention. The thing is this modus operandum has been used too many times of late, the most notable being Assange.

  • Mark B

    I wonder why the supposedly trumped up charges weren’t trumped up prior to the independence referendum when it may have harmed him and the Yes campaign…rather than 2019 when he isn’t even leader of the SNP???

    I’m sure one of you will have the answer…

  • able

    …moving swiftly on….

    I must say I hadn’t expected the Murrayites to defend the Venezuelan regime quite so enthusiastically (I thought you would draw the line at opposing US interference). It’s an absolute goldmine. Please blog more!

  • able

    Craig was originally sticking to the line that this was all Nicola Surgeon’s doing. Then he starred getting called a unionist plant by his own side. So now he’s blaming it on the evil British state.

  • defo

    A rhetorical ? for sure Craig.
    The dogs in the street know why!
    Even the not so hard of thinking yoons will know it stinks, but all’s fair in love…

  • John

    “We can confirm that a 64-year-old man has been arrested and charged,” Police Scotland said in response to media queries. “Proceedings are now live under the Contempt of Court Act.”

    Effectively gags the media. Bingo!

  • margaret mcgugan

    Yes good over evil . Alex is a good person , this is a great injustice to the people of Scotland and its people .. We must get independence,s from this dishonest Westminster. People always bully what they fear ,they fear Alex as he intelligence Tory,s can only rule by buying votes and lieing.

    • N_


      this is a great injustice to the people of Scotland and its people

      The jury will acquit, then. What have you got to worry about?

      But I wonder why you think it’s impossible that a powerful politician (let me guess – in a party that you vote for or belong to, right?) got shitfaced on alcohol and then grabbed a woman’s tits and arse without her consent.

  • Clive p

    This is typical of the British state. Salmond does not play by the rules and is a clear threat to the state and status quo just as Indyref2 is on the horizon. It doesn’t matter whether the charges have any substance – the fact they are brought is enough of a smear and will netruelise Salmond as a political force for a long time and, the state hopes forever. This was obviously the second choice after the civil service enquiry collapsed.

    • N_


      It doesn’t matter whether the charges have any substance – the fact they are brought is enough of a smear

      Do you realise what you have just typed?

      • Jo1

        I think, rather, it’s just the way it was phrased.
        Clive means that, in cases like this, even if the allegations are false, the damage is done.

        • Capt Bluntschli

          Well, if you are as fair-minded as you claim to be, is the damage still done, if and when he is acquitted and actually even as of now? Do you and Craig’s loyal followers have a monopoly on fair minds?

          Please think through before throwing cliches around. The State obviously has it’s reasons for bringing charges, but that is only the beginning of any case, ie normal process.

    • Rhys Jaggar

      I agree with you. Salmond is far more of a charismatic visionary than Sturgeon et al where Independence is concerned. You might not want him as First Minister/President or whatever, but no-one is better at selling Independence than AS.

      The sad thing is that boring, monogamous inconsequentialness in the bedroom cosegregates with unimaginative paper pushers in government. Good for a period of boring consolidation, keeping costs under control. Utterly useless when setting out on a voyage into the unknown.

      You want a fine orator, you probably look for a sexual Rasputin…..

  • N_

    A third coming of the Salmond from “Strichen-les-Deux-Eglises” was unlikely. Preventing it happening was probably not anybody’s prime motivation.

    Assuming he has been charged and will be tried for the alleged sexual assaults rather than other alleged offences, this will give him a chance to clear his name in relation to those allegations. In the event that he wins with a defence that accuses the alleged victims of malicious lying, I hope he then sues them in a civil court, so that his innocence can be shown at a higher level of probability than what is necessary not to be convicted of a crime and so that those who make false malicious allegations can be brought to book. Of course in the event that he is found guilty, let him go to jail, and let there then be a proper investigation into how on earth such a criminal could have got away with it for years. Sometimes the political gossip and argument and speculation is tiresome. Either he sexually asssaulted those women or he didn’t. I have my own view on the matter and I think the photo he so eagerly set up with a very young woman (literally) licking his ice lollysays a lot about this middle-aged man, even if course it is not proof of any offence, given that creepiness isn’t against the law. If allegations of assault are being made, which they are, let both his accusers and him have their day in court, and preferably as soon as possible, before shitarses in the civil service and politics have managed to get at all the witnesses.

    • Jo1

      My recollection is that “assault” wasn’t mentioned in the original allegations. The word “harassment” was.

    • Rhys Jaggar

      Look, mate, sexual activities outside marriage are proof of nothing other than incompatible libidos, which is purely biological. Lots of women are attracted to powerful older men and plenty of women use false sexual accusations to neutralise male competitors. I get very tired of it only being ‘dirty middle aged men’ being the sex fiends.

      I knew of 25 year olds freely cavorting with a highly powerful man twenty years their elder. You can be sure only the man would have been punished for what was undoubtedly highly consensual activity (it preceded marriage and childbearing) which if revealed would have been a career death sentence. Nobody I worked with at the time had any issues with it, other than good humoured mild irritation that the hot chick was not interested in us.

      Matrons fancying boys at boarding school was not unknown. Whether any consummation of lust occurred
      I do not know, but unspoken offers were definitely in the air. How many ‘disgusting female pervert’ stories did NOTW run between 1975 and 2010? The BBC is certainly not forward in bringing such stories to public attention…

  • RogerDodger

    Suspicious timing on this one. Craig blows open the situation behind the scenes with regard to the rotten process behind these allegations and the maleficent actors driving it, and the very next day Salmond is arrested, clearly diverting the presumption of guilt in the public mind back on to him.

  • N_

    In other news, Britain leaving the EU on 29 March is at 3.9 to 1 at Betfair!

    It seems to me that an “extension of Article 50”, to use current media and politico parlance, would only happen for a referendum or general election; a dissolution of Parliament for a general election is extremely unlikely (look at the available paths defined in the Fixed Term Parliaments Act); and a second referendum will either be “snap” or it won’t happen, given that EU elections are due in May.

    It will be Leave, whether “Deal” or “No Deal”, and then there will be the question of whether or not to rejoin, as the national spectacle twines together food shortages with fatal shenanigans in the Channel. Welcome to two big archetypes: hunger in your belly, and outsiders invading over your fence.

    Meanwhile, there’s expert choreography in the Commons, including involving committee chairmen.

    3.9 to 1 that Britain leaves the EU on 29 March recalls ridiculously low prices on Trump 2016 and also Leave 2016. Brexit on that date should be odds-on.

    Meanwhile, watch Bercow. That car sticker saying “Bollocks to Brexit” may not have been accidental. (As far as I know, no journalist has yet thought of that possibility. Journalists tend not to be nowhere near as cynical as they think they are.) Bercow may well turn on a sixpence to full-scale “Bollocks to Remain”. Seriously should we put it past him?

    • Rhys Jaggar

      Betfair had Remain to win at 1.01 in the week leading up to the Brexit vote in 2016. Same price on Hillary Clinton winning US Presidency in November.

      Betfair is not a bookies, it is a trading exchange, much of which is arbitrage.

      • N_

        Given that the overround at BF is lower than at a bookie’s, the political markets on the BF exchange must get some action from bookies doing some laying off. With the Brexit referendum a lot of smartarse money was staked on Remain at the end by punters who went to bed thinking they’d wake up in the morning and count their winnings. Ditto with the US presidential election, even as the rustbelt states started dropping like flies. In the indyref the preceding year, they had been right.

        What do you reckon on an implied probability of only 20% that Britain leaves the EU on 29 March?

  • Rhys Jaggar

    A man who put political principle ahead of trotters-in-the-trough opportunism?

    It would make him unbiddable, not amenable to the Deep State catching him with his trousers down.

    Deep States hate people like that.

    Deep States abrogate principle for power and greed.

    Salmond was one of their most high profile enemies….

    • Jo1

      I really, really hope people aren’t going to forget Nicola Sturgeon’s role in this.

      This whole case leads from an official investigation by her Permanent Secretary which a judge declared, unfair, unlawful and tainted with bias. Sturgeon defended her Permanent Secretary to the hilt.

      Bear in mind the same Permanent Secretary held a press conference ahead of that judicial review to announce that details of her investigation were being passed to Police Scotland.

      There is no doubt here that the Establishment is involved. That said, Sturgeon has also played a significant role.

  • Kempe

    This is hilarious. We don’t (at time of writing) even know what Salmond has been charged with but it seems that without even hearing any of the evidence it’s been decided that he’s completely innocent and a victim of an establishment/deep state stich up! Does his support for Scottish Independence and his views on Iraq, Serbia, Lockerbie et al mean he’s incapable of wrong doing?

    Coming up soon; more complaints of BBC bias!

    • bj

      Does you cynical prediction of “more complaints of BBS bias” mean the BBC is incapable of bias?

    • Athanasius

      No, he’s not incapable of sin; it’s just a balance of probabilities thing. He’s dangerous to England, now he’s suddenly on trial. Do the math, as the yanks say.

      • Kempe

        On trial in a Scottish court having been arrested under Scottish law by the Scottish police.

        Law and Order is a devolved responsibility in case you hadn’t noticed.

        • Athanasius

          It’s exactly the reason why no Scot should join anything which is part of the British state. Not the police, not the military, not the civil service. England should be made to import these people so the line is clearly drawn.

  • Mist001

    Best leader that Scotland never had. Sometimes, particularly over the past couple of years, I find myself being ashamed to be Scottish.
    Everyday seems to make Johann Lamonts comment about Scots not genetically programmed to make political decisions more and more correct.


  • Athanasius

    It was inevitable. He was — and is — far too effective. Scottish nationalism before him was a fringe activity for cranks in kilts. Nobody’s smirking today. It’s mainstream, and Westminster is worried.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Never saw photo pf Willie McRae in a kilt, more likely a uniform of the SNLA, thanks to the spooks’ lab work.

  • pasha

    The Deep State cannot tolerate dissidents. And Scots politicians tend to be even more dissident than the English. So Alex Salmond must be destroyed.

    Anybody remember George Galloway?
    I also recall the very convenient sudden deaths of John Smith and Robin Cook.

    • Jo1

      John Smith died at home from a heart attack. Men as young as he was suffer similar fates in their fifties.

  • IrishU

    Unbelievable. Before any of you lot even know the charges, let alone heard any of the evidence, you have deemed Salmond innocent.

    Funny how those you see as politcal fellow travellers are always innocent, regardless of evidence or legal process, whereas your political foes are all condemned regardless of evidence or legal process.

    I would call you hypocrites but I feel that is too soft.

    • Trowbridge H. Ford

      Salmond has declared he is innocent of any crime. He is an honorable man, and that’s good enough for me.

      Have you ever heard pf assuming someone charged is innocent?

      You are a deep state goon.

  • Sharp Ears

    The charges are attempted rape and sexual assault.

    The BBC is quick off the mark needless to say.

    ‘Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has appeared in court charged with attempted rape and sexual assault.
    He faced a total of 14 charges at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.’


    • N_

      The 14 charges:

      * 2 of attempted rape
      * 2 of indecent assault
      * 7 of sexual assault
      * 1 of breach of the peace

      Sounds as though there may be enough evidence to hang him. We shall see. Let the jury decide!

      • Merkin Scot

        I saw an employment case where someone was ‘sacked’ for 12 instances of gross misconduct over a period of two years.The lawyer laughed and said ‘this makes you look like Atilla the Hun.’ The case was won against the employer.
        Such is the result of the blunderbuss approach.

        • Merkin Scot

          PS the employer already had a lost case and sacked the employee 1 hour before 2 years employment was up. Desperation. Same thing with Salmond.

      • Mark Russell

        “The 14 charges:

        * 2 of attempted rape
        * 2 of indecent assault
        * 7 of sexual assault
        * 1 of breach of the peace

        Sounds as though there may be enough evidence to hang him. We shall see. Let the jury decide!”

        Really? In 1997, I faced 21 charges on indictment at the High Court in a trial that lasted three months, At the end of the Prosecution case, I was acquitted of all charges, when my advocate cross examined the principal Crown witnesses and exposed some uncomfortable evidence for the Police and Procurator Fiscal. Interestingly, my advocate in the case was Alex Prentice – a brilliant criminal defence solicitor-advocate, who some years later, switched sides – and is now the Principal Advocate at the Crown Office – and may very well be prosecuting in the Salmond case when it eventually calls.

      • N_

        @Trowbridge – I am not assuming anything of the kind. Note that I said they “may” have enough evidence to hang him. On the other hand, they may have a weak case and be using a blunderbuss approach. There was a case in Notting Hill in London where the police had so many police witnesses – scores of them – that they started contradicting each other ridiculously and the case was laughed out of court.

        I’m glad both he and the alleged victims will get their day in court, and if the allegations are malicious lies (or otherwise false) then I hope he is acquitted.

  • justadude

    Why is everyone assuming that it’s the English that are after him? The Scots have a very rich history of stabbing each other in the back.

      • Shatnersrug

        This is such a ridiculous attitude, ever since the Scots took over the rest of the British isles in 1707 and dumped their endless elite stooges on the south of the border it’s been hell, whether they were starting the opium wars and setting up slave operated plantations in the Caribbean and most of Asia Minor, or overthrowing Middle Eastern counties they’ve been nothing but a blight on the world in general. Even in recent history, they talked America into invading Iraq. The crimes are endless. What stuns me is the Brilliant way that they manage to repeatedly blame their skullduggery on completely on their partners, the English. Blair? Oh hes no true Scots man, they say. Oh sure… and the BBC? The endless supply of self satisfied overfed Scots Andrew Neil? Laura Kunsberg? The list just goes on and on. Has any Scots person actually sat and wondered why they’re unionists? It’s because they are the union!

        They must laugh themselves sick at the English and Scottish fighting over what elites they want to rule them.

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