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  • Sharp Ears

    The patriot. He can frack off**.

    Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the UK’s richest man, quits country to save billions
    Brexiteer plans tax exile
    February 17 2019,

    News that Jim Ratcliffe plans to take at least £1bn offshore sparked a huge political row last night
    Britain’s richest man, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who was knighted less than a year ago for his services to business and investment, has been planning to avoid up to £4bn in tax after switching his home and his fortune to Monaco.

    The Sunday Times can disclose that the prominent Brexiteer, who built up the chemicals giant Ineos, has been working with the accountant PwC on the tax avoidance plan. This would see him and senior executives Andy Currie and John Reece legally share between £1bn and £10bn tax-free, depriving the Treasury of between £400m and £4bn.

    A source with knowledge of the plan described the upper end of the range as “egregious” and said it involved “labyrinthine” structuring. Another source said the plan had not yet… paywall

    ** Privately owned multinational chemicals company INEOS has created a subsidiary, INEOS Upstream, to exploit fracking in the UK. INEOS now owns 100 percent of the fracking licence (PEDL 133) around Falkirk and Sterling (127 square miles) and 80 percent of PEDL 162 (Reach CSG has 20 percent) around Lennoxtown/Cumbernauld/ Shotts (153 square miles). INEOS secured additional licences in the 14th Onshore licensing round and by acquisition buying into the licences of other UK operator IGas. Ineos now have access to 1.2 million acres of the UK

    He already has Ineos registered in Switzerland anyway. His two superyachts Hampshire 1 and Hampshire 11 are probably based in Monaco too.

    • Kerch'eee Kerch'ee Coup

      Jim Ratcliffe got rich by recognising inherent value beneath inefficiency and unfashionable rustbelt chemical plants. His operations have brought employment and tax revenues, so it could doubtless be argued that he makes better use of his funds for the common good then the government. As to fracking, if it is to be done I would rather have it done by someone with expertise and experience in chemical engineering than by a Texas cowboy outfit. If the Scottish and English governments and peoples do not have the wit or competence to for- bid almost always harmful fracking operations, then I do not think he can be criticised for taking advantage of the situation.
      As to his Beaulieu house, it will still be something of a peasant’s hovel compared to the nearby lord’s Exbury House.

  • Sharp Ears

    What happened with Branson?

    Flybe rescued by Virgin and Stobart – BBC News
    11 Jan 2019 – Flybe is being bought for £2.2m by a consortium including Virgin Atlantic and Stobart Group. It will operate under the Virgin Atlantic brand, …

    UK regional airline Flybmi ceases operations
    9 hours ago
    British regional airline Flybmi has cancelled all its flights and filed for administration, the airline has announced.
    The company said it had been badly affected by rises in fuel and carbon costs and uncertainty over Brexit.
    The East Midlands-based airline, which has 376 staff, operates 17 planes flying to 25 European cities.


    There is absolutely no mention of Branson/Stobart in the latest BBC report!

      • Kerch'eee Kerch'ee Coup

        Good article in today’s invaluable eureferendum.com on a major cause of flybmi’s collapse having been its embrace of the carbon credits trading scheme and the EU’s Exclusion of UK based companies from the scheme as from January this year.

      • N_

        I’d never heard of Flybmi, but I would warn people against flying with Flybe if there’s an option to use any other airline. Flybe do things like demanding more money at the departure gate, telling passengers they typed their name wrong and that if they don’t hand over some more money they won’t be allowed onto the flight.

  • Paul Barbara

    About time the RAF went bust, and got the hell out of Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Belize and anywhere else they are plying their War Criminal games. Looks like they’ll soon be in Ukraine:
    ‘Russia ‘trying to meddle in’ Balkan countries joining NATO’:
    And the MSM ignores the implications….

    • michael norton

      Two humanitarian corridors will be opened for the evacuation of displaced citizens from U.S.A. controlled al-Rukban camp in al-Tanf
      Damascus, SANA-Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday that the Syrian government, in cooperation with Federal Russia, decided to open two humanitarian corridors as of Tuesday in Jabal al-Ghurab and Jleib towns on the outskirts of al-Tanf region.

      The move comes to evacuate the displaced citizens besieged by the US occupation forces and their terrorist mercenaries from al-Rukban camp in al-Tanf near the Syrian-Jordanian borders.

      Donald Trump has claimed 800 Islamic State fighters need to go back to their European countries for trial.

      If there were hundreds of thousands of I.S. fighters, what happened to the rest?

  • Anon1

    Chicago Police now believe Jussie Smollett paid two men to carry out the “racist and homophobic” attack on him blamed on Trump supporters.


    Extraordinary. Watch the MSM come out now and start bleating and screeching that he was ‘forced’ to stitch up the police and the law because muh wacism, and owange man bad.

    • michael norton

      Emmanuel Macron is currently bleating about antisemitism by Yellow Jacket protesters in Paris.

      I think this is his feeble attempt to divert attention from the real problem.

      The real problem for France is the people do not want what Macron is ramming down their throats,

      • Laguerre

        The real problem is more correctly norton’s tirades of hate against the French. Time he learnt something about France.

        • Charles Bostock

          You would certainly not be the person he should learn it from.

          You keep telling others that they know nothing about France and imply that you are the only person in the know. Now I willingly admit that you occasionally hit the nail on the head but in general your comments suggest a very blinkered approach based on a couple of immutable premisses which you appear unable to review no matter what new evidence becomes available. I shall not comment on your rather curious approach to discussion and debate.

      • Sharp Ears

        ‘I do not recognize my country’: Yellow Vests who have lost eyes, limbs demand justice from Macron
        17 Feb, 2019

        ‘France gathered for the 14th week of Gilets Jaunes protests, with the injury toll of the worst civil unrest in decades now resembling that of a small war. Yet despite pleas from victims, Emmanuel Macron is tightening the screws.

        “This is not normal. We are in France, one of the oldest and best democracies in the world,” says Fiorina Jacob Lignier, who lost her eye at a demonstration in Paris on December 8. “We usually condemn from afar other countries where this occurs, that this is happening here is unbelievable.”

        Lignier, a 20-year-old philosophy student, traveled from the northern city of Amiens to march on the Champs-Elysees to protest against fuel taxes with her boyfriend, Jacob Maxime.’

          • michael norton

            Yes Emmanuel Macron comes from Amiens.
            Riots hit northern French city of Amiens
            Buildings and cars were set alight as youths and police clashed during the night in the northern French city of Amiens.

            Sixteen officers were injured in the clashes with up to 100 youths, some of whom threw fireworks and projectiles, police said.

            This was in 2012, so probably not the fault of Emmanuel Macron.

            Wow, these sort of “problems” happen again and again in Amiens.

          • michael norton

            The magazine Challenges has also designated Amiens as “Best managed city of France” (category large cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants) in 2011, 2010 and 2008.

            It seems to have a lot going for it but they still have their riots, I suppose it is a French way of life.

        • Charles Bostock

          That is an interesting bit of information which I did not know. We already know that your father fought in the Second World War (because you told us) but did you have a grandfather who fought in the First?

    • Laguerre

      Just to give the weekly report on the gilets jaunes. Less demonstrators as every week, and increasing resentment among business owners at having their properties trashed. In Paris, at least, there’s not much sympathy for les gilets jaunes. 5000 Saturday, 1500 Sunday.

      A video showing the casseurs bombarding a police vehicle at Lyon has had a lot of repeats.

      Frankly who knows who are are les casseurs? They say the left, without evidence. All the evidence points to the right.

  • Anon1

    In other news, the ISIS bride has given birth and it’s a little baby boy! Hopefully the family will go out to celebrate and we can be rid of them too.

    • ZigZag Wanderer

      She and others will come back , they are British citizens. Unfortunately they will be whisked away to Hotel Skripal to be thoroughly discredited and silenced.
      Sajid clearly doesn’t want these people back in Blighty. I’m sure he realises they would have some interesting tales to tell.

      • jake

        She’ll be fine. A bit of diversity training and then a nice job with some spook-funded NGO. In a couple of years she’ll be a regular “go to” person for Newsnight and/or panelist on Question Time.

    • D_Majestic

      Any ideas as to the whereabouts of the lost boys of ‘The White Helmets’? I thought some were coming here. But I’ve seen nothing in the papers. Lol.

  • nevermind

    ‘she’s is going to be an absolute disaster this one’.
    Our specialist royal watcher with tabloidal ambitions, who’s malodorous excretions here should/could explain at least how and to what he compares ‘this one’ to.
    Or is this just another attempt to lower the tone here to Rupert Murdochs level?

    • Paul Barbara

      @ nevermind February 17, 2019 at 12:34
      She, too, needs to learn something about France – stay away from the Alma Tunnel!.

    • Paul Barbara

      @ Bill Marsh February 17, 2019 at 13:12
      Depends what you mean by ‘coming out’. It is definitely a big step forward for a (ex-?) BBC producer to tell it like it is, but I can find no MSM report on his findings.
      It is up to us to spread this story on every platform we can, including the MSM comments, when available.
      Many of us have known these were obviously ‘False Flag’ attacks or hoaxes from day one, or before (we were expecting them, so were the Syrians and Russians.
      And what a cosy relationship the US has with the ‘Headchoppers’:
      One of the first moves after the Ukraine Maidan ‘success’ was the US spirited Ukraine’s gold out via Germany. And Libya’s, and Iraq’s, and Afghanistans’ gold? As Uncle Sam says, ‘You can call me Al’ (‘Don’t call me Scarface’).

      • Borncynical


        More intriguingly the RT article (written by Vanessa Beeley) informs us that Dalati was originally one of the leading BBC voices disclaiming Assad for his chemical weapons attacks and begs the question as to why he has, out of the blue, been allowed to come out with his statements contradicting his previous position. There is supposition that the OPCW may be on the brink of publishing their full report on the Douma ‘attack’ and the release of Dalati’s assertions is a damage limitation exercise by the BBC who have probably got wind of the OPCW conclusions. If the OPCW declare Assad and the Russians innocent of the charges the BBC can play the self-righteous card and proclaim that “the news was first broken by one of their staff”, in spite of the fact the BBC was only too eager to support all the accusations from the outset and turn a blind eye to all the evidence to the contrary.

  • Republicofscotland

    In the event you can’t get your medication after Brexit, you’ll get what you get if you’re lucky.

    “The UK government has been accused of attempting to pass legislation with minimal scrutiny which could see pharmacists given powers to change medical prescriptions without consulting with a patient’s GP.”

    “The legislation would give Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock MP the power to place any drug Serious Shortage Protocol in the event of supply problems.
    It also affords pharmacists legal power to change the strength, quantity or make of any drug in short supply or to dispense another drug they deem to be a reasonable replacement.”

    “The legislation was lodged by way of a Statutory Instrument on January 18. If no complaints are raised after 40 days of a Statutory Instrument being lodged, it is passed.”


    • michael norton

      Project Kingfisher

      Secret slush fund in the case of No Deal Brexit
      to oil the wheels of U.K. industry and commerce.

    • Tony

      The ability to change the make of prescription drugs has to be the biggest move forward in pharrmacy practice in modern history. It opens up our market to generics from India, etc, which will save the NHS tens of billions of pounds a year if followed through properly.

        • Tony

          I’m not sure what your point is. India has a large, well-established pharmaceutical industry, Bangladesh a smaller one. Many of these companies supply African governments, etc, and do outsource manufacturing for Western pharmaceutical companies.

      • Dungroanin

        i’ll not be recommending anyone consumes ‘generics’ from India or elsewhere where there isn’t full quality control.
        Many are drugs that were superceded with advanced formulations to reduce toxicity for example.

        Always check before taking such items with a reputable internet source or if you know one a pharmacist, when travelling. And opt for a branded item.
        You can buy branded medicines still under patent a lot cheaper in many countries than charged here.

        The costs are set arbitrarily by big pharma and our governments have let them get away with murder, literally, the current example being the denial of prescribing cannabis based medication for the kid who was able to get it legally in Europe. Such a simple non-toxic natural substance is not made available by the sleight of hand that requires ‘new’ medicines to be tested for safety and efficacy. Which the pharma people won’t do – because it is unpatentable. So gp’s and pharmacists are unable to prescribe what they are not sure off. They are also instructed that such alternatives can only be tried after trying all the orher variants, more toxic, more expensive – Neither is it made available as a natural remedy. Though as many here will know Mr May (so therefore his missus) is involved in producing such a derivative in Britain! For export mainly.

        Another major issue – which will only change if we elect a government that isn’t in pharmas lobbied control, for a change.

        People above profits. Health above wealth!

    • Dave Lawton

      February 17, 2019 at 13:55

      “In the event you can’t get your medication after Brexit, you’ll get what you get if you’re lucky.”
      We will be ok.It is Germany that will have a problem.

      The Germans are worse off for medicines also their economy is going down the pan.FRANKFURT (Reuters) – German drugmakers have been asked by the government to examine their supply chains for any vulnerability that could cause shortages of essential drugs in the event that Britain leaves the European Union without a Brexit deal.


      • Republicofscotland

        Oh that’s brilliant Einstein, but tell me how does that help those needing vital drugs in Britain after Brexit.

        • Dave Lawton

          Because there won`t be a shortage.So stop channeling the ghost of Norman Reddaway with your anti Brexit propaganda.Anyway a little bird told me.It is going to be alright.So don`t get in a panic.

        • Glasshopper

          Are you seriously suggesting HMRC are going to prevent essential drugs from entering the country in case of a no-deal Brexit?

          Every day Remainers become more un-hinged.

          Perhaps it’s time you took your own meds mate!

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    Took the BBC survey, indicating that I am not wild about its coverage of world events,

  • Republicofscotland

    The British government are under no obligation to act, this isn’t binding. However imagine if Venezuelan, or Syrian weapons were being sold to the Saudi regime, to murder innocent civilians. The US and its minions would be calling for a military intervention.

    “The UK is on “the wrong side of the law” by sanctioning arms exports to Saudi Arabia for the war in Yemen and should suspend some of the export licences, an all-party Lords committee has said.”

    “The report by the international relations select committee says ministers are not making independent checks to see if arms supplied by the UK are being used in breach of the law, but is instead relying on inadequate investigations by the Saudis, its allies in the war.
    It describes the humanitarian plight of Yemenis as “unconscionable”.

    “It is the first unanimous report from a parliamentary committee describing Saudi arms export sales as unlawful, and comes ahead of an imminent high court appeal by campaigners to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia on the grounds they are in breach of humanitarian law.”


  • Dungroanin

    Lol, the ObsessiveGraun runs with it’s usual, scary big nosed clowns, Cohen & co, to split the thicko ‘socialist’ readers of that not so secret state infiltrated rag, with the red herring of a impossible referendum.
    ABC they cry. Anybody But Corbyn, they beg, gnashing and tearing their own hair out. He will undo all our works! They moan.
    We are not buying – not mrs ballsy, Yvette; nor mr flippyfloppy ummama mama ; or the oleagenous Mr Smugleslie; or miss eversogreasy; or the dodgyprogeny twins kinnockandBenn and the rest of the failed and failed again and again chickencoupers.
    They were definitely splitting on thursday, and then friday … it’s sunday now !
    Chicken is as chicken does. Cowards and liars.

    Funniest was the photo of dynamic duo chukka and soubry, marching purposefully in westminster, the figureheads of the new centrists mirage of taking back control, not from the EU, but the now inevitable Corbynite Labour government. Which threatens their superpower and gains of being two faces of but one secret neocon party that has brought us privatisations from the day their goddess Maggie bared her multibreasted teats to nurture all the pigs and fatcats and handed back to the aristos what had been grasped from their long and cold hands in 1945.

    How can the declared new centrists conspirators of friday now go and sit on the back benches on the monday? As if it was all a dream?

    • Ian

      ‘inevitable Corbyn government’ – this is the kind of delusion that fuels the complacency and feebleness that Corbyn exemplifies. He’s missed his chance, and now all his supporters want to bleat on about a handful of MPs who don’t matter much, rather than actually do something worthwhile, like perhaps acting like an effective opposition. Whatever the depths that May is plumbing, and the disaster she is stoking, Corbyn stands meekly on the sidelines.

      • Dungroanin

        Lol hope you guys aren’t using government resources for tory central office political rapid response ‘work’. That would be illegal and the incoming Labour government may not take kindly to civil servants taking sides.

        Of course the ramping up of political mudslinging is indicative of an GE. I bet the coffers are being filled to fight the biggest fight of all for the Tory party – for survival.

        Happy days are coming finally.

        • Ian

          Haha, you are funny. The failures of Corbyn only prove to the true believers that his incompetence is all part of a wicked and dastardly plot. Like the witch trials, without a witch, just a nice, if irrelevant, old fella.

          • J

            That was Loony’s chat up line last election. “You can’t vote for change. Corbyn is weak. Don’t even try. Accept the inevitable. Do nothing. Corbyn isn’t ‘serious’ like Theresa May.”


          • Ian

            Well, if he’s not failing at his basic job description, what is he succeeding at? Because it’s certainly not at opposing this appalling government.

          • Dungroanin

            The voters decide who fails and the measure of that failure.

            Let the people decide. If you dare.

          • Ian

            If I dare? What has got to do with daring? Everybody wants this government dumped, the tragedy is that they would probably squeak in again, thanks to the miserable state of the opposition. Corbyn engenders despair not hope. He peaked a long time ago, and has lost the youth vote he relied on then.

          • Dungroanin

            Well you are at it early!
            If everybody wants this government dumped – why are they still letting it carry on?

            Also since you ignored my question on the Downing Street media unit – i will take that as guilty as charged. Unless you want to make a clarification?

          • Ian

            What question? I notice you ignore all the evidence that Corbyn is failing the people who would like to support a radical, popular Labour party.

        • Dungroanin

          Ian are you using government resources for tory central office political rapid response ‘work’?

      • Ken Kenn

        Here’s a prediction.

        Whenever the ‘ Meaningful Vote’ has to be meaningful it will be May (not Corbyn) who calls an election.

        It is her only way out of confronting the No Dealers in the ERG and the DUP.

        The media forget and others forget that this confidence and supply government is running out of the confidence of others and supplying no opposition to back up its own Bills. It accedes to any challenges to it’s own legislation.

        The calling of a GE is the only thing they and May are in charge of once the meaningful vote is taken and her Deal is rejected.

        Then again she may call a GE in order to avoid any vote on her deal knowing that it will fall.

        .I think May genuinely does not want a No Deal.

        As I’ve said before – if you don’t know how to play poker – don’t play that game. May has no idea – has a bad hand and she
        shows too easily.

        The problem for the media and other MPs is their biggest fear is a Corbyn led government.

        Brexiters were accused of wanting their cake and eat.

        Remainers want control of the Bakery.

        Even if Labour got all their MPs to vote for Remain they would still not have enough votes to win as they are reliant on the Mouse that Roared – the Tory ‘ Rebels ‘

        To the SNP’s credit ( The Lib Dems are silent on this ) are going for a Revocation. A big ask but honest at least.

        Chuka and his mates are silent on that issue too.

    • Anon1

      “The now inevitable Corbynite Labour government”

      The level of delusion is quite staggering.

    • Blunderbuss

      @Dungroanin, February 17, 2019 at 14:22

      Today’s Mail on Sunday is hideous, even by MoS standards. Pages and pages of anti-Corbyn propaganda. Is there any crime that JC has not committed?

      • Tom

        I agree. Today’s MoS was like reading a government rag from Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. That’s probably the way this country is going unfortunately.

      • Deb O'Nair

        Just pre GE media hysteria before the fair reporting laws kick in. The stupidity of it is that facile attempts to manipulate public opinion only temporarily skews opinion polls, thereby giving the Tories unfounded confidence, as seen in the last GE.

      • Dungroanin

        The neocons are Atlantist nato thugs – they initiated, funded and delivered brexit.

        Cohen and co, being the NuLabInc MSM cheerleaders, are the other side of the same neocon coin.

        They know they are screwed and are praying for a miracle.

  • BrianFujisan

    The Evil of Zionists are Getting way out of Control –

    Watch Zionist Jews take a 17 year old Palestinian put a hood over the child’s head, take him to a field and break his arms and legs with rocks, then smash his skull with a rock, he died an hours later. Warning Disturbing video

      • S.N.

        This I think is an old story – maybe 10 years or so, but was not reported even then, now such stories don’t have any chance to be reported at all on MSM 🙁

        • BrianFujisan

          S.N. is that Ten years old..
          I don’t Care..it’s Vile Evil… Practically every day I see the Evil against Palestinians

          • Clark

            Yes, every day. That conflict goes on and on, and Israel continually makes it worse by causing more and more resentment, taking more and more land with the illegal settlements, and Gaza remains effectively a prison, isolated from the rest of Palestine. And continually, Palestinians are killed by Israel about a hundred times faster than Israelis are killed by Palestinians.

          • Deb O'Nair

            The Pals are now having their tax revenues taken by Tel Aviv because the Likudites don’t agree with the way the P.A. is spending it’s own money.

      • BrianFujisan

        Dungroanin.. Aye the War Criminal’s bbC

        they won’t tell it On bbC..Or Stv `… bbc Scotland’s days are number’d Thank Fuck.

      • Anon1

        It’s footage from the First Intifada. Every single time I check one of these stories out it turns out you people are telling lies.

        • Deb O'Nair

          Should we also ignore atrocities committed against Israelis and Jews if they occurred more than a decade or so ago?

          • Deb O'Nair

            Brian I can not make sense of your comment. For clarification the point I make is that there is an attempt to make an argument that atrocities can be dismissed or ignored because they happened a certain amount of time ago, which is of course nonsense.

        • S.N.

          “Every single time I check one of these stories out it turns out you people are telling lies.”
          And where did you see the “lies” – do you insist this horrific crimes never happened? Do you see anybody here or original posting author claim it happened “yesterday”?

          • Anon1

            This happened 30 years ago. It’s presented as if it’s something that’s just happened – e.g., “The Evil of Zionists are Getting way out of Control”.

          • Deb O'Nair

            e.g., “The Evil of Zionists are Getting way out of Control”.

            What, like the recent killing of over one hundred unarmed protesters demonstrating on their own land and over 10,000 seriously wounded by fragmentation rounds, many with life changing injuries requiring amputation? That kind of ‘out of control’?

      • Glasshopper

        I have a feeling that clip goes back to Rabin’s day, and was linked at the time to his nickname “Bonebreaker”.

    • Sharp Ears

      In 2005, Amira Hass wrote on the order given by Rabin to the IDF to break Palestinians’ bones.

      Broken Bones and Broken Hopes
      When Palestinians are asked about Yitzhak Rabin, they remember a man who ordered Israeli soldiers to break their arms and legs.

  • toodaloo

    The most likely scenario in the event of US’ withdrawal, is that Turkey and Russia agree on how to carve up Syria to the detriment of Assad. Turkey would never starts a war or any other military operation, unless it is sure that it’s going to be successful, and it doesn’t look like engaging US troops is going to guarantee success. As China is growing up every day both economically and politically with big projects (https://tranio.com/articles/one-belt-one-road-paved-with-gold-how-to-make-money-on-european-properties-along-the-new-silk-road/) the main leverage here is Turkey against Russia and Iran, and considering Turkish Government’s attitude towards Europe, of course against Europe.

    • michael norton

      Wrong, Turkey will not be able to rip Syria apart, Syria, Russia and Iran would not put up with it.
      The leader of Turkey is an idiot.
      The leader of Syria is a trained surgeon, not an idiot.
      Putin is nobodies idiot.
      Don’t know who runs Iran, they might be idiots.

    • Laguerre

      Things will continue as expected. When the US withdraws from Syrian Kurdistan, they will make a deal with Asad.

    • giyane

      Hello Toodaloo

      Empires are built on high principles by moral citizens where morality is the key to personall success not ethnicity. As they decline they revert to brutality , greed and racism.

      The Mughals, British, Turks, US etc all hold the deepest respect in the hearts of future generations. But politicians by definition to not understand that morality is the key to Empire

      Otherwise they wouldn’t lie, steal, imprison, kill invade and corrupt religion as politicians universally do.

  • Charles Bostock

    ““Meghan Markle backs campaign to ‘decolonise the curriculum’ by adding more black women to university staff instead of ‘male, pale, and stale’ professors in her first political intervention since joining the royal family”

    That’s interesting.

    But before we snigger at the sheer effrontery and silliness and even inaccuracy of the notion of “decolonising the curriculum” by recruiting more black staff (inaccurate because it is diffucult to see how a curriculum – as opposed to the teaching staff – could be decolonised), let us note that it wasn’t Meghan Markle who started the campaign, she merely supports it (precise form and intensity of support unknown).

    But is this campaign not typical of a part of today’s students? Does anyone remember those student militants who kicked up such a fuss about Cecil Rhodes’s statue being above the entrance of (I think) Oriel and launched a ferocious campaign for it to be removed?

    If the sickness even affects Oxford then things must be serious. Nonsense like this should be propelled out of the door by a good kick in the pants.

    • Ian

      Go back to the Telegraph where you belong with your colonel blimp act. Students and young people in general are far more astute than you have any idea of.

    • jeffleb

      What’s interesting Charles is your lacking concern of the celebration and glorification of one white supremacist over another white supremacist.

      From wiki – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cecil_Rhodes

      ”Rhodes wanted to expand the British Empire because he believed that the Anglo-Saxon race was destined to greatness. Rhodes said of the English, “I contend that we are the first race in the world, and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race. I contend that every acre added to our territory means the birth of more of the English race who otherwise would not be brought into existence.”[2] These views struck a chord with Adolf Hitler, who claimed that Rhodes was the only Englishman who truly understood Anglo-Saxon ideals.[45]

      Rhodes arguing that “the native is to be treated as a child and denied the franchise. We must adopt a system of despotism, such as works in India, in our relations with the barbarism of South Africa”.[29] Rhodes advocated the governance of indigenous Africans living in the Cape Colony “in a state of barbarism and communal tenure” as “a subject race. I do not go so far as the member for Victoria West, who would not give the black man a vote. … If the whites maintain their position as the supreme race, the day may come when we shall be thankful that we have the natives with us in their proper position.”

      Do you align with such views? Is it because Rhodes victims were black that you see no issue with statues celebrating the ‘man’? (Would explain your previous ”young girl” description of Rep. Ilhan Omar who is a woman fyi).

  • Dungroanin

    Another good ‘un shuffles off – Honest cop John Stalker of the deepshitstirrers of the Troubles. They didn’t like it one bit and binned him for not playing their masonic games.

    I bet he knew all about the MI’s and 77th Brigade and DUP – hope he left a post-humous record for posterity.

    • Tony

      John Stalker was a good ‘un for sure. When the NI shoot to kill files were released, he told a journalist who approached him with the info that said journalist was providing him with new info.

    • Tony

      As if 99% of the population would withdraw their vote for a candidate who isn’t a ” friend of israel”. The vast majority almost certainly would if the MSM actually showed them what is on the end of that poisonous, murderous spoon.

      • nevermind

        Exactly Tony, if we are not friends of all nations, just the war mongering ones, then we will fail to attract the trade we so dearly need after 29th March.

        Split loyalties, paid for jollies and secret meetings, hallo Priti P., are all indications of severely split loyalties and possibly, a dangerously undermind foreign policy resolve and base.

        • Paul Barbara

          @ nevermind February 17, 2019 at 23:27
          But since when has it been different? The ‘Secret Elite’ do what they please, and the rest of the ‘(B)Leaders’ accept it.
          ‘!Money makes the world go around!’. Sure, there was ‘method’ behind someone’s ‘madness’, but that did not stop it from being ‘madness’. But the same ‘madness’ is behind our even worse ‘Fuhrers’, albeit they finesse the situation slightly differently (but not that much).
          ‘They’ have WWIII on the cards, just as the Brits had WWI on the cards in1905.
          But unlike then, the 4th Estate is totally controlled, so no MSM coverage.
          I wouldn’t advise anyone to invest in a nuke shelter, but then again, I’m in my mid-seventies.

    • David

      powerful state propaganda organ BBC radio announce breathlessly on their ten a.m. news that they imminently expect a group of deep-state operatives to resign from somewhere over something. (in the interests of who, exactly, with less than a thousand hours to brexit?)

      one of the coup protaganists seems to have deep form, been expelled from Russia, years ago, obviously a misunderstanding as a persona molto grata as this half-a-story depicts:-

      Russia detains British Council director [Prince of Denmark, Stephen Kinnock?], reporting from Luke Harding in Moscow, Wed 16 Jan 2008 18.53 GMT

  • Tatyana

    Meanwhile in Russia:
    “Crimean lawyer Lenura Engulatova addressed Natalya Goncharova, Minister of Education of the Republic of Crimea, with a request to withdraw the textbook “History of Crimea” for 10 classes… “because of incorrect and provocative formulations regarding the Crimean Tatar people”. She noted that the textbook incites ethnic conflict and can not be recommended by the Ministry of Education.

    “The Council of the Crimean Tatars turned to the head of the region Sergey Aksenov with a request to withdraw from all school and public libraries a textbook on the history of Crimea … The Crimean Tatars in the textbook are presented as collaborators (*of Hitler)…”

    Interesting discussion goes here

    Andrey Malgin: “…Rennan said – The French would never have become a nation, if they endlessly reminded each other of St. Bartholomew’s night… you can not endlessly tread on the sick calluses of each other…”

    Igor Rudenko: “…Since childhood, the Poles know about the Volyn massacre, a little Jew cannot avoid the topic of the Holocaust from the 1st grade. And probably it is right!”

    Olga Volodchenko: “…after the events of 2013, Maidan, I came to the conclusion that you need to talk about everything… When a child, I asked everyone ‘who are the punishers?’ No one answered, even history teachers. Later I found it out myself. So I don’t know whether to hush up… you need to talk about everything.”

    Alexey Vasiliev: “…if the crime is not denoted and not condemned – it is like it doesn’t exist…”

    Aleks Bur: “Colaborants were among all nations, peoples, and communities. Only not all nations and communities condemned them by their public opinion and by law…”

    • Sharp Ears

      One of the last Early Day Motions that he signed. Just 86 others signed. There are 650 MPs! That says it all.

      That this House is appalled by the decision of the US Administration to end its funding of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which amounts to a reduction of nearly a third of UNRWA’s operating budget; believes that such a move takes the Middle East further away from peace and is part of an unprecedented attempt to undermine the international legal consensus on the protected status of Palestinian refugees; notes that across Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, around six million Palestinian refugees are registered with UNRWA and reaffirms their status as such; is concerned that this funding decision will critically endanger UNRWA’s ability to continue providing vital services, including health care and social services as well as education for well over 500,000 refugee children; and calls on the Government to work with international partners to fill the funding gap left by the US Administration and ensure that vital front-line services are not put at risk by this reckless unilateral withdrawal of support.

  • Sharp Ears

    The very earnest ex BBC man, Robert Nesbit*, who now works as the mouthpiece for the Rail Delivery Group (the train operators), has just been on BBC Breakfast giving it large on the plan to ditch peak and off peak fares. So that’s the end of a chance to find a very low price for a journey.

    Their verbiage – https://www.raildeliverygroup.com/media-centre/press-releases/2019/469762745-2019-02-18.html

    The BBC version – almost PR for the RDG –

    Peak rail fares could go under rail price shake-up

    * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Nisbet_(journalist)

  • Sharp Ears

    There is so much hate in the hearts of the Israeli settlers. Look at the stumps left of these 450 olive trees. The olives would have been the only source of income for the Palestinians who own them. Just part of the daily attrition.

    War on nature: How Zionist colonialism has destroyed the environment in Palestine
    February 11, 2019
    Ramzy Baroud

  • michael norton

    is Craig still in Pakistan?

    Saudi Arabia signs $20bn in deals with Pakistan
    The deals include funding for an $8bn oil refinery in the city of Gwadar.

    It comes as part of a high-profile Asian tour by the kingdom’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

    Pakistan is suffering a financial crisis. It has only $8bn left in foreign reserves and is looking to international backers for support.

    Prime Minister Imran Khan has been seeking help from friendly countries in order to cut the size of the bailout package his country is likely to need from the International Monetary Fund

    • nevermind

      Maybe the US can spare a few tons of the looted IS gold to help Pakistan, as a reparation to all the civilians it has killed there with unregulated, indiscriminate drones and their hellfire missiles.
      They then can trade it back for oil from the current despot MBSalman, who initially paid it to IS and Daesh to oust Assad. With a little luck the family of his ex friend Kashoggi will get some in recompense for his cruel death ordered by MBS, allegedly.

    • pete

      It looks to me like the site is private, view by invitation only. You can only contact the site by setting up a WordPress account, unless I have the wrong person and you have another link, not an e-mail address (Because I know what I do with unsolicited mail).
      There are a number of worrying 9/11 links on the Saker website, and, while that doesn’t ring too many alarms by itself, I get uncomfortable sometimes with alternative narratives. Nonetheless the article is interesting and I am sure we have been deliberately misinformed by the MSM so far, and are therefore entitled to entertain alternative explanations, even if they seem far fetched.

    • Kempe

      I think you mean “makes up yet another evidence free fairy story” but then that’s the Saker’s speciality.

  • jeffleb

    Craig arrives back from Pakistan with a zinger –

    ”Back to the UK after 3 weeks to news of probable new breakaway from Labour Party along SDP lines, only this time to be called SGP.
    Stands for Support the Genocide of the Palestinians, which seems the defining policy that unites them.”


    Prepare for more DOS attacks on the site. LOL

  • N_

    It looks as though today will be the day that some of the baby burners in the Labour party stand on their heroic moral consciences, rehearse their references to “freedom in Venezuela” and “appalling anti-Semitism”, and for a few thousand pounds in their pockets try to help the Tories stay in office for the next couple of decades. Presumably other baby burners such as Emily Thornberry will reprise Roy Hattersley and stay put.

    Names for the new party? How about White Phosphorus?

    Can someone get the file out on Chuka Umunna please.

    • N_

      Names of the Zionazi-supporting baby burners so far:

      Chuka Umunna (Labour Friends of I__ael)
      Mike Gapes (Labour Friends of I__el)
      Luciana Berger (Labour Friends of I__el)
      Ann Coffey (?)
      Chris Leslie (Labour Friends of I__el)
      Gavin Shuker (?)
      Angela Smith (Labour Friends of I__el)

      (Source for the LFOI involvement: the LFOI’s own website).

      Anybody know about Coffey and Shuker?

      • N_

        Ann Coffey seems to employ Joseph Caluori, the Islington councillor married to billionaire-bracket Margaret Hodge’s daughter, on her parliamentary staff. (Info from 2015). Hodge is a known LFOI member.

    • Anon1

      The support shown by the leader of the Labour Party for anti-Semites and terrorists is indeed appalling.

      “Names for the new party? How about White Phosphorus?”

      This is why you are on your way to electoral oblivion.

      • N_

        You mention elections?

        Not one of the White Phosphorus Party’s founders has had the courage to resign their seat and put their pro-CIA-coup neo-Hitlerism to the electorate.

        Let the vermin do that, and we’ll see how many votes they get.

    • Anthony

      One item now expunged from the official file — ‘ Mr Peoples Vote ‘ Umunna is on record saying a second referendum was unthinkable and that freedom of movement would have to be sacrificed. Do not expect that to feature anywhere in mainstream coverage.

    • Sharp Ears

      I once went to a talk given by Dr Mads Gilbert, the Norwegian doctor, on the effects of Israeli attacks on the Palestinians in Gaza. He showed slides of injuries caused by white phosphorus which burns in contact with oxygen and once it lands on the skin, burns through the flesh down to the bone. I can still see the images in my mind although the talk took place years ago. At the time of Cast Lead.

      The Israelis dropped it on a school playground.
      https://www.theguardian.com/world/2009/mar/25/israel-white-phosphorus-gaza Its use is banned in international law, as are dum dum bullets which the IDF are using currently at the protests on the ‘border’.

      A beautiful man. http://madisonrafah.org/fighting-israel-with-a-camera-and-a-stethoscope/

      PS Jonathan Hoffman, the infamous Zionist activist who you might have heard of, interrupted the talk throughout.

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