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  • Sharp Ears

    US SOUTHCOM: Bolsonaro Barks for His Master

    ‘Admiral Craig Faller announces an unprecedented joint military operation with Brazil to the US Senate Armed Services Committee. What does it mean for national sovereignty?’

    Trump is certainly all over South America but he doesn’t want any of their citizens arriving via Mexico.

    I had missed that Bolsonaro had been attacked last year.
    Brazil: Far-right frontrunner Jair Bolsonaro survives stabbing attack

  • Anon1

    @Garth Carthy,

    Let’s organise a beach clean for plastics next Saturday starting at 8am, and see how many turn up. None, would be my guess.

    They don’t know anything. They are the child soldiers of globohomo, manipulated, saturated with identity politics and SJW activism, pushed into action by their teachers, themselves brainwashed from the 1970s on and now running what passes for the education system. They bunk off school, shout “Fuck the Tories” for a few hours, feel a little fuzz of excitement from all the back-slapping self-congratulatory entitlement and virtue signalling, and then get ferried home in their parents’ 4x4s, reinfirced by mummy and daddy about how special they are, having “saved the planet”.

    • Garth Carthy

      “They are the child soldiers of globohomo, manipulated, saturated with identity politics and SJW activism…”

      If they’re manipulated and saturated with anything, it’s the Deep State propaganda and lies that the establishment spreads through the monopolised and polluted mainstream media.
      Anyway, what’s all this nonsense about ‘virtue signalling’? I’m sick and tired of this pathetic and predictable response by right wing nuts that everything the left protests about is ‘virtue signalling’. Well, if you and your mates want to live your sad lives without virtue, just leave the rest of us alone.

      • Garth Carthy

        “I can’t imagine why the term [virtue signalling] should make you so angry?”

        I’ll tell you why it makes me angry: Because every time right wingers are losing the argument they predictably and repeatedly come up with the old chestnut “Oh he/she’s virtue signalling”.

    • Borncynical


      I’m entirely in agreement with you on this. I regard myself as a realist, not a ‘right wing nut’ (@Garth Carthy 13.22). In fact I don’t label myself as left or right wing or anything in between as there is so much overlap these days, depending on the topic under discussion.

      If children were as aware and capable of rational evaluation as others on here seem to think, why haven’t they been out demonstrating about other more immediate threats to our futures such as the bizarre, rabid desire of the Government and the MSM for military confrontation for contrived and unsupportable reasons and, at worst, our annihilation by a nuclear holocaust? Well I suppose it would cancel out the need to pursue a resolution to the Brexit issue.

      • Garth Carthy

        @Borncynical: “If children were as aware and capable of rational evaluation as others on here seem to think, why haven’t they been out demonstrating about other more immediate threats to our futures such as the bizarre, rabid desire of the Government and the MSM for military confrontation for contrived and unsupportable reasons and, at worst, our annihilation by a nuclear holocaust? Well I suppose it would cancel out the need to pursue a resolution to the Brexit issue.”

        If you read what the experts say i.e. climate scientists as opposed to non specialists, you will see that climate change is urgent and is happening now. Have you not noticed? Anyway, climate change and the threat of nuclear destruction are intrinsically linked. Even a relatively small nuclear event would cause disastrous crop shortages when combined with increased global warming.

  • Sharp Ears

    Failing Grayling cont’d

    Yet another Tory outsourcing project goes belly up. The Heil seems not to like him!

    Chris Grayling’s ‘disastrous’ privatisation of probation services is slammed as firm goes into administration in new blow to minister
    Private provider of probation services Working Links goes into administration
    Provided services in Wales, Avon and Somerset, and Devon and Cornwall
    Ex Justice Secretary Chris Grayling overhauled probation arrangements in 2014
    Comes following disastrous week for Mr Grayling over Brexit ferry controversy

    How Grayling’s privatisation in 2014 worked.
    UK announces winners of privatised probation services contracts
    Two outsourcing groups awarded more than half the £450m annual work

    Could you make this up?

    ‘The justice secretary, Chris Grayling, has told MPs he will press ahead with a decision on Wednesday to privatise the probation service, despite renewed public safety concerns and before the outcome of a high court challenge next week. Grayling admitted that a conflict of interest row surrounding the sell-off has become more acute after the wife of the chief inspector of probation was promoted last week to run the company that is to take over the largest number of probation contracts.

    Grayling told the Commons justice select committee he accepted there was a conflict of interest involving Paul McDowell, the chief inspector of probation, and his wife, Janine, who was promoted 10 days ago to managing director of Sodexo Justice Services, which has preferred bidder status for six of the 21 probation contracts.’

    • Blunderbuss

      @Anon1, February 16, 2019 at 14:01

      “Turn the heating off in schools”.

      I assume this is a carbon dioxide reduction measure.

      The problem is that most people take the view “I’d love to save the planet but only if I can keep on driving a car and flying in aircraft”. It isn’t just government ministers saying this, it is the man and woman in the street.

      It’s no use blaming me because I’m not forcing people to go on using cars and aircraft. It’s a choice they make for themselves.

      • Clark

        “It’s no use blaming me because I’m not forcing people to go on using cars and aircraft. It’s a choice they make for themselves”

        Choices are made in a context, and government can affect the context. They could reduce road use by expanding railways. They could change vehicle insurance laws to encourage sharing or pooling of vehicles, or use incentives to encourage long-distance train journeys supplemented by locally hired vehicles at the destination. They could move vehicle road tax into fuel tax to encourage car owners to use buses for some journeys. There is a lot of scope for improvement.

    • John Goss

      Regarding Yukia Skripal I have just emailed Clive Stafford-Smith at Reprieve to see if a charity would be allowed to see her, since her embassy staff are not, and somebody should take concern for her welfare, that she is being well looked after and that she is not being held against her will. I never mentioned to see if she is still alive.

      Whatever her father did he is still a human being but I believe Yulia had no direct involvement with the intelligence community. She is an person in need of knowing that someone on the outside is campaigning for her.

          • Clark

            Well I can read your blog, including that page, from here in the UK. So are you saying that some non-Russian entity is blocking it from Russia? I know the Russian government has restricted Russian’s Internet access; both Assange and Snowden have criticised that.

          • John Goss

            Clark, you ought to ask Tatyana that. I get little traffic from Russia on a subject that ought to be dear to their hearts, since it is about a fellow-national being exploited. Look at the Change petition. It should be flooded with Russian signatures.

            Remember the west owns the internet. I have read that Russia is developing its own system so it is not vulnerable to being cut-off.

          • Clark

            The West doesn’t “own the Internet”. The real story is much funnier. The US government turned to their boffins and said “build us a communication system that can’t be censored” so the boffins built a really good one, and the US government has been trying to censor it ever since, with very limited success.

            I think the US has considerable control over the Domain Name System, but your blog’s domain name seems to be working so it isn’t that.

            Various different telecommunication companies own the infrastructure, but “the Internet” is a set of communications protocols more than anything else. Those protocols are all public – they’d have to be, so that everything can be compatible. But those protocols can be implemented on any infrastructure; Internet Protocol has even been implemented over carrier pigeon, but only to prove the point.


          • John Goss

            Just because you can access it does not mean others can. What do you think all the legislation allowing the Spooks to spy on us is for. It is a bit naive to assume because you can see something others can as well. I proved that with a colleague in London. Anyway no time for debate at the moment.

          • Clark

            “What do you think all the legislation allowing the Spooks to spy on us is for”

            Primarily commercial / financial espionage I suspect.

            “I proved that with a colleague in London”

            I’d be interested to read that story. If you get around to it, please be as chronological and as matter-of-fact as you can.

            But you should beware assumptions. Ultimately, whoever operates the infrastructure can grant or withhold access, apply filters, record traffic etc. In practice that’s engineers in telecommunications companies. They can be given orders, but what results depends on what they do to the systems. Obviously some of the engineers, their managers etc. and their companies will be serving more than one master.

            The first-order chain of command is that governments tell companies what they’d like done in their own territory, and the companies tell governments how much of that is possible.

            People underestimate the commercial aspect. When Snowden revealed that the NSA were saving copies of all of Google’s traffic, Google implemented encryption, and opened top level talks with the NSA. That was spun as Google protecting its customers’ interests, but I don’t see it that way at all. I bet Google were saying “that was our data and you never paid for a copy of it; would you rather settle this bill or go to court?”

      • michael norton

        I have signed, John.

        Yulia is a Russian.
        Yulia has not ( as far as we have been told) been involved in crime.
        Her government should be given access to her, to ascertain if she is being held against her own free will.

        It is amazing that questions are not asked in Parliament?

  • Trowbridge H. Ford

    The BBC is asking me to take its survey to figure out what I think..

    At k\least I know Jacobabad is one of the hottest places on the planet.

    Are other posters being asked? Should I take it?

      • David

        Good advice SE

        Increasingly, computational means make it possible to infer intimate and detailed information about individuals from readily available data. This supports the sorting of individuals into categories, thereby reinforcing different forms of social, cultural, religious, legal and economic segregation and discrimination. It also facilitates the micro-targeting of individuals based on profiles in ways that may profoundly affect their lives…

        Fine grained, sub-conscious and personalised levels of algorithmic persuasion may have significant effects on the cognitive autonomy of individuals and their right to form opinions and take independent decisions.

        Feb. 2019 Liaison input to European Court of Human Rights, from United Kingdom Mr Christopher Yvon, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, and probably a few other Ministers’ Deputies at the Strasbourg based Council of Europe.

        search for Declaration by the Committee of Ministers on the manipulative capabilities of algorithmic processes

  • Sharp Ears

    The very creepy born again evangelical Michael Richard Pence bigs up his BIG boss and instructs us to bow down to him.

    Pence hails ‘remarkable, extraordinary’ Trump tenure in attack on US allies
    Vice-president tells European and Asian allies they should follow the US in quitting the Iran deal and recognizing Juan Guaido

    He also boasts of US prowess in killing. No wonder there is blowback following US activities in Iraq and Afghanistan and other ME countries including North Africa..

    IS ‘decimated’ and down to last mile of territory, says US vice president Mike Pence
    The US vice president vows the remnants of Islamic State will be “hunted down wherever and whenever they rear their ugly head”.

    Q Who created IS/Daesh in the first place?

    • Charles Bostock


      “Both Russia and China are owed billions from Venezuela.”

      I’ve been pointing this out for some time now and am therefore glad to have your confirmation that it is so. I wonder if readers would agree that it was highly, highly irresponsible of Russia and China to have got a financially irresponsible country like Venezuela even further into debt through such massive loans? Why, it is almost as irresponsible as Goldman Sachs arranging large loans for that financially irresponsible country called Greece!

      • Republicofscotland

        Well Charles not every country can be as fortunate as Israel, having another country pay its way for it year after year.

        I’m sure you’ll agree, you can spend monies raised inhouse to make/create new developments, in science medicine warfare etc, whilst taxpayers in another country takes care of the bills.

        • IrishU


          Any facts to back up your claim that Israel has another country to pay its way year after year?

      • Borncynical

        “…it was highly irresponsible of Russia and China to have got a financially irresponsible country like Venezuela even further into debt through such massive loans”.
        Presumably from your tone you fully expect Ukraine to repay the IMF the $3.9bn loan agreed to in December and the EU loan of 500m euros also agreed to in December, to be followed in due course by a further payment of 500m euros. Unlike Russia and China, presumably the IMF and EU know what they are doing(!?). Poroshenko can make an awful lot of chocolates with that money but can he sell them?

      • SA

        The country in most debt is the US owing trillions. Some of which has been lent by the same irresponsible China.

    • Dungroanin

      I’m ready to invest some of my pension…

      ‘CURRENCY WARS. The Central Bank of Russia continues its strategy: total USD holdings down to 22% from 46%, Euros and Renmenbi holdings up; gold 2,112 tonnes. Total external debt $453.7 billion, lowest in nearly 10 years. Moody’s upgrades debt rating. Washington’s economic war is failing.’

      From https://turcopolier.typepad.com/sic_semper_tyrannis/2019/02/russian-federation-sitrep-14-february-2019-by-patrick-armstrong.html

  • Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile as the EU increasingly sides with Iran, the madhatters in the Whitehouse, roll out the same tired old chestnut yet again. As it gears up to overthrow the democratically elected president of Venezuela.

    “Iran is planning a “new Holocaust” to destroy Israel, US vice president Mike Pence claimed at a summit on peace and security in the Middle East.

    “The Iranian regime openly advocates another Holocaust and seeks the means to achieve it,” he told delegates at the conference, which was co-hosted by the US and Poland in Warsaw.”


    • Charles Bostock

      “Iran is planning a “new Holocaust” to destroy Israel, US vice president Mike Pence claimed at a summit on peace and security in the Middle East.”

      I don’t find that totally unbelievable. After all, the Iranian regime sacrificed over 1 million of its own people in the useless war against Irak. By means, inter alia, of sending child soldiers to clear minefields not with mine detectors but with their bodies.

      Why should a state which treats its own people like that scruple to attempt wipe out the people of another state?

      • Republicofscotland

        “I don’t find that totally unbelievable. After all, the Iranian regime sacrificed over 1 million of its own people in the useless war against Irak. ”

        Defending itself against a western backed and heavily armed Iraq. Irak? Are you in France? Or did you have a French upbringing? Or is is it your remit to read all things French? ?

      • Deb O'Nair

        A war inflicted on Iran by then favourite despot of US Saddam Hussein, who during the conflict managed to kill thousands of his own people with WMD and with the complete support of the US. You are a narrow minded, tunnel visioned hypocrite.

      • Glasshopper

        Charles Bostock.

        Iran was attacked by iraq and paid a heavy price defending itself. This is why Iran’s missile program is not up for negotiation, as the foreign minister pointed out in a moving speech to the UN some years ago.

        The speech is on Youtube and well worth watching if you want to know why iran has vowed to never again allow it’s children to be showered with poison gas.

        You can find it on Google yourself, because frankly, i’m not convinced you’re worth my time looking for it.

      • Ken Kenn

        It was very nice of Pense’s predecessors to fully arm both sides ( Iraq and Iran ) in order that both sides pummel themselves into a standstill on behalf of Israel andThe US.

        You have to bear in mind that Iraq was disarmed first then attacked by the US and UK.

        Iran has not been dis-armed which is a problem.

        I wonder how the ‘ Coup ‘ is going in Venezuela?

        If it’s not on telly then nothings happened.

        It was all the rage a while ago.

        What happened?

  • Republicofscotland

    Japanese PM nominates US president Donald Trump for a Nobel Peace prize, and I thought Kissinger and Obama’s were the height of satire.

    Lets not forget that Trump is currently in the process of attempting build a wall to keep people out. He’s in the process of overthrowing the democratically elected president of Venezuela. Which will surely lead to a bloody civil war in the country.

    Trump fired 50 odd missilies into Syria, and US troops still remain illegally in Syria.


    If I were Shinzo Abe I’d be embarrassed nominating Trump, however Snowden showed us all that Japan’s infrastructure been completely hacked by the US. Mind you the Kuril island dispute raised its head recently. Maybe Abe’s hoping Trump will intervene.

    • Ort

      “If I were Shinzo Abe I’d be embarrassed nominating Trump…”

      Abe and his government responded to the Fukushima nuclear facility mega-catastrophe with a ruthless authoritarian campaign of disinformation and deceit. Among other things, Abe prioritized Japan’s bid to host the 2020 Olympics over the safety and well-being of Fukushima victims.

      A character like Abe is well beyond feeling embarrassment at nominating Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, which in any case is a fraudulent and discredited ritual living on the fumes of its former prestige.

  • Republicofscotland

    The British version of Bob Geldof/Bono, Sir Richard Branson is to hold a Live Aid concert in the USA’s South American staging post Colombia, to raise a $100 million dollars for food and supplies in Venezuela. February 22nd is the concert date to be livestreamed on the web.

    Forgive me for being an old cynic but, in my opinion the concert is useful cover for all manner of folk with ulterior motives to enter Venezuela. Funds raised, used to pay-off pro-Guaido assets. Is Branson one of many MI6 celebrity assets?

    • Ort

      True! The ever-smiling Sir Richard is a Sheriff of Nottingham posing as Robin Hood, albeit a filthy rich Robin Hood.

      It’s appalling, though not surprising, that he is a sponsor or party to playing the “world-celebrity charity” card in an attempt to (no pun intended) trump routine, if strained, international protocols.

      By unilaterally proposing to foist an ostensibly humanitarian infoganda gala upon Maduro and the Venezuelan people, the Branson proposal is a ploy to put Maduro on the defensive; it’s as if Branson announced that he’s been in touch with Santa Claus, and has arranged for Santa to make a special early trip to Venezuela; if Maduro demurs, to shallow-minded thralls he comes off like a Scrooge or Grinch.

      Yes, to anyone not saturated in submissive complacency, one way or another this would-be noble altruism is obviously a Trojan Horse.

  • N_

    If a shady faction in China that enjoyed international connections decided to wreck the country’s economy and its foreign policy in order to carry out a huge financial heist, one that might well cause widespread famine…

    and if the Chinese defence minister declared that the move was a great opportunity for China to build up weaponry capable of knocking out Britain’s military defences…

    and if the Chinese defence minister further announced that he was sending a newly-operational aircraft carrier, together with a large number of warplanes, to sail into disputed waters between the British mainland and a nearby disputed territory (imagine Rockall)…

    …do you think the Chinese foreign minister would be welcome to take part in trade talks in London?

    Yes or no.

    Because change round “Britain” and “China” in what I just wrote and you get exactly the current state of affairs between Britain and China. Gavin Williamson called Brexit an opportunity for Britain to wage war against Russia and China. And the aircraft is on its way to China now. (I’m assuming it doesn’t accidentally sink because of all the procurement scams.)

    No wonder British foreign secretary Phillip Hammond’s visit to China has “been called off”. In other words the Chinese government has told him to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    There will be more, during the 41 days left to Brexit day.

  • jeffleb

    Not sure about the racism there Tom but from a different perspective you have to ask how and why the US Holocaust Memorial Museum has Elliot Abrams listed on the ‘Committee on Conscience’. What sort of a person would select Abrams into such a position to remember genocide?

    Do warped minds control the USHMM? But then again I believe a Bush also held the position on the ‘committee of conscience’ and I’m sure many are aware of the Bush banking families history with the Nazi party.

    Bizarre stuff from the folk at the ‘museum’.


  • N_

    Point of information: most airlines won’t let a pregnant woman fly in an aeroplane if she is more than 8 months (36 weeks) pregnant.

    Google News had a headline yesterday about Shamima Begum – linking to a piece in the Heil – saying something along the lines of “She joined ISIS throat slitters, and she’s having contractions”. Don’t tell me that whoever wrote that didn’t know exactly what they were doing.

    What next? “She chews the livers of unbelievers, and she’s three centimetres dilated”?

    Or perhaps “ISIS terror witch girl from East London danced on British soldiers’ blown-out intestines, and the baby’s head is now visible”?

    Association of images is an extremely powerful rhetorical technique. This whole story plays to Tory xenophobic, classist and racist hatred to an extreme degree. Tories are absolutely loving this one.

    The god of the Tory party is Thomas Malthus. Some who don’t realise it may soon find out how true it is.

    Allow this British citizen to enter Britain. Treat her with dignity. Recognise her human right to continue her pregnancy and to give birth without unnecessary stress, a right that should be accorded to every pregnant woman without exception, regardless of how serious a crime she may have committed and indeed regardless of what crime she may have been convicted of. If there is found to be sufficient evidence to warrant a prosecution, then charge her and give her a fair trial after she has had her baby.

    • Anon1

      Your last paragraph is exactly the same argument on grounds of compassion that Jacob Rees-Hitler of the Hitler Party, was making on Thursday night’s Question Time. Watch it again if you don”t believe me. What was it you were saying about Tory xenophobic, racist and class hatred again?

      • Tom

        I seriously doubt most, or even any, of the Begum story is true. It’s most likely just a ruse to get everyone worked up while Theresa May quietly runs down the clock on Brexit for her American bosses.

      • N_

        I can’t watch it again because I didn’t watch it in the first place. If Jacob Rees-Mogg has made exactly the same argument as mine in my last paragraph, then he is right and his attitude is not motivated by hatred of those or any other kinds. I believe in giving credit where it’s due. I have no difficulty with agreeing with Rees-Mogg on some matters. We are after all both human beings.

  • Anon1

    Its ancient, coal-powered aircraft carrier being towed around by a tug, its major university buildings falling down as horrified students look on – Russia is literally falling apart at the seems, isn’t it?

    • jeffleb

      ”coal-powered aircraft carrier” = The Art of War 101.

      You should be more concerned about the £30+ billion tax funded HMS Sitting Duck Alan Partridge is sending to the pacific. The water can get warm all the way over there..

      How was your day helping at the local food bank you beacon of humanity you?

      • Anon1

        A few teething problems are to be expected, but we will have two state of the art carriers in service for many years to come and they represent excellent value for money.

        • D_Majestic

          Will they be carrying the F-35 by any chance? Yet another one failed in flight the other day.

        • N_

          If the aircraft carriers were scrapped and the money spent on a universal social wage, homelessness and the need for foodbanks could probably disappear overnight.

          “Value for money”? Which trade routes are under attack then? Oh wait. Visible trade has had two fingers stuck up at it for financial heist reasons. Or will productive territory be seized? Or will foreign governments be threatened until they hand over some money?

          These things are like horizontal floating Shards sailing on the spirit of megadeath, while increasing numbers of people in Britain sleep in cars or in doorways.

          • Anon1

            “If the aircraft carriers were scrapped and the money spent on a universal social wage, homelessness and the need for foodbanks could probably disappear overnight.”

            And then reappear again. The benefits bill for London alone is bigger than the entire defence budget.

          • N_

            Half of the “benefits bill” goes on state pensions!
            The defence budget (e.g. billions of pounds on contracts for an aircraft carrier so that the poshboys can start a war to keep China Britishis MANY times larger than total spending on benefits paid to the unemployed.

    • N_

      And SITE have “qualified” several pictures suggesting terrorists will attack the World Cup in Moscow too.

    • Kempe

      ” Its ancient, coal-powered aircraft carrier being towed around by a tug ”

      Not even that good. It’s currently moored up part way through a multi-billion Ruble re-fit which has stalled because the ancient floating dock it was in sank ripping a 4m by 5m hole in the flight deck. There are doubts that it might never go to sea again and Russia lacks the facilities to build new carriers.

          • Anon1

            I’m surprised they haven’t relaunched their carrier as a “multi-billion ruble next-generation stealth ship” because all the smoke it produces obscures it from view.

          • Kempe

            The Kuznetsov was built at the Black Sea Shipyard, the only one in the old Soviet Union capable of building aircraft carriers.

            It’s now in the Ukraine which is going to present Vlad with a bit of a problem.

      • Anon1

        I think Russia could meet its climate change obligations just by taking that thing out of service.

      • michael norton

        Russia just completed on of the longest bridges in Europe, both road and rail, in record time, using its own resources, barely minutes after taking back control of Crimea.
        I think they could build an aircraft carrier fleet, if they so chose, it is probably a matter of priorities.
        The Kerch Bridge is strategic, that was given priority number one.

    • Herbie

      I thought aircraft carriers had been superseded by the latest missile technology

      Where the Russians have superiority.

      Is that incorrect?

      • Anon1

        Aircraft carriers aren’t really there to be used against Russia. Most of the stories we are told about Russia’s “latest technology” are made up anyway and spread about by Putin-loving Western gullibles who cream themselves at the thought of ‘Russian military prowess’. People like you, herbie.

        • Herbie

          “Aircraft carriers aren’t really there to be used against Russia.”

          That’s right. They were for controlling smaller regional powers, but with new missile technology, they’d be useless against Iran today.

          “Most of the stories we are told about Russia’s “latest technology” are made up anyway and spread about by Putin-loving Western gullibles who cream themselves at the thought of ‘Russian military prowess’.”

          You’re not living in the real world.

          New Russian missile tech and its implications have been discussed ad nauseam in Western media.

          It’s not controversial in any way shape or form.

          I haven’t seen even the most anti-Russian pundits in Western media pretend it’s not true.

          What’s the evidence for your singular and very unique view?

      • SA

        Russia has always led in this field and has the largest fleet of icebreakers in the world. It appears that the U.K. and US may have one between them but of course both Kempe and Anon 1 would rather talk about the sitting ducks dead in the water.

        • Kempe

          What possible use would an icebreaker be to the UK? Global warming is going to make them redundant anyway.

          • Mighty Drunken

            “Global warming is going to make them redundant anyway.”

            Not at first. As ice sheets warm there will melt slightly and be more likely to slide in the ocean and create ice bergs. For example Greenland’s ice sheet is about 2km thick on average and will take centuries to melt. As it melts the glaciers will speed up depositing many more ice bergs than normal into the sea. This may be the cause of Dansgaard–Oeschger events.

    • Ken Kenn

      I wouldn’t want to be the stoker on that ship.

      Elegant solution to the aircraft carrier with no aircraft.

      Redesign it to fly and buy aircraft that can float on water.

      Gavin will like that one.

      • SA

        Gavin can take a leaf out of the Grayling and award a contract to a company without aeroplanes to fly from the carrier, or a company without ships to patrol the South China Seas.

  • Tatyana

    @King of Welsh Noir,
    regarding your ‘big story of the day’ 🙂
    it is nothing compared to the todays russian news – Boris Johnson’s sister, Naked Brexit Protest 🙂
    Wow, just wow!!!
    If they make political statements in this manner… I would ask more if I were bisexual 🙂

    • N_

      It’s unlikely to be a single person. Blaming Marx for Bolshevism is idiotic. The perpetrators may or may not believe what they scrawl.

    • Anon1

      I find it amusing that the people getting upset about this are the same people who want all sorts of statues of our historical figures torn down.

      • N_

        I tend to take a “Do they really think we are so powerful?” approach.

        Praise Marx and pass the ammunition!

    • Dungroanin

      Designed to elicit a response from the ‘marxists’.

      Just like the impending ‘terror on the allotments’ campaign. And the ‘barber of shoreditch attacks on bearded hipsters’ to run along the ‘Trumpian Hitler loving Putin clown not-in-charge not giving another peoples vote’ campaigns.

      Full spectrum fail scraps bottom of barrel in preparation for inevitable general election.

  • giyane

    The BBC is cranking up the hate against Assad.
    He killed 11000 in jails. So about the same as us UK and Iran killed in one city Mosul by establishing Islamic State there and then demolishing it.

    Allah asserts emphatically at the beginning of the Qur’an that Muslims will call themselves peacemakers when they are really warmongers.

    Libya has been totally trashed. Syria would have been the same if not for Russia bombing the EU’s bunkers with bunker blisters.

    The only justification for destroying functioning states run by the West like Iraq and Syria is to enhance the egos of politicians.

    I very much doubt we will be allowed to leave the EU because politicians can only make war when they collude in secret.

    Time for them to be divided and ruled and their toys taken away by the adults.

    Tatiana . For your information there is no connection between a public school boy and his sister. He follows the high road to.fame and glory. She is passed around and abused.
    Ne’er the twain shall meet.. hence the tarting around to get attention.

    You will never understand how totally fucked up the British upper classes are. So i won’t bother to explain.

  • N_

    Why have Put it To the People chosen Saturday 23 March, six days before Brexit, as the date for their big march demanding a second referendum? A few weeks earlier would seem more sensible. A referendum could be held with two weeks’ notice, easily. Took 10 days in Greece. But six?

      • N_

        700,000 was a lot of demonstrators last October. Albeit not enough. As many as 2 million may have taken part in the 2003 demo which failed to stop the invasion of Iraq.

        If they’re banking on an extension, Put It to the People are naive. The only thing an extension would be agreed for would be a referendum, in which case they wouldn’t need to demand one.

        • Kerch'eee Kerch'ee Coup

          Many pressing for a ‘People’s vote’ are those such as Tony Blair and people like John Major and his advisers who refused to allow a popular vote on the Maastricht and Lisbon treaties. But these treaties further consolidated the growth of a supra-state entity that was inherent in its founding, but was kept quiet and concealed from the unwashed masses by its proponents, notably Ted Heath and in the UK government propaganda (aka information) booklet sent to every household in the first UK referendum.
          In Switzerland, in contrast, where referenda are widely used and well established constitutional device, popular votes have fairly consistently been against joining the supra-state entity despite support for this from the political elite.Where, as in Ireland, the ‘plain people of Ireland’vote the wrong way in a referendum on the further consolidation of the suprastate, they are cajoled, prodded and wheedled into a second vote that goes the intended way.

  • N_

    From the Independent:

    Two (spinoffs from National Action) – Scottish Dawn and NS131 – have been banned and The Independent understands that security officials are discussing whether to proscribe other alleged factions. But for now, neo-Nazi groups including the System Resistance Network, Sonnenkrieg Division and Order of Nine Angles continue to operate across England and Wales.

    I’d love it if the government banned the ONA but given the Steinerite links that’s unlikely to happen.

    Someone has written a detailed Wikipedia article on the ONA. I wonder where they are coming from.

  • Isa

    Go home Yankees! Hands off Venezuela !

    you don’t demand as you’re nothing in our countries ! Pariah state

    Look at the murderous tweet

    “Per D Cohen, Burelli tweeted a threat to have Pres Maduro assassinated in the same manner as Gaddafi – and look, he even has a cartoon depiction of this assassination of the democratically elected Venezuelan pres as the background to his twitter stream.

  • giyane

    I know Treeza has a man date in Brussels but I think we’ve now got to the stage in the Bayeux tapestry where Harald gets arrowed in the eye.

    Of course we could re-write history. Treeza could pluck it out and stick it up Juncker’s sphunker. But it looks to me like we have been well Greeced and are going to get Cataloniaed

    It’s been nice knowin ya. Good luck with the People’s Vote. See ya after the EU tanks are rolling down Pall Mall.

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