Government Torture Inquiry 34

Another breathless day without a moment to blog, but I am delighted at the prospect of an inquiry into British government complicity with torture. I had already written to William Hague offering to give evidence to any such inquiry, and suggesting to him that it is essential that all evidence is taken under oath and at risk of perjury proceedings.

I understand from FCO sources that tomorrow’s official announcement has now been postponed while desperate last minute efforts are being made by the security services and by the US Embassy to tighten the terms of reference. The answer to the question “Did the British government specifically request that anybody be tortured” is quite probably no, and there is a battle going on to ensure that this is the only real question asked.

There is also of course the crucial question of who conducts the inquiry.

I shall be posting tomorrow at 11.30 am new official documents from 2002, never public before, which make completely plain New Labour’s policy of complicity in torture.

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  • Richard Robinson

    “If you don’t want to get hit by the slop, stay out of the sewer (by which I mean this noxious blog)”

    That seems clear enough.

  • McIntyre

    “Yes, McIntyre, I found out who this “Chomstein” – thanks for the link. But I don’t even know if he’s a “-steen” or “-stine”, nor do I care.”


    As if that’s relevant. Larry didn’t normally leave words out of sentences, you know. I reckon you are one of his regular commenters at BlameBush, not Larry. It also looks like you’re making a habit of impersonating him.

  • Larry from St. Louis

    No shit, Sherlock! You’re a troo genius. At pulling random assumptions out of your ass!


    Your neocon-joo-hunting skills are advanced, apprentice. Soon you may be loony enough to join the Jihadis.

  • McIntyre

    How do you know I haven’t?

    However, I know who you are now and that’s useful. Say hello to Larry for me.

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