Quick Thoughts from the Cesspool of London 219

I have been in London all week and very busy, largely on the Julian Assange campaign/Wikileaks but also researching a couple of other things. Back to Edinburgh tonight I hope.

Against the background of the appalling behaviour revealed in the Wikileaks DNC leaks, I find it impossible to look at the Iowa caucus fiasco without entertaining the suspicion that the Democratic Party machine is trying to cheat Bernie out of the nomination yet again.

A similar straw in the wind on party “management”; I was told yesterday the SNP is cancelling its Spring Conference to avoid a membership revolt over the acceptance of the Westminster veto on Indyref2. Has anyone else picked this up?

Back home and hopefully posting something substantial tomorrow.

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219 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts from the Cesspool of London

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  • Contrary

    It doesn’t really matter what the actual reasons are, if the SNP cancel their spring conference they will be avoiding criticism, which the membership may or may not have an opinion on, and so their theoretical democratic stance is shoogly. I would say shutting down debate is not a good move and I will view any cancellation very poorly.

  • Robyn

    ‘… entertaining the suspicion that the Democratic Party machine is trying to cheat Bernie out of the nomination yet again.’

    Entertaining the suspicion? IMHO it couldn’t be more brazenly obvious. The DNC/Deep State got away with it in 2016 and they will walk all over meek say-nothing Bernie again.

    • OnlyHalfALooney

      Did anyone note that Hillary Clinton accused Tulsi Gabbard of being a “Russian asset”? Unbelievable. (And, according to Hysterical Hillary, Jill Stein is “also a Russian asset”.)

      And now Biden is accusing Sanders of being a “Democratic Socialist”.

      Personally, I think Gabbard is the only one with a real chance of beating Trump. The rest are “same old, same old” and not in touch with “ordinary folk” at all. Presumably that is why Gabbard has been de-railed before she even got on the tracks.

      Why anyone would think that Boring Biden could beat Trump is absolutely beyond me. And “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg? Well he seems very smarmy to me.

      Trump is going to walk this! It’s almost as if the DNC is conspiring to choose the person best able to lose to Trump.

      • pretzelattack

        if the rest were same old same old the dnc wouldn’t be pulling out the stops to derail sanders. sanders has always had a good chance of beating trump, if he can get past the democrat political machine.

      • Mr V

        It’s not just Biden, third of the Democratic candidates now says Bernie is communist unfit to rule a sandbox. I wonder, will we see repeat of Corbyn hate offensive? Namely, tons of Democrats smearing him, rabid right wing (with left-in-name-only helping) media campaign, the works? Funnily enough, their usual trick #1, accusations of fake antisemitism will require more work than usual, but I have no doubt they will try this too…

        • Mighty Drunken

          Is this a repeat of the “Corbyn hate offensive”? Or was the “Corbyn hate offensive” a repeat of the DNCs previous snubbing of Sanders?
          Either way the left are unelectable.. LOL

          • pretzelattack

            except they keep winning elections, as in venezuela. but the same people keep trying to overturn those elections, or undermine them in the first place. lol.

          • Bramble

            The Corbyn hate offensive is still going on – it will continue until Labour becomes an openly Thatcherite party with membership of the LFI a condition of candidacy for any seat. And nobody, nobody anywhere, will be allowed to refer to the media/Centrist orchestrated hate campaign nor to the virtual non existence of anti Semitism in the Party. Comments that do are already being swiped from the Guardian’s CiF.

      • Vivian O'Blivion

        Gabbard has repeatedly pledged not to run as a third party, independent, Presidential candidate. IF Sanders is cheated out of the Democratic primary, I hope she reconsiders. Tulsi would take much of the left (excluding the woke nutters), all of the centre and a good chunk of the libertarian right. She would tear Trump a new one in any TV debate.

        • pretzelattack

          she can’t run as an independent now, if that were ever possible. the two parties have a stranglehold on the ballot in effect, with lots of arcane rules, so it was probably never possible. but she’s way past any filing deadlines, she couldn’t even get on the ballot, nor could sanders.

          • Ian

            For most States, the filing deadline for independent candidates is August. Gabbard can still run as an independent.

      • Baalbek

        Gabbard gets far too much credit, considering her very tepid ‘anti-imperialist’ positions. She is also bought and paid for by the Zionist lobby and schmoozes with people like Sheldon Adelson and she has even accepted an ‘award’ from the odious bigoted rabbi Schmuley Boteach.

        Gabbard is a serving member of the US military and has only spoken out against “regime change wars” (as opposed to all of America’s illegal wars) while offering support for “the fight against terrorism”. She is hardly a principled anti-war or anti-imperialist candidate, a fact her most ardent supporters tend to gloss over or be in denial about.

        Of course this in no way means that she deserves to be smeared by the media or by the Clinton woman whose ravings about her are not based on facts but simply designed to assassinate her character.

        • Tom Welsh

          “Gabbard is a serving member of the US military …”

          Yes, as a medic. She didn’t shoot people – she tried to save their lives.

          • Magic Robot

            Tom Welsh
            February 6, 2020 at 14:35
            ‘she tried to save their lives.’

            So why is she ‘pro-choice?’
            (Pro-choice: the mindless euphemism for abortion.)

            Compromised hypocrites, all.

            Vote? Not this side of hell freezing over.

          • Disinterested Bystander

            Magic Robot: So why is she ‘pro-choice?’
            (Pro-choice: the mindless euphemism for abortion.)

            Yeah lets ban abortion and bring back knitting needles FFS.

          • glenn_uk

            M.R. is doubtless ‘pro-life’. Which is the mindless euphemism for forced motherhood.

            Actually, it should more properly be called ‘pro-fetus’, because such people don’t give a flying F about it after the moment it’s born.

          • Magic Robot

            Oh, well.
            Proves my point.
            The mortal failure of the West is in falling for moral relativism, which the two commenters show they are heartily for.
            If they themselves had been aborted, however, their opinions would not have shown here.

          • glenn_uk

            Sure, M.R. – and if that imaginary mass murderer over there hadn’t been aborted, you’d be dead by now.

            You’re coming from this with some religious (i.e. sky-spook fantasist) angle, by any chance?

          • Magic Robot

            Sadly, Glenn, you are infected with ‘religion.’
            This peculiar idea you have of ‘forced motherhood.’
            Motherhood begins at conception – you know, the bump and grind bit you were made at – not some arbitrary point that a third party decides.
            Try getting back to biology class, and find out more about DNA, chromosomes and such.
            Perhaps your life is empty; the school place you took up didn’t do much for you; looking back, do you think, personally, it would have been better had you been aborted by your parents, to let others have a better chance in the world?

          • glenn_uk

            M.R. – as usual, you waffle and condescend but make little sense. Cut the pop-phychology and the patronising drivel, unless you’re determined to show yourself up as a pompous ass.

            The Oxford Dictionary defines religion as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.

            Kindly show where I was doing any of this. Or change the subject if you want to drop that particular line, because you’re on an obvious loser.

            Are you male, by any chance? With your firm belief that any girl who winds up pregnant HAS TO carry it to term sounds just a little patriarchal. Equating a blastocyst with a fully formed human with a full set of human rights is completely crazy. Or a religious belief. But I repeat myself.

            Had I been aborted, then I would not be in a position to tell you how wrong you are. Similarly, if the Earth wasn’t here we wouldn’t be on it having a discussion. How you think this actually proves anything can only be explained by the circular conversations the like-minded have while all nodding in agreement.

            Fortunately, your archaic views are firmly in the dustbin of history. Religious delusions are on the wane, and abortion is here to stay, and thank the stars for both that and contraception (to which you’re no doubt also opposed).

          • Magic Robot

            My question:
            “looking back, do you think, personally, it would have been better had you been aborted by your parents, to let others have a better chance in the world?”

            Why the 1000 odd word, ad-hominem filled, presumptious rant?

            A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would have sufficed.

          • glenn_uk

            I don’t have to confine myself to ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to what you stupidly think are ‘gotcha’ questions. This isn’t a courtroom, and you are in no position of authority whatsoever.

            You have some cheek calling me pompous, after you say things like:

            “sadly, you are infected with ‘religion'”
            “Try getting back to biology class”
            “Perhaps your life is empty”
            “the school place you took up didn’t do much for you”

            …and so on, in just one post. Of course that’s fine, given you have any no sensible response. I fully understand!

            But I have answered all your points. You lack both the ability and the courtesy to do anything in return but label and sneer.


            PS are you indeed a male, who thinks himself in a position to tell women what to do with their own bodies? A simple yes/no will do! 😉

      • Tom Welsh

        “Personally, I think Gabbard is the only one with a real chance of beating Trump”.

        Yes. That is why the Democratic Party will not choose her as its candidate.

        It’s quite amusing really, to see democracy being deliberately and methodically prevented by the Democratic Party.

      • Robyn

        Tulsi is suing Hillary over the ‘Russian asset’ remark which she alleges was defamatory.

        • Andyoldlabour


          I would like to see that happen, it is about time the world was rid of the chickenhawk Clinton. Tulsi Gabard is intelligent and articulate.

  • Deb O'Nair

    Multi billionaire funds DNC voting app whilst having a dog in the fight. The said dog in the fight then announces that he is the winner while everyone else is busy dealing with the mess (vote rigging) the said app has caused. I heard a woman speak from Iowa who had no idea that the multi-billionaire’s anointed one was gay (despite being openly married to a man) – she said she wanted to recast her vote; a demonstration of the complete lack of understanding of who they are voting for. Meanwhile during the SOTU speech the loudest cheers are for CIA stooge Juan Guido, who is announced as the “President of Venezuela” whilst the democratically elected President of Venezuela is described as a socialist dictator.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Deb O’Nair February 6, 2020 at 09:56
      ‘..Multi billionaire funds DNC voting app whilst having a dog in the fight…’
      Bit like Peter Lilley being a non-Executive Director of IDOX, a private firm who did most of the work on the voting in the 2019 General Election, including working with the postal votes.
      We should go over to the Venezuelan voting system, which has been independently described as the best in the world.

  • DiggerUK

    I hope the team supporting Julian are keeping him hopeful of a successful outcome. The woke brigade seem to be very quiet, they must all be away at their Indian winter residences.

    The suspicion that the Democratic Party is trying to cheat Saunders out ofthe nomination again is farcical. They would have to pull that one off 50 times AND get away with it.

    Only information on the SNP conference is that there doesn’t seem to be any information. You’ve still plenty of time to sharpen your Claymore and put some fresh camouflage netting on your tin hat, don’t panic…_

    • SB

      They only have to ensure that Sanders win less than 50% of pledged delegates then they can screw him at a contested convention.

      Fucking him over this week is about slowing his momentum ahead of Super Tuesday.

      • DiggerUK

        You talk as if no one remembers what happened in the 2016 election, and that Sanders is a complete div. Any moves to stitch him up only have to fall apart on ONE occasion for this to be exposed.
        There is more chance of this being a cock up version of history than anything else…_

        • pretzelattack

          it’s already been exposed, in more detail now because people were primed to look for it. it’s not a cock up, it’s a consistent strategy by the dnc.

    • pretzelattack

      they’ve gotten away with it before, and no they don’t have to pull it off 50 times. they just have to pull it off enough times to derail sanders at the convention.

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Highlights of Johnson’s list for elevations to the HoL.
    Ian Austen – services to Zionism.
    John Woodcock – services to WW III.
    Ruth Davidson – services to stage managed photo ops..

  • Peter

    “… I find it impossible to look at the Iowa caucus fiasco without entertaining the suspicion that the Democratic Party machine is trying to cheat Bernie out of the nomination yet again.”

    Speaking on G Galloway’s MOATS Chris Hedges certainly thinks Bernie will be stopped by any means necessary, watch from 37:30:


    In the meantime, as Biden bombs, Michael Bloomberg is being lined up to turn the presidential election into a billionaire’s tea party.

    What Christmas present do you buy for the man who has everything?

    Why, the American Presidency, of course.

    • Node

      Chris says : Many of the oligarch backers of the Democrat party would switch to Trump if Sanders got the nomination.

      George asks : All the polling shows that Sanders is the best candidate to beat Trump so what sort of backers does the Democrat Party have if they are willing to hand the election to Trump rather than let Sanders get the nomination?

      Chris says : Well, the same kind of Blairite Labourites that sabotaged Corbyn’s election ….

  • Bob Costello

    The Dereck McKay situation has just confirmed the utter mess the SNP are in at the moment. We desperately need a new party to take the fight for independence forward.

  • quasi_verbatim

    Contemplating Salmond, Sturgeon and Mackay, are you Scots yet ready for self-rule?

    • Cubby

      Is England ever going to stand on its own two feet rather than looting resources from other countries.

  • Node

    Look out for the phrase “self-proclaimed Democratic socialist” whenever Bernie Sanders is mentioned. The reasoning seems to be :
    (1) The majority of Americans view Socialism as a threat so the “Socialist” label will damage him.
    (2) But to tarnish his reputation with the minority who DO favour Socialism, the “self-proclaimed” bit suggests the claim might be dishonest.

    • On the train

      Yes that sounds about right….they are so clever these people, and so powerful…They know how to play people, how to manoeuvre them quietly into position.

    • Edward

      He’s in the 1%. You can’t really begin to take self-proclaimed socialists seriously until they start handing over their millions to the government.

      • Tom Welsh

        “You can’t really begin to take self-proclaimed socialists seriously until they start handing over their millions to the government”.

        Er, surely “to the people”? The government would just spend it on banquets, luxury travel, attack helicopters and targeted assassinations.

        Since it probably wouldn’t be enough to buy an F-35 SuperTurkey.

  • djm

    I was told yesterday the SNP is cancelling its Spring Conference to avoid a membership revolt over the acceptance of the Westminster veto on Indyref2. Has anyone else picked this up?

    So nothing to do with the Finance Minister resigning after “grooming” a 16 year old online ?

    It will all be laid at the door of Westminster, of course

    • craig Post author

      Why would they cancel a party conference in six weeks time over Mackay’s disgusting behaviour? No, I don’t think it has anything to do with that at all.

      • Liz

        Suggestion is they are looking at holding one in June, smaller than autumn one, (in line with changes made last year) at one of the smaller venues around the country Perhaps due to date of AS court case? And also a number of national assemblies to happen over the year – apparently.

      • Ros Thorpe

        While it’s quite creepy given the age gap, it is not illegal and I don’t understand why it’s ‘disgusting’. Does anyone think Emmanuel Macron’s wife is disgusting?

    • Cubby


      “It will all be laid at the door of Westminster of course”

      Want to explain Westminster’s action regarding Ross “Handy” Thomson?

      I doubt you will just cheap shots then run away.

  • Republic of Wales

    Comment box on my laptop is now in red and I cannot enter any text.
    Is this your anti spam system?
    Or am I banned for promoting Welsh independence?

    • craig Post author

      Just some sort of glitch, I think. You are not being deliberately censored, and certainly not for supporting Welsh Independence.

      • Republic of Wales

        Sorry it’s my crappy Microsoft Surface computer, the worst I ever had. A restart fixed it.
        Anyway in view of your stated support for Welsh nationalism I thought I would add a few words about my Damascene conversion.
        Last Friday 31st, Brexit day, I was about to make my way through China immigration, filling in the yellow form for about the eightieth time, at a guess, when I came to the box marked “nationality”, and paused.
        I have for the past twelve years on these journeys entered “British” without a second thought. But this time, I could no longer do it.
        Although living in England for the past 25 years, I was born in Wales, as were my parents and three of my grandparents. I have never given much thought to Welsh nationalism. But now things have changed. I am so disgusted with the events of recent years and am ashamed of our country and can no longer identify as British, with its association to the dominance of England. So I wrote “Welsh” and felt a kind of liberation.

        • Tom Welsh

          “Sorry it’s my crappy Microsoft Surface computer, the worst I ever had”.

          Wow – you really must be a supreme masochist. Billions of people suffer under the lash of Microsoft software – but to use its hardware as well…

          • Mr V

            The lash of the best OS? Oh no, the poor darlings. I used Mac OS and it’s not only terrible in comparison, it turns your PC into a glorified typewriter for mindless drone that only graciously lets you do a handful of simplest tasks, all while being spied on and walled into closed ecosystem by Apple. Do keep up, it’s not 1993 anymore.

            I was forced to use Linux in university and hated this worthless garbage. I would only wish it on my worst enemy, in fact I am strangely sure poorly written and configured nix knockoffs are what they use in hell to torture especially hard cases.

      • Tom Welsh

        Speaking for myself, I have been a fervent supporter of Welsh Independence since I was about 3 months old. (Before that I had no concept of “independence”).

        • Dave Lawton

          Tom Welsh
          February 6, 2020 at 14:39

          Did you ever have a Welsh Passport which surfaced in the 1980`s.

  • Clark

    “…the Democratic Party machine is trying to cheat Bernie out of the nomination yet again.”

    Getting away with it again was the objective in blaming it on the Kremlin.

      • Clark

        Blaming the e-mail leaks on the Kremlin is what I meant.

        (I don’t want my correction too far from my original comment).

        Pretzelattack, you’re supposed to use the comment form at the top beneath Craig’s post, not click “reply” on someone else’s unrelated comment.

        • pretzelattack

          yes i know what you meant, and my comment was directed to your point about getting away with it again, as well as the sentence we are both responding to. trotting out bloomberg is just another ploy in the continuing effort to “get away with it again”.

  • Vivian O'Blivion

    Scottish Tory (interim) leader Jackson Carlaw is a sleazy fucker. I wouldn’t be trying to make hay with today’s SNP scandal in such a gauche manner if I were he. Inquiries regarding young Tory activist Danielle Fleet anyone? At least Richard Leonard maintains some dignity.

    • Cubby

      Whatever happened to “handy” Ross Thomson?

      Sturgeon always remains dignified – of course the other take is that she is far too easy on these Britnat hypocrites.

      Miles Briggs.

    • Republicofscotland

      Boris Johnson has nominated Colonel (I love the rape clause) Davidson for a peerage. It will be in honour of putting down Scotland for years.

  • Mike Davies

    In respect of the Julian Assange campaign I thought it would be worth pointing out that his father, John Shipton, will be giving a talk later tonight at The Rialto Theatre, 11 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3FE. The eventbrite link is here is anyone wishes to reserve (recommended ast the Rialto is tiny) : https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/free-julian-assange-his-father-john-shiptons-fight-for-justice-tickets-91517321773?aff=eemailordconf&utm_campaign=order_confirm&utm_medium=email&ref=eemailordconf&utm_source=eventbrite&utm_term=viewevent



  • Tony

    It was all done very differently in the past such as when LBJ stole the 1948 senatorial primary against Governor Coke Stevenson. In those days, the stolen ballots had to be filled in by hand!

    When reporter Bill Mason sought to investigate the fraud, he was shot dead by Deputy Sheriff Sam Smithwick. Smithwick got a life sentence and served in Huntsville prison. Presumably unhappy at not being rescued by LBJ and his cronies, Smithwick then wrote to Stevenson. But when Stevenson went to see him, he was told that he had been found hanged in his cell.

    • porkpie

      Although Johnson’s team certainly engineered many thousands of fraudulent votes, Stevenson was also at it. The egregious “Box 13”, where ballots for Johnson were found to be in alphabetical order, was the most glaring example of fraud in the election, but a state-wide analysis in 1994 concluded that Stevenson had received more fraudulent votes than Johnson. Box 13 is an easy focus for Johnson’s detractors, but Stevenson lost because 100,000 of his voters in the Primary round did not turn up in the run-off.

      I can access the journal article through Uni library, but is called “Lyndon Johnson’s Victory in the 1948 Texas Senate Race: A Reappraisal” if you wanna try and find it .

      Who says that Masters was a waste of time and money, eh? 🙂

      • lysias

        Stevenson may also have been connected with electoral fraud, but, as far as I know, of the two only LBJ has been connected with murder. Several murders, in fact.

        LBJ’s corrupt associate Billy Sol Estes, recently deceased, claimed to have been at meetings where LBJ approved murders which then took place. A book Estes cowrote with a French journalist, “Le dernier temoin” (“The Last Witness”) recounts this. Unsurprisingly, no English translation has ever been published.

  • Merkin Scot

    McKay is too thick to be any kind of minister.
    Rule No. 1 ; everything you communicate in msg/text form is public – any schoolboy knows that.

    • Cubby

      Merkin Scot

      If any of the SNP politicians are not clued up to realise that every word by any medium will be recorded and used against them in any way possible then they should not be in the job. Westminster’s spooks are all over them. Surely that must be obvious to everyone.

      Pity the spooks didn’t do the same with Cyril Smith and all the other nasty Britnats.

  • Republicofscotland

    The problem with the SNP is that they know we (the voters) who want independence have no alternative. So the SNP can settle in knowing fine well that we are stuck with them.

    What’s needed is either a change of leadership, but as you say the Murrells have consolidated power among them. So that route looks difficult, in my opinion another Indy party is needed at Holyrood to prompt the SNP out of their comfort zone.

    You and the Rev, and several other popular faces would , I think do well come the 2021 Scottish elections , it’s worth considering I think.

    • michael norton

      RoS this week it is a sex scandal of SNP, next week it will be the turn of the Liberals of the Labourites of the Brexit lot.
      There does seem to be a common theme, people who want to fuck about with other people inappropriately gravitate to politics.
      Where are the completely clean politicians, anyone know?

      • Cubby

        Michael Norton

        Where is your evidence that any sex took place?

        Just going to run away again when someone asks you a difficult question Michael

        • michael norton

          I obviously have no evidence.
          All I did was watch the first minister tell the Scottish parliament she had spoken to McKay, last evening and he had offered to resign from her administration.
          She went on to repeat, several times, that this was BAD, he has been removed from the SNP pending further investigations.
          He will not be coming back.
          Other people have called for him to stand down from being an SMP.
          On the face of it, this person seems interested in grooming teenage boys.
          Perhaps it is all completely innocent?

          • Cubby

            Michael Norton

            At least you had the courage to reply and admit your mistake.

            “Perhaps it is all completely innocent” and then you start talking nonsense again. Of course it wasn’t but maybe you should also question whether it is right to use these matters for political purposes. How long did the journalists sit on this information? Is it just a coincidence that it was revealed the day before the Scottish budget debate? An attempt to create chaos in the parliament. The guy was out of order and he is finished as a politician. The protection and well being of the 16 year old was the last thing the Sun considered.

            It still pales into insignificance compared to all the crimes carried out by the Britnats over the years. e.g. Cyril Smith and the cover up by Lord Steel – no action taken and Steel still sits in the House of Lords being paid by the taxpayer. Jimmy Saville.

            Britnat media – a bunch of lowlife hypocrites.

            It makes not one little bit of difference to the case of Scottish independence. Westminster has been ripping off Scotland since 1707 and this will not stop until Scotland is fully independent. 100 years ago in 1920 only 26% of Scotlands revenues were spent in Scotland. Enriching England at Scotlands expense for centuries.

          • michael norton

            In his statement on Thursday morning, Mackay said he had tendered his resignation to Sturgeon with immediate effect on Wednesday evening. “I take full responsibility for my actions. I have behaved foolishly and I am truly sorry. I apologise unreservedly to the individual involved and his family,” Mackay said.

            Because he resigned rather than being sacked, he is now eligible for a Scottish parliament resettlement grant of £11,945 in three months’ time.
            I really hope the Scottish parliament block this cretin from getting a public payout.

    • Bill Boggia

      Just been listening to Lesley Riddoch’s recent podcast titled “One Step Beyond” and found it very uplifting despite Sturgeons comments a week ago. I think Lesley is right – we ourselves need to take action and organise – as in us ordinary folk. She was fresh back from grass routes local Indy event that was done on no budget and got lots of media attention.

      It made me realise how easy a person can fall into feelings of helplessness – with the way things are – but stories of people power – of resistance – really does raise your hopes – and give wings to belief that we can get our country back if we act together.

      If we sit back and let the powers that be “do things for us” then even if we miraculosly do get independence – won’t it just be the same old bullshit systems of governance – unless the grass routes itself has birthed it ?

      I dunno – but – it makes you think – if we want our country back the we need to get involved. Maybe that would be the birth of a new indy party – as you suggest.

      We certainly need something different than this.

      Lesley suggests the creation of a national assembly of local Yes movements (of which there are many) could be one way to get together and figure out togeher what to do.

  • Doug

    Idiotic behaviour from a politician who should know better. SNP’s turn this week; another party next week. As far as the SNP is concerned they’re certainly not making things easy for indy supporters. But Scotland will regain its independence, regardless of the SNP’s weaknesses.

  • Doug

    Meanwhile things are hotting between England and the EU. Hopefully the EU will not shy from fighting against rabid English nationalists like liar and coward Johnson. Scotland is right to take the side of the EU. Our enemy’s enemy is our friend. Hence the EU is Scotland’s friend.

    • Republicofscotland

      Yes now that the UK is a third party, the EU must play hardball to show other EU members that leaving comes with consequences.

      I’d also like to see Sturgeon or her envoys travel around the EU and talk to politicians about backing a indyref without the need to consult London, just hold it and push for international recognition.

      The COP26 is also a good event for Sturgeon or again her envoys to put out the feelers over international recognition.

      As Craig has said England will never willingly help dissolve this undemocratic union, we must force their hand. Now that the UK is out, the EU and Scotland must get around a table of their own we have much to offer the EU, let us not allow England to drain anymore of our resources for their own benefit.

    • Phil E

      Ah the Auld Alliance, always worked well in the past, what could possibly go wrong. If the “weasel” Scots want to completely alienate the English that’s the way to do it. Can’t you find a more intelligent approach?

      • Magic Robot

        A recent documentary on TV called ‘Weasels: feisty and fearless’, showed them to have more guts and intelligence than most others in the animal kingdom. (That includes us, of course.)

    • Laguerre

      Yeah, the Guardian reported the Germans as shocked by the British attitude at a meeting at LSE. When you read the citations, it’s not like that, more disappointment at the British belligerence.

  • Brianfujisan

    Re Julian’s Situation –

    Some fine Wisdom as Mark Curtis Tweets –

    ” .It’s a big deal when a UN special rapporteur (
    ) says UK officials should be investigated for possible “criminal conduct” over torture of J.Assange.

    Proof of its importance that it hasn’t been mentioned in any UK mainstream media report, as far as I can see.”

    Here is a video of Nils Melzer Speaking at -The Trials of Julian Assange – organised by Humanade and held at the Frontline Club. He speaks of his outrage at the persecution of Julian Assange while those that commit war crimes are not held accountable.


    • On the train

      Yes the silence of the UK main stream press about this statement speaks very loudly.

      • Robyn

        Most shameful of all is Julian’s government, the Australian government, which has done zero for him except offer ‘consular assistance’ which is obviously useless.

  • Republicofscotland

    So according to “British intelligence” the CIRA were planning to detonate a bomb on Farages Brexit night party if you believe that.

    With the Brexit negotiations coming up and Ireland firmly in the mix, and Sinn Fein leading in the polls, one could be forgiven for thinking that the “foiled plot” was actually a preplanned attempt by those loyal to London to turn sympathy away from Ireland in the UK just before the Brexit talks begin.

    Of course Johnson and Co have just as much contempt for Ireland as they do for Scotland and the EU.

    • Deb O'Nair

      Worrisome for the Irish is the UK’s willingness to do whatever it takes to avoid Irish unification; in that context running a fake republican terrorist organisation in order to upend the GFA is small fry.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Deb O’Nair February 6, 2020 at 19:24
        That’s small fry. Pre-WWI they had a ‘Plan B’ to use to force war on the Kaiser’s Germany if the assassination didn’t work. The British arranged the arming of both the Loyalists and Souther Ireland Republicans with German-sourced weapons (£100,000 in modern weapons for the Loyalists, £12,000 in old weapons for the Republicans) and even allowed the Loyalists to train and practice publicly. They also ‘let it be known’ that any British Army Officers who refused to act against them would not be brought to account.
        The plan was that if the assassination of the Archduke and his wife did not lead to WWI, then they would unleash a ‘Civil War’ between Northern Ireland and the South, and ‘discover’ the import of German arms, creating a ‘casus belli’ for the war to crush Germany they had been planning since 1905.
        As it was, Plan B was not implemented, as Plan A worked a treat.
        (‘Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War’ by Gerry Docherty and James MacGregor).

  • C avery

    The Derek Mackay affair has hints of the downfall of the great British hero Sir Hector Macdonald. Do you agree Craig?

  • Northern

    Glad to see youre still working on and involved with Julians case, I hope you can provide him with some hope in a bleak situation. Westminter and the press’ continued ignorance to UN allegations of torture only hightlights our further decline in international stature. More and more I feel like the velvet glove over the iron fist is getting worn and threadbare, the real fascist nature of the state is starting to show.

    Really hopeful Sanders isn’t going to roll over to blatant fraud for a second time but I suspect he might and further I’m certain the DNC would get away with rigging the primaries for a second time. Mayor Pete certainly looks like the foil candidate to usher in a second Trump term. I suppose it’s easy to dismiss Sanders as a sheepdog but we know agencies like the CIA will go to virtually any lengths to prevent anything close to Socialism breaking out so it must be a fine line to walk to avoid being ‘offed’.

    Glad to see more Scottish independence supporters beginning to wake up to the possibility that the SNP vehicle hasnt been headed towards any form of genuine independence since Salmond got thrown out of the car. Managements evidently been playing a delay at all costs game for several years now and the faith in Nicola should be wearing thin.
    Before someone decides to begin a frothing response calling me a ‘colonial resource stealing British nationalist’ (ad hom is fine if you’re aiming at the hated English, duh) or some other hysterical nonsense, understand I’m not trying to detract from the Scottish Independence cause, merely pointing out that a geographical distinction is a very abritrary one to make as far as your political ideology is concerned. Ignoring the irony of Scottish nationalism being a positive and English nationalism a negative, the idea that the Scottish political class has some inherent benevolence over the English one by dint of nationality seems to be a such a ridiculous concept that it shouldnt be taken seriously in any credible political discussion. Despite a full spectrum push to make the public think otherwise, class is still the main relevant vector in society and its disheartening to see that certain other commentators here cant get beyond the nationality aspect of the discussion; it slows down the conversation immediately and detracts from your cause in the eyes of casual observors. Until the English and Scottish working classes realise this system both cant and wont deliver any form of change except for by force, the asset stripping and noses in the trough will continue regardless of their country of origin.

  • Brianfujisan

    l Done German Support for Julian –

    More than 130 prominent figures in Germany from the world of art, politics, and the media signed an appeal on Thursday calling for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to be released from prison in the UK. He is currently serving a 50-week sentence for skipping bail.

    The letter’s signatories include famous German investigative journalist Günther Wallraff, former Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, and Austrian winner of the Nobel Prize in literature, Elfriede Jelinek.

    It says that Assange, 48, is being held in “isolation and monitored under unnecessarily stressful conditions” in a British prison despite being in “critical health.”

    UN Special Rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, told DW that after meeting with Assange he believed that the activisted exhibited “typical signs of psychological torture.”


    • Robyn

      Julian’s 50-week sentence for bail-jumping was over months ago, he’s currently on remand pending the extradition hearing.

      • Magic Robot

        Mr. Assange is not ‘on remand.’
        If he were, he would be allowed all the privileges that would go with that: freedom to walk about and associate with the prison population, access to his solicitor, etc.

        He is, in fact, held in an ‘Oubliette’ under medieval conditions.

  • Dungroanin

    Two full months into the coup perpetrated in the UK in December – planned and executed as per the orders of the Caesar General of the ever faster declining fast falling empire, Up-yours Pimpeo, ( he can stick his Gauntlet…).

    The dumbing down msm report NOTHING of reality. The cheers for the max security prisoners who insisted JA was let out of solitary – or else, at that event, were one of the most heart warming moments of ‘justice’.since I’M SPARTUCUS’.

    Yet we are suffocated without any msm report! Our heads stuffed into blinkers and into a hole in the ground.

    Nor on the endgame in Syria. Even as the Russians have blown the whistle on the dregs of the not so White Helmets having already finished their filming of another coming poison gassing to be used as an excuse for launching a final volley of cruise missiles by fukus ..as the OPCW unspectors are maligned even more. Or will the dumb fucks actually launch the latest mini nuke tha has set sail across the Atlantic! Will the Russians be forced to intervene – i pray they will. The Syrians have suffered more than enough for resisting against all odds.

    Magniers report on the planned escalting response against US bases formulated in response to Solemaini and co’s cold blooded assassination is a must read – as is why Trump got his dumb fuck generals to stand behind him as he claimed no US casualties from the missile strikes – when as the Iranians announced it was at least 80. The numbers slowly released by the dumb fucks. Knowing any retaliation will see just about every base all through the region hit harder with every salvo tesulting a general mobilisation – THAT’s real maximum pressure!

    Or the masses of still boxed US weapons left behind by jihadists as they consider their couple grand a month ain’t worth annihalation for and escape with their brides and families – some to Libya.

    The bs about the Pneumonia and forced breaking of quarintine of ‘westerners’, which will only make the spread faster.

    Nearer to home NOTHING about the French Gillette Jaunes ever more massive protests – 14th July will probably ve Macrons final day in office as the perennial revolutionaries create yet another new republic.

    I’m not even going to get into the failure of ukrainegate and now blown back russiagate as the ds there losses the plot even earlier with their first caucus result fixing.

    Thank fuck we have Craig, MoA and many individual alternative reporters around the globe as our Junta even stops msm lobby reporters!

    JC will be enjoying his final weeks as the (pre deposed) PM and Bercow can not be denied his seat in the Lords from where HE will keep ‘buggering on’.

    When do we hit the steets?

  • Antonym

    Bernie is just too fragile, naive and old to pose any threat to US deep state. He is not their first choice, but if in another surprise he gets into the White House Bernie will be an easier nut to crack than Donald. See the 2016 DNC nomination process . Bernie is predictable, soft and without big private money.

    Tulsi is what they fear much more but she has already been manipulated out. I guess Joe Biden might be their perfect front to do their bidding as he has demonstrated already in Ukraine. He even has a crooked son too, so 8 more years next.

    Who ever its going to be, the number one threat is going to be the lack of trust in the mega FED inflated US stock market + dollar: not even all Sunni Arab oil will save US (+UK) deep state this time.

    • Sojourner Truth

      The big story from Iowa, beyond the fact that the Democrats are crooked and can’t be trusted, is that the Biden campaign will soon be over. Finishing fourth, and that was a maybe the last time I looked, is the death knell to a campaign that was entirely build on the fact that he was a winner who could beat Trump. Monday night was the retirement party of the man once known as The Senator from MasterCard.

  • Sojourner Truth

    In America at least, it is time for the Left to put a knife into the walking corpse that is the Democratic Party. Without its Left, the Democrats are nothing. The corporate Dems can only compete with the Republican if their Left wing is with them. But, the corporate Dems now hate and despise and work actively to suppress a growing Left wing in their party.
    The time has come to leave. Or it will this summer. If Bernie is not the nominee of the Democrats, he needs to run as an Independent and the entire Left needs to walk out of the Dem party to back him. Leave the pro-war, pro-torture, corporate Dems with their tiny slice of the electorate between a Left that is growing in Power and the Trump fascism that is now fully embraced by the Republican Party.
    Even better, the pro-war, pro-torture corporate Dems can’t really say anything about it. They’ve done nothing but pump up hatred towards Trump for the last three years. When the fall race becomes an obviously strong Sanders movement taking on Trump, then the pro-war, pro-torture corporate Dems will have no choice but to join in with the Left. The Dem narrative has said that the most important thing is to defeat Trump, so the Dem base rank and file, which already is much closer to Sanders than the millionaire leaders of the party, will support Sanders and look very poorly on the pro-war, pro-torture corporate Dems that would then be seen as the obstacle to defeating Trump.
    At least on the American side of the pond, the time has come for the Dem Party to go the way of the Whig Party. The Whig Party disappeared when the Abolitionist movement came of age and the Whigs could go along. Thus was born Abe Lincoln and the Republican Party. Now its the time for the Dems to go the same way if they don’t adjust and support the growing popular movement behind Sanders. Frankly, I won’t shed a tear for the Dems. It is time for undemocratic parties that only represent oligarchs to reach their much deserved fates.

  • Sanjoy Mahajan

    They Democrats are stealing it from Sanders in broad daylight, even broader than in 2016. I’m a UK citizen and a (naturali(sz)ed) American citizen, living in America, and have voted in both countries. Here’s what happened to my vote in 2016 in the Massachusetts primary.

    I had timely changed my party registration to Democrat so that I could vote for Sanders. I go to the polling station, get my ballot from the poll worker at the table, fill in the Sanders bubble with the provided felt-tip marker, and bring it back to the table. The poll worker directs me to feed it into the counting machine. As I do so, I am watching the small LCD screen displaying the number of ballots entered. The total never increases. I point out this problem to the poll worker, who says, “Don’t worry, it’s no problem.” Sanders loses Massachusetts to Clinton by a small margin according to the official counts, but was winning in the exit polls. All of a sudden exit polls, rather than fraudulent counting, are said not to be reliable. Most likely, the Massachusetts primary election was stolen for Clinton by ignoring or miscounting a sufficient fraction of ballots — easy to do when the machines programmed in secret do the counting.

    I used to teach a statistics course every fall, and one of the topics I enjoyed teaching was polling, which would come up right around the November elections. I told the students that American elections are the most fraudulent that I’ve seen. Sure enough, later in the semester, when I went to vote on the ballot initiatives (referenda) and got my ballot, I found that the back side had already been filled out. It was cleverly done because the front side, which had most of the candidates and two ballot questions, was normal. Only if you tried to fill out the third ballot question would you flip over the ballot and see the pre-filled ballot question.

    I’m waiting to see what fraud will be done by the Democratic party in a few short weeks in the Massachusetts 2020 primary (for which I’ve again switched my registration to vote for Sanders).

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