Craig is in Jacobabad 1952

Just a quick note to say that Craig has been in contact and he is fine but currently in Jacobabad, Pakistan with no reliable internet access.

He knows some people have been wondering if all is okay, so this post is just to confirm all’s well and he’ll be back online when he can.

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  • Bill Marsh

    Can someone get Craig to take down the advert for a music festival which took place 7 months ago. It’s getting very irritating.

  • Isa

    When one thought one had seen it all the white helmets release a video of them saving a puppy burried by shelling caused by mean Assad .

    Bonkers stuff now !

    • Republicofscotland

      On a similar note, Donald Trump has strongly urged fellow allies to take back over 800 Daesh fighters captured in Syria.

      Who are these fighters? Could they be western (nationals) backed proxy assets? Assets that need an outroad from Syria now Assad and his allies have crushed their illegal invasion?

      Is Trump calling for his partners in crime to take back their assets sent to Syria? To be used another day.

      • Isa

        To be honest I think the most valuable assets left by the time Israel evacuated the white helmets last July and then shipped them to Europe and Canada .

        There are several left there but I believe the hard core ones will never be repatriated rather they’ll be either killed or jailed so they can never speak too much .

        as for trumps latest diabrite I’m divided as I think that the obvious point for me is the following : syria has suffered enough with the war waged against them by the USA , France , U.K. Canada . Why should they now , after all the death and destruction brought on them , have to put up or host our terrorists ? I’m of the opinion they should be repatriated and sentenced . My only worry is that no sentence in Europe is for life which is what these type of people deserve as to let them walk free is a crime in itself .

        • Charles Bostock

          Justice would require the putting on trial of “President” Baby-Assad for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

          On the other hand, his own people might get him first, that’s usually the way régimes change in the Middle East as history shows us.

          We shall see.

    • michael norton

      Hundreds of Syrians are returning home to Syria, every day, almost all are choosing to go to the 1/2 of Syria controlled by Butcher Assad.

      Why don’t they choose to go to the Turkish controlled bit of the Kurdish controlled 1/3

      anybody know the answer?

      • Kempe

        Millions are still staying away though, preferring a dangerous journey to europe or life in a squalid refugee camp.

      • Dungroanin

        Moon of Alabama has an excellent situation report that explains how Syria is bringing back into the fold these bought by the fukus axis powers.

        ‘Yesterday the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad offered a compromise to the Kurds. In a speech in front of the heads of local councils he announced local council elections and the decentralization of some political decisions. The required law 107 is already in place but its implementation was held up by the war:

        [Assad] said that the essence of the local administration law is achieving balance in development across all areas by giving local administrative units the authority to develop their areas in terms of economy, urban development, culture, and services, thereby improving citizens’ living conditions by launching projects, providing job opportunities, and providing services locally, particularly in remote areas.
        President al-Assad said it is no longer practical to manage the affairs of the society and state and achieved balanced development in the same centralized way that had been used for decades, noting that the population of Syria in 1971 when the previous law was issued was around 7 million, while the population in 2011 when law 107 was issued had reached around 22 million.’

  • N_

    As “The Independent Group” will they be applying for state funding of the kind that the European Research Group receives, namely doled out by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority?

    • giyane

      The 7 are aiming at Corbyn on antisemitism because they think people will conclude ” no smoke without fire . Oh my God I’m so sick of Corbyn’s anti semitism”.

      Who needs funding when you can vape on the glowing coals of Zionism. You still have to stand outside to satisfy your addiction

      • freddy

        Who needs funding when you can vape on the glowing coals of Zionism. You still have to stand outside to satisfy your addiction.

        That’s one helluva couple of sentences giyane – in a good way.

  • Garth Carthy

    @Charles Bostock

    “History shows us that a divided, fractious Labour Party never finds favour with the electors. It is not trusted by the electors, who are in the main rather sensible, level-headed people. That is why today’s events are excellent news for the Conservative party and its electoral prospects.

    Charlie: History shows that the ‘Establishment’ and ‘deep state’ brainwash the population via the Tory owned and controlled media. That’s what happens when politics is controlled by big business.
    Anyway, good riddance to these defectors from the Labour Party. The truth is they are a bunch of Tories pretending to be Labour representatives – the evidence is there – They voted for the war in Iraq, austerity cuts and PFI. They have allowed the Nazi-like government in Israel to sponsor their efforts to undermine Corbyn with hugely exaggerated claims of anti-Semitism.

    • Shatnersrug

      Funnily enough now these 7 clowns have gone Labour is that little bit less divided! These 7 will be wiped out at the next GE and the others deselected.

    • Squeeth

      Why these and why now? Exit votes? Unlikely since they would vote with the Tories (Official) anyway. Snap election? A possibility after a deal or in lieu of one. Jumping before they were pushed? Not in Corbyn’s Liarbour. Plenty of time for a scheduled election and to create a bubble partei like the SDP? Hmmmm, that’s my guess.

  • Sharp Ears

    Watson’s Register of Interests

    Stuffed full of multi £thousand entries of donations from Unite the Union, Sir Trevor Chinn, Sir David Garrard (look those two up for their connections to the usual setups), a trip to Israel in 2016 courtesy of Labour Friends of Israel, etc etc

    Israel features large in his life. Why should that be is the question.

    Have to call him the Thin Trougher rather than the Fat Trougher now that he has lost 7 stone. He did so to avoid Type 1 diabetes having contracted Type 2 diabetes.

    He sits on Corbyn’s side throughout the HoC proceedings.

    He is Vice Chair of Trade Union Friends of Israel. See. Note 42

    • Tony

      Trade Union Friends Of Israel? WTF??? Just how far have the zionists infiltrated our country? Time for a backlash. The vast majority of UK voters would dismiss the “anti-semitism” for the bullshit that it is if they were made aware of the manipulations that are taking place.

      • Squeeth

        The zionists are providing this service here like they do in America; it’s their pound of flesh for American Caesar’s complaisance in their crimes in occupied Palestine. Organised zionism is one of the British state’s SA goon squads, denying freedom of expression, conscience and association with the threat of a promiscuous antisemitism allegation. They’ve shown their power by inflicting it on black people, real Jews and most contemptibly of all against black Jews, courtesy of Corbyn’s gutless apologetics.

    • SA

      Some correction is needed here. You do not go from type 2 diabetes to type 1 diabetes. Type one diabetes is a disease of younger people whilst type two is that associated with obesity and diet.

        • glenn_nl

          All they were good for was keeping the hated dictator Thatcher in the top job, growing steadily more insane, for another two ruinous terms.

        • Chris Abbott

          SDP Lite. Very Lite. Plenty of skellingtons around for some of them. Also, are the other six leaving because their Christianity or Atheism has made them a target? Any decent journo could put together the whole story of FOI and friends undermining Labour, aided and abetted by Blair and Co. But whether it would get published is another matter.

    • SA

      Tom Watson wishes to redefine the term traitor which will soon apply to him.
      There is however an undefined category of pre-traitors, or snakes in the grass, biding their time and choosing the right moment to pounce. These same people who are so much against mandatory deselection however would like to retain the right to betray those who elected them under the pretence that they will represent them under the rules of the party.

  • Tony_0pmoc

    Caitlin Johnstone in Brilliant form, This young Australian Lady, is not only exceedingly courageous, she is very highly intelligent, and as sharp as a razor. This is a video she has just done on Julian Assange.

    “Watch My Speech On Assange’s Persecution For “Whistle-blowing, Wikileaks & the Future of Democracy”


  • doug scorgie

    Has Tony Blair not been asked by the Media about the gang of seven? I can’t see anything in the news.
    Is he quietly thinking of a comeback?

    Also keep an eye out for David Millimetre.

    • Chris Abbott

      Yes David M, the king over the water. I would just love to see him stand for leadership of Labour, particularly now it may be safe for Jews to be in the party. Seriously, I’ve been Labour all my life, and I have never heard any anti-semitic remarks or seen a-s behaviour. Plenty of Jews, Christians, Moslems, Atheists get a lot of stick, but not because of their religon, usually because they talk rubbish.

    • Old Mark

      Well spotted Mr Scorgie

      What gave the SDP such a boost in 81-82 was the fact that at the outset in January both Williams and Jenkins were otherwise engaged- Williams having lost her Stevenage seat in May 79, and Jenkins having just returned from his stint in Brussels. The SDP needed results in by-elections and the results these big hitters achieved really boosted the SDP for a while, and gave it 3 real ‘heavyweights’ at the top.

      Now Miliband D is otherwise engaged. The Blairites still swoon at his feet as the ‘lost leader’. He has held high office, unlike the unmagnificent 7, and is still a media darling, but with more ‘bottom’ than Chuka Ummunna.

      If any Labour MPs in safe Remainer seats kick the bucket in the next 3 months be afraid, very afraid- Miliband D could see his chance at last, get parachuted in, and if the local CLP mucks up the Labour candidature (as the Greenwich CLP did with Deidre Wood in 1985, thus letting in Rosie Barnes as the MP) he could be back- and the ‘Group’ might then become a proper party. That could signal a shedload of defections to it, including from Remainer Tories of the Soubry ilk.

      • Dungroanin

        Goodluck with that. Even an endorsement by a departing Labour grandee and no Tory or LibDem candidate collusion would not get a single NuLabInc poisonous toad dinosaur back in parliament. Not Tony , or Mandy or any of the self proclaimed NuLabInc saints, even the pure of vision Blunkett.

        The people will not be fooled again by their postiring and media manipulations.

        • Old Mark

          Even an endorsement by a departing Labour grandee and no Tory or LibDem candidate collusion would not get a single NuLabInc poisonous toad dinosaur back in parliament.

          Dungroanin- you forget that many Labour seats in 2019 are not in Labour ‘heartlands’ but in places like Canterbury, Norwich, Cambridge, Hampstead etc. The votes of Remainer Tories, ‘liberal’ but not hard socialist students, and the Blairite residue in Labour could well see some of these ‘toad dinosaurs’ coming beck in seats such as these.

      • Jo1

        I’ve always said the main plan was to bring D. Miliband back in due course once the dirty work had been done. I see the plan as Miliband leading the Labour Party tho, not this bunch.

    • SA

      Apparently he and other toxic past figures have agreed to keep out of commenting so as not to jeopardise their chances!

      • Jo1

        A pity the same didn’t apply to Derek Hatton. His application to rejoin the Labour Party has been accepted.

    • Stonky

      Also keep an eye out for David Millimetre…

      I’ve always had a great admiration for the sheer effrontery of that man.

      In 2005 he signed off (I think literally) on a Labour election manifesto that contained a specific commitment to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. In 2007, now Foreign Secretary he stood up in Mansion House and made a speech in which he grandly informed the public that we wouldn’t be having a referendum after all – not because circumstances had changed or anything quite so mundane, but because, as he put it in his lordly fashion “Referendums are the refuge of tyrants and dictators…”

  • Tom

    There was the unmistakable sense at that press conference of seven people being put up to their betrayal by others. As we have seen so many times before with so many issues, the people pulling the strings of these MPs probably don’t care one bit about a new referendum – indeed they are probably opposed to one. The whole issue of Brexit is simply a weapon to mobilise people into bashing Corbyn, whose independent foreign policy they fear; if he was a pro a new referendum, the string-pullers probably would have found some other defectors to claim he wasn’t honouring the referendum.
    Personally I think the defections may be a blessing in disguise for Corbyn. These MPs will most likely lose their seats at the next election and until then will have no choice, given their resignation statements, but to be vociferous critics of the government on Brexit.
    Plus the whole saga has put further out into the open the corrupt workings of a non-democracy where the Conservative Party, the intelligence agencies and the media collude to keep the establishment order in power and prevent real change.

  • Monster

    Israel’s fingerprints and cash are all over this attack on Corbyn. The antisemitism trope has supplanted anti-Israel sentiments, and the previously unknown religion of many Labour MPs has unsurprisingly been revealed. The Friends of Israel has strong support in the press, especially The Guardian, and the BBC, no surprise there. The Labour party has undergone an sustained campaign of lies, smears, and yes, statistics (fake polls). It will weather this storm because essentially the centrist grouping is endorsing Israel’s reign of terror in Gaza and the West Bank, which is abhorrent to decent voters, Tory or Labour.

    • Charles Bostock


      ” essentially the centrist grouping is endorsing Israel’s reign of terror in Gaza and the West Bank, which is abhorrent to decent voters, Tory or Labour.”

      Do you seriously believe that more than a handful of voters (decent or otherwise) cast their votes on the basis of the Conservative party’s or the Labour party’s position on Israel?

      Whatever is meant by their “position on Israel”.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Charles Bostock February 19, 2019 at 07:11
        Whilst you are correct that the average Briton doesn’t base his voting preference on what is happening in the Middle East, those who do will favour justice for the Palestinians, despite the warped MSM.
        I have no doubt that the level of decency in the ordinary working-class Briton is far higher than the level of decency of the average MP.

      • Anon1

        Unbelievable, isn’t it? Not only are their own lives consumed by Israel, but they seem to assume other people’s are too.

        • 123Bakery

          If British people were told clearly and truthfully by the media how despicable the Israeli government is, the inhumane, disgusting way in which they treat the Palestinians would make any decent person shudder and reel with anger. The only reason British people do not speak up is ignorance. Ignorance of what the Israelis are doing, and ignorance of how in bed with Israel their polititcians are. When discussing Israel, we only need speak of facts, because the facts show barbarism, total lack of humanity and pure evil. The controlled media prevents this from happening.

          • Jo1

            “If British people were told clearly and truthfully by the media …”

            There’s your problem right there. We don’t have an honest media. Indeed, our state funded broadcaster is one of the worst offenders when it comes to spinning lies.

  • Charles Bostock

    My goodness, the action of the Magnificent Seven has really led to an outbreak of panic among those of a certain sort of persuasion, hasn’t it? We see squawkings about manipulation by Israel, the Atlantic Council, illicit collusion between the Conservatives, the Press and other dark forces and so on.

    I recommend Occam’s razor. Perhaps the Magnificent Seven (will they be seven for long?) – who may well not be troughers – are simply fed up with being “led” by the likes of Hapless Jeremy Corbyn, Granite-Jawed John McDonnell, Rotund Lady Nugee, Unctuous Barry Gardiner et al.

    And who could honestly blame them?

  • Sharp Ears

    Back in October, Vanessa and Whitney got it.

    The Oligarchs Behind the “Humanitarian” Regime Change Network Now Exploiting Jo Cox’s Death to Push For UK Labour Split
    Only by masking their otherwise unpopular policies in the cloak of Jo Cox’s tragedy, and humanity’s natural empathy for good samaritans and the downtrodden, has this small group of powerful individuals been able to launder disastrous wars and military adventurism as “the right thing to do.”
    by Vanessa Beeley and Whitney Webb

    Jo Cox, the late Labour MP whose tragic death in 2016 shocked Britain and the world, has recently become++ a rallying cry for forces within the U.K. Labour Party who seek to weaken Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and to return the party to the pro-intervention Tony Blair era.++ As this article (the final instalment of our three-part series) will show, this effort to manipulate Jo Cox’s death is the latest move in a wider effort to turn Cox’s legacy to the advantage of pro-intervention interests in Britain and abroad, particularly with regard to foreign intervention in Syria. While these moves — from support for “humanitarian” intervention in Syria to the drive to split the U.K. Labour Party — are cast as people-driven objectives, they are in fact oligarch-driven.

    Previous reporting on Jo Cox and her legacy revealed that the Jo Cox Fund, set up soon after Cox’s death, was created by a group of four pro-interventionist “humanitarians” — Mabel van Oranje, Gemma Mortensen, Tim Dixon and Nick Grono — all of whom have a history of involvement, either directly or indirectly, in past regime-change operations. They are all also connected to some of the world’s most ardent imperialists, as well as to the Not for Profit Industrial Complex (NPIC).

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Sharp Ears February 19, 2019 at 07:25
      I do not accept the ‘narrative’ on Joe Cox’s ‘death’. But that the narrative is used to undermine Corbyn, and support the blatantly illegal Coalition War Crimes in Syria (including the ‘White Helmets’, one of Cox’s pet ‘charities’) there is no doubt.

      • Sharp Ears

        Nor do I accept the ‘narrative’. Especially when her sister and parents were shown smiling and happy just after the ‘death’ (16.6.2016). The EU referendum took place one week later incidentally. (23.6.2016)

        The fund stands at just under £2m, one third of which goes/went to the White Helmets. Do you think the WH have a handy bank account into which the £666,666,667 went? A lot of 6s! all told.

        Interesting to see the same names on the Mint Press page as were quoted on the Jo Cox Fund page.

        ‘This page was originally created by Jo Cox’s friends in London, including Nick Grono (CEO, The Freedom Fund), Tim Dixon (MD, Purpose), Mabel van Oranje (Chair, Girls Not Brides), and Gemma Mortensen (Chief Global Officer,, in close collaboration with her husband Brendan Cox. Once funds are gathered they will be split between Jo’s favourite causes, chosen by her family.’

        PS I entered the wrong URL in my post earlier. S/be

        The Oligarchs Behind the “Humanitarian” Regime Change Network Now Exploiting Jo Cox’s Death to Push For UK Labour Split
        Only by masking their otherwise unpopular policies in the cloak of Jo Cox’s tragedy, and humanity’s natural empathy for good samaritans and the downtrodden, has this small group of powerful individuals been able to launder disastrous wars and military adventurism as “the right thing to do.”
        by Vanessa Beeley and Whitney Webb

  • Sharp Ears

    Roger Waters’ statement in support of Julian Assange.

    ‘Julian Assange

    Roger Waters·
    Sunday, 17 February 2019
    The ICFI and SEP urges all artistic, media and academic figures who defend democratic rights to follow the example of John Pilger and Roger Waters. The WSWS will publish statements that appeal to workers and young people in Australia and around the world to join the fight to free Julian Assange. Statements should be sent to [email protected]. ‘

  • Sharp Ears

    More Novichok junk from the Guardian, not from Luke Harding this time but from ‘Shaun Walker and Maria Georgieva in Sofia’, featuring Emilian Gebrev, a Bulgarian arms dealer and Denis Sergeyev, a high-ranking GRU officer and a graduate of Russia’s Military Diplomatic Academy aka “Sergey Fedotov”.

    You can make this stuff up.

    ‘I almost died’: arms dealer whose poisoning may be linked to Skripals’
    Russian agent allegedly in Bulgaria when Emilian Gebrev poisoned in 2015 and in UK when Skripals attacked

    • Stonky

      Thanks for flagging that one up SE. Did that abject rubbish contain one single worthwhile verifiable fact? I don’t think I’ve ever read a bigger load of half-arsed fabricated drivel since the Daily Star found a WWII bomber on the moon.

      • Paul Barbara

        @ Stonky February 19, 2019 at 11:51
        Yeh, they soon hushed that one up, when they discovered it was a Dornier.

  • mike

    Huge mistake from Corbyn in preventing the CPL from deselecting Berger. A few days later and she pops up with the seven dwarves. Fat lot of good it did him to block that.

    If he chooses the party machinery over the membership, then he’ll have an even bigger mountain to climb.

    • Jo1

      That wasn’t Corbyn’s decision. It was made by the Labour official responsible for such matters. Sally something or other??? Watson involved her. He wrote to her personally.

    • Jo1

      Corbyn didn’t block it! It was Watson. Watson demanded the suspension of and investigation of Berger’s CLP. Not Corbyn.

  • mike

    PS Not a sign of Angela Smith’s overt racism in today’s corporate media rags or on the state broadcaster.

  • Paul Barbara

    ‘Chris Williamson just gave the British public another excellent reason to vote Labour into government’:
    ‘…A Labour government introduced the Hunting Act in 2005. As The Canary has previously reported, however, the law itself is quite weak. Because then prime minister Tony Blair watered down the initial plans after listening to pro-hunting opinions. In fact, Blair has since said that introducing the ban was the biggest regret of his premiership….’
    What about Iraq and WMD??
    So Bliar’s biggest regret was doing something decent, for a change…suppose that figures.

    • Jo1

      Yes. He has since warned MPs not to criticise those who have left and not to call them traitors. He’s also paid a lengthy tribute to Berger and the suffering inflicted on her for her religion.

  • John Goss

    Two days ago I shared the following petition with 50 Facebook groups. It go cross-shares, comments and some 140 likes. The number of signatures increased by 19.

    Yesterday I shared it with 48 Facebook groups. From only one of them, one I do not normally post to, did I get a reaction and cross-shares. Excluding that one group there were only 3 additional signatures to the petition and no likes. Deliberate shadow-banning or what? That’s what they did last time. Here are eight of the Facebook Peace groups I “shared” it with but I cannot check myself whether others can see it so I would be obliged of some of you would do it for me. Thanks.

    Peace in Europe
    Peace in the United Kingdom
    Peace in America
    Peace in South America and the Caribbean
    Peace in North America
    Peace in Australia
    World Peace and Reconciliation
    White Poppies for Peace

    When I started the petition it went very fast to begin with and then suddenly a trickle. I checked on a friend’s computer in London and the petition was not there. It was only visible to me.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ John Goss February 19, 2019 at 15:26
      I just checked 3 of the list, and your comment was on it. I’m about to go out, but it would be useful if others check and ‘like’ comment.
      They definitely screw these petitions, not just Faceache.

      • John Goss

        I agree, and their algorithms are very sophisticated and getting more so, it could be possible that the only excluded ones are those who have not yet signed. Who knows? Yes sound advice. Would others please check. Thanks.

        • Ken Kenn


          If you replaced ‘ Peace ‘ with ‘ War ‘ Fakebook would send it round the world before you had your time to put your boots on.

          You know better than I that The Atlantic Council are ‘ advising ‘ Fakebook on content and are acting accordingly.

          Try Henry Kissinger plays with fluffy kittens in a basket headline and you’ll get loads of takers.

          Joking apart good luck to you in trying navigate your way through the protective net.

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