Assange Judge’s Husband Runs Security Firm With Ex Head of MI6 1235

“Security Intelligence Consultancy” SC Strategy Ltd has only three directors. One is the husband of the judge in yesterday’s Assange ruling. One is the former Head of MI6, Sir John Scarlett, who is synonymous with crooked security operations and personally wrote the notorious dossier of lies on Iraqi WMD, thus causing the subsequent deaths of millions of people. One is Lord Carlile, who was notably close to protected Establishment paedophiles Greville Janner and Cyril Smith. Is the British Establishment not endlessly fascinating?

The corporate media has published no information about “Lady” Arbuthnot’s background and sinister links at all, despite the fact it is uniformly carrying her jibes at Assange as a major story. There can be no clearer example of the fact that it is the corporate media which, deliberately and systematically, spreads fake news, while bloggers get out the actual facts via social media.

Directors of SC Strategy Ltd from Companies House Register

To anyone to whom British corruption is not axiomatic, it appears pretty rum that the judge in the Assange case is married to a government parliamentarian and close to the security services.

“Lady” Arbuthnot’s Husband

There is some interesting background in the Mirror here. The taxpayer paid £1,200 in restaurant bills for “Lady” Arbuthnot and her husband in one long weekend jaunt to Turkey alone.

If anybody thinks the Assange case had anything to do with justice, they are very mistaken. Please read my analysis of “Lady” Arbuthnot’s judgement here.

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    • reel guid


      And the SNP’s Mhairi Black is in third place.

      The commenters on the Express web pages will be livid and in full ‘wee jimmy krankie’ mode.

      • Republicofscotland

        reel guid.

        In all honesty, I think many indy voters have voted Sturgeon and Black, I saw a few Wingers linking to it asking you to vote for them.

        If truth be known, I’d rather they concentrated on Scotland, rather vain moral boosting Rule Britannia polls by Sky. Which is nothing more than bread and circuses, to divert our attention away from oncoming meltdown leading up to and after Brexit.

    • Republicofscotland

      The referendum was swayed by unionist lies, such as the Vow, and vote no to stay in the EU.

      Westminster can never be trusted again, so we keep pushing until we become independent.

      As for Sturgeon, she’s been good for Scotland as has Salmond, can you say the same about May and Cameron?

  • reel guid

    In the next summer Olympics, as well as a team representing Scotland, there will be a group known as the Olympic Athletes From the Remainder of the United Kingdom or OAFRUK for short.

    Clare Balding can cheer on the OAFRUK athletes in their quest for medals….. any medals………a medal.

    We won a bronze in the canoeing!!!!! Go OAFRUK!

  • Tony_0pmoc

    So what has escaped from Porton Down, which is very near Salisbury?

    The fentanyl story as it stands, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Fentanyl may well be a dangerous opiod drug if misused, but it has been available for medical use on prescription since the 1960’s

    Of course it could just be a “training exercise”, but why not tell the truth? Some people legitimately using fentanyl for a medical condition, may well be terrorised, by what is probably a load of old bollocks.


  • T Leaker

    A man and woman were attacked with Polonium in the Maltings shopping centre in Salisbury, Wiltshire, yesterday.

    Yes, POLONIUM.

    • T Leaker

      Not Fentanyl, the super-strong opiate, as the Torygraph reported. That was chaff.

      The male victim is Sergei Skripal, a Russian who was convicted of spying for MI6 and who got swapped in 2010.

      If MI6 can’t protect its agents, who’s it going to recruit?

      • T Leaker

        I mean opioid, not opiate, before someone corrects me. But anyway that story was cack. The substance used was polonium. Y’know, the radioactive substance that somehow found its way into the late Boris Berezovsky’s office behind St James’s Palace.

        • Ba'al Zevul

          BS. Unless Skripal and his girlfriend were glowing in the dark and the cleanup team were being criminally careless. The fentanyl story was down to there having been no apparent reason for the pair to be passed out on a bench, and it was a good parsimonious theory until it was known who they were. My own guess, and it is at least as good as yours, with slightly more evidence ( let’s see yours), is that it was a nerve agent along the lines of, but conceivably modified beyond, Sarin. Sarin itself doesn’t quite fit.

          Still, let’s see what imaginative narrative RT can dream up.

          • Ba'al Zevul

            Don’t think it fits. Markov took quite a while to develop symptoms – the umbrella-gun firing a poisoned pellet into him, if you recall – and the weird handwaving reported from the Salisbury case would fit something specifically neuroroactive rather than ricin:

            Georgia Pridham, 25, had been for a hen do lunch and was walking back to her friend’s car when she saw the couple slumped on a bench.

            She told the Telegraph: “He was quite smartly dressed, which caught my eye. He had his palms up to the sky as if he was shrugging and was staring at the building in front of him.
            “He was conscious but it was like he was frozen and he was slightly rocking back and forward”Georgia Pridham, witness

            “He had a woman sat next to him on the bench who was slumped on his shoulder. She looked grey and had her hood up.

            “I thought ‘that is quite odd, they must be on something’. I remember looking back at him thinking he would catch my eye but he was staring dead straight. He was conscious but it was like he was frozen and he was slightly rocking back and forward.


      • Republicofscotland

        Impossible, Putin doesn’t assassinate, or attempt to assassinate anyone, well according to the Putinistas in here he doesn’t.

    • Tony_0pmoc

      T Leaker,

      More bollocks. i don’t believe a word, and that cock & bull story has already been done, and you updated wiki too fast, got too many decent photographers there, and no doubt all this complete load of crap will be headline news for the next few days.

      I don’t believe it, and no one else could give a sh1t, so what was the point? Can’t you guys do something useful instead? You are like drama queens stil in the sixth form. Even Coronation Street is more interesting.


      • Sharp Ears

        Have Wiltshire Police and the hospital given their press conference yet? No. I don’t think so.

        • Sharp Ears

          Have Wiltshire Police and Salisbury Hospital given the promised press conference? No. So don’t jump to conclusions.

      • T Leaker

        Hi Tony.

        Where else was the polonium story published before I typed the above at 6.30pm? Have you got a link?

        I haven’t posted anything to Wikipedia. Whatever it says there will be the official Brit line I should have thought – i.e. “a man and a woman”, no mention of spies, until a few hours ago, and suggestions that it may have been a “drug”, named by the Torygraph as Fentanyl You are quite right that the photographs have been important. The Brits sent in guys in radiation and chemical warfare suits and yes they were photographed. You don’t need those suits when someone has chucked around what’s basically strong heroin. And junkies collapse on shopping centre benches all the time.

        I don’t claim to know it all, mate, but I do know this will hit MI6 because the message to possible recruits is “Don’t sign up, because they won’t protect you”.

        Tip: if you’re not interested in something someone’s posted on the internet because you find it boring, you don’t have to post a comment on it.

        • Tony_0pmoc

          So T Leaker, where did you get your information from, before I decided the entire story was a complete load of old recycled nonsense, like nearly everything in the press?

          I find it boring because almost everything “terror related” is highly suspicious, with the vast majority of it being made up by lying propagandists, who for some suicidal reason, actually want to go to war with Russia.

          Can’t you guys take up train spotting, or stamp collecting instead, cos you are absolutely useless at making it up.

          How much do you get paid? Do you claim dole as well?

          Or are you all interns, hoping to get a job for the lying, totally corrupt BBC?


        • Tony_0pmoc

          I have no reason, not to believe this from those investigating the same story 10 years ago, just again reported by The Daily Mail. In such circumstances, I would probably be sh1tting myself as well, but wouldn’t have accepted the tea. The story might have been true, but it was probably the caviar.

          “Detective Inspector Brian Tarpey, who flew to Moscow to investigate, says: ‘I remember one evening my officer [a colleague who travelled with him] was complaining of stomach cramp and not being very well.

          ‘Next morning I accompanied him to the general prosecutor’s office. We were offered tea. I had no hesitation in accepting.

          ‘After we left, I started to feel a little bit uncomfortable. Not wanting to put too fine a point on it, I had the s***s.

          ‘I have no doubt in my mind that someone poisoned us with something like gastroenteritis.’

        • Ba'al Zevul

          ‘The Brits’? Why specify? Aren’t you British?

          I do know this will hit MI6 because the message to possible recruits is “Don’t sign up, because they won’t protect you”
          The recruits know that MI6 can’t protect them every single moment of every single day, from Putin or anyone else. No-one can. Though some of them remain persuaded that an autocrat who fixes elections by putting the only credible candidate in jail on charges of – go on, laugh – corruption, isn’t the kind of government they want.

        • Dave Lawton

          “The Brits sent in guys in radiation and chemical warfare suits”
          Whats the problem ? They also used protective suits at Beachy Head last year.

  • Republicofscotland

    Jeez oh, SNP MP’s aside it took Westminster MP’s thirteen minutes to double the Royal family’s income.

    With widespread poverty, homelessness and piss poor wages on the rise, one has to wonder what those unionist MP’s were thinking of giving a very rich and cosseted family even more wealth.

    We need to exit this f*cked up union asap.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘E Ghouta Militants Promise to Free Civilians in Exchange for Aid – Russian MoD’:

    This proves the point that the MSM that claimed ‘Both sides blame the other for firing on civilians who try to use the Humanitarian Corridor’ were talking out of the Propaganda side of their a**es; sure, they may both have ‘claimed’ it, but only one side’s claims made any sense: if the Headchoppers have offered to allow civilians to leave in exchange for Humanitarian Aid, then it shows that they were preventing them escaping before (which was obvious to anyone who wasn’t so brainwashed that they believed all the propaganda of our MSM).
    Someone might well say, ah, but look at your source – Sputnik. OK, look at where the headchoppers’ apologists get their news: BBC, CNN, Guardian, Telegraph, Sun, Mail, ‘unnamed government sources’ etc.

    • Paul Barbara

      Further to this comment:

      ‘…The provided documents reportedly “contained precise information on the geographical position, time and exact details [of the US cooperation with ISIS].”

      “When Mosul in Iraq was under the Daesh occupation, an American A330 landed at Mosul Airport, American generals got off the plane and military equipment was unloaded,” the Iranian politican said. “At the airport’s VIP lounge, the American generals talked with Daesh [ISIS] leaders in Mosul for three hours and 23 minutes and then boarded the plane and returned.”

      Amir-Abdollahian continued saying that the US provided ISIS with “weapons and equipment it needed and that they had already agreed on.” He added that three helicopters landed and delivered military equipment to senior ISIS figures.

      In a separate case, the US allegedly evacuated ISIS commanders arrested by Iraqi security forces. Some of these terrorists were then transfered to Afghanistan.’

      ‘East Ghouta militants promise to free civilians in exchange for aid: Russian MoD’:

      This is confirmation that it is the headchoppers who are stopping the civilian hostages from escaping via the Russian Humanitarian Corridors, as they have offered to let the civilians go in exchange for Humanitarian Aid.
      However, the US State Dept. called Russia’s 5-hour daily corridor a ‘Joke’, and said people were afraid to use it in case of repercussions from Assad – what absolute BS:

      ‘U.S. Calls Russia Idea of Syria Humanitarian Corridors ‘a Joke’:

      There is no depth of evil and depravity that the US Shadow Government and those who serve it will not go; and the same goes for Britain, France, Saudi, Qatar and a certain other ‘Middle East’ Regime. We are ruled and largely controlled by died-in-the-wool Luciferians.

  • knuckles

    T Leaker says

    The Brits sent in guys in radiation and chemical warfare suits and yes they were photographed. You don’t need those suits when someone has chucked around what’s basically strong heroin. And junkies collapse on shopping centre benches all the time.

    Basically strong heroin would be quite wide of the mark. Maybe google Fentanyl and first responder deaths and you will begin to appreciate the ”radiation and chemical warfare suits” approach taken in this instance, when the potential lethal danger of mere skin contact with such a substance is considered, no?

    Also T Leaker do you have any evidence for the polonium theory other than a baseless accusation? I’m guessing Russian, ex-spy, traitor, dead = polonium poisoning. Is that the logic? Either way, the xenophobic Russian conditioning is already kicking in – see RoS comment – Putin swam over after lunch, fired off the ”polonium” darts, before flying off to Damascus for dinner with Assad. Shirtless through out.

    World War is a coming. And the western public are already convinced.

    Its an unfortunate coincidence that this ‘Russian’ event in the UK coincides with both – Bibi visiting the the WH trying to get Trump to destroy Syria (Putin and Iran) and the Saudi Crown headchopper arriving in Britain for the exact same. Really, really, unfortunate set of events. Chemical weapon charade is Syria is a non runner, let see where this goes, eh?

    • knuckles

      While the MSM didn’t take long. Russian polonium is now a ”fact”.

      Also can anyone explain to me the oddity that is – millions will take to the streets to protest a Trump visit but red carpet and MSM PR campaign for the Saudi headchopper in chief?

      Priorities eh?

      • Paul Barbara

        @ knuckles March 6, 2018 at 00:55
        There is an Anti-Saudi Visit Demo on Wednesday 7th March (tomorrow) opposite Downing Street at 17:00 – 19:00.
        I expect it will be very well attended.

        • knuckles

          My point is it pales in comparison to the hyperbole and mass hysteria contained within the MSM as that surrounding Dump.

          The WHOLE country should be protesting these degenerates visiting. I suspect it barely registers in the news and if it does it will be promoted in a positive light.

          • Paul Barbara

            @ knuckles March 6, 2018 at 12:18
            I got a generally hostile reception at that Demo when I spoke out about Clinton.
            What a pair of a**holes to have to choose between!

  • Paul Barbara

    Cindy Sheehan celebrates the life of a great ‘Man of and for the People’, even as the loathsome Neocons, Banksters, Generals and Corporations lick their lips at the though of stealing the largest known oil reserves in the world:
    (I haven’t copied out the Spanish, but it’s easy enough to find if anyone wants it in Spanish):



    Hugo Chavez Frias
    July 28, 1954 to March 5, 2013

    A wonderful human being left us five years ago
    Many people know about Hugo Chåvez, the president, and constant thorn in the side to El Imperio the meddlesome and harmful Empire to the north. But I want to eulogize Chåvez the man I knew.
    He was my comrade in the way where we were united in the struggle for peace and economic justice and equality. It’s not like I could text him, or we would chat about current events, but whenever I had the privilege to be with him, warmth radiated from his heart and I was able to connect with him in very real and human ways. Compared to the palpable realness of Chåvez, most of the US politicians I have met with are walking and talking ice sculptures.

    The first time I met him in Caracas was in early 2006 at the World Social Forum. I had been invited to sit on the stage while he gave a speech to those gathered there from around the world. He introduced me as, “Señora Esperanza,” “Mrs. Hope,” in contrast to his nickname for George Bush: “Señor Peligro,” “Mr. Danger.” However, our brother, Hugo Chavez, was the one who gave us much hope.

    I have met and interviewed so many people in Venezuela whose lives were immeasurably improved by the vision and dedication of Hugo Chavez. How can one put a price on going from being illiterate to being able to read? A 65-year-old woman told me her life was transformed by the adult literacy program. Education in the US is just a commodity, but the Bolivarian Revolution of Hugo Chåvez put people first.

    .That is just one story out of millions and my heart still breaks with sorrow for the People of the Bolivarian Revolution.
    I was with Chåvez in Montevideo, Uruguay, for the presidential inauguration of Felipé Mujica in 2010. I was amazed that Chåvez could just plunge into the crowds and interact with the people without a phalanx of bodyguards, anti-aircraft missiles and assault weapons. His security detail was prepared, but not paranoid like up here in the Empire. Someone who was universally loved by the 99% need have no fear. Chavez had no fear.
    Chåvez’s courageous battle against the Empire was more successful than his battle against cancer. He was able to inspire more leftist leaders in Latin America and my friends in Cuba will always be grateful for the friendship between Venezuela and Cuba. The struggle against neo-liberalism and the Empire had been far advanced under Chåvez’s inspirational leadership.

    US Presidents come and go with destructive, yet boring and predictable regularity, and are numbered for History’s convenience when they should all have had black and white striped clothing and be behind bars. However, it is my belief that Hugo Chåvez Frias will go down in World History as one of the most significant figures of the early 21st Century and his passing was a tragic and profound loss to us all, as his life was an inspiration.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul. His light was far too bright to be extinguished by something as cruel as death and his light shines in all of us whose hearts burn with revolutionary fun for all the people.

    My life and our world are far better today because of the life of Hugo Chåvez.’

    • Paul Barbara

      @ SA March 6, 2018 at 05:29
      Brilliant find.
      Although Politico is normally useless, I absolutely agree, it is an excellent article, with minor points I would disagree with. As some of us have been saying for yonks, the current ‘war’ began in 2009 (though there were plans for it from at least 2001, as Wesley Clark informed us); it fits with Roland Dumas’ revelation that he was approached by high British officials in London in 2009 and told Britain was going to overthrow Assad with mercenaries, also with Sibel Edmonds and others saying the Yanks had set up ‘Rebel’ training camps in Jordan in 2009:
      ‘…Secret cables and reports by the U.S., Saudi and Israeli intelligence agencies indicate that the moment Assad rejected the Qatari pipeline, military and intelligence planners quickly arrived at the consensus that fomenting a Sunni uprising in Syria to overthrow the uncooperative Bashar Assad was a feasible path to achieving the shared objective of completing the Qatar/Turkey gas link. In 2009, according to WikiLeaks, soon after Bashar Assad rejected the Qatar pipeline, the CIA began funding opposition groups in Syria. It is important to note that this was well before the Arab Spring-engendered uprising against Assad….’

  • SA

    Why do the mods not delete the obviously hoax posts about polonium? You really don’t want this site to be labelled as a conspiracy site do you?

  • nevermind

    Ricin this Fentanyl that, speculations galore.

    A week and a half ago Gavin Williamson went to Washington and agreed with Gen. Matis et all that we need another war with Russia, China and North Korea.

    Now, with this alleged attack still being raked over and investigated, our Tory MP’s/ foreign sec. de Pelfer Johnson and every other right wing MP started talking about how bad Russia is, the moment it happened.

    Question: Where they prepared for it? what did they know of this attack beforehand?
    Q.2: In whose interest is it for Russia to provide us with another stick to beat them with?
    The ambiguity and pack hound mentality in this case make for a different view, especially when one considers the failing of our AlQuaeda/Al Nusra outfit in Syria, however much white helmet propaganda is being added to the mix during the last two days.

    Is this story now being handed over to those who could have engineered it themselves? bless.

  • David Marchesi

    the media have been a blight for many a year;
    He (Arthur Calwell ) gave his opinion of the Australian press in parliament in November 1941: ‘It is owned for the most part by financial crooks and is edited for the most part by mental harlots”
    In this country, there is virtually nowhere to turn, the BBC and the Grauniad being the would-be acceptable face of brain-washing whilst the rest are true successors to Northcliffe and co.
    A particularly hurtful aspect of the Assange case is that the report from the UN panel some year or two (?) ago was dismissed out-of-hand by HMG etc. With all its faults, the UN and agencies represent a potential for decency beyond the ken of out rulers.. The grossness of “Lady” Arbuthnot is unsurprising, as she has simply internalised a long education of superiority and arrogance; in short, of inhumanity.

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