The Queen’s Active Role in the Right Wing Coup 1159

Our obsequious media is actively perpetuating the myth that the monarch can do no wrong, and is apolitical. In fact the monarchy has been active and absolutely central to the seizure of power from the Westminster parliament in a right wing coup. Yesterday’s collaboration at Balmoral between the Queen and Jacob Rees Mogg is only the latest phase.

The monarch appoints the UK Prime Minister. The convention is that this must be the person who can command the support of the majority in the House of Commons. That does not necessarily have to be from a single party, it can be via a coalition or pact with other parties, but the essential point, established since Hanoverian times, is that the individual must have a majority in the Commons.

The very appointment of Boris Johnson by Elizabeth Saxe Coburg Gotha was a constitutional outrage. Johnson may have been selected by Conservative Party members, but that is not the qualification to be PM. Johnson very plainly did not command a majority in the House of Commons, proven by the fact that still at no stage has he demonstrated that he does. I do not write merely with hindsight.

Johnson’s flagship policy was always No Deal Brexit. Contrary to the monarchist propaganda spewed out across the entire MSM, not only is it untrue that the Queen had “no constitutional choice” but to appoint Johnson, the Queen had a clear constitutional duty not to appoint a Prime Minister whose flagship policy had already been specifically voted down time and again by the House of Commons.

The Queen has now doubled down on this original outrage by proroguing the Westminster parliament in conspiracy with old Etonians Rees Mogg and Johnson, specifically so that the House of Commons cannot vote down Johnson.

The monarchy will always be an extremely useful institution in promoting the political aims of the upper classes, not least because of the ludicrous media promulgation of its infallibility. When you have former Prime Minister John Major, senior Tories like Philip Hammond and Michael Heseltine, and the Speaker of the House of Commons himself all talking of “consitutional outrage”, it is plainly preposterous to insist that the monarchy cannot, by definition, have done anything wrong.

The Queen has appointed a Prime Minister who does not have the support of the House of Commons and then has conspired to prevent the House of Commons from obstructing her Prime Minister. That is not the action of a politically neutral monarchy. The institution should have been abolished decades ago. I do hope that all those who recognise the constitutional outrage, will acknowledge the role of the monarchy and that the institution needs to be swiftly abolished.


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1,159 thoughts on “The Queen’s Active Role in the Right Wing Coup

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    • DiggerUK

      Do keep up.
      The Oaf never called for a general election. But all the tv jerks predicted he was going to, and then when he clearly didn’t…….simply ignored what he did say, and reported that he had called for a general election!!!

      It took about an hour and a half before they watched the four minute statement he actually did make to find out he really didn’t call for an election. Not that he could have done anyway…_

      • Ian

        The Oaf is a serial liar. He was trying to pretend he doesn’t want an election, while making an election speech. He is rather pathetically trying to don the mantle of people v parliament, casting himself as the insurgent ‘forced’ into an election. Exactly the same as May did with her ridiculed speech about us v them. A foppish layabout, a pound shop Trump and caricature Churchill, he just looked foolish, childish and clueless, blustering and lying for all his worth.
        What a tragedy the opposition is so crap.

        • DiggerUK

          The heritage media is also a pack of liars. He didn’t call for an election. They said he had, when he hadn’t. We don’t know if he is lying, but we do know the BBC, ITV, CH4 and SKY are a bag of scum.

          You may not like the fact that he is positioning himself as the champion of the people against a conniving remain rump of dirt bags in parliament, but sadly that is what he’s succeeding in doing so far.

          If Labour don’t come out clearly for Brexit then they will not win any election. This farce of opposition to a NoDeal Brexit is a Trojan Horse to simply overturn the referendum. If Labour don’t stop this nonsense they will never get into No. 10…_

          • Ian

            We do know he is lying. Labour coming out for brexit will finish them off. Even without that millstone it is unlikely they have much chance of winning, such has been their colossal ineptitude and lack of leadership.

          • Hatuey

            An election would be an inevitability though if he was unwilling to extend the deadline or ask for an extension. Assuming he meant that part, and I’d assume he did, it follows that he is intending to go the country if parliament and the rebels in his party compel him to rule out “no deal” and /or arrange an extension.

            In short, he said he would call an election if parliament tried to force his hand. We all know parliament will try to force his hand, and, so, if they succeed, we will be having an election.

          • Jo1

            Johnson (or rather, Cummings) can’t just call an election. He needs to win a vote on that in the Commons.

        • giyane


          The oaf didn’t know what he was trying to do not why. He had managed to locate his bum on the seat of power but thought the steering wheel was in the way of his vision and of people viewing him so he vacated the seat for his Oxford friend

          Don’t worry. Plenty more rejects in the Tory cabinet if the commons fails today.

    • Dungroanin

      If it is alright to deselect sitting MPs for the tories at a snap election why can’t all the parties do the same? Lol

  • Crispa

    I think Jeremy Corbyn summed the current situation rather well
    “I don’t know about you, but at 6pm I was watching on the television and waiting with great expectation. The expectation was possibly overrated, it was the BBC commentary awaiting the arrival of the speaker to a podium outside Downing Street and it was a bit like Test Match Special on a wet day when there is no cricket but nevertheless they talk and talk and talk. – We, on the other hand, are out there with the people trying to bring about social justice and equality in our society”.
    Johnson might be in cahoots with the Queen and vice versa, but to all intents and purposes he is stuffed.

    • N_

      Corbyn was doing well in that quote until the last sentence. Get a soundbite in there, mate. Say “The prime minister is taking the piss” or something like that. Be vicious. Lampoon the Tory scum. Where’s this place called “out there with the people”? You’ve got to address Brexit or Labour is f***ed. This isn’t like in 2017.

    • Ken Kenn

      Un proroguing Parliament first tomorrow.

      Otherwise this nonsense will carry on from Bojo the Clown and his chimp assistant/adviser.

      Can be carried out with a one line resolution.

      This house does not want to prorogue Parliament.

  • Ishmael

    “For 3 years Corbyn’s Labour have sought compromise on Brexit. Meanwhile the ‘Leave’ movement has rejected any actual existing form of it. Now they think it’s legitimate to suspend parliament & even for the govt to ignore it.

    You can’t compromise with anti-democratic maniacs” Bastani

    Some truth to this. Though much of the base keep saying we can at least change our own government as an argument against the EU. Putting aside it’s specific merits we can at least agree to disagree & say who we’d rather see this process through with.

    Up till now regardless of the blatant ineptitude of the tory party, seems we can’t change our government. …They should stand by what they say they stand by. Or should be pushed to do so.

    • Ishmael

      Fair play to Simon Jonn. Seems they are not all maniacs.

      ” This is the biggest frustration for me: a leaver. A close result suggests compromise. But a small minority of a winning side hijacking a vote to push through the most extreme interpretation of the result possible, is some ugly kinda divisiveness, and I’ll have no part of it.”

      So there is compromise to be had, & as with indy I think however weighted by certain loud voiced individuals agendas that others just parrot. the movement does have aspects that have merit. …Like we do need to be localising production.

  • N_

    What’s with the idea of holding a general election on a Monday? And why couldn’t the Old Etonian Cokehead tell us directly rather than hiding behind his partei comrade Laura Kuenssberg?

    Done and dusted before the EU Council meeting that starts on the Friday? Or perhaps not done and dusted, if it’s a hung parliament. But why? There are no US national holidays around that time, so it can’t be because he doesn’t want to inconvenience the US Embassy. Ditto with Russia. There’s a long holiday in Israel, but it lasts for most of that week.

    Is Bullingdon Club Boy trying to say “let’s not follow convention”?

    • N_

      Maybe holding an election on a Monday is a step on from imbibing diarrhoea, vomit and snot in their beer when they get initiated into the Bullingdon Club?

  • Alyson

    As an unapologetic Royalist, I do not care where the Monarch hails from. She might be German; he might be Greek. The babies are popular in Israel due to the delight in their alleged Goldsmith genealogy – on both sides. A first kosher monarch according to some headlines…. They are born into a role, a public duty, and they learn it from the cradle. The monarchy has a function in our democracy. Most of it is ceremonial: a sequence of choreographed moves, a network of secret handshakes, Masonic rites, and exclusive parties. The property is not theirs to sell. It belongs to the nation, and they have life tenure.

    Harry and Meghan are the inheritors of Diana’s compassion and willingness to speak out, and act for the benefit of others. She is black. He is ginger. They are good role models. The younger Royals are loyal to the Firm.

    The oldest Parliament has been subverted by the erosion of standards in public life. The Royals are not above criticism. Andrew is evidence of that. Politicians are so corrupt it no longer even makes the news. We need to keep the balance between change and stability. They keep stability and decorum in parliamentary protocol.

    • Sharp Ears

      LOL ref the saviours of the Western World, ie Harry & Meghan.

      When you say ‘babies’ do you mean that the couple have another one , in addition to Archie, tucked away somewhere?

    • Ishmael

      Unapologetic of mostly ceremonial: choreographed moves, a network of secret handshakes, Masonic rites, and exclusive parties. …. and life tenure in “our” property.

      Allllrighty then…

    • Rowan Berkeley

      “… a network of secret handshakes, Masonic rites, and exclusive parties”

      Really? Can you tell us more?

    • Ishmael

      “The babies are popular in Israel due to the delight in their alleged Goldsmith genealogy”

      So not there actual history of appeasement. & statements like “I am glad to think these people are being prevented from leaving their country of origin” George 6th. …Meaning certain death.

    • Hatuey

      “She is black. He is ginger.“

      I have no idea what point is being made here but it made me laugh…

    • Tatyana

      It seems silly to me that some members of society are more privileged by default from their birth. In a healthy society, privileges should be given for merit.

      A fair social order gives everyone a chance to use their abilities and compensates their needs. Perhaps such a society does not exist in reality, but it is an ideal picture, a verification sample.
      When assessing the level of satisfaction people check with this ideal picture, whether their chances are equal to the chances of other ‘contestants’. If not equal, than if the disproportion arises of fair reasons.

      By supporting the monarchy, you are killing the idea.

      • John2o2o

        A fair point Tatyana, but this is how the country has evolved over centuries. And most people in this country will inherit some money from their parents or other relatives. So some people are always more privileged than others from birth. People who live in the country are usually more wealthy than those who live in the cities.

        The Queen is only privileged in terms of monetary wealth – and this is determined by the government, not by her or her family. She has to be politically neutral. She has no choice.

        The Queen cannot stand for election. Everyone else can.

        The Queen cannot vote. Everyone else can.

        So is she really more privileged than everyone else?

        And I myself am neither against or for the monarchy. I “sit on the fence”, but on here I seem to always be defending it !

        Personally I value things other than money.

    • frankywiggles

      “They keep stability”

      Ah yes, a beloved old chestnut. Stiill smugly asserted in the face of a dismal trend in foreign investment and disastrous performance of the pound. “We do things rather well in this country, don’t we?”

    • Deb O'Nair

      I have seen pictures of Meghan and she is clearly not black, if on the other hand she was living in apartheid South Africa….

  • Sharp Ears

    A consultant neurologist who has concerns about medicine and drug supplies in the event of a no deal, calls Ree Smog a ‘muppet’ when the revolting politician had called him ‘shameful’. Has R-M ever healed another human? No. He has just become richer and richer – and more odious.

    Doctor dares ‘muppet’ Rees-Mogg to report him after no-deal clash
    Politician called neurologist ‘shameful’ for raising concerns about supply of medicines

    • Steve Ambartzakis

      With all due respect, Sharp Ears, no doctor has ever “healed”someone. They may have had a hand in curing a particular disease (with the help of big pharma) but healing? No.

        • jezzy

          Actually Steve is right, they have never healed anyone. They just give them big pharma drugs that do nothing more than distract them while the body heals itself.

    • michael norton

      Once out, we are out for good.
      Three reasons
      1) 39 billion not handed over to the Shitbaggers in the E.U. will not be forgiven
      2) the compulsion for an applicant to agree to join the Euro
      3) everyone has had more than enuff of this nonsense and can’t take any more bullshitting.

      • David

        @MN you actually might be right, out & out forever….“out for good”

        but….it could equally well be out, and then back in – there seems to be no legislation binding a permanent exclusion from EU upon future English governments….

        and your three reasons
        1) I cannot see how such a (relatively) small amount as £39B is important psychologically in this game

        for example CND claim the total cost of Trident rented US missiles to be £205B, and we (UK) happily pay that. You also ignore the fact that £39B isn’t a fact, it is a process, and that it is an estimate, full figures later – and good luck with those 27 neighbourly trade deals without having settled the local accounts.

        2) if we (England) rejoin EU after this right-wing ‘illionaire Brexit coup d’etat tantrum , then we WILL have to join the euro. Staying in EU as a powerful partner means that we could avoid this.
        Scotland and NI will presumably be joining the euro before long, as a direct result of Brexit.

        3) some of us are still watching carefully, calculating the options, I think you’ll find that “we iz bored” meme does not work.

        Some more reasons why you and Her Maj need & support Brexit, perhaps?
        another three….

        has everyone read the Hugh Grant (actor) Tweet to BoJo from last-week yet?

        • michael norton

          nobody really seems to have a clue as to what will transpire between now and Halloween.
          Boris Johnson on the steps of Downing Street, claimed last evening, that HE will not seek or accept a postponement of Brexit, Midnight on Halloween.
          Of course if Jeremy Corbyn is Prime minister before Halloween, all bets are off the table.
          Conservative M.P.s are starting to de-select themselves, today. That is another stir of the pot.
          If we do go for Full Brexit on Halloween and the Labour party go to the wire with demands for yet another Referendum, after Brexit is done, it is almost a dead cert that if Boris is still in the hot seat, he will stay as Prime minister, at least for a while
          but will Jeremy Corbyn?

          Will the Remainer parties keep demanding, yet another Referendum, for ever
          or do you think they will eventually let it drop?

      • Hatuey

        Not so.

        1) the 39 billion will be paid.

        2) in the post-Brexit apocalypse, it may well suit the U.K. to ditch sterling, especially likely if Scotland goes. Here’s what one of the world’s top currency experts and investors said

        3) around half the country have proved to be very pro-EU. It’s because of that we are still in, after all.

        • andic

          Hatuey Re your third point, if that assertion is based only on the referendum results then it’s shaky to say the least.

          What makes you think the £39bn will certainly be paid? I expect a last minute deal will mean we pay, but I am not certain.

    • TonyT12

      A bluffer and a creep. In no particular order.
      Just who takes this man seriously?
      Are his only loves Dominic and Carrie, and of course Montmerency the Dog?
      Four in a bed. Must be a novelty for Boris. Or maybe not.

  • N_

    I watched Boris Johnson deliver his speech outside 10 Downing Street today. He seems to have an unusually wide septum dividing his nostrils. It looks about 1.5 centimetres wide. Has he had surgery? Is it a real septum or is it prosthetic?

  • Hatuey

    If there’s to be a general election, the big question for me is this; will the SNP use that general election to unambiguously advance the cause and case for Scottish independence or will “Nicola” revert to the snouts-in-the-trough brand of new labouresque political piss-water tactics she reverted to in the last election?

    I’m not the only one asking that question, even if others might have worded it differently.

      • Hatuey

        Abstaining is always an option and it’s the option I’d normally favour. Scottish Independence is the only political issue I really care about. It looks like we are going back to abstaining soon. Of course, it would probably suit the SNP if we all did that and turnout dropped to the levels they were at when Scottish labour dominated.

        My true love is nature and wildlife, fyi. I’d rather sit amongst trees and mountains than people.

        • Iain Stewart

          “My true love is nature and wildlife, fyi. I’d rather sit amongst trees and mountains than people.”

          Aktually it is only fotherington-tomas he sa Hullo clouds hullo sky he is a girlie and love the scents and sounds of nature tho the less i smell and hear them the better.

  • lysias

    With Johnson talking of deselecting Tory MPs who oppose his Brexit policy, doesn’t that give Corbyn the perfect opportunity to deselect Blairites in his own party?

    • Hatuey

      Yeah, great idea… cause a shit-storm in your own ranks just as your opponents are about to implode.

      What have you been reading, Political Suicide for Dummies?

        • Hatuey

          Pretzel, the way you defeat them is by winning the arguments.

          If you look at social attitudes surveys as opposed to polling on politics, about 75% of the country are potentially on Corbyn’s side on issue after issue. The public want higher living standards, an end to war, an end to austerity, they want to protect and enhance the NHS and welfare state, etc., etc.

          Funnily enough, it’s the same in the US. Americans are very left leaning believe it or not.

          The political system’s most important purpose is to prevent those values and attitudes from finding expression. That’s why they hate Corbyn so much, he is poisoning the well, their well as they see it.

          So you get on with the job of spreading ideas and hope. That’s the nightmare scenario for them, especially the hope part. The system tells people there’s no alternative to privatising the NHS, having better living standards, pensions, misery, etc. Tell them the truth.

          If Corbyn had come along 5 years earlier, Brexit would have been avoided. He’s done okay though in terms of putting things on the agenda that wouldn’t have been there otherwise.

          • Loony

            Corbyn has absolutely nothing to offer anyone who is not ideologically possessed.

            Probably no-one under the age of about 40 wants ever inflating house prices. What can Corbyn do about that? Absolutely nothing is the answer. Any attempt to get house prices under control will lead to instant economic collapse. This is well known and why there is out of control house price inflation in the majority of developed economies.

            Globalism has caused this problem. What is Corbyn if not a globalist.

            The public might want higher living standards, but they are not going to get them. Corbyn, along with substantially all other politicians is simply too cowardly and too ignorant to spell out this obvious truth. Real prosperity in every advanced economy has been in decline since the early 2000’s – this is a long term trend and cannot be reversed. You have human rights fetishists in power in Sweden, people like Macron in France and Trump in the US. Different people, different policies and yet a consistent theme across all jurisdictions is declining personal prosperity.

            The only way for the system to maintain itself is by the inflation of asset prices – so you have increases in homelessness, increases in multi-occ dwellings, the alienation of the young through their inability to participate in society through asset ownership, the destruction of pension savings, negative interest rates and increases in the wealth of people like Jeff Bezos (current net worth $110 billion).

            Sure this cannot be sustained either – so hard luck, get ready for hard times. Ask why Corbyn remains resolutely unwilling to tell the truth.

          • Hatuey

            Loony, I’d be happy to discuss and explain where you are wrong, but I’d need to wade through about 17 factual errors and erroneous assumptions before I could even have a meaningful exchange with you. I simply don’t have the time.

            However, I point to the following;

            Your phrase “real prosperity” means nothing. There are about 30 different ways to measure prosperity. The HDI which has recently been modified provides good respected data, for example.

            House prices in the U.K. aren’t uniformly increasing owing to inflation as you suggest either. There’s a lot of regional variation. In some areas they’ve fallen recently.

            And in general economic terms not only is inflation not necessarily a bad thing, many economists regard it as a healthy sign. It’s complicated. Try getting your head around the Phillips Curve which proposes that inflation leads to growth and lower unemployment.

            The supply of houses can easily be influenced by government too. Just build more houses. That would have huge positive spin-off effects too, creating demand for all sorts of labour and materials, as is well understood. Increased supply would put downward pressure on house prices too, obviously.

            Living standard in “every advanced country” have not been falling. Your attitude of helplessness and hopelessness is programmed and it suits nobody more than the wealthy and their political servants that you think like that.

          • michael norton

            Building more houses/apartments/airports/runways/motorways/warehouses increases Global Warming and water run off/flooding.

          • Iain Stewart

            Thank you, Hatuey, for this very interesting document, which includes the following on pages 217-8.
            Thus, in England we ask: Which, if any, of the following best describes how you see yourself?
            — English not British (13 % in 2017)
            — More English than British (10 % in 2017)
            — Equally English and British (41 % in 2017)
            — More British than English (10 % in 2017)
            — British not English (13 % in 2017).

            One wonders how many people in England know what is the difference between the two descriptions.

  • michael norton

    Another one bites the dust

    This morning on Radio 4 there was an interview with Justin Greening

    she said because of Hard Brexit she will be standing down as a Conservative candidate at the forthcoming General Election
    but remaining in the Conservative party.

    She was almost incoherent.
    The interviewer was gobsmacked.

    She is unable to tow the new party line.

    • Dungroanin

      Errr and she is bound to lose, as are quite a few other tories who’s longstanding majorities were slashed to below 5,000 – IDS in Tebbit/Churchill’s old seat is going to be ever so yummy – unless he does a bunk. Rudd is a dodo barely walking. Hell even bobo may get a shock.

      No the tories have been doing their darndest to avoid an election since the WA had to be subjected to a meaningful vote, and they tried to expire A50 in March, for the only way to get a hard deal!

      So it is hook and crook and plain lying now – to get to that deadline to claim the hard brexit prize – even if it is only for one day.

      Lets see what the 10am Court of Session for full case of Cherry QC, MP et al asking for injunction against suspending parliament, says.

    • Laguerre

      The interviewees on R4 Toady this morning were four Tories, one Labour, and Nigel Farage. The BBC has lost all coherence, with vicious attack on Hammond. When anybody doesn’t perform well, it’s not evidence of anything but a propaganda crucifixion by the Beeb, Soviet show trial style.

      Anyway I thought Greening’s characterisation of the Tories as becoming the Brexit Party will resonate well in leafy Tory backwoods.

      • Ian

        Most of the government front bench, and the opposition, won’t go on Today, Newsnight or anything but the most controlled ‘interview’ situations.

      • Loony

        It is true that many inhabitants of ‘leafy Tory backwoods’ are strongly in favor of Brexit. It is also true that vast swathes of the dispossessed eking out survival in the post industrial wastelands of Northern England and South Wales are passionately determined to slay the beast that is the EU,

        All the fear mongering and the insults will fall on deaf ears, for as the British actor Michael Caine once observed – you cannot intimidate the working classes.

        Makes you think, doesn’t it? Or at least it would if the educated classes were not so educated as to believe that the mere act of thinking is itself a manifestation of bigotry.

        • nevermind

          Loony talking up Bexshit as the sole issue of an impending election after Nov.1st. The North’s poor and disproportionally served will not want to talk about the crumbling public services or childhood poverty, the creeping privatisation of UK assets such as the NHS, no, they want to chime in with the titteraty and twatters that have destroyed these services and are now engaged in a party self preservation/ funeral debate. Just as the BBC is playing Goebbels, Loony is amplifying their poor and pathetic lack of scrutiny. YCNMIU

          • Greg Park

            Loony doesn’t have a clue about people’s priorities in “the post industrial wastelands of northern England and South Wales”. Labour made gains in both those regions in 2017 — an election in which only 8% of Labour voters ranked Brexit as the most important factor in determining their choice. (‘How did this result hapoen? My post-vote survey,’ Lord Ashcroft polls, 9 June 2017.)

          • Loony

            Take Bolsover as an example – the constituency of the legendary left wing Labour MP Dennis Skinner. Bolsover voted over 70% to leave the EU.

            You think they did that for a joke, or because they did not really mean it. Now people like you come along and effectively say that these people haven’t got a clue. Comments like yours demonstrate precisely how the modern ‘left’ despise and loathe the poor.

            As for the ‘creeping privatization of UK assets’ – take a look around you. These assets have either been razed to the ground or sold off to the highest bidder – where the ‘highest’ bidder is often in fact the lowest bidder.

            Ask why the electricity distribution assets in the North West of England are owned by JP Morgan. Do you think people in Barrow in Furness celebrate every time they turn their lights on the fact that a fraction of a penny is immediately expatriated to New York? But your and your ilk don’t tell people these things. You make up stories about global warming and tell them that sending money they don’t have to New York somehow helps to cool the planet.

            Being poor does not equate to being stupid. Sadly it seems today that being educated equates to being stupid

          • Laguerre

            Loony, you complain about JP Morgan owning electricity distribution in the Northwest, and the sufferings of the ordinary consumer. Now, who was it who privatised electricity in 1986, and brought about this situation? That is completely erased from your discourse.

        • Laguerre

          Yes, Loony, I can believe you’d be keen on the Tories becoming a mono-issue Brexit Party. After all, the old broad church Tory Party is so last century, isn’t it? Not that you’d know much about the “post industrial wastelands of Northern England and South Wales”, who are now facing up to the consequences of their vote in June 2016.

      • Dungroanin

        Farage IS the daily LBC radio output – all day long, then he gets a warm up by Eddie MAIR ex Beeb PM show who mysteriously jumped ship to the commercial station (just as PESTON did to ITV) – then the pathetic pre modded vox pops and call ins start , the voice of the people my arse, Hoping to indoctrinate the gullible listeners with them to indoctrinate.

        The propaganda is full spectrum – BBC R5 / Talk Radio – all such channels are spouting the same pro brexit/ anti Corbyn message. The pathetic presenters dropping in the official line as if it is their instant opinion! The dumb listeners gobble it up and then repeat it in conversation. I pick up on it all the time and my friends are learning to be wary as i point out their parroting – no body like to think they are that dumb!

        Imagine if someones said that a private ‘political party’ leader, had a nonstop representation in the media – imagine if Moseley had been given that oxygen.

        At the same time the main opposition leader has been deprived of equal coverage all the time except for the 3-4 weeks of an election.

        I won’t believe a word of the Tory rebellion until they confirm they would rather an election before a hard brexit, than some GNU – which is the Establishment’s last line of defence against both a GE and no ‘hard brexit’.

        • David

          aye, DG, and I believe that I can prove that propaganda bias

          I popped into Edinburgh last week after a bit of an absence and I collected my six-months back-collection of the Private Eye magazine.

          I then read them, quickly, back to back, and was shocked by the propaganda written between the lines or overtly.

          I suppose I ought to run text-mining sentiment analysis algorithms on the rag, and compare them to my built-in algos, which were screaming.
          It would be trivial (any uncorrupted university psych & sociology or politics depts left?) to compare the sh!t bias against Corbyn in early-mid 2019, prob 2018 too, with the same Private Eye articles referencing Broon and his LoHMOppo Cameron in late 2009 , early 2010.

          The propaganda IS measurable, I can actually taste it, I suppose the meta-argument is is PE leading or following public sentiment, but as they are being inaccurate with their Corby “facts” recently, I’m certain it is ‘nudge’ journalism of the type that LBC’s JOBrien, MNawaz, SFogarty are so skilled at delivering at present, but so transparently partial, as they are attacking their citizens. This is all my opinion, I might be in error, but it CAN be measured to a high accuracy using the new technologies

  • Arby

    I’d love to see a debate between Alexander Mercouris and Craig Murray about this. I actually think it would be civilized. I have some (honesty) issues with Mercouris, but he really seems to be well-informed.

  • N_

    Psychopathology of Leave

    Few people care a tinker’s cuss about process. They might say they do, but their actions show they don’t. The biggest proof of this is all around us: most say they are in favour of “democracy”, which mean’s “people’s rule”, but of course most people have very little influence over anything, and whatever influence the majority do have it’s certainly not expressed in an atomised way through the ballot box.

    So all of the “we can at least change our own government” stuff is misdirectional. Brexit is about xenophobia first and foremost.

    Very few are looking at this in the way it should be looked at, with the language of mental illness. The following two points are essential.

    1) In personal life, if you have someone who for many years has acted and thought in a certain way while insisting that their real personality and motivation and concerns are completely different from what their actions have suggested, day in, day out, that is a recipe for big trouble.

    2) With the above, you are going to get a dynamic as the years go by. But imagine that conditions intensify that dynamic. The pot begins to boil. The detonator for the explosive material begins to tip. That’s what we’ve got with Brexit, or Enoch was Right, or White Power, as it can also be called. It’s to do with the yearning for release – the turning back of the “invasion”.

    Why do you think the term “Leave” was used, as against “Remain”, rather than pick two Germanic or two Romance terms, Leave/Stay or Depart/Remain?

    Most of the commonest terms in English have Germanic roots – the vast vast majority of the top 100, and of the words that we first learn as children.

    Motivation for Leave voters has absolutely sweet FA to do with the powers of the EU Commission or Council or Parliament or Court of Justice vis-a-vis the poshboy regime’s government or Parliament or judiciary – absolutely nothing. Anyone who thinks otherwise has been had by “the media”, however much of a freethinking Bernays-reader they might view themselves as.

    It’s only a matter of time before the killing begins and the death toll starts to mount…

    • John2o2o

      “It’s only a matter of time before the killing begins and the death toll starts to mount…”

      Uh huh.

      Hmm N_ well I voted Remain, but now prefer Leave. So where do I fit into your scheme?

  • N_

    Has somebody worked out

    a) why 14 October, a Monday, is being put about as an election date
    b) why No. 10 is putting this out unattributably rather than openly?

    Is the answer simply that they want the result before the EU Council meeting? If so, why?

    It may be that the Enoch side will sell itself during the campaign with the line that the “tearing the steering wheel out of the car” technique is highly effective if you want to win a game of chicken. “Show them we mean business and we’re prepared for No Deal”. That kind of thing goes down well with the mentally subnormal, aka the Leave voter base.

    But that doesn’t answer b).

    It may also be that Cummings and the Embassy are planning to get Johnson to announce a different date, just to keep punters on the edge of their seats and to push home the message about which side is controlling events. If you can be seen to change the direction of the vehicle at will, you’re demonstrating your power. In these Trumpian times, they can even say that they never said it would be the 14th in the first place, and that the whole idea that an election would be held on the 14th was “fake news”.

    • Hatuey

      I’ve already explained on this forum that there must be a 25 day period between notifying the queen and holding the election itself and Parliament would need to be closed during that 25 day period. That’s in the Fixed Terms Parliament act. I’m surprised that nobody anywhere seems to have mentioned this.

      It’s imperative for Boris that any election would be before the 31st of October for political reasons. He promised that “come what may”, Britain would exit the EU by the 31st. Regardless of his excuses, the Brexit voting public would hold it against him if he failed to do that and they’d turn to the brexit party.

      The alternative for Boris is to table a motion of no confidence in his own government. This has been done before. That wouldn’t speed anything up but it would mean he’d only need a simple majority (of 1) rather than 2 thirds support as per dissolution described above.

      There is a scenario where he tables a motion of no confidence in his own government and loses. That would be fun.

      • N_

        Where are you getting this from? Under the Act, Parliament must be closed for 17 working days before a GE. The Act doesn’t say anything about the period between “notifying the queen” and holding the election.

        The polling date is set by the monarch on the recommendation of the PM, and then Parliament gets dissolved 17 days before that date.

        There is supposed to be the rule of law in this country, so if Parliament instructs a PM to “recommend” a certain date, he’s got to do what he’s told or resign. Or even better, Parliament could say the election will be on a certain date, and screw this cr*p about delivering a “recommendation” to the Glucksburg woman on a silver platter and waiting for her Equerry Pursuivant at Arms to straighten his tights.

        When has a PM ever tabled a motion of no confidence in his own government? Confidence, yes – John Major. But no confidence?

        • Hatuey

          It’s the normal procedure of dissolution and supposed to happen every 5 years. I assume it applies to snap elections too.

  • Ishmael

    I need to shut up.

    That said, I like to think tories including Borris are just totally out of touch & most people go of lived experience & won’t believe a word. I tend to hang around with the locals more than the influx of gentrified, & many here have a long history of a hard life.

    Some guys tend to go off on one, but truthfully I never hung around people who would vote much, let alone Tory. & If you’ve got some connection to community a kind of common sense emerges. That’s not to say there hasn’t been some change lately, with people fed all kids of nonsense though the internet. & yes, believing in unicorns.

    When you see the hardships people go through, women smuggling with the shopping & managing the children, men slogging it out in some mundane job every day, & you then look up & look around you? & it’s not envy, “the politics of envy” It’s just that these people are shits, & they don’t give a shit. & there whole life’s job seems convincing those in this position that it’s some moral failing they were not born with any inheritance to speak of.

    I think it is a pretty left wing wing country. That cares enough to slay boris Johnson & his band of arch capitalists. They can huff & puff all they like. Politics does stink, but some are just obviously more foul. Anyone willing to accept Boris as PM is out of order, he’s like a domestic extremist. Of course LBC love him.

    & yea….that’s what I don’t like about some peoples brand of politics, or perhaps what makes sense to the current structure of organisation (the systems influence if you like) …Telling people stories of what you think like some propaganda campaign after followers. People know what is reality for them. I’m cool with that.

    & Btw, Consortium news. Worth following imo.

    • N_

      Who do most people think is most in touch with them out of the following?

      David Cameron
      Boris Johnson
      Theresa May
      Jeremy Corbyn
      Nigel Farage
      Pippi Longstocking

      Apply the Bus Stop Test. If you were waiting for a bus, and then one of these people turned up and started waiting too, which of them would you most be able to have an ordinary conversation with, just a conversation between two human beings, whether it’s about politics or whatever. I reckon most people would say Nigel Farage. Second would be Jeremy Corbyn. Last would be Longstocking and Johnson. Johnson wouldn’t have a clue – not the slightest clue. He’d probably be itching for his coke fix too.

      (If people actually were in that position, and assuming they weren’t completely up themselves, the real answer would be Jeremy Corbyn, but I’m asking about what people would expect to be the case.)

      • Ishmael

        Interesting to ponder.

        Though comes from a more static sort of quantifiable angle. & Between what people think & what they know, or may say to others, or are willing to act on etc, it’s complex.

        & begs the question why ask the question? What about who’d you’d be more likely to see at the buss stop.

      • Hatuey

        Stupid stuff. There’s no correlation between what you call being “in touch” and the ability to strike up a “conversation between two human beings”.

        Many of the biggest mass murderers in history were sociable types. Please ask me for examples… many claimed they were socialists like you.

        • TonyT12

          Interesting discussion about why Cummings/Johnson would nominate September 14th as the date for the General Election.

          We are forgetting that Boris Johnson represents the embodiment and epitome of Perfifious Albion. Cummings/Johnson’s probable intention is that once they have the General Election voted through, they will reschedule the election into November (using an Executive Order) after the October 31st deadline has passed.

          I would not trust Johnson to tell me the time, nor should anyone.

  • Sharp Ears

    Poor little old P Harry. His speech today on ethical tourism has largely gone unsung in the welter of Johnson’s speech on Brexit and the political brouhaha.

    He was obviously stung by wide criticism of his using 11 private planes in 4 days. His reason. To protect his family and to keep them safe!

    ‘MegHan has MEGHAN called on a Hollywood crisis management company to help improve her image after being caught up in a string of controversies. She has hired Sunshine Sachs.’

    I suppose we, the idiot taxpayers, are picking up the bill.

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